September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 4 – 2nd post

    Well…..guess who helped herself to some of the chocolate that she brought in to work?????

    So today is an NFD. I had an omelette for lunch, but the side of chips …well….😨
    Anyhow, logging in to call it and to stay accountable at least for the rest of the day. Something small for evening meal then early to bed. Tomorrow will be an FD.

    My team gave me a lovely bunch of flowers to say thanks. Tomorrow I start with my new team and I plan to have a great day tomorrow and be in tip top form.

    Day 4. California. FD

    It’s a sweltering day here today even close to the beach. Good day for a fast day.

    @lisa-starseed-expat what does psyllium husk do for you? Is it like a fiber?

    Welcome back @snowflake56!

    Pocket list day 4

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Hope I didn’t drop anyone off!

    Day 5 – New Zealand – FD

    Got through 18,100 steps yesterday for the Steptember challenge. Had a successfully restrained non fast day, I didn’t go crazy and binge. Last fast day for the week for me, I’m going to struggle with an alcohol free weekend though, having a couple of drinks on Friday night after work is one of my little pleasures, but I’ve sworn off alcohol this month to try and get that weight down. Noticeable change in my body this week, that usually means a small drop on the scales. I usually have one week where I feel noticeably smaller but don’t drop much on the scale, then the next week I don’t feel thinner but get a bigger drop on the scale, it’s weird

    Have a great day all 😃

    Rafiki44 Yes psyllium husk is a fibre. It keeps you regular:)

    Day 4 – UK – CD

    An excellent yoga class to start the day followed by an afternoon of volunteering – mostly wet again today ☔️
    BTW the cakes I made yesterday went down a treat – a few leftovers were dropped off at my daughter’s workplace on my way home – safely away from my mouth this evening when I probably would have been tempted…….

    @bert1802 – hope you are keeping safe in the path of Dorian
    @metatauta – lovely to see you back with us
    @matpi – we walk Tuesday and Friday mornings for only a couple of hours but always involves a bit of a climb as well – the good thing of meeting up with others is that you go out in all weathers!!! OH and I tend to go for a longer hike together on the weekends
    @suki2 – enjoy your travels in your motorhome through France
    @daffodil2010 – good luck with your move to a new team tomorrow – I’m sure they will welcome you warmly 🤗 I think a few of us find that 🍷is our downfall!!!!
    @brightonbelle – even now I still surprise myself how quickly the calories add up – I find MFP a very useful guide to keep on track

    Not sure if my 2nd FD will be tomorrow or Friday at the moment – will see how things go.

    Just treated myself to a new yoga mat – went for a Yogamatters Manduka Pro mat which my yoga teacher swears is non slippy – my current basic one is no good in the sweaty Broga class as my hands just keep moving about…..

    Right going for a quick shower then an early night as did not sleep well last night – stayed up late reading so my own fault. Early (for me anyway 0700) Broga class with OH – we leave home at 0620 to drive to the class……

    The support, camaraderie and friendship offered on these challenges is wonderful – no one judges!
    Remember that “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” Robert Collier

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Yesterday was another good OMAD FD. This morning I was down 0.5lb…every little helps.

    Today has been v full and much more tired than I’d realised despite a good 8hrs sleep. But managed another day or yoga & meditation to start me off, so beginning to feel reset in better habits. Met some lovely old friends for long lunch – using the wiggle room built in by yesterday’s extra FD – before a pile of meetings. Solid veg lunch with chips on the side but skipped pudding and drank water & peppermint tea.

    Looking forwrad to another FD tomorrow to get back into my regular Mon/Thurs 5:2 pattern. May mix it up with a late light lunch or leave it til supper of vegan mince with peas and baked sweet potato.

    Wishing you all a successful first week on this challenge

    Day 5, Aus, FD

    Yay I do love a FD!

