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  • We get a lot of requests for recipes, so we’re going to start collating the ones we find around the web in our new recipe section here. We’ve also moved and tagged recipes from other parts of the forum into the new section – there are some really excellent ones in there, have a look and see what you think.

    It’s a work in progress; we’ll keep adding to it and hope that you do too! At the moment, you can’t tag the recipes yourself, but if you drop me a line via the “report post” or just at, I’ll do it for you.


    Breakfast 1-soft boiled egg with a slice of whole wheat toast-135 calories
    Lunch—-5-saltine crackers and 1-Tabs. Jiff Peanut Butter—-155 calories
    dinner—3 oz. Rotisarary chicken, 1-cup steemed broccoli—–210 calories
    Total Calories-500

    Where are the recipes as i have only just joined and clicked here to see them, it says they have moved them here but i just see the 1? Thanks Dee

    I’ve just joined too, Polishlady and I was wondering the same! I need inspiration for the fasting days. This was my first one and I’m starving (expected). I’ve had loads of black coffee and then ham, tomato, lettuce and boiled egg 2x. As an ex low carber I really missed the dollop of mayonaisse.

    Hi – the recipe section (a work still in progress) is here: Also, you can browse our newsletters which have recipes that haven’t been added in yet: Fast Diet newsletters. Sorry it wasn’t very clear!

    Having been following the 5 2 diet for some time, I am very pleased with it. I have lost over two stones. I go off the diet when on holiday, or when I go away for some reason (which is more often, now I’m retired), but the weight drops off when I go back to the diet.
    One thing: my wife tells me that my breath smells badly when I’m on the diet. Is this normal? I tend to eat nothing, as I find this easier than eating small amounts of food, which only encourage me to eat more.

    Hi – make sure you’re drinking enough water! There are also some good discussions of this here – it happens to some people and they have suggestions on how to manage it:

    Breakfast – 1/4 cup Alpen muesli (110 cal) plus 3/4 cup skim milk yogurt (60 cal) = 170
    Lunch – either an apple (100 cal) or 5 thin slices of smoked salmon (50 grams) = 80 calories with
    2 tbsp, of “light cream cheese = 60 calories
    Dinner – steamed vegetables (2-3 cups = 50 cal/cup) with 2-3 tbsp. of “light” salad dressing (5-20 cal/tbsp)

    The salmon is not cheap, but a real treat.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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