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  • I love to start out reading the recent comments, but it’s only the latest 50. Is there a way to add something we can click to go back to comments posted before that? I don’t want to miss out on other comments that I wasn’t able to read yet, because they were bumped. That would be awesome!

    I keep track of posts by going to ”all recent topics” rather than recent comments. Makes the list a bit longer that way!


    i always bookmark the last 50

    & then go on that page

    2 unanswered topics

    & then 2 active topics

    that will cover that

    a more complex way

    if u replied then u should favorite it also check-mark reply through email

    & if u like the info that person provides click their name & read their topics & replies

    hope that helps

    Thanks for the tips stephb and wiltldnr. Wonder why it only does the top 50, though…..oh well.

    Wiltldnr, ha ha, touche on the wanting to treat yourself all the time! Just don’t beat yourself up too hard for the chocolate. You have been very successful the last 7 months, and that is quite impressive. I don’t honestly know how you lasted for that long without going bonkers on chocolate. Wish I wasn’t such a darned sweet tooth….


    it doesn’t go only top 50

    click active comments (it’s like recent comments plus)

    @ the bottom u will c pages

    concerning chocolate there is a reason

    c answer 2 StephB in this topic

    u will become a pro on this forum on how 2 navigate


    Ahhhhh, I need to use my computer once in a while. Have only done this forum on my phone. I’ll just use active topics.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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