What is the right diet for you?

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What is the right diet for you?

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  • Hi kim,

    If you are a sugar addict then its most likely that your liver is not function correctly. I am excluding a psychological addiction and assuming the “addiction” is physiological. It will take several months before your liver will be functioning well and able to access stored fats easily. The Atkins diet does not exclude carbs! You cant survive on meat and eggs alone! To get your macro and micro nutrients you need to include (carbs) veggies (and to a lesser extent fruit). Choose from the cruciferous vegetables and avoid the starchy ones like potatoes. Broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, turnips, brussel sprouts etc. If your not hungry don’t eat! The concept of 3 meals a day is plainly wrong and is a modern marketing phenomenon. You eat when youre hungry. Its that simple.

    You can look into Perfect Health Diet – Jaminet, to see if it fits you.

    Generally speaking, if you are eating 80% healthy / natural foods (fruits, resistant starch (potatoes, rice) included), at the end of the day, if you lose / gain will depend also on the total calories you eat. You can gain weight in ANY diet you choose, if you eat more than your body needs (your TDEE).

    If you do not like counting calories, to be sure that on a weekly basis you have a caloric deficit of 3.500-4.000 calories / week, to lose around 2 kg / month, you can try what you feel it’s doable for you:
    – lower your portions with 20% or
    – eat only 2 meals a day, in a maximum 6 hours interval or
    – 5 days a week eat as you eat now (3 meals – maintaining), 2 days eat only one meal. (5:2 diet)

    What a great thread. Thank you all.

    I’m convinced two consec days/800 cals of fasting will work for me, so that’s what I’m doing. I am definitely a constant craver.

    Very helpful discussion. It may be more helpful if you have this awesome health and fitness support which I use. See here what is yours https://goo.gl/Z4oWym

    I watched “What’s the Right Diet for You” today. Great find!

    I can be emotional eating sometimes. I need to find better ways.

    Well, as long as you stick to one diet or the other … but this is about 5:2 and other versions of intermittent fasting. Not sure the Mediterranean fits into that. Perhaps you could tell me how?

    Hi Wagner:

    The Med diet is not necessarily a weight loss diet – it is a generic diet (like high fat/low carb) that will have you eating a certain group of food types and not others.

    5:2 is a calorie based diet, not a food type based diet. So you can eat anything you want on 5:2 as long as you stay within the calorie guidelines (5/600 or less on diet days, TDEE or below on non-diet days). So you can eat a Med diet while following 5:2.

    Good Luck!

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)

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