September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

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September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

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  • Day 17 – UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    What a nice spell of autumn weather, cool nights but bright sunshine again! Making the most of it, quietly ! Last 2 days managed to creep up around the 10k steps, so fancy a ‘proper’ wander tomorrow, (supermarket delivery today) there’s a really nice parkland walk we’ve done occasionally so going to give that a go again!

    Really good sleep last night, feel sorry for those who have snoring partners, I’ve had a restricted (swollen) airway for the last couple of weeks or so following the surgeries, but last night was much better for Mrs IHL, plus the Fitbit recorded over 8 hrs proper sleep for me, 2 hours of which was deep sleep, no wonder I feel good this morning! Inner Warthog seemingly not just for stomach growling recently though!

    @snowflake56 – Glad the poaching tip might come in handy, we’ve always been the same to be honest, hate waste. So with getting a weekly delivery since the start of C19, its a good way of making sure fruit doesn’t get wasted, veg is easy, curry or soup!

    @daffodil2010 – Good that Granddaughters test was negative, shame she had to go through the test, but better safe than sorry. Enjoy your 2 weeks of solid ‘bimbling’, pure ‘me’ time after such a long haul with work etc, hope the weather holds out for you both.

    Might start up a NAB movement, for those who want to grab a bit of ‘me’ time and just relax and switch off from the world… NAB …. National Association of Bimblers.
    Signature tune, would have to be, “Busy doing nothing” original version was sung by Bing Crosby in a 1949 film.

    Take care everyone

    Day 17 OMAD London

    Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes. I was someone who NEVER wanted to get married. I thought it was an outdated institution which had nothing to offer women ( I had been reading the Female Eunuch …) and it wasn’t for me. Then DH appeared and I just knew. Lucky me. All my plans went out the window and I’m glad they did.

    My next plan is to get down to 11st! I think I’ll set myself a deadline of a year. I’ve got about 30lbs to lose, so I’ll try to get back to DTF cos falling off that wagon has stalled everything. Happy Thursday all.

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Good fast day with rocking scales this morning. Although my goal weight flashed up a couple of times, it’s obvious I’m not -quite- there yet. So today’s weigh in was 243 lbs, a minor milestone. The last time I weighed 243 was in August 2017. This marks just 10 more pounds (“records to break,” as I call them) on my four-year weight records before I’m pre-Summer 2016.

    Today’s tip: I enjoy adding a little more data to my records, so I can see my progress from all different angles. Some of the extra goodies I add are:
    * Blood pressure (I take it twice a week)
    * Measurements (just waist and neck for me)
    * Pounds lost
    * Pounds to go
    * Percentage of body weight loss
    * Progress towards goal
    * And one of my personal favorites, the “obesity meter.” Using my height, weight, BMI calculations, and cross-referencing the category of “obesity,” I can see, like a gasoline tank, how “obese” I am. At 279 lbs, I was “morbidly obese,” but at 271 lbs, when I started 5:2, I was at the maximum level of obesity, so that’s where I set the meter at 100%. At 203 lbs, I’ll fall into the “overweight” category. So, as of today, I have fallen to 59.7% obese. Wow, the tank is just slightly over half-full! It’s been great to watch the tank slowly empty out!

    Well, today’s Dry till Friday has a special meaning for me. Tropical Depression Sally is sitting over us, and should move out late tonight. If I can stay “dry” until tomorrow, it’ll be a miracle!

    Good luck to everyone on the pocket lists today!

    Day 17 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    I again managed to eat around 1,000 calories yesterday. I’ve discovered the trick is not to make much of a supper. That’s fine for now, but I love to cook, so it’s not going to last. But Monday’s FD followed by two under-TDEE days seems to be bumping the scale down a smidge, so that motivates me to “just eat” instead of “cooking something fun,” LOL!

    @EmmaTaylor, happy 31st! You and your DH are at the same milestone as we are!
    @daffodil2010, have a grand vacation!
    @i-hate-lettuce, too funny: “Signature tune, would have to be, “Busy doing nothing” original version was sung by Bing Crosby in a 1949 film.” That’s from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, which was just on Turner Classic Movies last night! DH and I watched it and enjoyed how purely corny it was. 🙂
    @northgeorgia, yikes that you have Sally sitting over you! We heard last night on the news about the 3 FEET of rain central Florida got…Wait! Who’s our Florida gal? She hasn’t posted awhile, has she? Sure hope you and she are both fine!

    Wow, no lists started yet? Then I will!

    FD Pocket list, Day 17

    ZBC Day 17

    Exercise 30×5

    DTF Day 17
    @northerndawn (DTO)

    Be strong, everyone; there’s still enough time left in the month either to achieve your goals, or at least make a dent in them, so follow that action plan and let that be your goal, and the weight WILL follow!

