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  • I have been successful with fasting in the past but have gained back 20 lbs. I am looking for a small group of ladies with commonality to respond daily to encourage and hold each other accountable. I am 56 and feeling the effects of aging. I have let my weight slip and want to get back to feeling healthy and good about myself. I am married with a son working on his last year of college, so I have an empty nest. I work outside the home as a middle school teacher, so I am busy during the year, but summer has snuck up on me and I feel I am missing out on things I like to do because of my weight. If you would like support, I would like to hear from you.

    Hi fatteacher
    Presuming you are in Britain, why not join us on Fat Busting Brits, all ladies, about five of us plus Dave but he fits in beautifully! I am 62 and trying finally to get my weight sorted out so I can enjoy my life and the things I like to do as i get older, mainly walking. I find the hills a struggle (I am also on betablockers and have a pacemaker) and it just gets harder as I get older, so don’t need extra baggage as well!

    You would be made very welcome, but beware, in time you would have to change that user name!

    I am from the US specifically, Texas. Where are the members of the group from!

    We are spread throughout England, but there are lots of threads which are more American based, which might fit in with your time better. The monthly challenge thread is good and that covers everywhere!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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