September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 6. California. NFD

    I have to say I deeply admire all of you Friday fasters! That is way too high a level of difficulty for me!

    2nd post

    @dykask – 105 floors? A really tall building or up and down?

    Day 7, Aus, NFD

    I agree @rafiki44, there’s no way I could do a Friday FD. I look forward to the end of the week and my evening red wine far too much to even kid myself I could fast.

    @daffodil2010 – have you tried on some old clothes to see if that plateau is just weight and not mass? I’m thinking that with your commitment to Shred that you’ve probably put on muscle mass but I bet your body is trimmer even if not weighing less.

    Horrid cold windy day here. So different to the glorious weather of last weekend when we enjoyed lunch sitting outdoors.

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @lizzy-agatha – do you plan what you will eat on fast days? If you’re not used to fasting yet, and then you just raid the fridge at dinner time after feeling hungry all day, you’re bound to make poor choices. Planning is key, especially on FDs. I usually wait until around 6pm before I eat anything, then I have a big bowl of chopped apple and raw carrot. I munch on that slowly for a good half an hour, at least. That’s around only 150 calories, and all the fibre will fill you up and stop you from feeling like you could devour the furniture. Then by 7pm, my brain’s got the message that it’s not being starved, & I have something more substantial; usually fish or chicken and some veggies. If you don’t want to count calories, try a ready meal. Just tell yourself if you get tempted – ‘tomorrow I can eat what I like’. As Dr Mosley tells us in his book, the hunger doesn’t keep building up until it becomes unbearable. It comes & goes in waves; you just have to ride them. I promise you it does get easier! In addition to Dr Mosley’s books, you might like Kate Harrison’s 5:2 Diet Book. It’s very down-to-earth, & written more like a blog or a diary. And there are lots of testimonials from people who’ve been successful with 5:2 & many who are staying with it for life – like the people on this forum🥕

    Wow? I didn’t mean to parrot on so much there…

    Wishing everyone a good weekend ☀️ 🌈

    NFD Holland day 7
    Good morning people
    will stop two things for the duration of the diet, I will stop drinking wine – as I finnished the bottle yesterday – and refuse to buy more – didn’t know that 2 glasses of wine could add up to 250 calories, that’s a LOT!

    AND I will stop eating cheese, I know it’s high in calories but 300 calories for a cheese snack with my red wine means I’m through the fasting window and I haven’t even started on dinner!
    so today I have decided it’s volumetrics, veggie-volume so I’m full without the calories
    @funshipfreddie great minds think alike!

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning. Another busy weekend ahead so just popping by.

    @penz, good idea about trying on old clothes and will do so tomorrow. I have a couple of things that I have not worn since last year on holiday so will try them on to see how they hang for this years holiday.

    @lizzy-agatha I am with @funshipfreddie that planning is key for an FD. Otherwise I find I make bad choices.

    Have a great Saturday

    Day 7, Emden Germany, FD800

    @dingping it’s Saturday! Hope you’re doing fine and had a great summer gardening and browsing bookshops. Cosy reading-times are coming!

    @daffodil2010 enjoy the weekend with your Dad!

    @michelinme well done!

    @lizzy-agatha have you tried Milner 20+ cheese, it’s low fat. We always have the extra belegen variety, very yummy. In Uithuizen we always buy it at AH. I count out the calories to make it fit in my FDs. I don’t want to live a life without cheese. Resisting bokkepootjes, saucijzebroodjes, tompousen, Mona chipolatapudding, gemberontbijtkoek and drop is hard enough!

    Pocket list day 7

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day/weekend everyone!

    Day 7 – New Zealand – unintentional FD

    Hi everyone, it was supposed to be a non fast day today but I was too busy to get lunch so my first real meal was 3:30pm which meant I was too full to eat dinner.

    18,000+ steps on my pedometer today so well above the 15,000 per day I’m aiming for this Steptember.