    Thanks for all the supportive comments re the wine dragon. Wine to me is like eating food on a FD – if I have just a little taste, I want more. If I don’t even start, I’m quite content not to have any at all. (For example, we went out to dinner last night and I offered to drive so I wouldn’t even have half a glass. Easy!) I do like the idea of craving an avocado @flourbaby! Avocado smoothies could be a really nice substitute.

    Good luck with the new team @daffodil2010 and let’s hope they’re not chocolate addicts.

    Gotta run – busy day in the office.

    Pocket list for Day 5:

    @michelinme? (I do the Mon/Thurs pattern too – good to know there’s a regular buddy out there)

    Day 5 – AUS – FD
    @penz I’m with you and @michelinme on the M/Th pattern.
    @daffodil2010 Thanks for the feedback on the heartburn. I’m having exactly the same things to eat today as I did on Monday so I will see if the heartburn returns. I have oatmeal with stewed spiced apples for breakfast every FD (started 5:2 in the winter). Monday I made carrot lentil soup from a recipe on the BBC Good Food website and ate it with half of a whole wheat tortilla. I suppose that’s pretty carb heavy. I am armed this time with some antacid from the pharmacy in case the HB returns.
    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 New Zealand FD

    I also do Mon/Thu fasts but I also do one on Tuesday. I usually allow myself a little more leeway with eating over the weekend, fast Mon and Tue to make up for it and then weigh in on Wednesday.

    Day 4 Ohio, US — NFD

    The NFD has gone well. Yesterday I was feeling bad about eating some sweets in the evening, but this morning I realized that in addition to somewhat irregular eating during the day, in the evening I was having a reaction to allergy shots that I got in the afternoon. Now I don’t feel so bad, and I do wish there was something I could do to cope with such reactions. Unfortunately when reactions occur I find myself in the same situation as a lobster in a pot of cold water that’s slowly heated to boiling. By the time I realize that something’s gone amiss, it’s too late to do anything about it.

    @daffodil2010 Hope the first day with your new team was fantastic!

    @penz and all: I’m pretty consistent with the M/Th pattern too. It sets up a nice rhythm to the week.

    Pocket list for Day 5:

    @michelinme? (I do the Mon/Thurs pattern too – good to know there’s a regular buddy out there)

    Day 5 country West Aus FD
    @Winsome Waif@ Penz @michelinme, I too am A M/Th 5:2er, well I was when doing it conscientiously and that is the pattern I am following again.👏
    Had a good CD yesterday and the scales were kind again this morning. We are only talking 100s of gms at the moment but I am happy for any downward movement , even knowing a lot is water weight.😀
    So far the scales are slowly trending down and the trampoline bounces I was aware of in 2016/2017 continue – up/down; up/down; up/down.⛰
    BUT I only record my weight every Saturday morning so the daily variations don’t worry me.🤞
    Using good old MFP again for a little while to catch those pesky little calories that add up faster than a speeding bullet.😮
    @neilithicman congratulations on all those steps. I must increase the amount of steps I do daily. Always helps but have been sedentary for 12 – 18 months.🏃‍♀️
    @daffodil2010 good luck with the new team
    @at your cakes sounded delicious – the worst part for me when cooking is licking the bowl. I like raw mixture often better than the cooked result.🍰🎂
    Like many on this thread I do enjoy a glass or 2 of wine but recently have developed a nasty reaction to both red and white wine. Came out of the blue but makes me quite uncomfortable and unwell ( no! not a hangover!!) 😢
    Tried some organic wine at a show recently and it was truly awful. Didn’t taste like wine at all. Considering using the drops to de-activate the preservatives but quite enjoying being grog free for a while so I’ll have to see….
    Off to brave the crisp white frost across the lawn as I head off to work.☃️
    Thinking of @at‘s recent quote. Daily effort required!
    Have a good day all
    Now to lob a non-5:2 hand grenade . It’s nothing to do with this WOL but because there are some British people on this thread – can anyone explain what is happening with Brexit???

