OA Hip and Fasting

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  • Hi

    I was diagnosed very recently with moderate OA in my left hip with pretty bad pain. I am 41 years old. I used to run, up to 10K each session and the doctor has advised me to give this up, which is frustrating as I love running. I have started at the gym instead to do non impact Cardio, such as the elliptical trainer and cycling and some squats with weights to strengthen the hip complex.

    However, I started the fasting diet approximately 2 weeks ago, and I don’t know if I dare say it but I haven’t been noticing the pain nearly half as much. My question is are there any others out there with a similar problem who have managed to take up running again or other sports after such a diagnosis.

    Obviously OA is a degenerative disease and I know it will not be cured but wondered if there is any hope for me!!


    Hi I know you was hoping for someone different to me answering you but its me for now I started bit over 3 months ago and at M/obese so my case differs to yours but I started to notice after about 10 weeks that my OE was slightly improved and stopped my medication, I also managed small walks from day one 2/3miles or so I walk on each of my fastdays I’m doing 4:3 so all 3 are walk days for me I now do 4/5 miles each time with only slight discomfort no and again not real pain, so 3 months in I’m 2 stone lighter and have dropped a group on my BMI which of course I’m delighted with, I now know that this WOL is sustainable for me for ”life” and truly believe the good Dr M + Mimi have saved my life, ( I’ve had lovely reply from her )
    So Good Luck to you with the. ”miracle” diet and combating your pain. Sue

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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