    I hope everyone has a great day

    2nd post

    @lizzy-agatha I got it wrong, it’s the Milner 30+, 310 cal. per 100 gr. On a whole wheat bun I have 16 gr. in 2 slices, so appr. 55 cal. With Port I take 30 gr. and nibble it in small pieces.

    Day 7 Canada NFD

    Really busy day/weekend ahead. Will be careful with my eating and thinking of everyone!

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Day 7 Country West Aus NFD
    It was a CD until DH came home and thought to be kind and made dinner – of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.
    Even with homemade wholemeal bread I fear it will be well over 800 calories. But it was the thought that counted…
    It was such a beautiful spring day today that instead of the office work which is now getting to the urgent stage, I went outside ALL day and weeded.
    My garden is thanking me but my accountant, not so much.
    @dykask, I’m almost tired myself thinking of 105 floors. That is a LOT of stairs.
    @neilithicman, well done on all those steps
    @michelinme – congrats, great effort. I am waiting for that to happen to me..
    @daffodil2010, I think of you when I find the scales not moving. You are such a trooper. I admit I had a major dummy spit after a few months on the plateau and completely threw all the good practices of 5:2 out the window/ off the wagon.
    I plan to stick around this time. I do agree with whoever suggested that because you are doing the shred you may have gained muscle mass and hence not seeing a weight loss as such.
    @lizzy Agatha, I agree with @funshipfreddie, planning certainly helps. I find I need to plan on FDs but REALLY need to plan and be mindful on my NFDs too. They can easily derail you if you are not prepared. However this WOL is day at a time and you an see that we all do things a bit differently \.
    And some of us have some epic ‘ less than ideal’ days and then some really good days.
    We are with you on the journey.
    Onward and downward.

    Day 7 UK CD

    Stayed up late and ate too much popcorn! Feeling bloated and puffy today, and busy weekend ahead. Need to be mindful again and not let the NFDs throw me off course – same old same old!

    Gently getting ready for big community party tomorrow. Baking seedy gf bread, making ginger cordial and take massive cake delivery. The trick will be in not eating stuff today…

    Also need to make space for yoga & meditation, & keep looking after sleep routine. So easy to let everything slip once on track for a few days, but it takes some attention to make things really work. Here’s to keeping mindful this weekend

    Day 7 – Japan – NFD

    Fast went well.

    I actually did the stairs on stairways by a temple. Up and down and some connecting stairways over and over …

    Day 7 California NFD

    that’s sounds like fun @dykask. I should make my exercise more interesting like that.

    I’m wondering if it is overly optimistic to plan in a fast day tomorrow when it is my sons birthday and we are eating at cheesecake factory where every dish is 1000 calories or more. I suppose I could eat 1/2 a serving. I think i’ll see how it goes – tomorrow will be a PFD (possible fast day). I need to get in three more fasts before I get to go and have my biometric scan. It is offered at work and kind of exciting because I had one done 15 months ago and I will have a comparison point.

    @michelinme – you and me both! My downfall was the four Costco sized caramels that I ate after dinner. I know they don’t agree with me the next day and I can literally feel my insulin levels rising as I eat them so why do I do it?

    Day 8 NFD country West Australia
    after all the hard work and walking , jumped on the scales expecting a loss but exactly the same as yesterday. Ho Hum.🏃‍♀️
    Anyway another day in the garden planned after church – just have to keep away from the morning tea.
    Why are church ladies such good cooks??? 🍪🥪
    I was thinking of you @michelinme with all those cakes. How did you resist?🍰🍰🍰
    @rafiki44, my favourite dessert is cheesecake. PFD at the Cheesecake Factory will seriously require some ‘ won’t power’!🎂
    I read the other day about a study of people losing weight through various ways.
    The research found that people were more successful when they visualised a picture of what they would look like when they had reached their target.
    So I have a picture in my mind of me at 21 ( many years ago!!!) standing by my car and looking trim taut and terrific. I am holding that in my head.🤸‍♀️
    Along with you guys and that picture it does help when I go to overeat and makes me stop.❌
    The great thing about 5:2 of course is that it is a WOL as opposed to a diet and the health benefits are many.
    When not losing weight I do think about how it is good for my body and health.
    I already feel better in myself and jeans fitting a little less snuggly.
    Have a good Sunday all.😁

    Day 8 – Japan – NFD

    We will be hit with by Typhoon Faxai in about 8 hours. Pretty much a direct hit. So getting ready for that is the main event today.