    Hi everyone I can barely keep up with you all, managed to get my eating window down to 20 hours, fell at 4pm and ate cheese, with a glass of award winning red wine, and fixed a quinoa salad and a bean salad with tomatoes from the garden for dinner, super healthy,
    I’m really glad i’m not the ONLY vegetarian here! Horray for us!
    Also glad there are lots of yoga-nistas here, I’m off to yoga this morning, after a good walk with the dog,
    I’m in Holland so I’ll also be cycling to the sports centre, we cycle everywhere so thats about an hours cycling a day every day anyway, this is why I have no fat on my legs thighs or but. (small mercies) the fat is all around my tummy, it’s got to go.. hope to get into a 48 or even 72 hour fast…but even 24 seems such a long time –
    Is it possible to just copy paste a pocket list? so I will always get all your posts?
    The feedback and supoort here is AMAZING you are all AMAZING
    thank you for being you

    Day 5, Emden Germany, FD800

    yesterday’s FD didn’t happen so I’ll try again today.

    @daffodil2010 thanks you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you’ll have a great day with your new team!

    @gretta, @flourbaby, @rafiki44 thanks for the welcome back, I seem to need a break from this site once a while but it’s good to be back.

    Pocket list for Day 5:

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @lizzy-agatha – you can copy/paste the Pocket List & then add your name to it. Or just ask someone to add your name to it. But you should start your post with, eg ‘Day 5 – Holland – FD’ (or NFD/CD) so we all know what everyone else is doing. For people in Australia/ New Zealand, they may already be on day 6. USA/Canada may still be at the end of day 4. I suggest you don’t try to run before you can walk though. Just try to successfully do a fast day or two per week for a while before you even think about 48/72 hour fasts. FYI, pizza isn’t good fast day food. Even vegetarian pizza 😉. Neither is wine, even the award-winning variety. But I’m sure you knew that. Refined carbs & alcohol won’t give your body any nutrients, and will just make you more hungry, possibly triggering a binge. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘so I will always get all your posts’?

    @brightonbelle – re MFP – I was also amazed by how much I’d been underestimating calories & portion sizes until recently. What may seem like a harmless piece of cheese or a few nuts is most likely a few hundred calories. Sad but true 😏

    @flourbaby – Cadbury mini-egg fasts! 😅 I like the sound of those; but I think I’ll wait until Easter.

    @daffodil2010 – good luck with your new team.☘ Good to know you’re joining the loong list of Thursday fasters🍏

    Pocket list for Day 5:
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Despite some rogue treat size choccies in work yesterday, being mindful in the evening meant another small loss. Today will be an FD, weigh in tomorrow. One more week before the trip, mindful, mindful, mindful.

    Looking forward to my first day with a new team. I love a challenge and being busy, but I also love the first day in a new job where you don’t know what you don’t know, everything is new and exciting, and people are patient and kind as you ask all sorts of silly questions…I am armed with notebook and will take lots of notes!

    Thanks everyone for your best wishes, it’s much appreciated ☺️

    It’s getting quite Autumnal now in Ireland, only 8C for my morning walk, crunchy leaves starting to fall after yesterday’s big wind, no frost yet, but perhaps soon.

    @lilymartin….Brexit is THE topic of conversation in work right now, WHAT is going into? It’s hard to keep up. As posted last month my firmhave cancelled all leave for the end of October as a no deal Brexit might mean financial markets mayhem. So let’s see how these developments go. I think Ireland will be severely affected.

    Anyhow, enough political musings, have a great FD Thursday everyone.

