remember there r many kinds of goals on this forum and if the fasting gives even

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remember there r many kinds of goals on this forum and if the fasting gives even

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  • Quick & Couscous

    remember there r many kinds of goals on this forum and if the fasting gives even more health great.
    however, if someone wants 2 do it 4 weight loss let them b happy please do not scold. we accept all aproaches

    remember michael devotes a post on just not losing weight weight loss and many replies and answers from that 1 post

    this is one of the nicest forums in the world!!!!!

    Hi wiltldnUSA, hope you are keeping well with your diet and exercise.
    In reply to your comments I had no intention of “scolding or chiding”. The point I was making in my comments were regarding the main objectives of the 5:2 diet and the various high levels of physical training some posters do. While posters such as Hank asked for comments re increasing the fast day calorie count because he burnt an extra 500 cals. My reply was connected with the calorie intake – 600 for the fast day to gain the inner health benefits. Michaels programmes were quite separate regarding H.I.T. and fasting and the benefits each could bring.
    My replies were aimed at keeping them separate as Michael has done.
    I do hope that safe research is ongoing to show that in some people a mixture of both is both possible and beneficial and I recognise the input Hank and others are doing, using themselves as guinea pigs as Michael did. I actually am looking forward to any results others may have as a result of combining several types of diet and exercise but reiterate that by doing so may mean compromising some of the inner health benefits the 5:2 brings.
    Some years ago, in my younger days I did something similar myself. At one point using a combination of high physical aerobic and anearobic exercise and low cal input I lost 22 lb in 27 days. Another time I lost almost 40 lb over a 3 month period so I do have some experience. As you say each to their own and if it works I hope they share their experiences but also seek medical advice to help keep themselves safe.
    Best wishes to you (and others) and good luck with your fitness and health.

    sentences like “BUT….. for me and many others it is about the impact on possible life threatening internal health issues that come first and how a calorie restricted diet over two days impacts on those doing this”

    made me defend people who needed 2 lose weight & that was their primary concern. the healthy fasting is a bonus and when on the 6:1 yay!
    it will all be about the super health benefits & even more

    so it is my bad

    i went back 2 all ur replies 2 this and other posts
    & realized ur inputs
    good reading & inspiring

    i agree as i said 2 hank the fasting is the key.
    he is also tall so i gave him an exact post by michael concerning height.

    i wish i could find the exact reply by michael concerning the same question. searches r limited now seem 2 not go back 2 the beginning.

    continued health coucous

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