Sparkling Flavoured Water/Flavoured Water.

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Sparkling Flavoured Water/Flavoured Water.

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  • I’m rebooting my diet after a year and putting back on everything I lost 🙁

    I’ve been drinking a fair bit of sparkling water which is flavoured and 4 Calories in a litre bottle.

    Is it ok to use this in place of plain water or even just still flavoured water if sparkling is no good to drink?

    I struggle to drink plain water and found this far easier to drink.

    I probably can’t explain this as well as maybe others can, but … If it has artificial sweeteners in it, for some people it can trigger your body’s usual reaction to sweet foods, so you can lose the physiological/ health benefits of fasting, depends if you’re after that or just losing weight. I do drink them too sometimes!

    Thank you for your reply hedgehogs.

    Interesting insight I can give on this one.

    So when I first started out fasting I just had some flavored seltzer the ones that have no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, no sodium, no calories. Basically just seltzer and flavor.

    Then after a couple of week of fasting, I found these seltzers that were no calories but sweetened with yacon syrup. Which is not an artificial sweetener, but it is still a type of sweetener with no calories. The week or so I had those during my fasting I realized that I had not really lost weight – I plateaued/stalled in my weight loss. It could have been just a fluke, but I do think my body reacts differently anytime I have the seltzer with the yacon. I decided that the sweetness from that is not worth stalling my progress. I rather enjoy the flavored seltzer or good water than waste my time with something that might be tricking my body of releasing or using up its fat storage.

    Yacon has no calories?? You sure about that? Its a south American tuber. It has lots of inulin which is a fructose derivative. Read the label Id be amazed if it said zero calories. Might say zero glucose or sugar but that’s not the same as zero calories.

    Yacon syrup contains 25 calories per tablespoon.

    In response to the original question, if your 4 calories per bottle flavoured water works for you then go for it.

    Michael recommends sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime. When we were starting out [6 yrs ago tomorrow!!], we drank that at dinner. Very satisfying. Early on, I couldn’t get my head or tastebuds around plain water. Then, when I realized that ‘hunger’ masqueraded as ‘dehydrated’, I began to drink 16 oz of water with ICE to get me through the lunch-time of no food. Now I look forward to my just plain tap water. Tastes change.

    Yay – so glad you guys chimed in… Sorry wrong food item, it was sweetened with Monk fruit. Cheers!

    @robertshaw – on a side note, I’m also did not like water very much.

    Tips for making water more appealing.
    1st – use a good filter (I actually filter my water twice, I’m sensitive to what ever they put in our water here to keep it clean and filtering it once still leaves me with an irritated throat. So twice is nice for me.)

    2nd – I found that adding a slice of lemon, lime, orange or cucumber was very helpful. (don’t leave it sit too long as in filling up a water bottle and putting a slice, it can become bitter after a while b/c of the pith *the white part on the citrus*) if you do want to put it in a water bottle then just cut the center out so that you don’t have any white on it and that adds a flair of flavor that I quite enjoy. *dont eat it when you are done unless you want to count the calories, although I’m sure they are minimal for a slice.

    3rd – is seltzer water with a slice of something (I love this, its my jam…) and I feel fancy when I drink it!

    OH totally forgot this tip – Brushing your teeth. I find that an extra mid-day brushing of the teeth (get that tongue too) is very nice and refreshing for the mouth and will help with water being more appealing.

    I thought I would add my two cents here! When I started drinking lime or lemon flavored seltzer water, I found it to be very filling. I prefer it to plain water and it has taken away my need for an evening glass of wine. That saved me a lot of calories!

    Thanks everyone.

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