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  • I’ve got all this info on a word document that ended up 12 A4 pages. It was a cut down version of a book I had in mind. But I’ll pass it on and maybe a whole new subsection genre of the diet industry will grow out of it. There is also some off topic part that I feel strongly about and anyone with children and if you care enough about their future, which I’m sure you do, then it may be an eye opener. I’ve posted links to YouTube videos on the subject from lectures given by Sir Ken Robinson who is passionate about revolutionising the education system, and also a song that is my inspiration that I only recently discovered. I have a book on the schooling subject that was like reading my own mind on the subject but since it is a commercial site selling her books I refrained from posting. Also there is a audio book from YouTube that I don’t know if it has been given the green light by the author, a brilliant goldmine of self motivation tips.

    So here goes, if you think you’ve got enough of an open mind to great techniques that keep me on the fasting routine of my choice and, with total self belief, shall be my way of living until I reach a ripe old age and have no clue what kids are going on about.

    The title of this thread was book I had planned based on my own experience and how I fast consistently as it is an inevitability. I had written down all the areas that would be the chapters and got as far as writing the introduction.

    But I also had a number of other goals for books and other areas of my life. I was really enthused to make this book but with the other goals swirling around and making me wonder if the book was the most important thing in my life.

    Just today I came to a decision that was one of those ideas, that when they enter your head you know with every fibre of your being that this is the one. This is precisely what you want to do in your life. It’s personal to me and is very huge to the point that I know if I tell others I will find many who will doubt me and be pessimistic. I know it’s going to happen because I use the following system that I’ve boiled down from all the psychology of success and self-help to get what you want that can make all your dreams come true.

    With the book I was using the system but as I’ve mentioned, I had other goals that eventually through quiet reflection and introspection I found my mission in life.

    The system can be used to achieve anything in your life that you so desire. Not what the TV tells you is what you need or what you’re particularly good at. What is most important to you and fills you with positive and inspiration making you come alive. Then you will have far more purpose and motivation to make it reality no matter how small or how outrageously humongous as those set by the people who make the biggest marks in the world. That vision, mission, goal, desire, and dream will become a reality when you are willing to believe in its fruition.

    So for fasting lots of people will give great tips which some will follow, others will think great but not put them into action and then those who either dismiss it or say they can’t.

    The system is as follows:

    1. Who do you want to become and what is your life’s dream and passion.

    In the case of fasting you may pick a particular target weight and you can also see yourself in your life’s dream as a movie looking your best and healthiest that the fasting routine has given you. If you want to be a fitness instructor and coach then looking like a professional athlete will put more trust in those who want to learn from you.

    2. Use your desire to get that which you so covet.

    Make a large IMAX vision in your mind of having completed the direction you’d set yourself. When you see yourself doing your things, really get a feel of the energetic enthusiasm that you are feeling. Imagine yourself full of enjoyment and fun and let the happiness shine from you. In certain situations you may think of thoughts on your mind that are most useful in the moment. The more detail the better. In fasting you can imagine those times of cravings and hunger and notice the change in yourself as you know you are in the fasted state which is giving you all those benefits. The cells going into repair mode is my personal favourite. Body builders know that as they struggle on the last rep that the pain of exertion means they are more likely to build more muscle, so they see pain as pleasure. See that vision of you full of the pleasure of being freed from the constant TV fast over processed food that had no care for you other than the profit they could make. You know, through experience you feel more alive and have much more energy to take on any task you choose in life

    If you have a particular issue of thinking you will still feel the pain of hunger and craving, then be assured that it is your vision, when felt as certainty, that the mind will gravitate towards, and more so using step 3.

    3. Keep this goal fresh in your mind every day and take time to make a plan that will evolve over time through experience.

    People use all kinds of things as reminders. Putting the goal in written or image form in a place you will see it often such as a post it note on their computer. Use your vast creative imagination to think of your own ways that will be of most benefit to keep your eye on the ball. The thought of having your computer wallpaper with the target just popped into my head. One plan that is using a kind of psychological conditioning method is to sit and relax and think of what thoughts are most common during fasting. If you find your mind often flashes images of your favourite food then rather than being at their mercy you can now practice adding the new habit of instantly returning to why fasting is even better than the food. How we feel about things is not set in stone or genetic, but learned responses from life experiences or instant, seemingly most rational thoughts that pop into your mind as they often do. The fact is that you, maybe after a bit of practice, can control how you feel about things. So if the thought of the food gives you a strong positive feeling and you instantly move your thinking to the fasting benefits. If the food feeling is more pleasurable and stronger than that of being healthy then you can learn to turn down the food intensity and amplify the healthy benefits feelings. I’ll put tips for this at the end.