    Day 8, Emden Germany, NFD

    @michelinme and @rafiki44 stay strong!

    @dykask stay safe!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    The first week of the September Challenge over already! Maintenance going well. I’ve got another tough week coming up with another bathroom renovation 😥. I’m a glutton for punishment. It’ll be worth it though, and should all be done by the weekend.

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Cake day! Sorry, day with community patty. No wine bcvwe couldn’t find a budget. But plenty of bread and cheese, tempting savouries.. and cake!

    Quite a stressful, full day so posting ahead for accountability. Hoping I’ll remember this when temptation hits, or the clear up begins…I am not a bin!

    Whatever temptations or stress today brings,go gently.

    @dyask, stay safe. Thinking of you and all others in the path. It must be pretty terrifying for all of you.

    @dykask be safe, be safe
    good luck

    @dykask: Hang on in there, you’ll be ok.

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Whoohoo ! Just got weighed and delighted with my week 1 results Just need to repeat for the rest of the month Easy right ?

    Fingers crossed @dykask🌊

    Day 8 – New Zealand 🇳🇿- NFD

    Had a decent day, 15,600 steps including a couple of rounds of frisbee golf. Ready for another week of work.

    Day 8, London, UK, NFD

    I forgot to post yesterday, which is probably why it became a EFS day!!! Not happy with myself this morning, but firmly pressing the reset button!!

    A lovely, fresh, straight from the oven baguette, butter & vintage cheddar gave my willpower a good kicking, and of course there was red wine …………. did I mention it’s STILL Sober-September???

    Reset, Reset RESET!!!!

    CD today I hope!!

    @dykask, I hope you & yours remained safe throughout the typhoon.

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Canada Day 8 NFD

    Another long day ahead, I have volunteered for a busy but stressful event this weekend. Plus the tempting treats are vast. Thanks for the reminder @michelinme I will go gently 🙂

    Day 8 California PFD

    So I compromised a little on today’s fast day. Instead of trying to stick to 500 calories I decided to do two days of one meal a day so yesterday was my first and today second.. @lilymartin – although I like cheesecake it’s not my favorite dessert so I will likely escape with a few bites of someone else’s piece.

    @flourbaby the only way I avoided drinking the spicy pineapple margarita at happy hour prices was that I didn’t notice it was on the menu until we were almost done eating. 😅 close call!
    @funshipfreddie bathroom renovation – are you doing it yourself? If so, I’m envious of that skill. I would like to be more able to do things like that. I’m only at the painting and replacing garage door sensor level.

    @dykask hope you are okay.

    Finally today the temperature is dropping and while it’s not cool it isn’t blazing hot anymore and the humidity has gone down – Yay!

    Have a great day everyone!

    DAY 8
    Well, it looks like I’m at a stalemate with my weight. Trying to accept where it is for now and keep on plugging along. Maybe something will push it to get it going again. Still doing my FD but not very motivated. Trying to get it real during the rest of the time. Going on a two-week cruise and looking forward to this. Sometimes I end up losing while on vacation. Go figure. 🙂
    Hope all have a great week.

    Day 9 – New Zealand – FD

    fast day today after a reasonably low calorie weekend. Back at work today and ready for my lunchtime Gym session.

    I hope everyone has a great day and an easy fast for those fasting today.

    p.s. Good luck Medvedev for the US open final, I’d love to see two rookies beat veterans to take out their first slam after Andreescu beat Serena Williams to win the women’s title yesterday.

