Nimble November Challenge 2022

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  • Day 3, Germany, FD

    Good morning!

    I’ll have to do another FD today as we’re going to stay with friends in the Netherlands tomorrow for 5 days. There will be lots of food, drinks, playing board games (we all love scrabble) and talks about books. We’ll see how good my self discipline is when I’m there.

    Sugar seems to be an issue for many of us here. Does any of you take other kinds of sweeteners like honey instead? Is it just the refined sugar you try to stay away from?

    @jaifaim A few years ago we decided to not buy sweet things but to only eat what we make ourselves. It doesn’t really work, if we bake or make something, it never lasts long. We always cook from scratch so don’t have the problem of hidden sugars. I must admid I feel better if I don’t eat sugar but this doesn’t seem enough to not Want/eat it.

    @gardenlily I hope they find a way to make your husband feel better again. Long covid is a real problem esp. when the lungs are affected and the fatique stays.

    @songbirdme I’m sure you enjoyed your movie night. It’s been ages since I saw that movie, is it the one with the train and the running through a field?

    @stitchincarol Christmas isn’t a very great thing in the Netherlands but the shops are pushing hard to make it a present giving one. On Christmas eve we go to church and have a small meal when we come home. On Christmas day we have a large meal and sit together or play games in the evening. On saint Nicholas the presents are small, wrapped up in a funny way and must be accompanied by a self made poem. The first Christmas in Germany really shocked me, way too much presents, way too much to eat. We now spend Christmas eve with my DH’s siblings and most of their children and grandchildren and we only do small presents. It’s more about being together now, that’s nice.

    @brightonbelle Thanks for reminding me something like exercise exists. I have to pick up some kind of exercise again, at the moment I’m doing nothing at all. I once was so good at doing planks, squats and lunges. All gone and it shows. Time to start again. I loved the challenges we did in the past.

    Pocket list -Day 3 – 🫡

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Quite a bad cold on me, but busy in work and must soldier on. DH is getting that tooth taken out today at last, so no plans for food tonight except a bowl of veg soup (he won’t be able to eat and I can fast 😆)

    Love the jokes @funshipfreddie 👍

    Day 3 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Huge bloat, but my fault — started with the meeting at lunch where the host insisted she had too many sandwiches and we needed to eat! Ugh… ok, that blew my plan to skip lunch altogether and turned into basically an all-day binge with no set meal that lasted from noon to night. Some choices were presented to me at home that I should have rejected, but just shrugged them off and ate them. Yuck. I need a FD to reset.

    Pocket list -Day 3 – 🫡

    Day 03 – Thursday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – FUN DAY (FD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏

    Late checking in … it’s now well after 9.00pm here. Happy to report though that today was successful FUN DAY. Lunch was al dente fresh veg & salad ie carrot, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, avocado, tomato etc with a small serve of chicken. So FD 800 achieved … happy days… 🤩😊😉😁

    cheerie dearies

    It’s time to replace what you were doing with what works. Not because of the guilt, the shame, or the regret. Do it because you deserve better than to live a life that brings you pain. You deserve joy. You deserve happiness. You deserve peace. Don’t ignore yourself any longer!🎆🎇✨🎈🎆🎇

    Pocket list -Thursday – Day 3 – 🫡

    Day 3 UK FD

    Quick check for accountability- will catch up on posts later but going well so far this week 💪

    Pocket list -Day 3 – 🫡

    Day 3-FD-No. VA-USA
    Hello, fellow fasters! I have been AWOL in October, but rejoining the herd for November. Thank you to @funshipfreddie for hosting. Also nice to see new members of the group. I am a 72 yr old physician, still practicing 4.5 days per week in pediatrics. Lost over 10 kg on 5-2 in 2017, then maintained for a while and then NOT. Need to lose that 10 kg plus a little more.

    Saw the internal medicine NP several weeks ago for the first time in 2 yrs and my triglycerides were elevated significantly, which is a first for me so now am charged with losing some weight, avoiding sugars and simple carbs (where have we heard that before???) and taking Omega 3/fish oil supplements. They are big to swallow, even the “Mini” size!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories; strength to all who are juggling the stresses of illness and family members in need. We are here for each other on this forum.

    Day 3 – UK Cam -FD
    So far, so good today. Food options all lined up for today, had a wonderful walk this morning in the woods – all dripping birches and golden leaves underfoot.

    @snowflake56 – sugar is very addictive, I know, I have a very sweet tooth. I find if I avoid anything sweet, I’ll be fine but give me just hint of sugar and I am craving more.

    DH on meds now, feeling a bit grim but I think anything like that makes you feel worse before you feel better (I hope so!).

    Someone was mentioning sugar in yoghurt? I use the Fage Zero yoghurt which comes in at 54 cal per 100g. Means I can have my fruit and yoghurt bowl and only clock up 100 cal provided I am careful about the fruit!

    Generally, the first thing I check on anything packaged is the % sugar content – it is quite alarming how much added sugar you find in ordinary stuff like cornflakes. Breakfast cereals are one of the worst offenders but also prepared foods like lasagne or pies – that’s why I make mine from scratch. Yes, we get natural sugars from the fruit and veggies but that’s ‘allowed for’ in this WOL provided you limit your consumption. My biggest downfall is chocolate – I get quite unreasonable and scoff a whole bar given half a chance. If I know there is an open bar somewhere or a box of chocs in the cupboard, well it’s history at 2am when I get the craving – solution – no chocolate in the house 🙁

    Pocket list – Day 3

    Day 3 – Uk – FD800

    I’m in for this challenge but to be honest will probably not be fully committed until next week – OH and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary on the 1st but having a meal out on Sunday at a fabulous restaurant to celebrate so @funshipfreddie – I think that my sober November might need to start next week 🤣

    Day 1 – we had a lovely celebratory meal at home which went over TDEE…..
    Day 2 – tried fasting but only managed a TDEE day

    So trying for a FD800 today?? Desperately in need of one as weight on Day 1 was 61.5kg……well above my target weight!

