New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 1 USA – NFD

    Hello, wonderful world-wide friends. I am here to keep at maintenance for another year. Yes, been on maintenance for 2 so far, and ever so thankful to these forum folk for that.

    I began 5:2 in March 2016 after reading Dr. M’s book and deciding it was worth the try. I was about 195 pounds (88.5 kg) at 5’6″ (167.6 cm) and still gradually gaining as I had over the years. I joined @coda in May 2016 for her challenge. During the rest of 2016 I lost 35 pounds making even my doctor at my annual physical ask how I did it. I’ve been on maintenance of 6:1 since January 2017. My BMI is right at an acceptable 25. At my age, I don’t need to be thinner as it would mean more wrinkles would show!

    I’m a married female, 70 years old, 4 children and 5 granddaughters who live across the USA. As a retired music teacher, I keep busy with directing a townspeople choir, do church music, give piano lessons, and getting a Children’s Museum off the ground in our NW Illinois town.

    It’s great seeing so many long-time friends here as well as a sprinkling of newbies. This system works! I am a huge proponent of it when asked by my local friends what I did to lose weight.

    @chrisinmn – welcome fellow midwesterner — like @northerndawn – are you a sports fan? I am happy to see our Chicago Bears playing as well as they are!

    @betsylee – welcome to you too. I think we are at the upper ends of the “age” scale around here. 🙂

    @bert1802 – I also wondered what “squash” was, and think I will just avoid it.

    Best of luck to all of you doing a Dry January. I enjoy a glass of wine or even a light beer every so often.

    Onward and downward.

    Hi all I am a newbie and aiming to start on Thursday 3rd January. Please count me in on the challenge.

    Thank you

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    Day or one day.

    Welcome to newbies and familiar faces alike and a big thank you to @michelinme for hosting last month and to @at in helping us stick to those new year resolutions.

    So Deadly December has turned up its toes. Isn’t it great to start afresh?

    A bit about me: I’m a 64 y o retired primary school teacher who enjoys exercise. I have two grown up sons. I’ve been maintaining for about 6 months after losing about 30lbs. HOWEVER, December’s overindulgence has resulted in a gain of 6lbs so I’m determined to shed that excess baggage ASAP.
    I usually fast on a Monday and Thursday, and practise a 16:8 routine daily.

    My goal for December: despatch 3lbs
    Banish that sugar dragon
    Reduce my waist size.

    @michelinme – isn’t it great to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come? Well done on that huge loss. You’re an inspiration!
    What a great motivational post @northern Dawn.
    Thanks for the link @arelkade. It’s good to have a reminder every now and then.
    @bert1802 you brought a smile to my face as always. 😂😜

    My son gave me a poetry book for Christmas. There is a poem for every day of the year. Today’s goes like this:

    New every Morning by Susan Coolidge

    Every day is a fresh beginning,
    Listen my soul to the glad refrain.
    And, spite of old sorrows
    And older sinning
    Troubles forecasted
    And possible pain,
    Take heart with the day and begin again.

    Onwards and downwards

    Day 1 Canada NFD
    I’m so glad to be here. I’m a 55 year old female who has been fasting on and off for a year and a half. I’ve finally managed to loose weight in all the right spots, the belly area which isn’t super healthy.
    December was a month filled with friends, family and food. It was wonderful!
    This time last year ago I was very sick so I’m thrilled to be starting 2019 healthy and with you!

    USA Day 1

    Welcome all new comers! Today is a FD again without wine. No wine until the weekend! My new rule! I lose more weight that way!

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years Eve!

    Have a great day!

    USA Day 1 FD

    AT, do we have access to this month’s challenge spreadsheet yet?

    Day 1, Brighton UK, FD

    Start as one means to go on, I think so.

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting last month and @at for hosting January 2019.

    Well last year I lost exactly 10 lbs. Not much for a years effort and the longest WFD ever…..

    I will take it. It’s down.

    And another 10 this year I am determined. That would take me 5 lbs below goal and 85 lbs in total over 3 years.

    2018 was a very eventful year, looking for peace and healing this year.

    Happy New Year 2019 to everyone.


