Oh wow!! I did it!

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  • Oh wow!! I did it!
    I have an ambition…it is to be able to RUN….yes run….the Breast Cancer Research ‘Race for Life 5k’ in the next couple of years. Now for someone of my age who hasn’t run for 40+ years this is a BIG thing.

    To this end I’ve downloaded all the info and podcasts from ‘Couch to 5k’ ..and..

    I just did Week 1 Run 1!!!!….and on a fast day too πŸ˜€

    This involves walk 5 mins and then run 1 min /walk 1.5 min 8 times in total. Doesn’t sound a lot, does it?? πŸ˜€

    It wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined. At the third minute run my legs felt like lead, at the fourth minute I didn’t think I could go on but I gritted my teeth and saying ‘I-can-do-this’ on each step I got to the end of the minute. After that it got slightly easier with each run minute. And I did all eight minutes!!! I am so pleased, I thought before I started that if I could run for 4 of the minutes I’d be happy for the first try……but I did it all!!

    I’ve decided I’ll do the week 1 runs twice next week and 3 times the next until my poor old body gets the message πŸ˜€

    Wow sylvestra, Congratulations – that is very exciting!! I think taking the first step is always the hardest, unfortunatel that sometimes includes the first step out the door, every time :p but, having a goal is excellent – it will keep you on task and motivated, and having a plan – even better. Special congrats for doing more than you thought you would be able to. Also, very good idea to do the week 1 runs for a few weeks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I look forward to hearing about progress!

    Congrats form me too Sylvestra!!

    you should feel very proud and elated, well done πŸ™‚

    wow I am impressed!
    I always want to do the Race for Life, but haven’t made a move on it. Might chat to a couple of friends and see if I can motivate them.
    Well done Sylvestra

    Well done. πŸ™‚
    Doesn’t matter how fit you are if you don’t run, running is hard.
    Have fun and keep on celebrating each win along the way.

    Sylvestra, that’s fantastic!
    How are you doing, a month or so later?

    Every year I say I’m going to do the Race for Life and every year I don’t. Please inspire me!

    Aud x

    I’ve only just caught up with this strand, sylvestra. So a belated congratulatory hug. I know myself well enough that I would never do a Race for Life in a million years, but the week 1 exercise looks doable, so I may well give it a go.

    congratulation Sylvestra! I just downloaded this podcast myself. Planning going back to my 10 k running. getting control over ones eating habits, now time for fitness levels! are you still running? xx

    good for you sylvestra! I’ve tried to take up running before, and tried couch to 5K once. Every time I’ve ended up straining something in my ankles, knees or feet. We grow very bad joints in my family, and I’ve concluded that God wants me to walk for exercise, not run. But I am in awe of those who can do it. Congratulations on starting toward a new goal!

    Only just seen this Sylvestra. Well done on your running. Hope it goes well on the big day. Did this run just as my back caved in and would love to do it again. Good luck!

    Thanks everyone – I’m still plodding on. Couch to 5k is supposed to be a 9 week programme but I keep repeating weeks until I can do them comfortably. This is why I’m giving myself time to work my way up to the ‘Race for Life’

    Fit people would be doing week 6 by now – I’m still trotting round on week 3 – but I’ll get there.


    I love the C25K program, I also repeat if I miss quite a few days in a row. I’ll be starting week 5 now.

    As for RFL, I haven’t done it for a couple/three years now but am encouraged to do another one this year since the 5:2 has kicked my weight loss into gear.

    Good luck and keep it up! xx

    Sylvestra, what have you started;
    I’ve begun looking at the Race for Life site and have started er… shall we say FASTER WALKING (lol) on the elliptical!

    I hope it’s going well. I would say ‘it’s not a race’ but then everyone will start groaning πŸ˜‰

    Aud x

    Congrats! Well done. Good luck with your progress.

    What a stroke of luck to find several of my most regular cyber buddies together on the same thread. Your physical efforts put me to shame but I’m just about to launch on the final stage of the marathon for the mind, i.e. my MA dissertation. I have my first supervision this week and my supervisor has asked for something in writing before our meeting. The day job has also got busy.

    Could I ask all of you to cross fingers, toes and everything else – nothing to do with the MA but the fact that a) the kilo I finally lost after a 5-month wait has not returned and b) I appear to have lost a second one. I’m hoping this one will also stay off.

    For some strange reason a couple of weeks back I found on two consecutive non-fast days that I felt rather Moby Dick (Cockney rhyming slang for “sick”) after eating a modest sandwich for lunch – already I’m totally unable to eat breakfast. Since then I’ve stopped eating sandwiches on non-fast days and having only the filling, i.e some kind of lean protein and salad, which has meant a big reduction in carb intake, like 10 slices of bread a week. It works well on fast days and on the other days it means that in the evening when I’m really hungry I can indulge a little more without going over the top.