    My laptop died on me – it was getting on a bit so have just treated myself to a new one £££££ which should arrive tomorrow so doing this on my phone which is rather a slower process 🤣

    @harcel @malee57 @chola – welcome to these monthly challenges – lots of support and advice available and checking in daily is a great motivator
    @excelsior12309 – welcome back
    @lilymartin – you are now on the spreadsheet 🤗

    A bit about myself for those new to the challenges:-
    I am a 64y.o. female living with my OH in the beautiful Lake District ⛰ having moved here when I retired in 2013. We have a married daughter who has 4 fur babies – 3 black 🐈‍⬛ and an adorable beagle called Archie 🐶
    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 as I had gained weight during the last couple of years at work and was fed up with being overweight and wanted to enjoy my early retirement and get fitter!
    I discovered and joined the 30 Day November 2016 Challenge with @back2thefuture – best thing I ever did, as it got me to my maintenance weight and has kept me motivated and on track with this WOL! This December will be my 6th anniversary in maintenance and I certainly want to reach it still in maintenance!!
    Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs. Height = 164cm
    My maintenance weight since then has been around 58kg – I’m fairly fit, doing 5 exercise classes during the week (yoga x2, pilates x 1 and aerobic x2) and I also enjoy walking/hiking at least 3 times each week

    I’m hoping to regain my fasting mojo and some control of my NFDs this month as would love to reach my maintenance anniversary in mid December at my target weight so hoping for my first FD of this Nimble November Challenge 2022 today – adding myself to the pocket list for support and motivation!!!!

    Pocket list – Day 3 🎯

    My personal motto since losing weight and reaching maintenance has been “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Surprisingly enough, even though yesterday was not as well-behaved as I’d planned, I’m still at 152.4 this morning: second week in a row I’ve weighed the same after an NFD following a WFD. 🤷‍♀️ So, @northgeorgia, I’m only 3 pounds away from my 149.2 goal!!!

    @snowflake56 Loved your description of Christmas in the Netherlands and chuckled at the contrast you first encountered in Germany. Growing up, and now as an adult, supper on Christmas Eve doesn’t exist, as I’m busy finishing up everything and getting ready to play a big service (organ/Christmas Eve). But one of the first years we were married we sort of accidentally began a new custom and now it’s huge for us and for our kids as well, and we even have a real name for it now: we do a charcuterie board after we get home from service, and open our presents under the tree. Christmas morning has stocking gifts from Santa, then another worship service, then home for the day. Sometimes I feel like having a lovely meal on Christmas Day, and sometimes I choose simple; sometimes it’s at one o’clock or so, and sometimes it’s much later in the day; my mom did the same thing, and no one seems to care which is chosen. We always have football going on the TV, but we also play loads of pinochle and other games. Lovely day! This year DD and her crew are coming, but SIL works until 7am Christmas Day (he’s a fireman) so their 600 mile drive means they won’t even arrive until 10pm or later, so who knows what our celebration will look like until they get here! 🤷‍♀️

    @daffodil2010 Bummer on the cold and DH getting his tooth pulled, but what a lovely silver lining to help with fasting!

    @michelinme I do remember your post on the 1st, now that you mention it…OOPS, LOL. Well, at least I made you feel loved with my forgetfulness, right?

    @linda.b Great thought for the day. I read it several times in a row…

    @excelsior12309 Welcome back! After seven or eight years of trying to drop my numbers, including triglycerides, through exercise and weight loss, I gave in and am now on statins. I’m interested to see what the change has been when I get checked next time, but my doctor said it’s likely my numbers were/are high because that’s my genetic makeup, because he knows me well enough to know how I eat (he’s the physician at many of our dinner parties and days spent at the lake, LOL). I’ll be interested to see if diet and exercise along work for you.

    @at Last you mentioned it (and it’s been awhile) you said your DH was not comfortable going out to restaurants yet, so I’m so glad he’s found the comfort so you could go out for your anniversary. Congratulations on a lovely number!!

    Pocket list – Day 3 🎯
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 3 – 16:8

    Strength training day and lots of errands too. I had a good weigh-in this morning at 127.6 – still on the high end of maintenance but very close to the target center 127. Certainly not skinny or thin, but healthy and strong and that is what is important to me.

    My FD went well yesterday- but a tad over the 800 calories for a funny reason. I have been sprinkling nutritional yeast over my roasted veggies lately, (broccoli yesterday) and was not paying attention and sprinkled flax/chia flakes over them – not a taste sensation (I usually add that mixture to soup/salad) so I added the usual nutritional yeast topping in addition. Lol, don’t know where my head was yesterday but it was a case of ‘waste not want not’ so I ate the multiple seasoned broccoli anyway.

    Added sugars are my enemy- and like so many here Im shocked at where they show up. We cook/bake up a treat about once every two weeks and I expect the sugar there, but like @snowflake56 – the treats never last long.

    Yogurt is an item I purchase ‘prepared’ – I don’t think I will ever make it myself. But growing up my cereals were the unsweetened variety when I had them – like wheetabix and puffed rice. Sadly I can’t find puffed rice anywhere, now. I never acquired the taste for mainstream cereals, so I never really payed much attention to their sugar content. @gardenlily I’ll have to look for that yogurt- I generally get a brand called Twogood which adds in some artificial sweetener but not sugar. I add a bunch of instant expresso powder and have coffee flavored yogurt generally.

    As for unrefined sugar like in fruit, I don’t avoid it, but try to eat it only at meals to blunt the sugar effect. Lol, ‘don’t avoid it’ is an understatement- I do consume a lot of fruits. Same for starchy potatoes- these would be my regular day treats – but never as a snack, only with meals.

    @songbirdme I do love a good Hitchcock movie- and that is the crème de le crème- enjoy!! Cary Grant is wonderful but it was Redford and Newman who were my screen crushes.

    As often happens in the a.m. my lap kitty is ensconced on my lap purring loudly as if to say, don’t move, this is so comedy! Going to have to disappoint him in a bit here, lol.

    Have a good day all!

    Day 3 – 2nd post

    Celebrating a coworkers birthday at lunch, so I am downgrading to OMAD…

    Day 3 UK FD

    Lovely to read so many posts today- I’m feeling fired up for fasting! Yesterday’s CD became a TDEE with the advent of dried banana slices. I was horrified to discover there are nearly 600 calories/100g!!!!