    Day 9 FD country west Aust
    very early in the morning for me….. 5.30 am but got up to get DH off to work as he’ll be away a few days and I like to see him off.
    @kaywesterman, I too am at a standstill weightwise after a loss last week. The scales appear to be superglued stuck! but this time I am determined to stay strong with 5:2.😯
    I had good results a few years ago when I started this journey and it was only after losing the plot big time that I am here with even MORE weight to lose.
    So hang in there buddy!!
    Hi to all those fasting and are there some lurking or are we down to just a few ‘posters’ for September?
    Anyway – have a good day all – onward and downward.😴

    Day 9, Aus, FD

    I have a yucky week ahead of me work-wise so will need to be extra diligent.

    Looking forward to my fellow Monday fasters joining me today.

    second post.
    Seriously!! How soon we forget!
    I must be tired, have a lot of time on my hands or be trying not to eat!!
    I just went back to the start of my journey which I thought started in November 2016 but which I see was actually July 2016 when I started the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. It is devised to lose a lot of weight fast then be followed up by a mindful WOE eg 5:2 or similar.
    I have just been reading up to end of November 2016.
    On 24th Sept 2016 I wrote in reply to someone ” DON’T give up on 5:2″!
    Hmmm- would have been good to take my own advice.
    It was interesting catching up with old friends on this thread and wonder if anyone knows what has happened to
    I am just curious to know how they are going. Some of them had very challenging times back in November 2016.
    Anyway, if they are reading , I am sending a big ” hello – hope you are going well”, from sunny west Australia.
    You were all part of my successful journey back in the day and I was very glad for your support back then as I am very appreciative for the current support from all on this current thread.
    Time to go to work.
    Have a good day all.😎

    Day 9 – Australia – FD
    Very indulgent weekend. Again. I need this fast day.
    Today’s pocket list

    Day 8 Ohio, US — NFD (69 bites)
    Day 7 — NFD
    Day 6 — NFD

    Friday and Saturday were okay NFD’s. Friday I went to an open mike night and had a delicious piece of pineapple upside down cake and also a piece of cheesecake. Since moving it’s become apparent that with all there is to do here, I’ll be eating out more than I did in living a very rural area. So working with a strict eating regimen on NFD’s probably won’t work as well as it did in the past. As a result I’ve decided to go back to counting mouthfuls (i. e. bites) on NFD’s. That has the advantage of working with flexible menus and also has a very nice feedback mechanism. Since I eat 5 small meals a day, I really never have to keep track of more than about 14 bites and that’s quite doable.

    @rafiki44 Alas! I am a big cheesecake fan. Friday when I went out I probably didn’t really need the cheesecake, but “cookies and cream” cheesecake was irresistable!

    @bellyblast Hope you survived your volunteer event with a minimum of stress!

    @dykask Hope you didn’t have to evacuate! And that your power is back on! 350 km per hour winds are incredible!

    Monday pocket list (I think this is everyone so far.)

    Day 9 – Japan – WFD #64

    Typhoon is past Tokyo. Not too bad, lots of minor damage but nothing that seems too serious. Since Tokyo experiences dozens of earthquakes a year that can be felt by humans it isn’t too surprising. The typhoon wasn’t that strong compared like the one that just hit the North America east coast.

    Hi lovelies
    So glad to hear the Typhoon wasn’t too bad, and everyone is OK, @dykask.
    Glad I’m not that keen on sweet things and can avoid cheescake, @matpi and @rafki44
    but I weas given Belgian chocolates yesterday, some of which are STILL ON THE PLATE!!!
    I am going to have an NFD today as I slept badly and am very very tired. However I have lost weight and am now down to 62 kilos, 10 to go for my target!
    good luck everyone

    Day 9, Emden Germany, FD800

    my weight is going down, 1,5 kg until now, so it’s going well and I don’t have to struggle.