    Hermaj, good luck with the MA. Regarding feeling sick, I have been the same but not managed to pin down the reason. Glad I’ve seen this as now will ditch the bread for a week to see if it improves. Hard though, cos am a right carb belly! All this talk of excercise makes me feel tired, my first swimming lesson should have been Friday, but woke up with a migraine, so had to cancel for next week. Back at the allotment now though, and that’s a big help, not just for getting through the day, but also the digging tightens up the stomach muscles! Happy fasting, all.

    Good luck with the MA hermaj.

    Not so good about feeling Moby Dick but I do know what you mean. More and more on non fast days I can eat only so much and then….whoa! …no more or else. Or I make something I fancy, sometimes just a salad but when I’m faced with the plate……uh uh! Aren’t our bodies strange things?

    I have ditched ‘white’ carbs on fast days and severely restricted them on the other days.

    Well done on the second kilo! Everything crossed for the weight, the dissertation, the day job and anything else you want to add to that.

    Toms – I’m thinking that a bit of digging is in order around here too. My garden is definitely in need of some springtime TLC.

    Aud – I’m aiming for the RFL in 2015 at the earliest And I won’t care where I come in as long as I finish.

    Everyone else…..keep on running!!


    Amazing and Congrats πŸ™‚

    Morning sylvestra x

    I am heartened by your 2015 aim – if I think too hard about the younger ones dropping pounds every week and running 10k in 4 weeks, well, it get me very jealous and then I get the Munchies (255 calories per pack, lol)

    Yes, keep on running!
    Aud x

    Hi aud …. I’ve managed another pound off this week – that’s 53 off in 13.5 months with 15 to go – and thankfully the weather has been a bit better so I’ve managed to get out most days running/walking on alternate days. I agree the weight loss and the running are a long haul but I am determined to do the Race for Life at least once. The 2015 one is 15 months away and I get a little bit better at this running malarkey week by week.

    I saw your other post …you’re going in the right direction! And using an elliptical – these things scare the wotsit out of me. I tried it and just couldn’t seem to get to grips with it so gave up. Maybe I’ll give it another go in the autumn as I do need to use the gym in the winter months.

    STEP AWAY FROM THE MUNCHIES …..eat Maltesers instead – fewer calories!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Keep on keeping on


    well done Sylvestra!!

    also congrats on your running, way to go girl!! xx

    Thanks Angie … I saw your posts on another thread…hope things get better for you {{hugs}}


    sylvestra Wow! What an amazing weight loss.
    The Race for Life was the very first running event that I took part in. The local council had a beginners running course in the spring that was about 8 weeks long with the goal of a 5K at the end.It might be worth checking out whether there is something like that near you…and it was only for women.The Race for Life is organized so that the runners start first, then the joggers and then finally the walkers who have pushchairs and dogs.It’s a lovely atmosphere and really all about taking part together.
    Well done on your running/walking. It does get better/easier the more often that you do it.It might be worth trying a Couch potato to 5K training plan, there are several that you can download. If you are going to the gym, then you could try it out on the treadmill, if it’s too much, then slow down.
    I cannot believe how much you have lost, it is quite extraordinary. WELL DONE!

    Hi annette – yes I’m doing the ‘Couch to 5k’ running plan. I may take me longer than 9 weeks to get through it but not having run for 50+ years I’m not pushing myself too hard. I have been doing the treadmill at the gym – walking and some running – during the winter when when it’s too wet/snowy/windy to get outside.

    I’ve come a long way considering I was struggling with osteoarthritis in both my hips a year ago. I still have the OA – it doesn’t go away, another reason for not pushing myself too hard – but most days I’m pain free as the weight loss has helped it so much.

    2 more pounds and I’ll be able to say I have less than a stone to lose!!!


    Thank you Sylestra!

    Just taking one day at a time for now… Hope you are having a lovely sunny sunday πŸ™‚ xx

    Angie. I was wondering how it was all going for you. It is a hell of a shock. Give yourself a hug and take care of yourself too.

    sylvestra. You have come a very long way. I am still stunned by how much less of you there is now, a phenomenal achievement. I am not surprised that you are pain free most days after losing so much weight. How fantastic to be pain free most days.

    I’ve been under the radar for the past week with the mother and father of all colds, which I gather I have shared with about two-thirds of the UK population. So just checking in on a topic where I’ve previously found some of my regular cyber-buddies. I’m still not 100% but at least I’m back at my desk. Your finger-crossing seems to be working. Not only have the lost 2 kilos stayed off, another one – or at least half a one – also appears to have slipped quietly away. I haven’t truly been fasting but have eaten so little it amounts to the same thing. Hopefully I’ll be back in the 5:2 routine next week.