    After a lovely lazy day yesterday I began to look ahead today. Slightly horrified by the number of different projects this month but enough time to plan, prioritise and schedule the work needed. I’ve dipped a toe in the water and will start focused planning tomorrow…

    Heading for a OMAD FD but still need to drink a lot more today so will add in some marmite tea and ginger tea before my early supper of defrosted soup/stew/dahl (I forgot to label them so it’ll be a mystery!), some of yesterday’s quorn roast, plus blueberries and an apple. If anything else pops into my mind I’m ready with my mantra – I’ll have that tomorrow!

    I’m another one who can’t resist sugar when it’s in the house so try not to bring it in. Similarly with carbs – nowadays I bake gf oat sodabread for community events and enjoy a slice or two there, but don’t bake at home unless I have someone coming to stay. I love mugcakes made with almond or coconut flour but need to work to keep them to a weekly treat rather than a habit. All much easier once I’m on a roll but harder when tired…

    Enjoying early suppers/bath and bed routine, now I just need to work on better quality of sleep. It would be great to be able to get going with the morning light. Babysteps – it’s all progress

    @stitchincarol i did feel loved, thank you
    @daffodil2010 hope you feel better v soon
    @at happy anniversary – enjoy your celebrations marking an epic number 🙂
    @jaifaim hope your energy continues to return well. Covid booster seems to have helped my DD recover fairly quickly from her recent bout
    @funshipfreddie loving the daily jokes
    @excelsior12309 welcome back 🙂

    Joining today’s pocket list – strength in solidarity

    Pocket list – Day 3 🎯
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day3- England

    Weigh in tomorrow. Cannot believe it will be a good one, but you never know. Finding that I’m going a bit wild with food on the non fasting days. Reading the other comments it looks like I need to develop ‘mindful eating’. So that will be next step on this journey. Cheers.

    Day 3 – USA – CD

    Day 4 Melbourne, Australia FD

    Had a lovely day yesterday but now need to not let myself go berserk today, so am trying for another FD. The motivation from reading all the posts is immense.

    I am enjoying the jokes @FSF.

    Went for a swim this morning and now will go back to bed (it’s nearly midday) for a couple of hours. I am working tonight so will try to get some sleep.

    Pocket list – Day 4

    Day 3 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting has gone well, even with it being a very busy day.

    A little bit about me: I’m a retired teacher who used the 5:2 diet to get my weight down to 172 lb (78 kg). I was a regular participant on this site, but in 2020 with the pandemic I dropped away for a while. This last May I returned and my weight at that time was 183 lb (83 kg). Right now it is at 180 lb (81.6 kg) and my goal for November is to get the weight down to something stable below 179 lb (81.2 kg). I started off October at 180 lb and then went down to 179 lb. Unfortunately, my last weigh-in of October saw the weight back at 180 lb. So we’ll see what the scales say tomorrow morning. It’s become very clear to me that what I do on NFD’s is crucial. For the month of October I tried an experiment that boomeranged, but more of that to come. Still working on finding a NFD strategy that sustainable for me at my target weight.

    @malee57 The swim sounds delightful. Do you often work at night?

    @harcel You’re right — mindful eating is a very important strategy for NFD’s!

    @michelinme Yeah — the things that make the banana slices so good: honey and oil, also boost the calories into the stratosphere! Just dehydrated banana slices are pretty unpalatable otherwise (at least to me).

    @northgeorgia So your coworker is a Scorpio?

    @mariaelena Dannon has an unsweetened, unflavored (i.e. plain) yogurt and the cultures in it are gentle enough to make it one of the few yogurts my system can handle.

    @at Congratulations on the anniversary! And why does it seem that computer prices just keep going up exponentially?

    Pocket list – Day 3 🎯
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 04 – Friday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – (NFD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏

    Just a quick check-in today, had meetings all morning and now it’s early afternoon.

    Even though today is my NFD day, I am eating minimally during the day because, guess what? … I’m going on a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate tonight!🥴😵🤪😳. Don’t get too excited there! It’s just going to be a movie and light dinner afterwards with a lovely chap… whew!
    As some of you will recall, this has been a tough year for me with a breakup in January from former partner. That’s when I started my IF at that time to bring some structure back into my life as I dealt with the fallout of the relationship. Happily I was able to lose some unwanted kgs whilst IF gave me some much needed focus.
    After all, losing a few kgs is not really what IF is about, it is really about gaining some control of our health and our lives as well. ✅✅✅
    So, here I am in November putting my toe in the water for the first time and definitely LOOKING FORWARD👀👀 to my new life and the surprises🎆🎇✨ it might bring. Dating again is just part of that… even for a LOCA!

    cheerie dearies

    Thought: For real change, YOU must be prepared to INTERRUPT THE PATTERNS OF YOUR LIFE

    Day 4, Germany, NFD

    Good morning!

    Just a quick post today as we want to be at our friend’s by noon for lunch.

    @stitchincarol Your Christmasses are so much busier than ours, you have to organize so much more. What a long and exhausting drive your daughter’s family has to take on. We only take part in the cooking at my SIL’s house, she takes care of everything else.

    @mariaelena I second @matpi, can’t you just buy plain yogurt?

    @linda.b I hope you’ll have a lovely and relaxed date this evening, enjoy it!

    Time to get my things together and to hop in the car.

    Have a nice day and see you all next Wednesday!

    Day 4 – Ireland – CD🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️

    Happy Friday everyone!

    So I woke up to a drop in weight! Funny how it happened just after I’d said I haven’t seen big drops in a long time… happy to see 161.7lbs so that’s 3 ⬇️ since November starting weight…
    I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t progressively losing just a little… as I have been very focused since my birthday where my weight had gone back up… so a case of EOEO but deleted all the same… believe in the plan is all I’d say… don’t lose faith. And I must remember that my weight loss efforts may be delayed a little in future …

    @snowflake56 I try to avoid all sweeteners/honey now to try avoid glucose spikes, cravings and reactions… dried fruits are another thing that I now try to steer clear of … although seemingly healthy and great when exercising they are full of sugar. Try Is tte operative word…

    Follow the glucose goddess (a scientist) if you are interested in learning how glucose spikes can affect us and how best to eat our food. I’m learning lots at the moment by following her on Instagram. Sugary breakfast cereals are a bad start for me as it means I’m craving sugar again a few hours later… so savoury is actually the way to go for me but I usually skip breakfast anyway now if I can, so I mostly start the day with savoury. It makes a big difference for me.