    Day 17 North canton OH CD

    I stepped on the scale this morning and there has been a little drop. It made me feel really good because I struggled to stick to my personal plan yesterday; I was so glad that I had scribbled a few words of wisdom from @emma Taylor’s ex (@Funshipfreddie aka Brad) on a notepad that I kept at my bedside for moments of weakness

    The First was ” Are you actually hungry?”
    The second tip was “what are you trying to achieve?”
    The third was “How will you feel about sabotaging yourself in the morning?”
    The fourth was ” Is this sabotage worth sacrificing what you are trying to achieve?”

    after reviewing my notes, my spine was strengthened and I was able to soldier on

    @flourbaby no more bouncy scales, downward and onward. The mentality you described is really what has sabotaged me, I always felt like I know what I need to do to lose the additional pounds I will get serious about it later. No mas! my body is not as responsive as it used to be, the wiggle room is zero – and I refuse to begin a new wardrobe

    @emma Taylor I did not think i would get married either, then I met OH and was married in a year! Did not want kids either – now I have 2 and they are the light of my life and the center of my world. the life I have now is very different from the life I envisioned for myself when I was younger; I thought I knew it all then and I constantly marvel at how fulfilled I am

    @northgeorgia I love visual representations of growth and I love the idea of your obesity meter. Stay safe!!

    @i hate lettuce, you sound so relaxed and at ease. I am very happy for you

    Have a wonderful day folks, a little progress each day adds up to big results 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

    Day 17 UK FD

    What’s happening Thursday used to be such a popular day for a fast are our numbers dwindling or habits changing ?

    Feel I’m doing well this week , trying to take advantage whilst
    the mojo is in place as we all know it’s likely to up and go without notice at any time

    @daffodil2010 Phew ! that must be such a relief

    FD Pocket list, Day 17🦠

    ZBC Day 17🚫🥐

    Exercise 30×5🏋️

    DTF Day 17🚫🍸
    @northerndawn (DTO)

    Day 17 MN/USA NFD

    FD Pocket list, Day 17🦠

    ZBC Day 17🚫🥐

    Exercise 30×5🏋️

    DTF Day 17🚫🍸
    @northerndawn (DTO)

    Day 17, Virginia US

    hello to all. it is grey rainy day outside.
    i opened this page and first to read was a post from i-hate-lettuce “… i slept very well last night…” that sounded nice, i did not;-( will need to catch up today. Eating normal today. yesterday i bought couple mango, they were huge and very sweet.
    My house was inspected today for termites. happy to learn that no termites and house is in good condition.
    i signed up for a virtual tour: ‘japanese eating rituals and Washoku’ next Sunday. i plan to visit Japan in 2021, never been there, so i am reading, listening about history, gardens, food…

    Day 17 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Been very busy today doing household tasks, mostly laundry, changing bed linens, and major task of closing up the pool for the winter. I’m tired now, so very glad we have leftovers for supper. Only have to make salad.

    @snowflake56 – thanks for asking about DH. It was a very good day heading up to Mayo Clinic (one of their satellites closer to us, in Wisconsin). Now he will be able to do tele-med with a specialist at Rochester (Mayo’s main locale) for his continuing issues.

    We had a delightful lunch along the Mississippi River at a Marina overlooking the water. Beautiful days although getting cooler.

    @northgeorgia and @alisa253 – sorry you’ve had rain from Hurricane Sally. Hope you get dried out soon!

    @emma-taylor – happy anniversary! It’s so nice when you’re really glad you got married. 🙂

    @daffodil2010 – so glad your granddaughter’s test was negative.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 – Japan – WFD

    Just a typical water fast day.

    Day 18 country west Australia CD
    Scales SLOOOWWWLLLLLYYYYY heading south.
    @brightonbelle, I try to keep to Mon, Thurs for FDs but recently have been very poor at keeping to this regime.
    Am back in the groove somewhat…. I was doing very well yesterday with about 300 calories until 6pm when my DH had to come to town and suggested dinner at the local pub.
    Guessing there is no way the beautiful fish and chips in a light crispy golden batter was less than 200 calories!!!!
    Ah, well today will be far more controlled, though we do have to go back to town again at lunchtime…….

    second post.
    I LOVE the NAB ( well your version . The NAB here, National Australia Bank was not so popular . It was one of the big banks that a Royal Commission into banking found had NOT acted in the best interest of their clients. Surprise !Surprise!! ) and am definitely wanting to signup. Just love it.
    Bimblers – what a fabulissimo word.
    Haven’t been able to post for a while so am reading the posts for September backwards – from last to first.

    Day 18, NFD, Aus

    TGIF!!! Been a busy week and am looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy it, y’all!

    Chat Monday.

    Day 18, Emden Germany, NFD 💃

    We have a lovely crisp morning here, only 4°C but the sun is coming out already.

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m always interested in ways to make sweet foods less calorie dense and this seems a good way to make unripe fruit taste good.

    @daffodil2010 Enjoy your holiday!

    @northgeorgia I also like the idea of your obesity meter. I hope you stayed dry.

    @songbirdme They tried to introduce tele-med here but most doctors aren’t willing to use it. It’s not organized well and very expensive for practices.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 18 – UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Weigh in Friday, managed a 1 pound loss this week (2 this month so far)

    @basyjames – every little bit helps, the best record I keep is the Forum ‘tracker’ the downward trend maybe slow, but it is downwards!

