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  • Dr Michael and the forum team,

    In one of the recent posts, Dr Michael posted his before and after IF photos and it was very motivating to see the results, as they say a picture is worth 1,000 pounds 🙂

    Any thoughts on adding a feature for individuals to post their before/after photos? You can put in some size/resolution restrictions and also have a moderator approve before publishing.


    Great idea! I think it actually would inspire a lot of people!! Well done for suggesting this!!!

    Hi sivasankar, Great suggestion about posting before and after photos, thank you. worth celebrating and hopefully it’s motivating to help others to achieve their goal too. We have set up an email address to send the before and after photos with and a brief summary, to There may be a day or two delay before posting, for which apologies in advance. We look forward to receiving the emails!
    We would also like to post recipes and photos of the food, so please email to the same address so we can share your recipes too.

    Why should it be that we have to send photos etc off by email for someone else to post them on here? Most other forums have no problem whatsoever in allowing people to post images directly within their own posts. These images can be hosted on the forum server, or if that is an issue, could be hosted by an independant image site such as Imageshack, Photobucket or Imgur.

    Whoever is administering the forum probably only needs to click one button to enable the embedding of images, and I am absolutely certain that before and after photos, and weight graphs, would increase the popularity of the forum overnight.


    A year on and this feature is still not available which is a great pity.

    Still no option to post photos? I cannot think of a bigger impetus to embark on a course of action than visual proof of its efficacy.
    Come on 5:2, pull your finger out. We want to SEE results (and hopefully post them too).


    actually you can post photos on this forum



    I can neither see any images nor find any means of posting any.

    I don’t know!

    Will find out how though, I’ve been selling on ebay for years, only yesterday I found out I can put the thingy from the camera directly into my computer to download instead of putting in a cable, does this give you an idea of my capabilities?

    Will find out though, not thin enough to upload of photo of myself yet (one day soon though!!!!), so never tried, but the Aussie thread puts up lots of photos directly to the site.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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