What is the right diet for you?

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What is the right diet for you?

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  • You can look into Perfect Health Diet – Jaminet, to see if it fits you.

    Generally speaking, if you are eating 80% healthy / natural foods (fruits, resistant starch (potatoes, rice) included), at the end of the day, if you lose / gain will depend also on the total calories you eat. You can gain weight in ANY diet you choose, if you eat more than your body needs (your TDEE).

    If you do not like counting calories, to be sure that on a weekly basis you have a caloric deficit of 3.500-4.000 calories / week, to lose around 2 kg / month, you can try what you feel it’s doable for you:
    – lower your portions with 20% or
    – eat only 2 meals a day, in a maximum 6 hours interval or
    – 5 days a week eat as you eat now (3 meals – maintaining), 2 days eat only one meal. (5:2 diet)

    What a great thread. Thank you all.

    I’m convinced two consec days/800 cals of fasting will work for me, so that’s what I’m doing. I am definitely a constant craver.

    I watched “What’s the Right Diet for You” today. Great find!

    I can be emotional eating sometimes. I need to find better ways.

    Well, as long as you stick to one diet or the other … but this is about 5:2 and other versions of intermittent fasting. Not sure the Mediterranean fits into that. Perhaps you could tell me how?

    Hi Wagner:

    The Med diet is not necessarily a weight loss diet – it is a generic diet (like high fat/low carb) that will have you eating a certain group of food types and not others.

    5:2 is a calorie based diet, not a food type based diet. So you can eat anything you want on 5:2 as long as you stay within the calorie guidelines (5/600 or less on diet days, TDEE or below on non-diet days). So you can eat a Med diet while following 5:2.

    Good Luck!

    I’m 25 days into the fast diet and finding it a good simple system to fit into my lifestyle. I lost 3 stone on the weight watchers diet a few years ago but 2 stone back on now and the constant weighing and counting drove me mad .
    Starting weight was 15st 5lb down to 14st 7.5lb today. I lost some weight on the 8/16 diet but tended to over eat in the 8 hour window. I put the two diets together which means I don’t eat at all till midday every day just drink coffee and water then simple food like soup and fruit try to stay away from carbs as much as possible and a sensible evening meal with portion control the aim. Exercise I’ve never been a lover of it but I’m doing 30 mins 6 night a week on a rowing machine in the house as soon as I get in from work, Sundays 1 to 2 hours on my mountain bike. I’ve tried gyms but there not for me I always feel the time I spend going to the gym I could of done my exercise. It’s early days for me but it does feel like a lifestyle rather than a diet.
    There is so much junk food in your face today it’s a real challenge to stay clear of it.
    I wouldn’t dream of coming to work without the food I’m going to eat on that particular day due to all the temptations.
    Good luck to all whatever your goals are.

    As an author, practitioner and trainer in hypnotherapy I have found this to be a powerful tool to help emotional eaters which I believe to be the most common reasons for ever eating. Once the emotional issues are resolved being in control of eating is easy

    @steve – I agree that all the counting and watching of calories drives one to madness. I also find fasting very effective and easy.

    @doclea – totally uninterested with someone playing mind games with me. We have a system here that really works and is simple to do. The best part is it is even cheaper than free because you save money and time when you don’t fast. I’m pretty sure hypnotherapy can’t beat that!

    Did the test & I’m mainly a feaster with constant craving tendencies. I have a sweet tooth, which I long ago realized can only be controlled by avoiding sugary foods, etc. If I have one donut I’ll want 5 more/will crave sugar for a while. I also tend to eat until I’m stuffed – combat by portion control, slowing down & eating bulky lo-cal foods.

    So, watched the series. Science part was interesting. I realize it was a reality show but found some of the “gymicks” counter productive, and some of the “definitive statements” open to question.
    First – gymicks. Did they really have to give people 700 kcal slices of cake to prove that you eat more if you think the food has fewer calories? For those that didn’t see it; 1 group told 200 kcal/slice, other told truth. First group ate more – duh! I would have gone into a sugar crave if that happened to me. IAC, they could have used a more appropriate food for people trying to lose weight – something a bit healthier perhaps? In general, I found the foods they used for their “tests” inappropriate (cheese burgers, all fried breakfast, cake) but that’s just me – not sure what I should expect from a “reality show”.
    Second – statements such as “75% of successful dieters eat breakfast”! Really, says who? Where does that stat come from? I’ve read articles, research based, which show that you shouldn’t eat until you’re hungry/eating breakfast just because you’re supposed to can boost your total caloric intake for the days for many, if not a majority of people. Again, I’m likely too picky but things like that make me question everything that the show is attempting to achieve.

    I have been doing 5.2 for almost 2 years now. I have also tried every diet known to man over the past 50 years. I have reduced 25kg and still losing ….very slowly now but it is the only eating plan I have ever discovered that I know I can continue for life. I have also found a great support group through this program…Thanks Michael.

    I was very inspired by this new approach. I think it explains some of my problems and giving me the solution. Not often one finds that. I just started to apply the two recommendations. Feeling great!

    Hi, Newb here 8)

    My names Jay and I joined the forum today but I had maybe a different idea about this diet…

    What if you’re, like me, happy with your weight but would like to eat a bit healthier and exercise more routinely?