    @lilymartin – I had an ‘earworm’ yesterday, couldn’t seem to shake off ‘Busy doing nothing’ all day 🙂 Your fish and chips could well have been under 200 calories, for the first couple of bites! However, if you enjoyed it, you’ll happily have an ‘easy day’ to make up for it.

    @brightonbelle – I’m ‘off the lists’ just now, having a bit of a balancing act at the moment, been advised to give FD’s a miss for the time being. But have got into the 5:2 ‘habit’ so ‘no day off’ 5 days at 1500 calories (well under my BMR) and my 2 MFD’s between 1000/1200. Should easily maintain, but any loss will be slow.
    Having said that, as I said earlier, the scales were down 1 lb this week !!!

    Was discussing my eating/drinking habits with Mrs IHL yesterday, how they have changed in the last 14 months. Evening snacks, gone from virtually every evening to extremely rare. Grazing during day, practically stopped, might be an occasional biscuit with coffee. Alcohol, no strong spirits, rarely wine, beer cut down to 4/5 a week, max! Portion control for meals, much better.

    So no wonder this WOL is working, slow going it may be, but going it is!

    Take care all

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s holiday time! Well, it will be from this afternoon……I have a health screening test to get through this morning, just think of Ireland and get it done, and my DH has an exam at noon (he is now driving hazardous goods loads so must take Dangerous Goods exam every couple of years)…… But once all THAT is out of the way……😄

    We hit the road for serious bimbling 🚐 Sun is shining, forecast to be great for the next few days……thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

    Sure I will be checking in regularly. Have a great day.

    Day 18 OMAD London

    @daffodil2010 – I hope you have a lovely bimbling holiday. Are you having sun in Ireland? Maybe an Indian summer. I’m sure it’ll be lovely to get away.
    I’m hoping @ihatelettuce is right about easy on easy off! I feel somewhat fatter since I left for Italy but it’s much easier to control things when I’m at home. I’ve got loads of non alcoholic beer at home but I just don’t fancy it. I managed one last night then had a glass of wine. Ho hum. Happy Friday all.

    ay 18, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD today, my ADF mojo has deserted me, however, as I said before back to basic 5:2 worked like a dream before, so why not now? I’ll be sticking to the basics and building enthusiasm, mojo and a healthy relationship with food for the foreseeable future💪💪💪!!

    @northgeorgia, I really hope you stay especially (miraculously??) DTF☔!!! I have a table where I record my daily weight, it’s relation to my goal, what I ate, what went wrong …………………………. Or right and how much water I drank, I can see the things that worked highlighted in green and the things that didn’t, in red. It’s good to see my losses😁; if only I didn’t have such an accessible record of the soul destroying ups I’ve had too😭, it would be great!!! @basyjames, I need to be kind to myself, get my head back in the game🙏 and keep a closer eye on those bouncy-bouncy scales …………………………….. no doing that ostrich thing with my head!!!!

    @alisa253, at this particular time, there’s nothing better than to have something wonderful to look forward to, even if it is next year. Planning and preparing for your trip will make it that much more memorable, it’s all in the planning 😎!!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce, it takes some time for the reality to set in, but I suppose you’re now eating, dare I say it??? ……………………………… Like a “normal” person, or perhaps I should say, like we were designed to eat? There really is no “normal” these days😢, hence the global obesity epidemic😲!!!! As popular as I.F. is getting, we’re in a minority of people taking charge of our health and focussing on what, when & how much we shove in our gobs!!!! 😜😂

    @daffodil2010, you’re going to have a fabulous time!!! I’m soooo jealous!!!

    I’m not being very patient with the reset button I engaged yesterday, I want results NOW!!! Patience grasshopper, -0.6lbs is not to be sniffed at ………………………….. just held onto, very, very tightly😝!!!

    @emma-taylor, did you think afterwards ………………. “Well, I should have just skipped the NA beer & gone straight for the vino!!!”?😲😂

    “You can find inspiration from others, but determination is solely your responsibility.”

    @flourbaby – I think that all the time! That’s how I got here in the first place….

    Day 18 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in today was 244. That was a post-FD weigh in last week, and it’s a post-NFD this week — awesome! My father’s birthday is this weekend, and we’re … oh no, not another confusing English phrase … having a cookout. We can’t say “having a barbecue” in the Southern U.S., it wouldn’t make sense. We understand, “having barbecue” in a different way. Anyway, cooking steaks, hamburgers, and chicken on the grill.

    Question of the day: Have you visualized yourself at your goal weight? How does it make you feel? Does it give you motivation and confidence?

    Honestly, it’s hard for me to visualize just yet. I have old freshman college photos for my goal weight, but I know I won’t be that young and innocent again haha! But it does make me smile to wonder what clothes I could wear and how I might physically appear different to the world, so it still motivates some.

    Haven’t seen any list yet, but good luck to anyone on a Friday pocket list!

    Day 18 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Up and at’em this morning. Will have a healthy lunch after Silver Sneakers. Keeping at maintenance.

    I’ve had to look up “bimbling” and love it. I saw this website full of glorious photos around Southwest England.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 North Canton OH CD

    Its Friyay!!