    @lilymartin I also would like to hear from some who joined us in past challenges but mostly I would love to hear from @simcoeluv, he was the best at giving advice!

    Monday pocket list
    @dykask WFD
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    day 9 NFD Holland ……
    forgot to put it in my last text
    just ate the crust from my husbands home baked fresh bread, delicious!

    Day 9 – Melbourne Aus – NFD (Aiming for CD)

    Have a dinner on tonight, and a lunch on Wednesday, so shifting my usual FD’s back a day. Going to go for a CD today as I’m a creature of habit, then do a proper FD tomorrow. Yesterday was rather indulgent, but went for a nice long walk in Adelaide along the beach.

    Interesting to read about everyones FD schedule. Mine are typically Monday and Wednesday, but I sometimes shuffle them around depending on what I have on. Never one for a Friday fast (though did sneak one in last Friday when I was home in bed sick).

    @flourbaby I hear ya, but remember, an 800cal FD is better than blowing it entirely!! Its definitely a balance between listening to your body, and being realisting when you’re deluding yourself….!!! I’m certainly guilty of that sometimes…!!!

    @lilymartin stay strong!! Cheese and crackers are a fave snack of mine too, very dangerous! Keep at it, willpower is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets.

    @daffodil2010 glad to hear you’re settling into the new team – I too love the excitement and promise of joining a new work team or problem, good luck! Interesting what you say about the plateau and shred. It could be that you’re building muscle? Checking body fat percentage/measurements can help in these instances?

    @neilithicaman love an accidental fast! Awesome work with the step count too.

    @dykask take care of yourself with the typhoon.

    Must run, off to have dinner with OH and my in-laws, might have a glass of wine, but will opt for fish and veg (the local pub does a lovely one which is relatively healthy! Try to steer clear of OH’s chips…!!! lol

    Day 9, Melb Aust NFD

    Well, after a really good first week and a loss of 0.9 kg, I really “blew” the weekend. There are foods I just can’t afford to have around, and as it’s only me doing the food buying, guess who needs a good talking-to!! One problem was getting another wintery blast. It’s been very cold again (well, for Melbourne, not deep snow like some places have in winter), and even colder with the wind chill factor added in, so my eating reflexively increased. Come on, spring, warm up!

    @dykask, so glad to read that you survived the typhoon with only minor damage.

    @lilymartin, I looked at the names you listed – I’ve been doing the forums since December last year, and the only name I recognise (and she still posts) is @at ,

    @FUNSHIP FREDDIE, great you can do your own bathroom renovations – hope they are progressing well. Are you trying to finish them before your trip to Ireland? It IS you who mentioned that, isn’t it?
    By the way, appreciated your comments about preparing for the FDs, and @lilymartin re the NFDs, which tend to derail more often for me.

    @lizzy agatha, Belgium chocolates, and some are STILL on the plate? I am seriously impressed!

    @snowflake56, great that the weight is now going down. Good progress! 🙂

    @michelinme, hope you are recovering from the tiredness.

    Onward and downwards, everyone!

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Switching around my FDs again; so tomorrow will be a FD, when all the chaos & noise starts. I won’t have much appetite anyway. My neighbours must love me. At least most of them will be at work. Ideally I want to get back into Mon/Thurs FDs. That seems to work well for most people.

    @rafiki44 & @betsylee – doing my own bathroom renovation?! Er, no! I can use a paint brush, put up a curtain rail and change a light bulb. Oh, I changed a washer once too, after watching a YouTube demo. Three times🤨 I’m not going to Ireland, unfortunately. I did spend 8 months in Dublin in ’82/’83. And I’ve visited Belfast a couple of times.

    I hope everyone has a successful Week 2 of the Challenge 🍏

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Last week in work before my long 4 week trip in the camper van to France and Spain. Cannot wait!!!