    4. Take action on those plans. If you desire it strongly enough then self-motivation will come easy. If not then you can amplify the lustful desire craving for being that person who finds fasting enjoyable. The vision you created of enjoying fasting will also generate the necessary changes in your way of thinking to make them become a reality. Feeling good before taking action makes it even easier.

    So a quick summary:

    1. Know who want to be and how you want to live.
    2. Make as big and bold movies of you acting and doing what you desire most.
    3. Have a constant reminder that you’ll always see each day to keep yourself focused.
    4. Take action.

    This post is looking like it’s going to turn into the length of the book I was going to write but there are of course many other things that will aid you to being healthy and living your dream.

    Self-belief is important. If you believe you can achieve something with 100% certainty then it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll succeed.

    Think of some action you take and it’s easy. The action itself isn’t the important part but make sure you’re happy in your entire being about it.

    “Can I tie my shoelaces?” If the answer, which is most likely, is yes. And how do you know that you can? You may see an image of tying the laces which can be important because when you see it in your mind you get a feeling of certainty. Of total belief. You could go 100 years never tying another shoe lace and still manage it when you reached that ripe old, fast diet aided, age.

    Get familiar with this feeling. If you give it a name it will most likely be certainty. Feeling sure. Confident. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the feeling and where it is, and how it is moving in your body.

    I’m going to go through other very useful and also potent states of mind but before that I would like you to have instant access to these states when you most need them. They aren’t the only way and I have many others. When I do the self belief, I imagine that I am Jesus and have the strongest faith of all. It’s just pretending, like acting, but it’s funny how when you act a certain as many actors have said that they find skills and ways of thinking that the character possessed after being that person for so many hours a day during rehearsals.

    So there I am, Jesus Christ, and I’m contemplating what my faith is capable of. The answer I got was that I could believe anything and make it a reality. So now I can look at my mission as Jesus and believe with the most complete certainty that I will achieve it.

    You can then set up a trigger/anchor through a word, an internal image, or a press part of your body such as two fingers together and make the suggestion, using your total certainty in its effectiveness, that when you hear, see or press your fingers you will instantly and powerfully shift into that state. My personal favourite is an internal image. I make the image significant to the state so it expresses what I wish to feel. After some practice, if you’ve not mastered it already, you will find you can have lots of states for instant access when they would be of most use in the moment.

    Another state worth working on and making stronger in your life is determination. Having the grit to go the extra mile no matter what. Once you are determined enough about doing something that previously you didn’t know if you could or would like, you will feel an internal shift in your body that is like, in my words, being centred. I think of thing and I have that internal struggle of all the aches and pains that I’ll have to suffer or the pleasures I’ll lose out on. But when my determination is strong enough, the inner battle is over, peace has broken out, and I feel confident I’ll do whatever it takes to do the thought or action.

    You can think of something you are determined about in your life, such as getting a promotion at work, or giving your kids important life skills that they don’t teach at school. My sister does this with her twin boys to ensure that as many areas of growing up and then being an adult are explained so that they know far more effective ways of moving through life rather than picking up bad habits as the only choice they have. I should state the obvious, but if you want your kids to learn then don’t trust the public schooling system. It is designed to divide the class into smaller groups of similar learning capabilities which often ends up being their constant position through life. The entire school structure is based on creating a workforce for the not so relevant industrial age. Those at the bottom end up doing the manual labour in factories while those who are high achievers can be doctors and lawyers. This grouping is done by testing and that is the problem.

    Teaching kids in on or two different styles will get a certain amount of hits where kids get it and some sort of get it while others have no clue what is going on. It is not the pupils that are unable to understand the concept of the subject but that they learn in a very different manner than it is taught. All kids are bright as buttons but testing sets limits on them which ends up building beliefs in themselves that they are only capable of so much. The truth is, almost every kid is capable of genius. The constant testing drums into them set limits that are set up as beliefs. “I can’t do maths”. Yes they can, it may not be a subject they really want to do but if you find out their learning strategy and communicate the ideas in that style they will understand. A great genius by the name of Richard Bandler offered the suggestion that the very first thing that kids should be taught is how to learn. Learning to learn. If they learn visually you can add more skill in auditory learning. Kinaesthetic learners can add visual learning to their skill set. After lots of initial training and practising the kids will be able to understand almost anything no matter what style it is presented in.