    @i hate lettuce gotta agree, every little bit helps. Was that a real earworm 😣 or just a figure of speech. Hope its a figure of speech, my ears can’t stop tingling

    @northgeorgia that’s progress – and I am thrilled for you

    @flourbaby we are in this together. And I think we sometimes put ourselves in a box with our fasting schedules. That’s the beauty of this WOL, so right now back to basics works, maybe you will get back to ADF maybe not, but what’s important is being true to the fasting schedule that works for you. You have got this my feisty friend!

    @emma Taylor 😂, been there…

    happy friday everyone

    Day 18 USA FD

    Just popping in quickly as I am babysitting my grandson! FD today!

    I didn’t see a pocket list for today, so I will start one!

    Day 18 Pocket List




    Have a great Friday, everyone!

    Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast5

    Well, after yesterday’s (and Monday’s) FD, and Tues & Wed below 1000 calories, my weight this morning was absolutely glorious: 150.0 I promptly got out the dress I want to wear for the memorial service a week from today, and it looks even better than it did last week. So then, just for good measure, I got out a white dress I haven’t worn in five years–and DH and I both said, “Not yet.” Which in itself is a victory: the last time I put it on, I said, “YIKES, no way!”

    Tonight’s supper is grilled marinated flank steak, some itty-bitty potatoes I’ll cook with butter and garlic, and Brussels sprouts that I haven’t yet decided how I’ll cook. The big question is if I’ll have beer and/or wine, or try to stay dry. I think, with some careful planning, I could have that lovely dinner and still stay below 1000 calories. I’m liking this thinner body, and am eager to get into the 140s! I don’t know for certain, but I believe the last time I was this weight was in 2016.

    And, true confession: yesterday simply got away from me, and I didn’t do Day 5 of the Seven Minutes/Seven Days exercises. Honestly, I’m still truly doubtful that exercises ever can target a certain area with particular results; they can strengthen muscles, but it’s weight loss that accomplishes the smaller measurements. Right? Although, I do recognize I have a better ability to suck in that belly with the little roll on it, LOL, so the exercises accomplished that at least, LOL!

    @brightonbelle, I loved your words: “trying to take advantage whilst the mojo is in place as we all know it’s likely to up and go without notice at any time.” That’s what I’ve been doing this week…I keep crossing my fingers that it’ll last, and am longing for such discipline for a couple months; just think what steady-instead-of-occasional progress I could make if it did last, LOL! I could be @northgeorgia, who just keeps on keeping on!! 😍

    @northgeorgia, sweet scale number this morning; congratulations!💪

    Okay, enough chatter, I need to get the steak into the marinade and walk with Leslie and all sorts of piddly things! Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 18 Pocket List


    Exercise 30×5

    Day 18 – second post

    @basyjames, that’s an American expression also: earworm is when you can’t get a song out of your mind. 😁

    2nd post day 18

    @flourbaby – you’re dead on, eating normally, unlike my previous life as a human ‘warthog’ 😉

    @stitchincarol – maybe I should put definitions in for our friends abroad, earworm, yup, It’s kept me ‘busy doing nothing’ again all day 🙂

    Although I have been extremely busy Bimbling most of the day ……

    Bimbling …. def … To amble without real aim, yet in a friendly and harmless manner. It’s not required to achieve anything whilst Bimbling, although it’s aimlessness is a frequent side effect. (Was commonly used in the Army, “hope you’re not just bimbling around there lad!” )

    Been a great day today, spatchcock chicken out on the BBQ and an early beer …. well its Friday ….

    Day 18 Minnesota, USA CD

    Over TDEE for goal weight yesterday, so I have to make up for that with a day under 1000 cals.

    @i-hate-lettuce Your day sounds perfect! As for the air-pots, we would have to figure out a way to drip irrigate them if we are away for a couple days. I’m quite interested in trying them next spring. Enjoy your “bimbling” this weekend, and your beer!

    @northgeorgia I hope you didn’t get extremely wet from what’s left of Sally. Your weight loss journey is fascinating and inspiring. Congrats on your milestones!

    @stitchincarol You’ve had a great week! I hope you can keep your mojo working over the next months, but even when it leaves for a bit, it does seem to come home eventually. But your are right to take advantage of it when you’ve got it! Congrats on fitting into that dress! I’m so looking forward to being able to say I’m at 150lbs.

    @basyjames and @flourbaby I had a great week last week with a lot of mojo, but I have struggled this week and barely gotten through my FD’s, then overate yesterday. I was going to try a 3rd FD today, but I’ve decided I’m just going to stay sensible and controlled, and not push it this week. I think basic 5:2 is my bottom-line goal for this week, and possibly I’ll feel like putting on a bigger push next week.

    @songbirdme So glad things went well with your OH, and you have things set up for his ongoing health care in a way that is so convenient. I would have loved the lunch along the river. Sounds lovely.

    @daffodil2010 Have a wonderful holiday. It sound so relaxing.

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

    Day 18 UK

    Had a super day today. Met some friends for lunch in a pub garden, weather and company lovely. Diet out of the window, there’s always tomorrow.
    Later went to the chiropodist and now feeling like walking on air”……….lovely.