    So this weekend flew by. I picked up Dad on Saturday, and my older brother and his wife joined us for dinner and stayed over. It was great. My brother has spent years researching the family tree and he was reading out wills from the 1800’s from our great great great great grandfather. Fascinating stuff. No skeletons in the closet but one ancestor was heavily involved in the 1916 Easter Rising which eventually brought about the Irish Republic!

    Plus, it seems that at nearly 83, my Dad is the oldest of all the males from our clan on that tree!

    He is able to toddle about on a crutch, he was even able, with a bit of help, to hoik himself into the camper van for a look. Warm and happy times with family is the best.

    So, my usual FD today. My usual weekend weight gain, still within plateau ranges, keep on keeping on. I had set myself a target for final pre holiday weight by the weekend but it’s not going to happen.

    @lilymartin Gosh, there are only two on that list that I remember, @happymargo and @simcoeluv, but I did not join until August 2017. There are loads of people that I miss having around, but look, we are still here and posting, and once you post, you are, in some small way, trying to be accountable.

    Have a great Monday all. It’s drizzling and grey outside right now but because a holiday beckons on my horizon I don’t care ☺️☀️☀️☀️

    Day 9 UK FD

    Day 9, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD to negotiate, but it shouldn’t be too tricky since I spent a large portion of yesterday afternoon planning my meals for the next 2 weeks!! So today is a low carb day of tuna salad and chicken & veg stew for dinner …………………….. I will not, Not, NOT supplement these meals with ANY snacks, including cashew nuts!!!

    @lilymartin, I joined in Feb 2017 and I remember @happymargo and @simcoeluv, @at is still with us of course. Your list jogged my memory as I think I was mixing up you and @happymargo & her unfortunate grapefruit incident ………………… my brain needs this Fasting WOL just as much as my hips!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m so glad your dad is going from strength to strength, you’re making some great memories!!

    The weather is a bit depressing today, grey, cloudy & bloomin’ cold!!! Time to get some soup on the go to stock the freezer!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!

    Day 9 UK FD

    Stayed strong yesterday at community event… only 2 slices of my homemade gf seedy oat bread with hummus and lots of salad. Stayed away from the cheese (!) and only ate one slice of banana cake and one keto bite with lots of fruit…

    Strange day. Began with v public celebrations of project i’ve been driving for some years, and party. Then shocking news that old friend was taken v gravely ill on her way to join us…. not been able to concentrate on anything else since. Stayed up v late eating gf vegan pizza and popcorn rather than processing feelings or resting.

    Feeling as tho I’ve hit the pause button while I wait for news… GOing to get going at last with some gentle stretches and meditation… Today will be a FD, plenty of water and evening lentil & veg soup. Added vegan chicken if I need it.

    Strength to fellow fasters….. let’s let go of immediate temptation and hold on to bigger goals

    @daffodil2010, I so agree with posting. That is the main reason I have been more conscientious lately as posting , accountability and support form this forum really help me .😇

    Day 9 – Ireland – FD ✅ (sugar free)
    Hi all, Last week went to pot from Wednesday on.. there are very good reasons.. but aren’t there always….
    my dad is still in hospital and he/we got very bad news and my mum is at home butthe Alzheimer’s means that most of the time she doesn’t realise why he is not around …. or why we are there instead looking after her.. where he did this before…
    Oh 😲 life.. but i just need to keep on keeping on with this WOL and at least that will be going well 😊. So this week will be better…I will avoid the bread, cakes, easy food that comes with being at home and running from A to B…💪
    Fast day today and hoping all those fasting manage to get through the day ok..

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 – USA – NFD

    Had a FD, the first in awhile last week. Started reading FastExercise by MM and it really is a sigh of relief to know that HIIT works.

    Day 9 Chania Crete. NFD

    I’m just reading posts but not going too bonkers in Greece. The food in Chania is fantastic – I think the best we have had anywhere, but we are trying to keep a bit of a lid on things and eating healthily. Looking forward to getting back to fasting in a couple of weeks time. Have a good week everybody.

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