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  • Hi all,
    I’ve just started 5:2 and have done my first week, not as bad as I feared (mainly because work kept me massively busy and I didn’t have time to eat). My question is, does anyone have “normal” meals that they eat on fast days? Some of the meals are beautifully creative but I don’t always want to eat fancy meals. A pot of meal soup from Sainsbury’s is about my culinary limit after work!
    Does anyone have any meals that work for them?
    Thanks in advance,

    If I must eat then a couple of boiled eggs does the trick. Maybe a bit of salad too if I want to bulk it out.

    I keep a bag of frozen prawns in the freezer and defrost them when I get home from work(or use fresh) I drizzle them with a dressing(2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil, x2 tsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp dijon mustard) put it all in a small jam jar with a lid and give it a good shake. I eat the prawns with salad or cooked peas with a little butter. My other favourite is a salmon fillet, sprinkled with some chilli flakes, wrapped in a foil parcel and baked for 20 ish minutes, which I have with peas or a salad. I also make soup and freeze it into portions, which is easy and cheap.

    Hi Imple,
    I came up with some 100 calorie meals that I can also make for the whole family (I just get smaller portion). I posted them on a website so I could access them when grocery shopping:

    When I first started 5:2 I found I was less hungry if I had 4 of these a 100 cal meals/day (but was a fair bit of cooking/prep). I am in Canada so some of the brands might be different where you are but you get the idea. You can also experiment with recipes or combinations of foods in the myfitnesspal app to incorporate some foods you like.

    Hope that helps and good luck in your fasting journey!

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