    If you have kids then a great game you can get them involved in to ask them sensory questions such as what does an orange look like? If you bit into the orange, how would that feel and taste? What would the smell be like? How heavy does it feel? Then you can get into more detail by getting them to describe the image in greater detail, colour of course, texture, size, any other features? What does it sound like if you drop it on the floor? What about if you dropped it on a cushion? Keep the game fresh with new and exciting items like fire engines and spaceships. If they are keen on a career in hairdressing then encourage them to describe what that would be like. The more information they give you, the more you know what they are missing so you can add it in for them. Before you know it you’re teaching them how to run their own hairdressing business which eventually ends up with their own range of styling products!

    They are your kids and they are smarter than what most people think. Make mistakes a neutral thing such that there is no negative baggage. And give a lot of praise for being correct. Kids love being told they did good and this makes them feel good. School testing points out what they got wrong which makes them feel not so good and as it is today, most kids either aren’t interested or hate school. If you think of it as being made that way intentionally to ensure a lesser intelligent class for the labour force you might not want to believe it. Have you read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? It’s a vision of the future where babies are not born but are created in batches to have certain levels of intelligence. The Alpha’s are the ones given most freedom to create and fill the most important jobs. The lowest class has alcohol placed into their feeding tube as they grow to ensure they are dumbed down enough and will eventually do the least mentally taxing jobs and most of the manual labour.

    To me, that is public schooling. It is designed to form these class divisions so that all the different areas and levels of employment have sufficient workers. If everyone was a genius then who would clean the toilets? They would build robots of the most advanced kind is what I say. The limits set on these kids are imaginary yet the results of tests make them seem real. In the realm of the mind and what is possible, there are no limits as long as you first get them into being skilled at being good learners. Common sense, yet it will have to happen eventually as more manual labour is taken up by machines and the thirst to evolve our technology at a far higher rate in all areas, including the new ones that have been creatively brought into reality. Einstein and Tesla would do mind experiments using their vivid imagination, such as riding on photons of light passing a ball back and forth or visiting imagined planets with advanced technology and then bringing them to life on Earth where they worked. But creativity is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to the subject’s hierarchy. The future is outgrowing the Brave New World model and it’s time to really get the minds of our kids into top gear while also making it fun. Fun things are what people like to do. It’s only the masochists who seemed to like school.

    Sorry for that little off topic tangent, but in my eyes, every kid who has limits put on them that are based on a teacher not being able to properly communicate pains me at the thought of that wasted potential that could have been the greatest mind of all. One last tip: when kids do homework and they are grumpy about it then this is like Pavlov’s dogs. See homework, feel bad. Get the kids into a happy state of enthusiasm and curiosity first by talking about the things they enjoy most and then sneakily slide the homework in front of them. See homework, feel good.

    So where were we? Self-belief and determination. Another quality is inner strength. (I forgot to mention that my character I played for determination was Stephen Hawking. He’s not leaving this planet until he’s solved that physics problem. Not a chance.) So who has inner strength? You are allowed to have your own ideas but I just happened to pick Superman since even when the worst of all evil doers (said in the voice of George W Bush) and the threat of being encased in kryptonite are not enough to have that power of will within to face any challenge and become the victor.

    Get the feeling you want, add some kind of switch to turn it on in an instant when required, and use it to make fasting the way you wish to be under your complete control.

    Another chapter I was going to write. In fact it was going to be the first, was feeling good. How to feel good for no reason other than you can. People think if they attain something then they will be happy. They could work their entire life until near the end, before transcending to a higher plane, the complete it and are happy. All the years previous they thought if it was painful then they were moving forward. Happiness isn’t a goal. It isn’t something you need to strive for or buy something to put a smile on your face for a short while. Happiness is a state, just like self-belief and many others.

    Now we get to play the happy character. What about the laughing Buddha? Ever tried laughing yoga, it’s hysterical. When people are asked, “how are you?” they may reply “not bad” or “doing OK”. But these don’t sound like very much defined states of feeling. Creative, maybe, but really just habitual responses that fire off automatically when asked.

    Another way is to think of a happy time. Or someone who makes you happy, or a comedian, or as a friend of mines finds hysterical, a hobbit. When you are feeling good you can put your awareness on the emotional state and give it a name. You’ve been happy before so you know what it feels like. Again, get really good at being familiar with these states. Joy, fun, excitement, bliss, ecstasy, euphoria, orgasmic! And any others you can think of. Add them all together and see how much pleasure you can stand.

