Prediabetes despite 4 years IF

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  • I had a full blood count recently to provide more information following a trip to the doctor to enquire about occasional palpitations. I have just seen the results of the tests online. Everything looks pretty much normal except that the haemoglobin A1c level is raised to 44 mmol/mol, putting me in the category of prediabetic. I’ll be having a follow-up with the Dr after a week’s holiday but am quite stunned by this observation. I’m a slim 68 yr old female with a BMI of 19, no excessive abdominal fat, I eat healthily and exercise regularly. I had been of the complacent view that the IF diet, which I have been following twice a week for four years would fairly safely protect me from insulin resistance. Anyone had a similar experience or able to shed light on why this should be?

    Id be seeking proper professional advice to eliminate any underlying issues first. If you are slim BMI=19, in fact I would describe you as very slim for a female yet you have an elevated HbA1c that is an issue that needs proper attention. My guess is that you are unable to shunt excessive glucose off to storage as either glycogen or fat and that it remains in your blood, hence your elevated HbA1c levels. If the second test in a few months time comes back the same and no underlying issues are found then you may need to go onto a very low carb diet to help keep your glucose levels under check.

    I feel inclined to go low carb immediately or even do a three day trial fast to try to ‘reset’ the system but we’re going on holiday for a week in a couple of days time so not easy. I suppose my real concern is that there might be a pancreatic problem. I know, for example, how pancreatic cancer is rarely diagnosed in the early stages and wonder if this could be an early warning sign of that sort of thing. It’s years since I had a blood glucose test so don’t know long it has been raised but have always been slim, active and a relatively healthy eater.


    One blood test result does not put you in pre-diabetic category nor does it mean you are insulin resistant. Blood glucose levels vary all the time depending on what has been eaten, activity levels etc. If your body is utilising glycogen stores it’ll also raise blood glucose level which is why more than one test result needs to be considered before deciding there is a problem (or not).

    I often think that those of us who are interested in the health benefits of IF tend to dwell far too much on anything slightly out of the ordinary and worry when there is little need to do so. As an ex-health service professional I have a triple helping of the worry guts tendency and every little niggle or unusual issue no matter how small is immediately deemed fatal.

    Try not to dwell or worry about it and enjoy your holiday. When you return have another test and take it from there.

    @amazon. HbA1c results are a 100 day average, not a snap shot in time. CazT get proper medical advice and get another test done in 3 months.

    Thanks to you both for your replies. I’ll be seeing the doctor to discuss the results after the holiday so will have a detailed discussion then.

    I have an underactive thyroid does fasting help with this or does it make it worse ?? I am just about to start on the 5:2 diet

    Im assuming you have had this confirmed by a doctor. You’ve had T3, T4 and TSH levels measured? If not you should have the markers measured to confirm your suspicion.

    Nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans are known to increase metabolic rate. Incorporate nuts into your daily diet.

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