    @funshipfreddie thanks for your reply so today is Day 5 -Holland – NFD sounds good to me! I’m still trying to just go ONE DAY without eating, I failed my first attempts at a fast day…as you know…at least there is no chocolate in the house! though the cadbury mini egg diet by @flourbaby sounds really good, after all chocolate IS a vegatable

    Day 5, London, UK, FD

    Semi-successful FD yesterday, more like 800 rather than my target 500 kcals. When I started this WOL 800kcals would probably have given me the same results I’ve had, but now, -40lbs I can’t keep using the ‘New’ 5:2 limit as an excuse to overeat. I survived on 500 kcaL days without any issues for a couple of years, I can do it again, no excuses!! ……………….. I must remember why I lose focus & keep persuading myself ‘a little bit extra’ won’t hurt …………………. “several years of 5:2 have persuaded me that losing weight is not difficult, so I got too casual. Time to start again!” Too, too true, however I will be kind to myself, it was a FD, just a modified one!!!

    @at, I have the same problem with my mat, I’m always fearful of a downward dog face-plant incident!! Maybe I’ll invest in a better mat too.

    @daffodil2010, perhaps your intro to the new team should be to bring a bowl of fruit in to the office? The ‘tradition’ at work is to bring cakes or doughnuts or chocolates in to share when it’s your birthday, last year I brought a large bag of fruit ……………….. the looks I got, but everything disappeared!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, no need to wait until Easter, they’re sold year-round now!!! I’m pretty sure the Xmas chocolate will be in the shops soon too!!! The nightmares we have to negotiate just going to the supermarket!!! No wonder I’m f……………

    @lizzy Agatha, I suppose chocolate is a vegetable as much as red wine is fruit juice!!!

    I’m off to do some of what I get paid for, Happy fasting folks!!!

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – unknown

    Day 5 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    Last FD of the week for me! Whoop whoop! Weighed in a day early and I’m 1lb down – I’ll take that! Flying out to Ireland for the weekend this evening for a friends 50th birthday celebration and family reunion, boats are involved and I get to play at being a pirate….hmmmmm, what do pirates eat? I am so excited I couldn’t sleep last night!!! I will need lots of black stuff to keep me going today…..

    So….into a run of 4 NFDs now (maybe THAT is what I was excited about! hahaa) I will try to exercise my willpower and practice mindfulness and moderation (not sure how long that will last). Probably won’t be able to post again until next Tues so until then I hope everyone stays strong and you all have a great weekend.

    @flourbaby – love your quote, if nothing else I am persistent!

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Pocket list for Day 5:
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 5 UK NFD
    Very pleased with my fasting , now just need to be able to enjoy my run of 4 nfd’s with an element of control . Like a few others my downfall is the demon drink so aiming to really cut down this weekend but slightly envious @yo-yo Fletch being a pirate 🏴‍☠️ sounds fun but I trust “black stuff “ is coffee not Guinness ?

    this is true @flourbaby chocolate is a vegetable and wine is just fermented grape juice…really healthy! honestly………even sugar is vegan!

    It’s cold, I’m fasting and I’m starving!!
    Waiting for a small piece of fresh fish to cook to go with steamed veggies so instead of getting stuck into cheese and biscuits which has sort of become the norm, I am reading and posting to keep my mind off snacking.
    Mind you with all the talk of mini choc egg feasts, I’m not sure it is helping!!
    @lizzy Agatha I am a carnivore but I also love lots of vegetarian dishes. Think I’m a ‘Flexitarian’.
    Meat some days but not others and we have cut the amount of meat we eat right down.
    I am finding my self-control food wise starting to improve.
    I am discovering my ‘won’t power ‘ again.
    Will-power is a bit problematic as in I WILL eat that chocolate, or cheese or glass of wine.
    Won’t power has been MIA big time over the past 12 months.
    I hear you @flourbaby!!
    @snowflake56 I have a sinking feeling my FD may just be a CD. Just going to plug in the numbers in to MFP. I think it will be over 500 calories .
    @yo Yo Fletch, being a pirate party sounds like a lot of fun.
    @daffodil2010, sorry to mention Brexit but it is all over the news here too! Sorry to hear about leave being cancelled.

