Sometimes it's just the little things.

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Sometimes it's just the little things.

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  • Sometimes there are just some little things that don’t deserve a shout out but none the less make you smile so I thought I’d start a thread for that.

    I’m a newbie and still getting my head around things so the nice thing for me today is that I bought two Marks & Spencer blueberry muffins for 40p. The fact that they were 40p is great, but it was more the fact that I could buy two muffins as:

    a) on any other diet/eating plan I would have had to drag myself away from any pastries or cakes feeling deprived (or given in and felt guilty)
    b) I can buy two muffins and pop them in the cupboard whereas before I would have bought them knowing that as soon as I got home I would have devoured them within minutes.
    c) I can buy and eat muffins and still lose weight 🙂

    Thank you 5:2

    I can cut my toenails without huffing and puffing 🙂

    Thank you 5.2 xx

    I cut down half of my holiday luggage this year because for the first time in my adult life I didn’t need to wear leggings/miscellaneous hosiery under all my outfits (including harem trousers) to counteract chafing/hide my legs. Plus, I was so much cooler. Talk about travelling light.

    Love this post, btw.

    Thank you, 5:2.

    I no longer crave sweet things, never ever! It has to be in my mind, because with every other diet, sugar is such a no no and I either crave it constantly or give in and suffer the guilt! Now I know I can have some on a non fast day, so I simply don’t want it! This is real freedom. Thankyou 5:2!

    I hardly ever get “hangry” (hungry+angry) since I went on 16:8 two years ago. Seems like my blood sugar has an easier time of staying stable :). Now I’m going for a little more weight loss w 5:2 and finding it easier than I would have thought. Thank you intermittent fasting!

    Noticing a big savings in the food bill as healthy food is more sustaining than all the carbohydrate filled snacks and sweets.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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