    Need to take myself in hand tomorrow. Ahhh well. September not proving very salubrious for me. Mojo gone.


    Day 19, Emden Germany, NFD

    Another sunny day overhere, perfect to clean some windows. Although I’m retired, Saturday still is my main cleaning day, it’s just a habit. Our dance teacher filmed us yesterday while dancing the Viennese Waltz to show us where we go wrong, it was interesting to see us dancing. I’ll have to work on flexibility, my middle is quite stiff although I don’t feel it that way.

    @i-hate-lettuce I love the word bimbling. What I notice after a few years of 5:2 is that our meat went down a lot, we eat much more vegetables nowadays.

    @kazoo How are you, haven’t heard from you the last few days.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post

    @northgeorgia After seeing myself on film, I would like to lose a few pounds more but I’m not sure it’s realistic. I think I can stay at my current weight but the last few years I always found it hard to maintain a lower one.

    D19 UK Lake District

    Still here but only just.

    Day 19 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Brilliant wander yesterday, bright sunshine, cool air and a new route. Luckily we live on the edge of ‘the Lakes’ and have a lot of fabulous scenery. The downside is traffic and visitors, but that’s the price we have to pay. I’m a reasonably local chap, born less than 10 miles away from here so have seen many changes over the years. It would be sheer mayhem without the modern road network and the number of cars!
    However, we sneaked out and avoided the traffic and the major roadworks that are ongoing and less than 15 minutes, parked the car up and wandered off, hardly saw a soul. The advantage of being ‘on the edge’ instead of the central Lakes.
    Brilliant wander, not a cloud or a breath of wind, the cool air was crystal clear, fantastic 360 degree view from the top of the hill.
    Starting clockwise from the Kent Estuary running into Morecambe Bay, Grange over Sands then the southern fells around Coniston Old Man. Then the central fells, starting with Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdale Pikes looking magnificent. Scafell just peeping out in the far distance, continuing round, the fells around Ambleside (quick wave @at) Fairfield, High Street then towards the Howgills and the Pennine Way, the lower fells of Clougha Pike towards Lancaster, then looking back down to the estuary, could almost see our house. Just brilliant.

    Topped off the day with a BBQ and a couple of beers, simple pleasures. I think if anyone asks what I do these days, I’m no longer going to say retired. I’m going to be an advocate of the 5:2 WOL, brewer of beer and part time Bimbler !

    Could just do with seeing the kids, (not seen them since Christmas) they’re both grown up and doing their own things, we know they’re OK, we talk and message regularly, but could just do with a weekend where we can just get together. However, it’ll happen eventually.

    Take care all.

    Day 19 – Post 2

    Our village, from the air taken from a drone. We’re it the area near the end (the older part of the village) at about 7 minutes into the clip.

    Day 19 OMAD London

    @ihatelettuce- I just watched your clip. What a lovely place. We used to go to Silverdale and Carnforth when we were kids, as well as walking in the Lakes. How long was your walk yesterday? Sounds epic.

    @emma Taylor

    Silverdale area is another nice spot, we wander there from home in another ‘series’ of walks.

    The walk yesterday itself was just over an hour and a half in a big loop.

    The 360 view I was describing was from the top of Helsington Barrows, a large limestone hill, just outside Kendal, quiet during the week, best avoided at weekends.

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, bummer. Back up to 245 lbs today. But just barely. Good news: I did a clothes try-on last night and can fit into about ten new pieces of clothing that I couldn’t last month.

    Today’s question: What keeps you from becoming discouraged during your weight loss journey?

    Pocket lists – Day 19


    Day 19 UK NFD

    Oh dear halo slipped a bit yesterday 🍺But I did enjoy a few beers on a lovely sunny seafront so I’m accepting it as my “day off “ and moving on

    Despite a small hangover managed the 7X7 exercise I too very much doubt they’ll deliver @stitchincarol – but they won’t do any harm

    What keeps me going ? – There really is no other way Think we all knew being overweight wasn’t great but now it’s more important than ever

    Aiming to stay steady over weekend Have a good one all x

    Day 19 – Japan – NFD

    74 water fasts done.

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast5

    Despite what felt like loads of food last night AND two glasses of wine, I was 150.2 this morning. I got on the scale several times during the day yesterday, just to see if my weight had snuck back up to 153 when I wasn’t looking, LOL! And of course it was 151 because I had several cups of coffee and then a large iced tea, but when I was weighing 153 that much liquid would have put me at 154. I’m so thrilled with finally having lost a few pounds!

    @songbirdme, @annabelle48, @brightonbelle, I loved the descriptions of your al fresco meals, and makes me want to enjoy a similar experience myself. And, @brightonbelle, you’ll have to share what results you do/don’t get from the 7×7. My waist and hips are both down about half an inch…but I truly believe that’s from the three pounds I’m down, not from the exercise.