    It’s cold, I’m fasting and I’m starving!!
    Waiting for a small piece of fresh fish to cook to go with steamed veggies so instead of getting stuck into cheese and biscuits which has sort of become the norm, I am reading and posting to keep my mind off snacking.
    Mind you with all the talk of mini choc egg feasts, I’m not sure it is helping!!
    @lizzy Agatha I am a carnivore but I also love lots of vegetarian dishes. Think I’m a ‘Flexitarian’.
    Meat some days but not others and we have cut the amount of meat we eat right down.
    I am finding my self-control food wise starting to improve.
    I am discovering my ‘won’t power ‘ again.
    Will-power is a bit problematic as in I WILL eat that chocolate, or cheese or glass of wine.
    Won’t power has been MIA big time over the past 12 months.
    I hear you @flourbaby!!
    @snowflake56 I have a sinking feeling my FD may just be a CD. Just going to plug in the numbers in to MFP. I think it will be over 500 calories .
    @yo Yo Fletch, being a pirate party sounds like a lot of fun.
    @daffodil2010, sorry to mention Brexit but it is all over the news here too! Sorry to hear about leave being cancelled.

    Day 5 California NFD

    Successful fast day yesterday and within 1.8lbs of my lowest weight so I’m feeling good! @daffodil2010 I can relate to the chocolate eating which I why I don’t trust ,ydelf to bring treats in “for other people” as I know it’s really all about me 😂 good luck in your new position.
    My mom who lives over there never wants to talk about brexit but I’m hoping this chaos will positively impact ✈️ Prices so I can book a cheap flight over there for our trip in April.
    Thanks to everyone who helps with questions on this forum as I can only make it on here once per day = yay teamwork!
    Finally, where’s the pocket list for the Cadbury mini egg fast I want to sign up!

    Second post

    @lizzy-agatha I went to Holland for the first time a couple of years ago and was completely fascinated by the vast amount of bikes everywhere!
    To get all posts put a check mark in the “notify me of follow up replies” box at the bottom of the page. To copy a pocket list just place your cursor at the start of what you want to copy until you get the line with the circle and then drag over everything you want to copy.

    Day 5 UK FD

    Had to go into town unexpectedly for meeting late morning. Due to neuro condition I don’t have the physical capacity to go out 2 days running & I’m already really feeling it.

    Now heading for v early supper, bath & bed. Vegan mince, peas, spinach and baked sweet potato…. yum! Hoping that around 14hrs sleep will help me to recover from all the adrenaline of this last week. So glad I don’t have to get dressed again til Sunday – tomorrow’s home deliveries will be received in my PJs!

    @penz @lilymartin @winsomewaif @neilithicman fabulous to have regular company w Mon/Thurs FDs
    @daffodil2010 hope your first day in new role went well
    @penz thanks for adding me to the pocket list!

    Whatever the day brings, making mindful choices can make all the difference

    2nd post

    Posting for accountability. Great FD so far, waiting for my lentil soup to heat for my dinner. Plan to pot up my spring bulbs then (except tulips, have to wait until Nov to do them), then early to bed as I am shattered after my first day in the new team.

    But it’s all good in the new job so far, my experience in the previous team means I am very familiar with the jargon and policies and the actual system…so hopefully will have a good time there.

    BUT….this team have treats on the table every day!!!!! So @flourbaby, I will hold off on the fruit just in case they think I am dropping hints 😱 😆😆

    Until tomorrow my 5:2 friends.

    Day 5 Canada FD

    So tempted by breakfast but I’m determined to stay strong and shift those kilo’s!!
    A tuna salad for dinner and that is it…….promise 🙂

    Have a strong day everyone

    Day 6 – New Zealand – NFD

    Non fast day today leading into the weekend, I had a rough one yesterday. I was fine all day, I had only a small packet of biltong and a cup of Rogan Josh (around 300 calories). But I got to the evening and I was ravenous. I ended up eating more than the 800 calories I usually eat on fast days but my final talley of around 1200 is still well under my BMR which according to the calculator is around 1900 calories.