    When you are feeling good there is more positive life and energy in you to get going onto the next step. Taking action of cleaning the house is a breeze if you’re feeling good and thinking of how nice the place will look. If you feel like crap and the mess just makes it worse then that can motivate some people but not me. When I’m happy I find recipes and cook something new. Otherwise it’s a pizza in the oven. Now that I have fasting sorted I think it’s time I put some fun filled effort into making the thought of foods with large quantities of veg and small amounts of carbs and/or protein seem irresistible (during eating times only, of course).

    Here’s one for the hypnotists and master communicators to chuckle at, “I’m lazy, wasn’t I”

    Amplification and intensifying


    My way is simply through suggestion. I started with saying double it. Which was OK, then I moved onto double the bliss. Which was more specific and seemed to work better. But now I just say double the good feelings. I use the plural to ensure that it’s not just the fun that doubles but all the micro good feelings in other parts of my body and also less likely that any not so good feelings slip through.

    How you do it will be the way you discover that works the best. Trial and error. Persistence, determination and total self-belief that you can do it.

    Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    People who have done many diets in the past and ended up giving into temptation might be considered insane if that definition is correct. And once they fail 2 or 3 times then it sets up a belief that may or may not be in conscious awareness that they will fail again in the future. You know that isn’t true as you have attempted things in the past and failed but eventually you get there.

    So when doing anything new and finding it difficult or not as expected or at worse, giving up saying that you can’t do it, this is a signal to laugh. Laugh at how you were doing it the wrong way. When you laugh it lowers your stress, makes you more relaxed and far more likely to keep going while also coming up with new and creative ways.

    I spent years trying to make music in my head louder. Just like when you have a song playing in your mind not everyone knows you can change the record. Change the volume. Move it around so it’s coming in your left ear and then you’re right, above you and out of your belly button. I was doing it the insane way and each time I attempted to turn up the volume, the critical voice in my head said, “I can’t do it!” and I would slump and give up for a few months.

    Then one day I got an idea. I played a song in front of me and as usual it was at a set volume. I then moved the music around and into my right ear. I moved it deep into the very heart of the ear and the belief I thought in that moment was that if the music was so close to the auditory sensing body part then it must be very loud. And it was! It was blaring. So I took the song out of my ear but kept the volume at 11. I moved it far into the distance but still kept it loud. I had gained control which then had me making the volume alter depending on distance. And the best of all, the music coming from every possible position at a vibrating rock concert volume and I now I had the foundations of an inner music studio. Just like the inner cinema of infinite possibility.

    Why I mentioned this is that we are fast learners. We don’t learn slowly. It’s the same with beliefs. People might change a belief after many years of having it, yet the moment it happens it is very quick. So the key is, if at any time you are struggling to do something, then laugh into a more creative state knowing that other solutions are on their way of which there is absolutely no doubt. If you’re going to doubt anything then doubt that you are not good enough or not skilled enough, or not smart enough.

    Much of what I have written has been read or seen on YouTube or heard from someone over the years but the way I have formatted it was my own idea. Others may also have that same idea so I make no claim to it.

    So what’s the point? The point is that we are all creative and we can all solve our own problems. For years I read those self-help books and watched the videos, but it wasn’t until I emailed the guy who runs the NLP Facebook site asking for specific help that after a couple of messages I wrote out what I wanted and as I did I continually came up with the solution. I sent the message to him saying thanks for all his help but now I know that I have the solutions to my problems and would no longer require his assistance. He’s a busy man. And you to, also have the solutions if you are willing to believe and be determined to keep going until you get what you are looking for.

    If you’re using your creative imagination that all humans are endowed with to worry about things and see the worst possible outcomes, then STOP IT! Go to the 4 point system and use that creativity to design life just the way you’d love it to be.

    And since my head is always full of ideas, I have one more tip that I’ve not used personally but it’s one of those things that sounds like it is going to work. This from Richard Bandler again.

    Think of the food you crave. If you let the craving melt away you will find that even though you don’t crave it anymore there will be a void in your life. Eventually, if you don’t fill the void with what you want it may end up going back to wanting some over processed, synthetic, GM, sweeteners added food. Here it is in simple terms.