    Welcome back @excelsior12309! Great to see you!
    @michelinme that is so interesting about the booster – and I’m glad to hear that your daughter is well! Oh I’ll probably get it and just hope for the best … I have already had the flu jab so that’s good.

    @lindab that is the best news!!!! I’m so happy for you! You have been so focused on moving on and are so very positive. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to hear how you go…💕

    Ok got to run…. Very Early start in the office today so very early up. early out. 🌄

    Have happy days everyone.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 – South Africa – NFD

    @excelsior12309 – welcome back!

    @i-hate-lettuce – I imagine your ship will be docking back in Southampton right now. Back to reality 😉

    @at – 42 years! Congratulations!🎉 Okay – Sober November starting next week for you! Better late than never. Day 35 for me! I just finished reading ‘Tired of Thinking about Drinking’ by Belle Robertson. And the title says it all. It’s just too exhausting thinking about drinking constantly; when can I drink? should I drink? will there be enough? have I had too much? why do I feel so crappy in the morning? why don’t I sleep properly? is this unhealthy? (duh?) So, just better to leave it alone. For me anyway. And, wasting good gambling money on alcohol? Who does that?! 😅

    @snowflake56 – enjoy your trip!

    @linda.b – going on a date?! Hope you have a lovely time. This year’s really been a rollercoaster for you. Here’s to new beginnings
    🥂 (< sparkling water)

    gotta dash, lunch date later. Seems like most of us are in a hurry today…

    Happy Fri-yay y’all! 🍹

    Joke of the day:-

    I called the local gym and asked if they could teach me gymnastics.

    They asked, “How flexible are you?” I said, “I can’t make Mondays or Fridays.”

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215.0 lbs (grrr… wouldn’t drop to 214)! Well, successful OMAD yesterday. I’m hoping I can adopt some more OMADs between FDs, or at least make the supper meal very light (salad/soup).

    Our driveway will be closed due to road construction all day, so will have to use the neighbor’s drive and my front yard. Even the Atlanta news mentioned our road this morning saying to expect delays after 9 a.m. today. Egads!

    Day 4 UK NFD

    My efforts this week are showing on the scales – the difficult bit for me is not to reverse all that good work over the weekend , so I have already logged what I can have today off MFP and I am determined to stay on track , but more challenging tomorrow as we have friends round for a meal but I’m planning on an Indian style menu featuring chicken jalfrezi so shouldn’t be too bad

    Ooh can’t wait to hear how it goes @linda.b Hope you have a lovely evening

    @jaifaim I’m probably just being dim but what’s EOEO ?

    Have a Good Friday all- love the jokes @funshipfreddie

    Second post… and I’ve had a sausage sambo – I was starving!🥪

    @brightonbelle it’s Easy On Easy Off I think… I saw someone use it the other day so assumed it was a common abbreviation 😂😂 Never thought to check the list…

    Mind you maybe it’s Easy Off Easy On 🙃🤣

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s WF went well. I’ll never understand how I can rather easily go an entire day on only water, but on a random Saturday think I’ll die at 10:20 am if I don’t eat food NOW. And, it’s never because I’m all that hungry on that random Saturday, but because my mouth and my thoughts are demanding it. It truly is an issue of mastering our thoughts, isn’t it? I continue to work on that!

    @mariaelena I’m surprised you describe yourself as “not thin.” Are you sure you’re seeing yourself accurately? (I’m asking as the woman who, when I was 23 and weighed 112, was very serious when I assured people “I still had 5 pounds to lose because,” as I clutched some of my bum, “this could go.” At the time my BMI was something like 19.) So, what is yours??

    @michelinme You talk about your work, but I’ve never figured out what it is you do…? And, like you, I’m a planner, and made out a list yesterday of all that I need to accomplish before the end of the year at my church secretary job; it feels so good to have a list, and armed with that, I got a huge start on something I would otherwise have waited to start until early December…I get lots of peace when I work so far ahead, you know?

    @harcel We all of us struggle to some degree with NFDs. I think the culprit is the idea of “we only have to ‘diet’ two days a week” and we take that as permission to go nuts on NFDs. Refocusing my discipline has been my focus for a month or two now, and I’m slowly feeling more in control, but it’s a challenge!

    @malee57 Oh, that has to be hard to work nights.

    @linda.b Awww, have a lovely time tonight!

    @jaifaim SWEET! So glad you finally got the drop your good behavior deserves!

    @funshipfreddie You are FUNNY! My two favorites from today’s post: (ONE) And, wasting good gambling money on alcohol? Who does that?! 😅 (TWO) Here’s to new beginnings🥂 (< sparkling water) 😂😂🥰

    @brightonbelle I’d never heard of chicken jalfrezi, so I googled it and am thinking I’ll make it soon. You Brits do lots of interesting foods! And, I’m clueless on EOEO also, and kept thinking if I waited long enough, I’d figure it out; thanks for asking! –Oh, @jaifaim, of COURSE. Thanks!

    My house is currently a cluttered MESS. I have multiple projects I’m trying to finish and I keep working on them instead of taking time to tidy, so that will have to be accomplished today; the mess is irritating. On the other hand, if I’m to have any success at controlling my eating, I’ve learned I have to get out of the house and get busy doing something elsewhere, so that makes it tough to tidy if I’m not even here, LOL! 🤷‍♀️ We’ll see what I figure out to do. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 4 – UK Cam – NFD
    Yeay! Scales said 139.4 this morning – first time in a long, long time I am in the 130s – OK, only just but it is such a boost. Now to make sure I don’t undo all the work over the weekend. DH felt a bit better today so, as the sun was shining, so we met up with DD at a local cafe and I was really good(ish) with smashed avocado on sour dough, feta cheese and smoked salmon and green tea – then it all went pear shaped when DD bought me a treat – a mocha coffee – OMG the sugar – I seriously felt ill immediately after drinking a couple of mouthfuls. Drank a litre of water as soon as I got home.