    I’ll try to turn this one into a semi-fast day instead of a non fast day to make up for it. I’ll try to aim for another day of around 1200 calories.

    Day 5 – UK – NFD

    Busy day starting with another early Broga class with OH – had been thinking of a FD but that idea went away as had an unexpected lunch out with a friend and I have to admit that it did involve a glass of Sauvignon Blanc…..and then I spent the afternoon watching the cricket!! Very Lazy……..

    Had promised OH to make him this Damson and apple crumble but I used just over half the sugar! and I added more hazelnuts and some toasted jumbo oats to the crumble mixture – it would have been rude not to have some with him…….was very nice! (damsons are a small fruit with vibrant dark blue skin and a strong, sour flavour, damsons are similar to plums and a member of the rose family) here is a link to the recipe if anyone wants to give it a go.

    However I did manage to eat/drink to just over my TDEE but tomorrow will have to be a FD and then I might be brave and step on the scales on Saturday morning!!!!!

    Will try to catch up with the posts tomorrow afternoon – Off to have a quick shower then bed – out for a walk with the usual group tomorrow morning

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 6, Aus, NFD

    Thank you for the pocket list yesterday – it really helped to think of you all and I was able to stave off food and wine cravings for a good sub-500 day. However, the nasty horrible scales told me I was one kilo up this week. What!?!

    @flourbaby: we have office morning teas frequently and once somebody brought in a bowl of raw mushrooms. Delish! I devoured many.

    Pirates drink rum but I have no idea what they eat, @yo-yo Fletch. But there has to be a joke in there somewhere!

    @lilymartin, I want to adopt your “won’t power” attitude. So true.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 6 – Japan – WFD #63 in 2019

    Trying to do a water fast day. I haven’t fasted for almost two weeks (12 days) so this one feels like it might be more of a challenge.

    Day 6 country west Aus PFD ( possible FD)
    FD yesterday became a CD
    @neilithicman, must have been something going on ‘ down under’ the last 2 days – fasting well all day and then ravenous by the evening.
    Luckily I WAS more controlled and mindful so didn’t devour half the pantry contents.
    @at I am holding fast to your quote ( pun intended !)
    @michelinme sorry to hear about your condition and how it affects you. And you are right about being mindful.
    @dykask, how is everything going with your son’s shift for uni?

    Hoping for a good mindful day with lots of ‘won’t power’ when it comes to food.
    MFP yesterday reminded me of how sneaky calories are!!!
    Popping up in the most unexpected places.
    I love flat white coffees and often have 3 or 4 a day but at 76 calories each, they certainly add up. So more black tea required – can’t stomach black coffee.
    Be strong and enjoy the day🙃

    Day 5 Ohio, US — MFD

    The MFD has gone well and I was able to get my regular yoga practice in.

    @dykask Hope the WFD is going well!

    @at The crumble sounds delish! Hazelnuts are one of my favorites. I make hazelnut granola for breakfast once or twice a week.

    @bellyblast Hope the tuna salad was a perfect way to celebrate the promise fulfilled!

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) FD

    Day almost over here,but wanted to pop in. Kind of an unexpected FD today even though supper was a piece of pizza that DH wanted. Big salad though as well. Looked like about 525 calories on the day.

    @at – the first vehicle we bought as a married couple was an adorable 1969 TR-6 (Triumph – British Leyland Motors) that was “damson plum” in color. It was close to the color of the crumble recipe picture. Never heard of that fruit much at all since until your post. Sounds delightful!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 – New Zealand – SFD (semi fast day)

    We have a Damson plum tree in our back garden. I keep it pruned down to around 2.5 meters so it’s easy to pick the fruit and it still manages to produce 40 kilograms of plums every year (that’s 88 pounds for those of you not using the metric system) We end up with too much jam, too many bottles of preserves and still give most of it away. Luckily I have a friend who has a prolific heirloom apple tree, a peasgood nonsuch, so we trade apples for plums and both have copious bottles of each fruit preserved in our basements.