    1. Think of the food you crave.
    2. Feel the craving. Just like feeling the certainty and happiness, become aware of it.
    3. Let the food image fade but keep the craving feeling going.
    4. Double the feeling and build it so it’s nice and strong.,
    5. Keeping the strong craving feeling going, see an image, or even a dish in the real world, and attach the feeling of craving to that healthier option.
    Bandler said he has used it to stop people smoking. He gets them to want a cigarette and feel the craving. Dissolve the image or let it fly off over the horizon and double the feeling. Then sit and meditate on that feeling and really enjoy it. I if you think “cake!” and crave it and it’s sitting right in front of you then the craving is a good feeling because it is telling you that this is a good choice..mmmmm. Bandler says to the now ex-smoker. If you have a cigarette that feeling will disappear. My little routine is my adapted version.

    I’ll leave you with a great YouTube video/audio book called 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. So if you have being saying for years that you’ll go to the gym but never got around to it, then with so many motivation techniques you’re bound to find at least a couple that will suit you well and finally acting instead of saying.

    “When deeds speak, words are nothing.”
    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

    100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. I pick up and use more techniques with every listen.

    And from that little tangent I went on about our children’s education and how awful it is, I found this video very inspiring with a strong sense of truth. Sir Ken Robinson is a funny and smart guy.

    Another of his videos with animation. The one fact that stuck in my mind from it was that kids who were tested using a NASA test on divergent thinking found that 98% of 5 year olds scored genius level. They were tested regularly as they went through the public education system up to around the age of 20 at which point on 2% scored genius level score.

    He has many other videos about revolutionizing the education system rather than just tweaking a bit here and adding another test there. My logical brain says, put 20 creative people in a room to solve some problem and you’ll get a lot of ideas. Put that same problem onto the net in a way that a couple of million people get to give their solutions. My guess is that there is a far higher chance of coming up with many hundreds and even thousands of great ideas from those on the net than the maybe 2 or 3 pretty good ideas from the 20 people entrusted to make certain bits of the world better.

    So let’s do it. Rather than have the government set up committees to generate ways of improving, say, transport. Put it on the web and it’s obvious the best ideas will come from the net. Maybe even creative genius level ideas.

    I hope my little bit of off topic is accepted given its seemingly intellectual driven creative vision that is for the good of our children. I don’t have kids but home schooling would be my choice if the system stays pretty much as it is today.

    Many blessings and vast quantities of luck from the universe that might or might not exist, but if you pretend that you are filling up with universal blessings, luck, love, harmony, healing of ever increasing quality and effectiveness, then even if it’s just the placebo effect, if you think good things are coming your way it does tend to put a bit of an extra bounce in your step.


    Oh, and one last thing. I know some people have trouble with visualization. I only heard the term when I was about 20 and it took me a couple of days to get the hang of it. The thing is I later realize was I’d been actively using it in my younger days as if it was a natural thing to do. And it is.

    Our eyes let the light in and that information is then turned into chemically stored information that the brain has used to code the visual information. So there is no video screen in your head other than the one you can imagine. It’s just brain code that makes what we are looking at have a structure. This is really just an hallucination and can’t be verified as the precise reality of the visual information since we don’t know the accuracy of the coding that the brain does. If you look at a highly detailed image you could look at it for an hour and still not see everything as it is supposed to be. And of course we can only perceive a very small amount of the information at any given time such is the limits of our conscious awareness.

    But the fact that our brains are able to construct images, sometimes in great detail from the outside world means that we have the capacity to create our own images using our imagination that are just as highly detailed. Tesla, one of the greatest ever inventors, had highly advanced and accurate to the smallest detail visualization skills. We all have the same ability to one degree or another. It simply takes practice.

    The left hemisphere of the brain is highly specialized in language while the right hemisphere is far more adept at doing visual tasks. Most people are LH dominant and if they attempt to draw using that side of the brain then it really doesn’t do all that well. The LH likes to name things as known objects. If an image is just lots of odd shapes and colours with nothing that looks like a real world object then the LH will probably just say it’s art. The RH sees the same image but rather than label things, it sees it as it is. Shapes, contours. The meeting where one shade meets another shade. When you look at an image and ignore the named objects but rather look for bits of colour that are of a particular shape and then notice the colour next to it and its shape, then if you take all the shapes and draw them as you see them in their respective positions then you will far more likely come up with an object the LH can name while also looking much more ‘artistic’.
    So if you say you can’t visualize then you’re right. Because you’ve made a belief that you can’t, and since beliefs in the brain will show you the world in a way that maintains that belief then you’ll not see internal images. Or you will, but you’ll not be made aware of their existence.

    If you dream in creative visions and can remember a specific one that may be a recurring dream then you are seeing internal created images. People will say they are memories, but if you place a pink poodle at some point in the image then it no longer is a memory.

