One month in but no weight loss?

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  • Hi
    I’m struggling a bit really. I’m one month into the diet, doing well on fast days, sticking to 500 calories normally in 1 meal. On the other days I’m being sensible and eating well, but according to scales no weight loss at all and visibly look the same. For my measurements I seem to fluctuate between original measurement and less depending on if I’m having a bloated day.
    Anyone else had this?

    That doesn’t make sense. Surely there must be a mistake in your calorie counting, your scales, or your perception that you are eating ‘normally’ five days a week.

    If you have your fast days sorted with no more than 500 calories, you need to have another look at the other five days. If you aren’t already, follow healthy eating guidelines eg try no snacks between meals, cut out any calorie laden drinks and desserts. Something has got to give!

    You might enjoy reading this:

    Good luck, I hope next month is a good one.

    Have you calculated your TDEE on this site? If you haven’t then try that & keep to that on nonFDs, it’s easier to eat more than you realise. If you have done that & still no weight loss, it could be that you have a lower than ‘average’ metabolism. I think mine is, have done lots of crash dieting over the time…I didn’t lose weight with 2 FDs either- what I did which worked well for me was to to alternate FDs & normal days, & kept track of calories on the other days too. Otherwise try 3 FDs a week. The fast800 diet has worked well for me also, if I stick to 800cal days every day for a week or 2.
    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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