    Well done @brightonbelle with the loss – it’s a great feeling!
    @stitchincarol – wow! I know that dreadful feeling too – yesterday (FD) was going so well until about 4.30pm and then I started to roam the kitchen trying not to find food – I did find that a cup of hot marmite worked wonders!

    Good luck to anyone on an FD today – stick with it, it’s worth it!

    Day 4 UK WFD

    Yesterday’s FD disappeared with the rest of the packet of dried bananas. And I won’t be buying those again as clearly too addictive/tempting to have in the house. My tired/wired brain does that flicking around to think about what I can eat then settles on something…. Self-control is so much easier when it’s more of an effort to get to the source!

    Today I’m feeling puffy and yuck so jumping straight back in with a WFD. These worked well for me June-Sept so it’s a no-brainer. No food is so much easier to keep in mind than choices. Need to drink a lot more to keep on track today, and keep salt up with some marmite tea later. I’ll break my fast with brunch with my niece tomorrow – not seen her for years so lots of catching up to do!

    Like @stitchincarol my house is a mess as I’ve focussed on projects for the last few months and then collapsed, but today my eyes are suddenly seeing the mess and it’s been really distracting! I’ve done some good initial sorting of papers and odd drawers as I come across them rather than the things which were my top priority today. I suspect it’s helpful to crack on with sorting out the top level clutter, to help me think more clearly and focus down on projects from next week.

    @stitchincarol i’m a practitioner involved in a range of projects in a specific area of social justice – events, training,community organising, writing. Some stuff is regular, others are one-offs. I’m also involved in church & charity trustee stuff but for me it’s all ‘project work’!

    @jaifaim congrats on your EOEO whoosh! I think I went back up the same amount after #DriedBananaGate but hoping today’s WFD will set me back on track

    @linda.b – that’s wonderful! I hope you have a lovely time x

    Have a lovely weekend whatever shape it is.

    Joining @malee57 on today’s mini pocket list – stronger together!

    Pocket list – Day 4

    Day 4 England NFD

    Well the scales stayed the same this week, as expected. (74kg) However not disheartened as weight loss is only one aim. I have read up about metabolic health/syndrome and ‘added sugar’ does seem to be the culprit where health is concerned…. but this is common knowledge really. I am now going sugar and white carb free. Easy to write this but must put it into practice!

    Day 4 – USA – FD

    Day 5 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    It’s 4pm and I have just got up and am very happy with my weigh in at 77.3kg. I would like to get down to 76kg by the end of the month so I’m off to a good start.

    Yesterday’s FD went well. Was very busy last night at work but I successfully avoided the chocolates. I just kept thinking that if I didn’t eat one, I would have something to brag about on the forum. So, this challenge really is helping keep me motivated.

    The other good thing about not giving into the “I deserve this chocolate” mindset is that this has led to a lot of binging in the past when I have given in, and I avoided that. Yay!

    @lindab I hope last night’s date went well. It can be intimidating getting back into the dating scene after a time out of it.

    Day 5 – South Africa – FD

    @stitchincarol – I’m so glad you thought my comments were funny; it makes me feel good if I can make someone laugh

    @gardenlily, @jaifaim, @malee57 & @brightonbelle – well done! 🎯 It’s so motivating to hear of other people making progress. And @malee57 – resisting those chocolates?! Resisting buying them is tough enough, but when they’re already in your workplace?! 💪

    @brightonbelle – yes, EOEO is easy on/easy off. I guess that’s another one for the abbreviations list. I did add ‘My Fitness Pal’ after someone mentioned it. But instead of MFP I typed MyFitnessPal, duh?

    This is a YouTube video of Florida-based cardiologist Dr Pradip Jamnadas talking to another doctor about how he treats his patients, primarily with fasting. I found it fascinating (but it’s quite long, 1hr, 47 minutes) & he describes pretty much everything he does, from the first day they walk through his door.

    Joke of the day:-

    I choked on a carrot this afternoon, and all I could think was, “I bet a donut wouldn’t have done this to me.”

    Pocket List – Day 5 🥕

    Day 5 – Ireland – NFD 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hi all, so yesterday was a long day and I was thrown by that earlier than usual start.

    I ate more bread and crackers yesterday than I have in the past two weeks – I’ve been avoiding both as I have realised that even a little of both seem to hinder weight loss. So it will be interesting to see how my weight is going when I get home after the weekend and weigh.

    @stitchincarol and @michelinme two things you said resonated with me… I can fast pretty well on any week day if I make the decision to do so and when I’m in the right headspace but weekends = impossible! I’m always so impressed with the weekend fasters! ⭐️ And like that, my mind also scans through the house for nice treats so having none is the best option for me. @malee57 there are many of us here who have been bingers in the past. Good for you – come on and brag any time! 😊 that actually helps to change your future decisions as it is a different type of “reward” . And we should celebrate the little decisions that help us change our habits and set us up for a healthier happier future 💪

    Go @gardenlily! ⬇️

    @at belated happy anniversary! It has been a while since you had been out and I always enjoy your descriptions of the lovely lake district restaurants.

    @brightonbelle it sounds like our bodies are having the same delayed reactions to efforts now…
    I have a theory that any form of bread or cracker (when I’m otherwise good) now results in my weight going right back up quite a bit but I have to keep an eye to see if this is the reason. Of course, this is basically sugar so I shouldn’t be going near the stuff 🙃 but how do you eat soup or cheese without a little bit of bread or cracker? @harcel I’m with you on reducing sugar.

    @funshipfreddie loving the jokes 👍.
    I’m now off to look for a 🍩. Enjoy the Saturday fast 💪

    Best dash, have a great Saturday everyone!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – UK Cam – NFD
    Quick post – working hard to keep within TDEE on NFDs – allowing a few carbs but no sugars! Love the jokes @funshipfreddie, keep them coming.
    Catch up tomorrow!

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. About a pound gain over last week, but the trend for the past couple of weeks is more stable and averaging a bit lower. Next week has turned into a pre-holiday disaster already! I think I will be forced to fast b2b Sunday and Monday. Tuesday: office potluck Wednesday: I’ve been named as our college’s rep to a steering committee in local government and it’s a lunch. Thursday: a training lunch and a commissioner dinner in the same day. And Fridays are difficult to fast for me… So, I might get away with an OMAD on Wednesday…egads.

