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  • My best friend is arriving in the morning and we are off on holiday until August 3rd. She is going to be trying The Fast Diet with me while she is here (her choice) and I am continuing the alternating fast days as well. Will see everyone when we return! This is thusfar The Best Diet EVER!

    This is coming up for me right now due to the Holidays. Thanksgiving is this week. I managed to fast yesterday but today having difficulty and don’t know when I will have another chance this week. Have others skipped a week of fasting and done okay? I’d hate to see gaining weight back, as I’ve worked so hard and been so consistent!

    Hello! 🙂

    I have generally not been able to fast when on holidays, as have some others whose posts I have read (not recently), so may go some weeks without fasting. Some people don’t put on any weight, others do put on a few lbs, but all got back into the 5:2 routine and any weight gained dropped off quite quickly.

    So enjoy any holidays or break from 5:2 when it happens,and just get going again when you can! 🙂 Many people on 5:2 find that they are able to manage their food intake better whatever the situation, but even those of us who overindulge on lovely food are able to get back into the routine, knowing how well it has worked and all the benefits it has.

    Happy holidays! 😀

    Hiya – Sassy’s right, this used to be discussed endlessly (multiple threads) but haven’t seen one for a while. It’s personal choice what you do with a 5:2 holiday. Some try to restrict themselves to an ‘eating window each day of 8hrs and try to eat sensibly within that only. Some just try to eat sensibly for a week (where they can’t actually fast) and get straight back into it on their return.

    If I’m actually going away I tend to fast on both ‘travelling days’ as they’re ‘lost time’ anyway. I find it really easy to do and means I don’t feel guilty while I’m away and get straight back into the fasting lifestyle again with a fastday on my way home.

    Whatever you do try not to obsess about any weight you do put on while on your ‘holiday’. I can’t remember anyone reporting that they didn’t manage to lose all that they’d put on and then some within a reasonable amount of time (say 2-3 weeks).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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