    Day 6, Emden Germany, FD800

    @daffodil2010 sweets in the office every day is so not good, way too tempting. While working in the practice we always had so many sweets given by patients, only a few brought in fruit.

    @lilymartin just give it another try today, I’m with you although with a 800 cal fast.

    @neilithicman what is a semi fast day? We have mirabelle plums in the garden, had 34 kg last year, this year we only picked 17 kg and left the rest of the plums on the tree for the birds and the insecs.

    Pocket list day 6

    @dykask WFD
    @lilymartin PFD
    @neilithicman SFD
    @snowflake FD800

    interesting list today!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Despite a super strong week of almost b2b fasting (ok there was a small chocolate aberration on Wednesday) still at low end of plateau. I am almost resigned to it now. It MUST be something to do with my 5 times a week Shred. This plateau has been ongoing since I started the Shred as a WOL.

    Might not do it next week, just stretching and some strength and ab work, then see if anything happens?

    I have my Dad up for the night tomorrow. It’s a big deal as he has not stayed here since last year. As some of you may remember he was practically paralysed and in hospital for months at the start of 2019, we had to get his house adapted for him.

    Now he is walking with a stick and he assures me he can make it up my stairs, albeit slowly. We will Molly coddle him. So looking forward to having him.

    Have a great Friday

    Day 6 Holland – FD
    Hello everyone, I am determined to get it RIGHT this time, I am treating this as my first real fast day since the start, as I keep falling at the fence. so I suppose I’ve had a row of semi-fast days…GGRRR!

    @neilithicman love Damsons, how lucky to have a tee, it is becoming a rare fruit…
    @daffodil2010 you are doing really well..better than me..keep it up and rest sweetheart
    @rafiki44 thank you getting the hang of it, cycled to the sportscentre of course, got SOAKED – a sudden raincloud, but yoga and body balance were good, sore legs now..

    @lilymartin that’s a good one I shall remember it all day I WON’T – simple but brilliant

    lost a kilo already, I’m quite surprised – but just paying attention makes a difference, and I have restricted calories quite naturally – though not by the requred amount…yet….
    good luck everyone

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    Good FD yesterday, and I’ve nuked a kilo during this week’s FDs. Now I’ve got my mojo back I’m in the mood for a CD today.

    @rafiki44 – re Cadbury’s mini egg-fast – it would be easier to just sign up everyone; then just cross your name off if you’re not taking part! 🤪

    @neilithicman – re your semi-fast day; I think that’s what’s already called a CD/CFD, according to the acronym list. ‘Controlled FD’ = 1200 calories. That’s what I’m going for today.

    Day 6 – Pocket List🍎
    @dykask WFD
    @lilymartin PFD
    @neilithicman SFD
    @snowflake FD800
    @lizzy-agatha FD

    Day 6, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in from me before Pilates.

    I’ll have to catch-up on posts this evening. I hope everyone has a successful fasting Friday ……………. me? I just need to be mindful as I navigate this dreaded NFD!!!

    Day 6- Atlanta, GA.-USA – FD:

    Gonna give it another try today. Stayed under my TDEE yesterday, but it was supposed to be a FD! I just poured my first cup of coffee for the day. Trying to cut down on it. I’m usually consuming about 2 cups. Plan on drinking more water. Have sensible lunch planned for the day. A half turkey wrap. I tried to eat the whole thing yesterday, but I wasn’t all that hungry. Gonna make it a great day! Happy Friday to everyone!

    Day 6 – 2nd post.

    WFD is going well … I was extra hungry in the morning, but 105 floors of stairs cured that.

    My son is on a multiple hiking trip that started as I was leaving. So hopefully he is fine. No electronics were allowed so I haven’t heard from him. His dorm room is so much nicer than anything I ever had, but he was complaining that it is small by Princeton standards.

