Pizza on a fast day? Yes please! (Less than 500 cals)

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Pizza on a fast day? Yes please! (Less than 500 cals)

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  • Hi all,

    I tried out making a cauliflower ‘pizza’ base tonight on my fast day & it was absolutely delicious so I thought I would share my recipe with any pizza lovers out there!

    For pictures as to how it turns out, you can see photos of my finished pizza on my blog here:

    Ingredients (serves 1)

    1 small cauliflower head: 66 cals
    1 large egg: 78 cals
    1/2 reduced fat mozzarella ball (I used Morrison’s NuMe brand): 120 cals
    4 tbs tomato sauce (I used Napolina’s tomato & basil): 43 cals
    2-3 slices of prosciutto: 65-98cals
    5 cherry tomatoes: 15 cals
    Handful of rocket: 3 cals
    1 bird’s eye chilli: 4 cals
    Total cals: 394 – 427 cals (depending on how many slices of prosciutto) which means enough room to serve with a side of salad leaves!

    Pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees

    Cut your broccoli into florets & pop in your food processor/blender to create your ‘crumbs’ (exactly the same as you would make my rice dish). Heat them in the microwave for around 4 minutes.

    Crack your egg into a bowl. Once the cauliflower is done in the microwave, mix it thoroughly with the egg. Pour your mix onto a baking sheet (you can ‘grease’ it first with an olive oil spray/alternative but remember to discount it from your daily intake!) & flatten into a pizza dough shape. Heat in the oven for 15 mins.

    Take it out & add your toppings! Spread your sauce on the base, tear up your mozzarella & prosciutto & scatter across along with your chopped cherry tomatoes, & finely chopped chilli. Pop back in the oven for another 5 minutes & then take our, put your rocket on top, and serve with a side salad.


    This sounds amazing! You have an idea how I could do this recipe without a microwave?

    Hi @anni73 ! I’m not sure how it would work out exactly (would take some experimenting!) but I presume either:

    a) part boiling the cauliflower florets (until they are *almost* tender) before using the food processor


    b) using the food processor first to make your ‘grain’ then frying them in a pan for a few minutes with either a little (definitely only a little or it might make it gummy!) water or some of the cooking oil spray.

    Either way, as I don’t wring the cauliflower out to remove water after cooking (what other people do), the crust is softer i.e. you can’t pick the pizza up as a slice, but it still has all the flavour of a pizza, so I don’t think it matters too much if the grains up a little softer than desired.

    Good luck & let me know how you get on!

    I try to keep my FDs under 350kcal but this looks really good to make as a light meal on a regular day.

    I do Mimi’s Tortilla Pizzettas very often, though. The one with the red pepper pesto and the one with feta and olives are to die for.

    Yesterday tried to make this pizza with my multicooker (Redmond 4507). It is more convenient than fumbling with oven 🙂 Easy and awesome tasty recipe.

    Hi @flemishcurves I just searched Mimi’s tortilla pizzettas – they look great! I reckon I’m going to try them one day as it means I can have two pizzas for dinner 😉

    @mggmgg glad you found you could make the recipe with your multi cooker & that it turned out great!

    Hey @luckylucy, they are so good. I do tend to go splitsville (and make a two-faced one with one flavour on each half) but I like keeping my calories under 300 on FDs. I do eat them on RDs as well and then I usually have 3 (because I’m a glutton).

    Also, if you have any red pepper pesto left over (you probably will), stuffing half an avocado with it is a-ma-zing.

    Just starting and loved this recipe, will try this out for dinner this week.

    You say cauliflower then broccoli – which is it, or is it both?

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