    Is there a version of Fast Diet for me?

    Thanks everybody

    Yes its called maintenance. I fast one day per week to maintain my weight. Its zero calories, just water and some coffee. You get all the benefits without weight loss. You can do some variation of that, that works for you. Eating healthy is a no brainer with or without 5:2. Routine exercise once again a no brainer. I regularly ride my bike, its my happy place. Everyone needs to find their own happy place.

    Give me a break. You freeze dry adipose cells? What a load of bollocks.

    Hi Every one,

    My Suggestion, 1 Bowl of Oats with milk for morning
    (After 3 hrs) 1 or 2 Bananas.
    (After 3 hrs) chapatis 2-3 with anything
    (After 3hrs) again 2-3 chapatis and one banana

    Actually the main point is to split your daily meal in 2-3 smaller meals.
    NEVER skip a meal. Research shows that fasting actually leads to fatter you!
    And Drink lots of water daily.

    Let me guess, that was research paid for by the food industry, right?
    Daft thing to post on a site about the proven benefits of fasting!

    You got the water part right anyway.

    I’m probably the emotional eater as I scoff when stressed or tired. I found the BSD very difficult, and the 5:2 fast diet easy and rewarding, but unsustainable. I often don’t eat when I can’t be bothered, and overeat when I can be. I will ‘fast’ sometimes and try to keep to a nourishing and sustainable ‘diet’ the rest of the time. I think I become unwell when I go without much food for more than a short time.

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    So how much weight have you lost drinking juice?

    keep it simple

    lets get on with the rest of my life eating the correct foods
    do more swimming & walking, get fitter

    drink in moderation, lots of water to keep me fit

    i’m so confused by the 800 limit. Any successes with that?

    Hi everyone I have now been on the 5:2 diet now for about 3 years! Initially losing 30kg in about 20 weeks! I’ve generally maintained my weight over these 3 years by exercising (as far as possible) by walking to the shops to do my shopping on a daily basis, only buying food that I need! I avoid all snack foods particularly also processed foods! And I always ‘remember’ everything I buy (food wise) I will eat! So I avoid them! e.g. sweets, biscuits, nuts & milk chocolate! I do allow myself 1 sq of dark chocolate per day (75% cocoa)!
    When (after Christmas) I found I’ve put on weight I go back to 5:2 for a couple of weeks!
    I am now 77, that is 35 years old but with 42 years experience; and they say experience ‘counts’! My blood pressure is normally in the region of 118/68 my glucose levels are about 5.5 my pulse about 52 (when sedentary)!
    I try and do a Spinning session 1 a week of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) getting my pulse rate up to about 155 within 30 seconds & letting it subside in 90 seconds! I do this 10 times; i.e. a total of 20 minutes!
    The 5:2 diet is in my opinion the ‘silver bullet’!
    Thank you Michael for your life changing diet!
    Success everyone!

    A healthy diet includes vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein sources, and nuts and seeds. A flexible plan allows an occasional, reasonable indulgence if you like. It should feature foods you can find in your local grocery store and that you enjoy eating.

    very helpful.

    You can try cryotherapy

    It all depends on your body really and the person you are. For me, I can say the best diet for myself is a extremely low gluten, dairy free diet.

    you are serious about the health

    In my opinion, the best diet is a low-carbohydrate diet.
    A strict low-carbohydrate diet is a diet that limits carbohydrate intake. High-carbohydrate foods (e.g., sugar, bread, pasta) are restricted, and special attention is paid to low-carbohydrate foods. The goal of a low-carbohydrate diet is to reduce the number of grams of carbs consumed each day so that the body begins to use stored fat as its primary energy source. Most low-carbohydrate diets promote weight loss and improve blood lipid levels.

    Thank You Michael for sharing this…!

    I’ll try it and inform you how much got benefit from this

    Actually, I am not on a diet now, it does not suit me at all

    In any case thanks for these tips!

    I do the 5-2 diet and lost 3 stone. I stopped doing it and I put a fair bit back on. I am 21 stone now so need to lose weight. My knees have gone and I need me ones but no chance of getting them. My GP said if I can walk a mile then I’ll never get knee replacement surgery.

    Eat fresh fruits, drink milk and morning walk

    I used bioled eggs in the morning but can i use figs in my diet at some day time?

    Michael’s summary of the Horizon special, “What’s the Right Diet for You,” highlights innovative approaches to weight loss based on genetic predispositions. The program’s focus on personalized diets for different “tribes” offers insights into effective strategies. Michael’s acknowledgment of the psychological aspect underscores the importance of support in achieving dietary success.

    Michael’s summary of the Horizon special, “What’s the Right Diet for You,” highlights innovative approaches to weight loss based on genetic predispositions. The program’s focus on personalized diets for different “tribes” offers insights into effective strategies. Michael’s acknowledgment of the psychological aspect underscores the importance of support in achieving dietary success.

    The more veggies — and the greater the variety — the better. Potatoes and French fries don’t count. Choose fish, poultry, beans, and nuts; limit red meat and cheese; avoid bacon, cold cuts, and other processed meats. Eat a variety of whole grains (like whole-wheat bread, whole-grain pasta, and brown rice).

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