    I will say the OMAD lunch on Thursday worked well for me, so if I can incorporate this at least once a week along with my 2 WFDs, it should start paying off a bit.


    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Not horrible yesterday, but more eating than I’d planned. And I struggle to remember to drink milk, because I broke the habit years ago, but I’ve figured out why–for me, at least–it will likely help with weight loss: I get full far faster when I have milk with a meal. Like, dramatically faster: could barely finish my smallish loaded baked potato for supper last night, and I NEVER struggle to eat at least as much as DH, LOL. So I’ve bought a second gallon (finished the first!) and I’ll keep working to remember to drink it with meals, with a plan to cut out most if not all the alcohol. I’ll keep you posted.

    @gardenlily Congratulations! That’s always exciting to get into a new … what to call that????? A new “tens”?????

    @michelinme You’d have laughed to see me reading your explanation of what you do. I read it. I read it again. I read it more slowly. I read it word by word. Bottom line? I still don’t understand, in the way I don’t understand lots of jobs these days, but I’m delighted to have all those words running around my brain so I can parse them out and I’ll smile every time you talk about your work, so thank you!

    @malee57 Well DONE on swerving the chocolate! You did indeed earn bragging rights!

    @jaifaim Yup, the weekends are blisteringly tough for me, and I’m always astonished when someone even TRIES to fast on a weekend, let alone succeeds (@northgeorgia, I’m looking at you!! 👀👀👀 [Those are the best eyes I could find…]) I’d be down to 132 by now if there were no weekends!! 😂

    @funshipfreddie I’m glad my laughter made you happy–I’m loving all your jokes!

    I didn’t tidy as much as I’d have liked yesterday, but I did finish one project and got that stuff all put away, so that was satisfying. Now I’m at the point in the sweater I’m knitting where it’s almost time to sew the seams and finish it up, so that huge satisfaction is within reach. So it’s time to get this day underway!

    Oh, and I’ve decided to take the idea of the pocket list literally, but with a twist. One of the hugest problems I face is that, when I decide I want something to eat, I don’t think of my thick thighs, my rounded bum, or my poochy belly. I don’t think of those slacks that are too tight. I don’t think of Christmas outfits and how I’ll feel. I don’t think of ANYTHING that would be helpful. So, I’m typing out your names, printing them out, and posting it on the outside of my kitchen cupboards…just as @malee57 wanted to brag on the forum today, I want to do the same thing, so let’s see if this helps!! Anyone want to join me with a list on their kitchen cupboard?

    Have a grand one everyone!

    Day 5 – 16:8

    I’m another one loving the jokes, @funshipfreddie! A great smile in the a.m. so thanks!

    @stitchincarol I’m healthy (between 22 and 23 BMI) and of a stocky bone structure (my mom used to joke my broad shoulders and generous hip bones were indicative of my hearty peasant stock) and I shudder to think how little I would need to weigh to be considered ‘thin’. That isn’t my goal, I am aiming to stay in the neighborhood of 127 lb – oh, of course I’m probably socially programmed to be ‘happier with my weight’ around 120 BUT as I age, I am almost certainly healthier with my 10lb cushion into the healthy BMI range in case I get sick.

    @linda.b I sure hope you had fun on your date!

    A busy weekend planned here so I have to run, but thinking good thoughts for everyone. If I have time, cooking a big pot of chicken soup stock is in the agenda, yum.

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Pleased with yesterday, stuck to my plan , today not so much but I’m thinking one relaxed day a week I should still be able to shed some flab ? we’ll see

    With you on the bread @jaifaim I know I should avoid but I can’t help myself 🍞

    Catch up tomorrow 👋

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Successful WFD yesterday, with just two cups of marmite tea and lots of water/black decaf coffee/ginger tea. Not quite enough tho as I woke up with a headache – note to self: I need at least 3 litres liquid on WFD.

    Weighed in this morning back down to just over 172lb: whoosh regained, tick! That was enough to keep me focussed as I went out for brunch with my middle niece – gf sourdough with avocado, grilled halloumi, wilted spinach, tomato and a poached egg plus decaf black coffee. DD is in town for the weekend and joined us for coffee which was wonderful.

    I felt really rough on the way home – my heart rate went up to 160 as I was heading slowly up the hill. I have POTS as part of long covid so suspect it’s probably the lack of salt/fluid yesterday, or being tired, or still recovering from flu & covid jabs. Either way it’s a signal to stay slowed down and focus on self-care which I will listen too.

    Just about to bake 2 x sodabreads for parish lunch tomorrow. Apparently 150 people coming and I’m the gf baker. My mainstay gf oat/vegan yogurt recipe, one is slightly spicy/seedy loaf – sunflower/amaranth/chia/pumpkin/linseeds with mustard seeds / cumin seeds & black pepper – and the other is butternut squash, pumpkin seed and sage. A bit of an experiment with the adapted butternut squash recipe but fingers crossed – and if it goes badly wrong the birds will enjoy it and I’ve got time to bake another!

    @gardenlily congratulations on passing the 140 milestone!

    @jaifaim I have tried to move away from bread/crackers (and indeed cakes/biscuits) which are mostly carb (wheat/grains) to those which are more protein-based. They still give the balance/crunch to meals but are more filling so I eat less, and no post-carb spike/crash. It usually means making my own but I’ve tried to turn that into a joy rather than a chore and rediscovered a joy of cooking / exprimenting that i’d forgotten since getting ill 20 years ago! I only bake bread to take out to gatherings or if having guests rather than my old weekly loaf but will make the odd mug cake, dumplings or cheesy crackers to have at home. It all helps 🙂

    @stitchincarol -‘I read it. I read it again. I read it more slowly. I read it word by word. Bottom line? I still don’t understand’ really made me laugh – thank you! I find it hard to describe what I do at the best of times, and on a public forum I was trying to stay away from making it too easily identifiable – and clearly succeeded!

