Size20 – who knows ?!

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  • So……4 weeks in and 1stone 1 pound down and so happy about it.
    Have slowly put on 4 stone over last 4 years and NOW it is time to go!!!!!!

    tell me all about your fast day menus everyone?
    Do you all leave as much time between eating on fast days????
    Tell me tell me! Pen

    congratulations you are really on the starting block, that’s a great loss. Whatever you are doing is working wonderfully
    Pen lots of your questions can be answered if you go to the top of this page to in depth and faq–
    For me I am a great fan of Mimi’s fast recipe book–find them easy and convenient. Had a dinner party the other day made the chicken Puttanesca and just added some carb sides—everyone happy esp me !!
    all the best. You may find your weight loss will slow down (as has happened to many of us) but slowly slowy catche monkey or an old motto on this site is this way of eating is a marathon not a sprint. BTW I used to be size 20 and just bought a couple of pairs of slinky size 12 pants–great feeling. You are so on your way

    congratulations. ur inspiring for me, im size 18. hoping to sometime be a size 12, obviously not anytime soon, but hoping for the best!! my fast days are tuesdays and saturdays. though im only starting today! wish me luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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