    @flourbaby, try persuading yourself you’re doing 5:2 for the health of it, then, every day that you’ve done it for the health of it, you’ve succeeded…and when you slowly lose weight, that’ll simply be an added bonus to celebrate: “Wow, not only am I getting healthier and healthier with this fasting, but I’m even losing weight! Sweet!” See what I mean? That’s what I’ve had to do, because I too have zero patience when I’m way over what I’m comfortable weighing, and the process /does/ take far longer than we’d like. I don’t know if you can play mind games with yourself like that, but it’s maybe worth a try.

    @northgeorgia, as to your question, yes, the more I lose and the closer I get to goal weight, the more it motivates me and gives me confidence. It’s rather unfair that we can’t have that same motivation and confidence when we’re further from our goal weight, and need even more to lose the weight! And, your experience with the weight being up a smidge but the clothes fitting that didn’t last month is a prime example of one of your motivational posts, that sometimes we don’t lose weight even though we lose inches. Nice victory for you!

    And today’s question, what keeps me from being discouraged? My goals this month were all on what I would DO and not on results. Clearly, I was hoping and expecting my actions will give good results, but when my focus is on achieving my action steps, it’s much easier to stay motivated whether or not I get results.

    @snowflake56, I would adore taking ballroom dancing, but DH has two left feet and zero sense of exactly where the beat is (and has never enjoyed dancing, even before we knew each other), so I just have accepted that dancing is not part of my adult life even though I did ballet (pointe), jazz, and tap all through my childhood, and thought then that I’d /always/ dance. So, when you dance, could you dance just a bit for me every now and again?? 😁

    @i-hate-lettuce, loved, loved, loved your description of your walk, and then the drone video of where you live. Thanks for sharing, and feel free to share such descriptions as often as you’d like! ❤❤

    Pocket list – Day 19


    Exercise 30×5

    Tomorrow we celebrate DS’s 24th birthday with brunch right after church and then an evening feast with an amazing cake. Today ought to be a LFD to make up for all tomorrow’s calories, LOL, but I’ll just do my best to limit how much I eat, and then, whatever the reality, hop back on the wagon on Monday.

    Have a grand weekend, everyone!

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Waking up to our new Big Ten Football schedule – my ILLINI begin with arch rival Wisconsin. (Our home is just 10 miles south of Wisconsin into Illinois, so LOTS of rivalries around here – Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers, e.g.). Even though no one except families will be allowed at the actual games, it will be great to see them on TV. In years past, we had season tickets to the home games… oh well….

    @snowflake56 – how fun that you get to evaluate your Viennese Waltz by video! That’s oh so delightful.

    @northerndawn – yes, that lunch on the river was a great day. Wisconsin has a great beer “Spotted Cow” that they will not sell in Illinois. We had to have one. Does Minnesota get to sell it? It kind of reminds me of Stella Artois.

    @stitchincarol – I have heard spot reducing is only wishful thinking, but getting more muscle anywhere is always good!

    @i-hate-lettuce – your wandering around your beautiful Lake District looks so beautiful from drone-view!

    Onward anddownward.

    Day 20, London, UK, NFD

    Mornin’ All!! I’m feeling a bit more positive this morning, I was on a bit of a downer on Day 18 (apologies! 😲) and missed posting yesterday, but I think, hope; this is what I needed to reset properly. I ate freely, no gorging or binging, there are NO snacks in the house so it was all healthy foods high in protein & fibre 👏👌👍 This actually hasn’t resulted in a 40lb gain as I feared ………………….. I need to reassess my relationship with food and remember as a WOL, I will actually have to eat normally from time to time & not stress about it. Mindful doesn’t mean restrictive!!!

    This morning, I was up early finished 30mins with Leslie and today will be a cook & freeze day with an evening of pampering. I find I must have a plan otherwise I just bimble the day away 😎!!!

    @emma-taylor, I’m right there with you, I start out with really good intentions ………….. just the one glass with dinner, only to wake up the next morning & have to stick the empty bottle in the recycling bin!!! 1 glass🍷 = 1 bottle🍾!!!

    @songbirdme, thanks for the Bimbler link and @i-hate-lettuce the video was spectacular, no wonder you’re inundated with visitors!!! I’ve found my future career ………………………. “Professional Bimbler” 😎

    @northgeorgia, I suppose the thing that keeps me going despite the plateaus or the upward trajectory on the chart or the fact that I SEE skinny friends eating anything & everything in sight without effect😤; is that there’s really no alternative, It would actually be a slow suicide to just stop trying!!! Ah-ha, I get it now, you guys have ‘barbeque’ whereas we have “A” barbeque!!! I hadn’t realised you didn’t have both. However, I have one question😜 ………………………………… do you have barbeque at a cookout😳????

    I’m planning to take the remainder of the month at a gentler pace, no angst, or stress!! I’ll listen to my own pep talk and ………………….

    …………………………………….Keep the faith, there’s no alternative to this WOL, stick with it!!!!

    D20 UK Lake District

    Going for a swim today so won’t eat until lunch time so qualify for putting my name on the pocket lists.

    I seem to have lost my way over the last few days and like @flourbaby have been on a bit of a downer and missed posting.