    First bread is nearly ready to come out of the oven – better prep the second loaf, then tidy up and go for a lie down. My body definitely isn’t happy today. Hydration, early supper with lovely fresh veg, relaxing bath and early night

    Day 5 USA/HI 18:6
    I have been still been posting on October so maybe I am not on the list for November.
    Weigh today 175. Still hoping to hit 169 by end of month. Baby steps down to 145 lb which seems like an impossible dream. But I see others accomplishing here and I know it can become reality.
    When I stick to using the Chinese powder from my acupuncturist as a tea (twice a day before meals) it does seem to curb appetite.
    No more early morning walks right now as my son had to go home and DH requires someone with him 24/7.
    Must get back on the recumbent bike using Coach Kim’s 30 or 45 minute work outs … available on YouTube. Pretty good as it includes upper body with weights. I have many helpful options in front of me… just have to get that motivation into high gear and go for it!
    Best wishes to all on this journey.

    Day 5 Ohio, US — CD
    Day 4 — NFD

    Yesterday the scales read out 182 lb (82.6 kg). Gakkk! That’s up 2 pounds from the week before — not good news. I went ahead with the birthday celebration last night, but today I’ve put myself back into recalibration mode. I suppose that the weight gain could have been due to indulging in Halloween candy on Monday, but I think that there may also be a rebound effect from my October experiment. In October, I started to take a teaspoonful of vinegar in 10 ounces (~300 ml) before each meal. Some experiments indicate that that aids in weight loss, sugar control, control of rheumatism, etc. For my experiment I had been using distilled white vinegar, but many people prefer apple cider vinegar. So the last weekend of October I tried out the ACV. After two meals I had a major allergic response. When I investigated why ACV might be a problem for me, I discovered that vinegar is high in histamines, so all my vinegar drinks were contributing to the food allergy problems I had been having all month. So I’ve gone off of it, but the body might be rebounding from the whole experience. In any case, I’ve learned a great deal about low histamine diets this last week, and I might be able to put that to good use in controlling my food responses.

    @maui By any chance do you know what the herbal preparation your acupuncturist gave you is?

    @michelinme Wow! Your breads sound delicious! Hope the lunch goes well!

    Hope everyone’s weekend adventures are going well!

    Day 6 – Ireland – NFD 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    @matpi that Is so interesting regarding histamine. I think many of my issues are down to histamine intolerance (and sugar) and would love to follow a low histamine diet but it’s another tough one for me… so focusing on the sugar first and will then try tackle that a little more seriously. From reading up on menopause groups and boards over the past few years, our histamine tolerance changes as we age and hormones play a huge part in this, particularly oestrogen. So for those taking hrt this can result in problems with reactions. As too much can be as bad as too little for LOCA. Not sure how hormone imbalances affect males but I’m sure it’s similar?

    Coincidentally I had started taking some Apple cider vinegar before meals a few months back but got out of the habit. It helps to reduce the glucose spikes following a meal..
    Gosh our bodies and the food we ingest is such a complex area… I am really interested to read of all you are learning on this 👍

    @daffodil2010 hope you and DH are ok… thought of you as I write as I know you were interested in the topic above also a few months back…

    @michelinme I’m smiling here as I read your last paragraph… Ireland is such a small place that I am very careful about how much I share but know that even in big UK,US and Aus cities now there are really not that many degrees of separation and less now in this online world…

    I am a very private person in real life so if anyone identified me here they would know an awful lot more about me… 😂 not that it’s that interesting to anyone else but… . I realise that sometimes that means that my posts may seem light on detail or “cagey” but it protects me 😁 🕵️‍♀️

    Good to see you here @maui!
    @metatauta hope you are back on track and that you lost those 3lbs again… it’s so frustrating isn’t it!!!

    Off to have a nice long walk and breakfast with a pal.
    Enjoy your day all ☀️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6 – South Africa – NFD

    Had a very easy FD yesterday, & managed to stay at well under 600 cals; which doesn’t happen often, but is much easier when you’re not having a sneaky glass of…something 😬

    @stitchincarol – oh, good idea re the pocket list! But, I don’t have a printer. I did buy one years ago, but never actually figured out how to use it. It languished in a cupboard for years, & then I gave it to a charity shop during one of my frequent moves.

    @maui – which list do you mean? You did post on the November Challenge on the 1st. Maybe you just went back to using the wrong shortcut? Anyway you’re here now 🙂

    Any hay fever sufferers here? I was talking to a retired nurse friend the other day & commented that I thought I had ‘boomerang flu’. When I described the symptoms, she said it sounded more like hay fever! Which makes sense, because I had what I thought was the strangest 6 week cold last year, but may have been hay fever. I always thought that was something you got as a kid though. Anyway, it’s really annoying 🤧

    I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the jokes! Here’s today’s

    A young man met a cowboy who was 104, still active and in good health. He asked the old-timer what the secret was to his longevity.

    The old man said, “You gotta sprinkle a little gunpowder on your oatmeal every morning see. If you do, you’ll live to a nice, ripe old age.”

    So the young man did this religiously every day for the rest of his life, and sure enough, lived to the age of 100.

    When he died he left behind 6 children, 10 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren…and a 16 foot hole in the wall of the crematorium.

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 6- Brighton, UK, NFD

    Been a bit quiet here, doing some reading around eating disorders. I’m a ‘heavy emotional eater’ and find it a balancing act restricting versus eating. Also I am hypothyroid which does have an impact on energy levels. I’ve found lifting weights regulates my hormones and building muscle mass is essential. I try to lift a max of 15kg, and there is no danger of ever looking too ‘hench’ at this age, it’s the opposite. Also walk, do yoga and Zumba (once a week)

    I wish I had the same attitude towards food as I do to exercise. If I miss a weight session I don’t give myself a hard time, but I’m not as patient with food 🙂

    Anyway, tomorrow is a FD, it’ll be my first in a while, so am going to be compassionate and tolerant with myself!

    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 6 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Because of the disastrous week ahead, I am doing my two FDs back to back: today and tomorrow. Will try for an OMAD on Wednesday. I’m alone on the pocket list today it seems, but it is OK, as I have more holiday decorating to do.

    Pocket list – Day 6

    Day 6 – UK Cam – NFD
    Just taken a break from ‘giving birth to bags’ in the sewing room – snagged my hand on a forgotten pin and lots of blood – not good when sewing! These will be Christmas gifts for cousins & nieces – I can fill them with appropriate little gifts like seed packets, bulbs, home-made preserves etc. They are not seasonal fabric, just nice heavy linen I bought at Ikea a while back.