    Some spectacular stuff going on here, especially sylvestra with that stunning weight loss and the final goal almost in sight. And running with OA – what a star! I don’t think I’ll ever be a runner – I know my limitations – but I take my beanie off to those of you who are, like annette and sylvestra, or will be one day, like aud.

    Angie, I’m thinking of you, knowing you are having a rough time right now. We’ve all been there, one way or another, and are all still here to tell the tale – and rooting for you. xx

    Hi hermaj I’ve been wondering how you are doing. How is the dissertation? Glad your cold is going.

    Woo hoo – you’re on the way down again weightwise too.

    I have a feeling my last 15 lbs are going to be stubborn but I’ll beat the little beggars!

    I have been thoroughly enjoying my ‘skippers soup’ – only one portion left in the freezer – I must buy some more skippers and make another batch πŸ˜€

    annette – thanks for your kind words. I’m almost getting used to seeing less of me in the mirror.

    Angie – hope things aren’t too bad for you.

    toms – keep on digging, think of the ‘six pack’

    Take care all


    Thanks for asking about the dissertation, sylvestra. It’s early days yet to focus on a specific theme, but it’s going to be about film and I’ve been lucky enough to persuade a charming younger lady who specialises in modern French cinema to supervise me. If our first two meetings are anything to go by, I’m going to have to work hard but it’s also going to be fun.
    Almost certainly the dissertation will have something to do with 1930s French cinema, specifically a trend known as Poetic Realism, which is usually about a proletarian hero who fights the system and ends up dying for love. One possibility is to compare and contrast PR with the British New Wave, things like Look Back in Anger, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, This Sporting Life, Billy Liar,etc., all made in the 60s, and seen when they were first released by the now ancient Hermaj who was then a very young reporter on an evening paper in the industrial North of England and living in a street that came straight out of Saturday Night. If I choose this angle, which is very tempting, it will be quite a nostalgic trip.

    It will also be a very interesting trip, hermaj! So many of the films of that era and genre were shot in black and white – ‘dark realism’ were words bandied around I seem to remember. And from what you said some time ago about ‘La Greco’ – that woman is still beautiful at 80 something! – French cinema doesn’t surprise me although the 1930s is a bit before her time.

    And your book? Do you have a publishing date for that?


    I still prefer black and white even now. Juliette Greco was too young to be any part of showbiz in the 30s but she probably went to the cinema as a kid and would have seen many of the Poetic Realist films, many of which became classics. I have also thought about French filmmaking under the Nazi occupation and haven’t dismissed it. For the moment it’s just about reading around, exploring the various libraries in London, especially the BFI (British Film Institute) on the South Bank, watching movies again and again and seeing how the cookie crumbles.

    The book is staying on the back burner until the MA is done and dusted. I shall then let the old brain rest for a month or two, as well as doing some of the day job to make up for the non-earning time writing th dissertation, then start serious work on the book in Spring 2015. This of course will mean more time in Scotland, mostly Glasgow and Helensburgh but the NTS archive is in Edinburgh and I’m sure to have to go there once or twice. Although I’ve got a hell of a lot of stuff, it’s going to be a complete reworking. For example, one of the most interesting, and moving, twists to the story emerged about 48 hours before I was due to deliver the research report. In the new version, I may very well start from that point.

    And of course, on a day off, a trip to Kirriemuir could be on the cards…

    I shall look forward to that hermaj! We can take our – by then – slyph like selves for lunch (low cal and healthy of course πŸ˜‰ )

    Living in London has some advantages though, especially when you have to do your sort of research!!


    WOw Amazing! Congrats sylvestra!

    Congratulations! Good Job πŸ™‚

    Well today was a first!
    We have daughter and grandson staying this week and my grandson’s new game is ‘race Nana’!
    If someone had told me this time last year that I would have to run slower to let a 6 year old win the race, I’d have laughed them off the planet!!!
    I have to admit it was a great feeling πŸ˜€

    WOOOHOOO, Sylvestra!

    I hope the kids were impressed πŸ™‚

    Hi Sylvestra,

    You have spurred me on to start the coach to 5K app which I have had downloaded on my phone for a few weeks now. Im going to start the fast diet on Monday and so plan to do my first run then. I will let you know how I get on if I get through it!


    Well done Claire

    It’s the getting started that’s important. Don’t try to go fast and if you don’t manage it all the first time…don’t worry. You can keep repeating the weeks until you are comfortable. I did week one three times!!! And I mean 3 runs, 3 times. :D.
    Good luck. However you do, it’s still better than the person sitting on the couch.

    How are you doing, a month or so later?

    Every year I say I’m going to do the Race for Life and every year I don’t. Please inspire me!

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