    ZBC Day 20

    Exercise 30x 5 Day 20

    Day 20 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Glad you enjoyed our area from a ‘drones eye view’ it really is a very nice place to live. We were made very welcome from the very start when we moved here 14 years ago, felt as though we’ve belonged here right from the start.

    Another glorious morning, although night time temperatures are dropping off, very nice during the day. Have started taking cuttings from some of the plants in the garden for next season, but this really warm spell has them looking very sad in the greenhouse. However, remarkably resilient, but keep them damp and they’ll come good.

    @songbird me – Even though its on TV, it’ll be good to see your local team back in action. We’re still ‘behind closed doors’ for most of our rugby matches, not quite the same without the vocal accompaniments, but good to see anyway.

    @brightonbelle – Halo slipped 😉 Don’t think one would suit me, I think it would be forever round my ankles tripping me up! Always been a bit of a rebel and full of mischief. Anyway, glad you enjoyed a beer or three on your ‘day off’.

    @stitchincarol – Funny how you lose weight often when you think, not a chance! I must admit it takes some getting used to, which is why I like the Forums ‘Your tracker’ builds the picture up (or should I say down) nicely.

    @northgeorgia – Very easy answer to yesterdays question – I just remember where I was a couple of years ago, I am not going back there!

    @kazoo – The weathers glorious again this morning, enjoy it and your swim (that waters going to be cold in W’mere keep your vest and socks on!) You’ll soon be back on form 😉

    Weight loss and trying trying things on….. We’re coming up for our 40th wedding anniversary.
    Because of the nature of my job, I stopped wearing rings around 36 years ago. (too many injuries to fingers) needless to say by the time I’d retired, the weight had piled on.
    Last week Mrs IHL was digging through her jewellery box, came in the lounge with my wedding band and signet ring. I had tried them on a few years ago, not a chance, nowhere near able to get them on, but this time, slid on perfectly!
    So a very happy Mrs IHL seeing me with the wedding band back on! … me too 🙂

    Sunny Sunday morning, been quite busy this week, average steps over 8k per day (which is excellent considering taking it easy) so going to try for a lazy day I think.

    Take care all

    Day 20, Emden Germany, CD

    After 3 days of eating too much and very unhealthy (mushroom/cheese quiche, cake, ice cream and lots of Federweisser (new partly-fermented wine)) my weight got up 2.1 kg/4.6 lbs. So my halo slipped as well @brightonbelle! Of course I’m highly motivated to get it off as soon as possible.

    @kazoo I wanted to suggest to do a few FDs together next week but I saw on the spreadsheet you already plan to do 3 in a row. I’ll join you but I’m trying to do egg fasts. I did them last year, joined by @daffodil2010 and @basyjames. It worked really well so I’m trying to repeat it.

    @i-hate-lettuce I loved seeing where you live, it’s such a nice area. I just read a book by Bill Bryson about walking through the Lake District and other parts of GB. Isn’t it nice to be able to wear your wedding band and signet ring again. When is your 40th wedding anniversary?

    @songbirdme We’ve never filmed our dance moves but are struggling with the left turn of the Viennese Waltz so it helps to see where we go wrong.

    @stitchincarol Enjoy celebrating your DS’s 24th birthday! My DH never wanted to dance either but I was tired of just sitting at German weddings (most German men only dance with their wives, mothers and sisters, never with DIL’s or SIL’s). As a wedding was coming up in my DH’s family close to my 50th birthday, my only birthday wish was having a few private dance lessons so we could dance at the wedding. We had a great dance teacher and now my DH loves to dance, we’re both not great dancers but very enthousiastic. I’ll think of you while dancing next time.

    @northgeorgia After all the eating the last few days and seeing myself on film I’m highly motivated to maintain or to get my weight further down and look better. I have great shoulders with defined muscles but unfortunately I also have bingo wings spoiling the great look. I have to find things to motivate me otherwise I’ll soon be back where I once started but it’s not always easy.

    Time to get breakfast, a slice of wholewheat toast with butter and a soft boiled egg. Later on we’re having mozarella/tomato/basil with olive oil. I’ll try to stop eating after that.

    ZBC Day 20

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

    2nd post

    I meant to write mozzarella.

    D20 FD UK Lake District

    Just got back from my swim and read your post @snowflake56 and would like to thank you. It has made me feel as though yes I can do this.

    Ignore the spreadsheet. That was what I posted at the beginning of September when I was feeling really motivated. I have not changed it as I thought it might help me to get back on track. As you can see I was ok until the 8th September and then LTP (lost the plot). I don’t know why this happened but I just wanted to eat and eat. Nothing satisfied me and I tried everything we had in the house. I even went to the shop to buy chocolate, I ate the whole bar (the biggest they had) before I got home and that didn’t make me feel any better perhaps I should learn from that that chocolate doesn’t make you feel better.

    I stopped posting as I felt all I wanted to do was moan and I could see that there were others who were struggling as well.

    I am going for a F800 today and see how I cope and if successful maybe try again tomorrow. I normally feel much better on fast days. Please do join me and anyone else who is struggling. We still have 10 days left of September.

    What is an egg fast?