    Make a list of 10 or 20 real world objects and with each one ask questions such as “what colour is it? What shape is it? How big is it? If it’s in your home then what objects are nearest to it? If it’s your front door then what side is the handle on? Is there a bell? A knocker? What style is it?”

    Base the questions that fit best with the objects. After 20 of these you’ll know all kinds of things about them. How did you know these things? My guess you had a vision in your mind’s eye.

    There are many other ways such as sitting looking at an object in detail for 30 seconds and then closing your eyes while at the same time keeping the thought of the image as clear and detailed as you can, for as long as you can.

    Another is to overlap the senses. You watch a music video you know well. Then close your eyes and either play the music in your mind or play it on the computer. While you were originally watching the video, the music was connected to it, and if you see the video without sound you could hear the song in your mind. It works the other way. You hear the song and the image of the video appears.

    I could come up with others and then get into some creative frenzy mode and who knows what weird and wonderful ways of discovering your inner vision will manifest as. The overlap one above just came to me, although I knew about the overlap part, I made up the video/audio connection through popular and well known to the person attempting to see their musical hero dancing around.

    I asked a friend to visualize and his brow got all knotted as he strained to see an image. That can even make a good visualizer lose focus if they put that kind of tension in their face. Visualization is best done in the most relaxed manner while simply being a silent observer with your awareness not looking for the red triangle suggested but let the shape find them.

    And I think that is enough for now.

    Next week, I’ll explain how to alter your perception of time to make the things you enjoy last longer and waiting in line seem to take no time at all before being served.

    I would have chosen writing as my mission in life but there are hundreds of thousands of writers. Many I could see myself more gifted but then there’s the other 100,000 who would make me look illiterate. I enjoy writing but that will be my outlet. My time out from my most desired mission in life.

    I watched a short video with some guy saying, “don’t tell people your goals as they’ll make you feel good with “oh wow!” and you feel like you’ve already achieved it and can’t be bothered any more, or say “not a chance!” and turn your dreams to ashes.

    I would say the same to yourself if your goal is a lofty one. It’s also mentioned as one of the motivational techniques out of the 100.

    I’ll leave you with my inspirational song.

    Peace, love and eternal bliss

    “I would have chosen writing as my mission in life but there are hundreds of thousands of writers. Many I could see myself more gifted but then there’s the other 100,000 who would make me look illiterate. I enjoy writing but that will be my outlet. My time out from my most desired mission in life.”

    Hoist by your own petard. An abject failure to believe in yourself.

    “Do life, and let no one say you can’t.” That is my philosophy. If anyone says you can’t do something (I was told I would never make a programmer) go do it. (I have earned my living doing programming for 30 years)

    If writing is you mission then as Mr Pickard says “Make it so.”

    Cheers for that. I’ve actually written the fist chapter of a book I intend to get published.

    The thing is, it’s only when I get off the internet that I get any planned writing done. The lure of joining in and passing around information to the world is more addictive than sugar. But I’ll now retire to my other entertainment, my mind, take a few long slow deep breaths and build the future.

    Here’s a video about stopping smoking that has a small bit about dieting that is rather amusing when you think about it and common sense too. That is why I love this guy. He says things that are so obvious but no one knows about them. For instance planning. “Fasting tomorrow, it’s going to be awful”.. That’s not planning very well. Maybe a better planning question would be “How can I make my fast day amazing?”

    <<For instance planning. “Fasting tomorrow, it’s going to be awful”.. That’s not planning very well. Maybe a better planning question would be “How can I make my fast day amazing?”>>

    THAT is a very true statement. I don’t look on fasting as awful, I look forward to it as a challenge, and I don’t like to be beaten!

    Good luck with the book.

    Just read this article in the NYTimes “The mental strain of making do with less” (22 Sept, 2013)


    In my mind, this articles provides an explanation of why 5:2 works (for me). On 2 days I eat very few calories, and simply say no to most things that could pop into my mouth on 5 days. I don’t have to decide so much about yes no or maybe, basically it’s no.

    Perhaps this article could provide a way IN for the takeup of 5:2 in the US?

    “Just read this article in the NYTimes “The mental strain of making do with less” (22 Sept, 2013)
    In my mind, this articles provides an explanation of why 5:2 works (for me). ”

    Yes, this works for me and many others in the same way.

    It’s also why I have my fasting days on the weekend, so that I’m not involved with business at that time.

    I also find that I have more clarity when I fast.

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