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  • Hello everyone, i am new here, i also joined the FB page. I wanted to start today so planned my first fast today. The reason i chose today is because i wanted to do it when i knew OH would be at work. (i find him to be a bad influence food wise) Anyway i have been with the kids all day and decided to take them to a kids indoor play thing. They ate chips and sausages etc and this didn’t bother me at all and i wasn’t even hungry. I managed to get through making the kids dinner and wasn’t tempted. However i made my dinner (99 calories) then i caved!!!!! had ice-cream, which led to biscuits,which led to chocolate. Why can i complete a fast without falling off the wagon? how do you all do it? I’ve heard such goo things about this, does it actually work?

    Hi Bunny. You sound quite disappointed but you should know that many of us have been there, started and restarted until we finally did it. I find that water fast is easier exactly because of the fact that if I decide to have the 500 cals one thing might lead to another and I may end up eating everything in the house. Water fasts are easy, you don’t need to think about anything. I usually pick busy days to fast and usually go to bed very early (usually reading new posts on the forum) making sure that there is something for hubby to eat that I despise (luckily for me, he loves lentils, beans etc, and I don’t), or he can order Chinese (which I don’t like either). So far so good. Two months in and have lost 7 kilos. I had a short break during Easter when I put back 1 pound but have relost it now. Good luck, hope more people log on to help you with ideas about managing your fast days!!!


    Welcome, Bunny! It sounds like you may be a bit of a carbohydrate addict, like me. I find that carbs make me feel more hungry and trigger me to overeat, so I eat almost none on fast days. I just stick to non-starchy vegetables and a little bit of protein (lean meat, eggs, fish, shrimp). I even avoid fruit, for this reason. And if I’m very hungry in the evening, I eat carrots until I can’t chew or stomach any more! I don’t try to count their calories and restrict them, since whatever amount I eat is SO much better than getting on that other slippery slope! Just don’t put that first sweet thing in your mouth, and you will make it. Do it for YOU!

    Here is a link to a thread about bingeing, in general.

    Hello Bunny. This is my third week of fasting and so far it has been going well Until yesterday when I did a fasting day. I managed all day, then had to take my kids to football practise. When we got home we were all ravenous! So I ate my calorie-counted meal that I had pre-prepared, then proceeded to pick at the children’s beans on toast, biscuits, had a hot chocolate…Naturally I felt fed up with myself after that – a day’s fasting wasted.
    I think I’m trying to say you’re not on your own. I think for me yesterday was a particularly tiring day and my hunger pangs got the better of me. But I know I’ve got to try another fasting day to prove to myself I can do it. This time it won’t be such a demanding day and I will plan a better time to eat.
    What has worked for me? Fruit teas, plenty of water, a cup of tea with a splash of milk in it, diet coke only if I’m desperate! Slices of cucumber and carrot help as well!
    I’m doing another fasting day tomorrow. Hope you have got one planned too xx

    Bunny, had you eaten or planned to eat anything other than the 99 calorie dinner? It sounds like that was just not enough. Try a filling but calorie light meal like roasted squash and a chicken breast. Then hopefully, a hot bath and an early bedtime. Peppermint tea can help diminish the hunger.

    The biggest success is learn g that the 5:2 is tool . That you can do it from time to time. I had family as a fasting obstacle too. Much fussin cussin as I was no longer a food serving machine at their beckoned call.
    I was able to demand fast days be my own days where they had to go it without me. It helped for the first 2 months. I believe I got used to smaller portions around the 12 week mark. My results were very encouraging nd added to my confidence that. That fast days were working and I was determined to stick to the calories. I used a CRON tatic. Of counting out my calories for the whole week. Bagging them up. And I didn’t have to reinvent and count things daily. I tried the counting apps , but didn’t find one I could bond to.

    Especially with my daughter, If I went in the kitchen. I would eat. I got a lot of heated conversation about feeding her. I learned to strategize .
    Watching a dieting show. The dietitian said that children become curious about the foods the parents eat. Just like when they first start intake of solid foods. Toddlers usually take 30 attempts to eat vegtables before they stop spitting them out. Well not for them all lol. What I mean to say is it may be possible to feed them what your having. At least while your having your fasting meal. Then for them to have healthy snacks if they need more. You could choose to give them foods you are not tempted with.

    Just my thoughts really, I wish you luck.

    I had some luck with carb cravings when I put probiotics into my diet! I stopped drinking diet soda and switched to probiotic friendly teas. Teas i really enjoy and could still have after I’ve had all my calories for the day. So while their eating powdered donuts, pizza, and salty potato chips. My nose was being tickled by my tea. Adding come stevia to sweeten and ice to chew. . I would look at the situation as wether I had the control to to not act upon my impulse. If I was about to give in I would give myself a ten minute adult time out. Out on the porch or in my man cave. I would use scented candles or aroma therapy that didn’t smell like food, if was too much . I would go to bed. Many hours early, sometimes using a sleep medicine. A bit extreme. But being morbidly obese at 100lbs over weight is also extreme as far as I was concerned. As time went on they became accustomed to my fast days, I started take g them to dinner on my non fast days during the week. This was a simple strategy of avoiding the kitchen during weekdays. Then on the weekends it was fiesta daddy was home and the house smelled like good food.
    Basically for my family. It was just a matter of putting up with the whining then dinner became even better that it was before I committed to the (IF) lifestyle. It became very simp,e when I then added fish to my diet. If I eat out. On feed days. I simply order the fish. And ask if I can substitute the bread for a side of their healthiest side dish. But I learned just to order the side dish anyway and put a napkin on it to be taken away.

    Hi Bunny, here are a couple of tips to help you, both of which I use:
    1 – Sip plain fizzy water if you are struggling, the bubbles help to fill you up
    2 РSelect meals so you have about 40 calories left and have a small bowl of crudit̩s half way through your fast or sugar free jelly (0 calls).
    I find it stops me eating the wrong things when my tummy rumbles, and make the most of fasting days by trying things you haven’t eaten before. Today I had celeriac and leek mash for the first time and will definitely eat it again. If you find a recipe you like make extra so you can freeze it and then have a quick meal on fasting days.
    Good luck.

    I would like to add a caution to Samm’s post. No researchers I am aware of are suggesting a fasting diet or a substantial calorie restricted diet for children in general.
    I think that is because if the child is successful in achieving the fasting diet blood chemistry there is a strong possibility of stunted growth. Pregnant woman and those who may get pregnant should also avoid fasting diets until further testing is done. There are other health issues that contraindicate fasting. Please discuss fasting with your doctor first.

    Yes I agree with Paul . Not suggesting fasting for children.
    However I wouldn’t see a problem with children eating the same foods , but in appropriate portions.

    Hi Samm and Paul,
    I live with my late teenage daughter, who is a perfect size. On the days I fast, which I have just gone back to after many months away, she eats the same evening meal as me but I add carbs to hers. Like her late father she suffers from low blood sugar so on non fast days we both eat a low GI diet; it helps to stabilise her sugar levels through out the day.

    It’s suprising how having a drink can stop a rumbling tummy, but I have been having a cup of bovril or small bowl of crudités halfway through my fasting day. Mind you I thought my rumbling tummy would keep me awake at night but I soon got used to it. Two fast days and I have lost 2.5 lbs! I’ve already lost 21lbs over the last 18 months nice and slowly.

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