    Pocket list day 20

    ZBC Day 20

    Exercise 30x 5 Day 20

    3rd post

    I got too hungry so had 200g of cottage cheese but if I only eat the mozzarella/tomato/basil/olive oil as planned I’m over 800 cals so it stays a CD.

    @kazoo Of course you can do this and of course I’m trying to help you to stay here. We’re in this together! I often don’t know where I’m going wrong and why I lose it but try to get back again because I don’t want to gain weight. I know that if I stop posting, I’ll go back to unhealthy eating. If I post every day and don’t eat well for a few days, I know that at some point I get back on track. After 3 years I know I can’t do this on my own. So try to keep posting and ask for help if you’re stuck, someone here will try to help you. Just forget about the chocolate bar, it happens to all of us. It doesn’t really matter as long as we get back on track again and now you are back! I also plan to make the most of the remaining 10 days so I’ll join you.

    I think it was @annemarilyn who started the egg fast back in June 2019. I looked back on her posts and found information on two sites:

    I have no idea if doing this is healthy or not (probably not) but it suited me because I love eggs. A few of us did it but not everyone liked it or felt well while doing it. I’ll just try it but if I don’t feel well, I’ll stop.

    I hope @annemarilyn is still doing well, I miss her and I also miss @dingping, my companion on my Saturday’s fasts.

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Good morning! My scales were rocking a bit, so I came back an hour later and they were more steady, weighing in at the high end of 244 lbs.

    @flourbaby Nah, it’s rare to have barbecue at a cookout. Barbecue is something that has to be savored and takes time to prepare, so you’ll likely do that while dining in! Of course, you could always have some prepared on sandwiches and go on a picnic, though!

    @ihatelettuce @snowflake56 @flourbaby @stitchincarol I can identify with all of those motivators, too!

    @kazoo It’s the EE (Emotional Eating) critter! But you have experienced an epiphany of sorts, I believe. I also have had moments like you in August and some this month, too, where on my NFD, I began eating something (or things!) and realized I wasn’t hungry — I just did it to feel better or worse, just because I wanted to and nobody can stop me today! Ten minutes after eating it, I realized I didn’t feel any better, the food wasn’t as tasty as I imagined it would be, and wow that was a little silly, wasn’t it — all those extra calories for nothing! I didn’t beat myself up over it, but it was an important lesson on how the mind wants to get back into an old habit and then suddenly realizes there’s no longer any big reward for re-engaging in that habit. So the next time it happens, the mind gets a little more cautious and second guesses itself. Instead of a 1,000 calorie free for all, it tries 700, or 500, etc. At least, that’s my experience so far. The 5:2 is a slow reprogramming of the way we approach food and calorie intake, so it’s all part of the process. For me, it’s not denying myself on NFDs when I’m hungry, but I’ve begun asking myself, “am I really hungry?” I also think about what I really want to eat for a meal later in the day (or week) and work on preparing it instead of eating. When visiting family, I have begun to reject some offers of food or accept it to save for later if I don’t really feel hungry at that moment. So, I’m learning, but I still make mistakes, too 🙂

    Yesterday was my father’s 67th birthday, and a couple of hours before we celebrated, I was asked to host it. I have a small 2 BR cottage, but with an open plan L-shaped kitchen/living area that allows me to make a lot more space than you’d imagine. Problem is, I have to lug two folding tables and seven folding chairs from the storage shed, into the basement, and up the stairs to the dining area — and back when done! I got my exercise yesterday!!

    Today’s question: how do you handle feast days? How do you prepare? What do you do with all the leftovers?

    I tend to eat a lot less at my other meals that day if I know there’s some sort of celebration meal that evening. I also encourage people to “make a plate” to carry with them, so there’s less food. Usually, this kind of stuff can’t be frozen, so I have to think of other possibilities. I try to split whatever is left between me and my family or whomever would like some leftover helpings the next few days. I absolutely hate the thought of spoiled or wasted food, so if it’s in my refrigerator, it will eventually be eaten. COVID makes things worse, because it’s harder to share with co-workers and friends.

    We are 2/3 through Salubrious September, with just 10 days (a week and a half) remaining. Let’s make it a good finish! Enjoy your Sunday!

    Day 20 Wales NFD

    Well so much for taking a break from the forum……. I have totally lost the plot, feeling down and can’t stop eating and drinking all the wrong things, needless to say I am really struggling with maintenance and haven’t dared step on the scales. So I logged back on to try to grasp some control and I see that @snowflake56 and @kazoo have been having a similar struggle to me. Is it all the bad news in the world getting to us. I have never done an egg fast but I am going to try an egg FD tomorrow to see if it will push me into a reboot 🤞

    Day 20 OMAD London

    I’m struggling as well. Maybe it’s like you say, @missybear, the bad news is getting to us all. I’ve just made babaganoush ( which I learnt to make in lockdown, and I’m a dab hand at…) and instead of waiting a measly hour and a half, until 5, I’ve just scarfed some down. 😢😢😢😢 rookie error. I’m off for a curry at 5, so I could easily have waited. First session back at our local film club tonight, too, so no eating while the film is on. Thank goodness. I think I might have gone potty.

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