    Day 6 Melb Aust FD800
    Day 5 NFD, Day 4 FD

    Finally back in the swing of 5:2 now the weather is showing signs of warming up. Winter here was a time of consolidation for me, maintain and not regain, and now with spring the trend can again be down, down, down!

    @dykask, hope your son settles in quickly at Princeton.

    @daffodil2010, how great that your father can come and have an overnight stay with you. Hope he managed the stairs all right. Your plateau has to break sometime!

    Good encouragement from everyone. My FDs (or FD800s, it varies) are set at Wednesday and Friday now, with Monday an optional extra depending on whether I feel like it. I weigh-in on Saturdays, so I like having a FD on Fridays. If a weekend is a bit indulgent, ideally Monday should be a FD, but then, it’s often hard to go straight back into a FD after 2 consecutive NFD days.

    Ah well, onward and downwards everyone! Enjoy your weekends.

    Day 6 UK NFD

    Heading towards the weekend and I’m hopefully better prepared than usual , really want to maintain my momentum

    Day 6 UK CD

    Coming to the end of the first week of this Sept challenge and I’m really feeling the benefit of hitting the reset button. This WOL works!

    My Friday weekly weighday has me back down to early August ATL of 140lbs. That’s an amazing 5lbs down this week… shows this Easy On Easy Off weight really happens. All it’s taken is a solid reset to 5:2. Tho actually 4:3 this week bc went out for lunch & tea one day and have a cake-filled party on Sunday!

    Also pleased w other Sept goals – daily adapted yoga, meditation and paying serious attention to sleep. Sleep is the starting point for absolutely everything, yoga centres my body, meditation gives me mental space and clarity and reduces anxiety, and food fuels everything else! There’s something astonishingly wonderful and life-giving about giving myself a really early night 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Big weekend ahead but pacing myself today and total chill tomorrow. The only activity will be taking delivery of 2 crates of cakes, ready to taxi in for Sunday’s party… Me alone in the house with enough cakes for 50 people…what could possibly go wrong??!!

    Day 6 – 2nd Post

    Don’t know what’s going on with Yahoo Mail; yesterday it was down worldwide for +7 hours. Now I just received 80+ copies of the above post from @michelinme!

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    French toast and sausage for breakfast this morning – at least I use low-cal (probably some artificial sweetener) for my syrup.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 Canada NFD

    Made it through yesterday’s FD, the challenge and being back on the forum helped for sure.

    Congrats @michelinme that’s an awesome first week, I totally agree with you about sleep meditation and yoga!

    Hang in there @lizzy-agatha you can do it, the great thing about fasting is that there really is no fail. Each day is a new day, fasting is a learning process and seems harder than it actually is at the beginning.

    I haven’t tried on my truth telling jeans for a while, it has been a summer of flowing dresses 🙂 We can lose these 3 kilo’s hey @mapti

    day 6 FD Holland -2nd post

    What Happened!!! I got about a hundred mails.. totally wierd.
    just had dinner anyway, overate again, just can’t seem to NOT binge at dinnertime even on a fast day
    another great fail for me, BUT at least I’m not eating a big breakfast or a lunch or doing ANY snacking….perhaps that counts for something, I do know that in ONE meal there is no way I can eat more than a normal days allowance of calories, it’s less than 1000 even if it is more than 500…I AM already a kilo down.
    @bellyblast thank you for understanding, I will get it right,
    good luck to everyone.

    day 6 second post

    @funshipfreddie @lizzy-agatha I’m sorry you got me x 80!! I know yahoo was down yesterday for c12 hrs but I’ve definitely lost more emails than gained

    @bellyblast yes, it was trying on my slimmer-fitting clothes that made me realise quite how exuberant my holiday/festival fortnight had been!

    Here’s to good weekends – and more mindful NFDs on the straight if not the narrow 🙂

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