    @funshipfreddie – DH loved your joke about the cowboy – a real loud chortle!
    @stitchincarol – just hoping I can stay within the new ‘decade’ – not a lot of wiggle room yet! I love the idea of printing off the pocket list – unfortunately my printer no longer talks to my computer BUT I can ask DH to print it off if I send him a list … it might help me if stuck on the cupboard where the snacky stuff is kept (for DH, of course :~ )

    @funshipfreddie – hayfever affects all ages – I started to get runny nose/eyes and sore throat abut 15 yrs ago and find I am allergic to tree pollen – not good as I help with the local Orchard. At least it is very seasonal, and treatable.

    @michelinme – your bread sounds amazing. I love sourdough, used to make it myself but the local bakery does a wonderful multi-seed version which is amazing so I support them (and save all the faff of proving sour dough). I still make malted grain bread for DH and freeze half a loaf each time – just need to remember to slice it first so he can grab a slice when needed. I try to avoid bread as much as possible – I know I will just keep munching on it, with peanut butter, marmite, mashed banana, toasted with cheese ….

    Will be doing Mon/Thurs for FDs this next week – both busy days so should go well. DH off to hospital (again 🙁 ) tomorrow so I can plan a light supper and he won’t mind. I cannot imagine trying to have an FD over the weekend – I’d have to give up my glass of wine! No way – I only get a couple each week – I’m definitely a DTF girl! (quick slurp of nice white NZ) Hats off to all of you going AF – I guess I could try it …

    See you all next week – as we all seem to be saying, onward and downward.

    Day 5 – USA – NFD
    Day 6 – CD

    Day 7, FD, Aus

    It WILL be a FD. Stick me on the fridge and the pocket list!

    Your jokes are a good way to start the day, thanks @funshipfreddie.

    How did date night go, @linda_b?? It’s like reading the first part of a story but not (yet) knowing how it ends!

    Day 6 Ohio, US — CD

    As usual for Sundays it’s been fairly busy: church in the morning, reading group in the afternoon, and doing homework in the evening. That activity has meant that it’s been easy staying on target with the eating.

    @gardenlily Your young relatives are so lucky to have someone hand-sew gifts for them! That gives them the message of how special they are and memories of that will last their entire lives! And hope all goes well for your DH whilst he’s in the hospital!

    @northgeorgia As we get closer to Thanksgiving (in the US) and December holidays, it wouldn’t surprise me that more people will be doing exactly what you’re doing with back-to back FD’s. Sometimes that ‘s the only practical way!

    @amiya I also do yoga and walking everyday. For strength training I do isometrics — they are easier for me to fit into odd moments during the day. You’ll be in good company on your FD tomorrow!

    @funshipfreddie I’ve had intense hay fever since my thirties. I think that perhaps all that extra histamine contributes in large part to my food reactions. I was on desensitization shots until two years ago, when my allergist took me off of them. The new thinking among allergists is to downplay the shots. What I found is that they helped to normalize my immune system and kept the food reactions quite subdued. Now there’s nothing to play the same role. Unfortunately it’s difficult to persuade someone who’s been converted to a new dogma, medical or otherwise.

    @jaifaim That’s why I tried out the vinegar also. BBC Good Food section has a number of articles about low histamine food and diet. Most of the foods that react strongest with me are on their high histamine list. But not everything on that list reacts with me. So I keep a detailed food diary with reactions, as the best way for me to figure out what’s going on there. As far as controlling glucose, the best (and hardest for me) is to eliminate all added sugar, period. I find that the food maze slowly seems to be channelling me in that direction.

    Day 7 Melbourne, Australia FD
    Day 6 very much a NFD.

    Yesterday was a bit of an overeating day – my binging brain lizard was in control for much of the day. I think my main problem was being over tired after working Saturday night but not sleeping until Sunday night so I was awake for over 24 hours. Not a smart move.

    Today is going to be a FD as my weigh in this morning was really not good. Having lots of salad.

    @gardenlily I have daydreams of being able to sew, but any time I have tried it has not been a good outcome. You have very lucky relatives.

    @FSF I’m with others with my appreciation of your jokes.

    pocket list Day 7

    Day 7 – South Africa – NFD

    @gardenlily & @matpi – thanks for the info re hay fever. I got some pills a couple of days ago, & the symptoms finally seem to be abating. This morning was the first time in a week when I didn’t wake up with Kleenex shoved up my nostrils 😅

    @malee57 – I can empathize with the nightshift work. It really can play havoc with your health. I once worked in surveillance in a 24 hour casino, & my working hours shifted by 8 hours every 4 days. I loved the job & the salary was great; but it really didn’t compensate for feeling like I had permanent jet-lag & I quit after 8 months.

    Sending RESOLVE to the Monday fasters! 💪 🎯

    Joke of the day:-
    Thanks to a very healthy lifestyle, a married couple live well into their 100s
    One day they are both killed in a tragic accident, and go to heaven. On the first morning, they go up to God and ask where the gym is. “Gym?” God replies, “you don’t need to go to the gym here, you’ll always be in perfect shape, even if you never exercise.” The wife says how nice that is, but the husband looks a little bit annoyed.
    In the afternoon, they go back to God and ask where they can get high factor sunscreen. “This is heaven, you don’t need it anymore, the sun can’t burn you or give you cancer; enjoy the beaches.” The wife is satisfied, but the husband starts looking genuinely angry.
    Later in the evening, they go to God and ask where they can find a health food restaurant for dinner. “We don’t have health food restaurants, you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want and never feel bloated or gain any weight.”
    Finally the husband snaps, and yells at his wife, “You see?! You see?! If it wasn’t for your bloody bran muffins, I could’ve been here forty years ago!”

    Day 7 – Ireland – FD 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hello all, just a very quick check in as I rush to work and will catch up on reading posts later. I need a good FD today.

    @funshipfreddie I started suffering with hayfever in my 30s and it affects me earlier in the year than most… generally at its worst when I’m skiing. I am supposed to take anti histamines from early February on so that I when it hits me I don’t have such a bad reaction… I don’t always remember to do this… I’m allergic to birch pollen too.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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