    Day 1 Portugal CD
    Have about 10kg to lose – will weigh in on Monday. Went for a 8k walk today on a beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. Will be the first walk of many as I hope to walk/run 1000 miles in 2019 as well as lose those 10kg!

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, MFD

    A big hello to old and new friends on this New Year Day 2019!😊

    I joined this fabulous group February 2017 under @at‘s leadership, got rid of about 20 pounds and am in maintenance for many months. I love this international group of fellow fasters, love reading the posts in the morning with my coffee and know that checking in daily helps with accountability.
    It is the first time I did not gain weight during dangerous December. I am in the middle of my maintenance weight (I allow 5 pounds weight fluctuation) but like to shift back to the low end.
    I will do dry January @flourbaby and have to put the sugar and carb dragon🐉back in the cage.
    Also I will continue to walk at least 10.000 steps a day, have signed up for Qigong and might sign up for Tai Chi as well.

    Now off walking my beautiful old dog in the nature park across the street, very cold at 17F (-8C) and there is some wind chill to add to these numbers. Later DH and I will walk to a coffee shop for our early afternoon coffee delight.
    Will break my 20 hour fast with a serving of almonds. The main food will be chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower. Dessert will be an apple.

    Happy New Year to you all! 😊🍀🐞🎉🎈

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Hello all, newbies and familiar faces (I’m not going to call you oldies, lol)! Happy New Year to all of you as we embark on a journey of health together in 2019. @at thank you for taking the reins for the 3rd time!

    A little background: I am 64, coming out of a year’s retirement to start a new part-time job. I started 5:2 in earnest on this forum in February 2017. I dispatched over 43 pounds and over 30 inches since then. I’m within 2 lbs. of my goal weight, keep whooshing and going back up again by 2 lbs!

    I’ve already decided to lower my weight goal yet again to give myself some wiggle room, but at my age, I’m cognizant of more wrinkles showing up in the wrong places with more weight loss, so my strategy is to stay accountable on the forum and spreadsheet, record as usual daily in MFP, do an 800 FD 2 times a week; if I start looking prunish, I’ll keep it at 1 FD a week. My food choices have been low-carb, high fat, moderate protein (LCHF); not exactly keto, but close enough for my purposes. Did you know that pasta and rice lose some of their resistant starch when you cook, refrigerate and re-heat it? Just a tidbit for those of us who cannot stomach shiratake noodles, lol!

    @bert1802, welcome back, my friend (fellow New Yawker)! Glad to jump back in with you this year!

    Day 1 Massachusetts USA CD Happy 😃New Year all, old companions and new. @redrockgirl302 Our stories are similar. I too want to get back to the low end of my Maintenance weight. That’s where I was a year ago and now I’ve used up my wiggle room. Love the metaphor of putting the sugar and carb dragon back in the cage. That’s exactly what I need to do. By writing down everything I eat, I’ve still managed to be 18 pounds down from my highest weight. But I’ve got zero wiggle room now. Thank God the holidays are over! I enjoyed them but too much abundance to be had. 🍷🥖🧀🍰 I’m going back to two actual FD’s a week. Onward together everyone!

    Day 1 Minnesota, USA CD
    Trying to stay low carb today and setting myself up for easier B2B FDs tomorrow and Thursday.
    Wishing everyone, again, a healthy and happy 2019!

    Day 1 – UK – CD

    Sorry I’m late signing in for today……..A very big WELCOME to everyone to this “New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge!”

    Up here in Cumbria it has been a gorgeous day, blue skies and sunshine☀️and whilst OH was running I went for a lovely long hike, 6 miles/9.6km, with a friend and her dog then we all met for coffee afterwards – great way to start the New Year! Just back home from a Yoga class – YES really – my teacher put on a class for the charity NSPCC and she had around 24 of us turn up – brilliant way to start the new year 🧘‍♀️🙏

    A special welcome to those new to the challenges – @rafiki44 @jojo52 @chrisinmn @daw1962

    @erika45 – you were with us in October 2017 – welcome back
    @hyacinth – you were with us back in May – great to have you back
    @northerndawn @arelkade @annemarilyn @missybear @bellyblast @rainbowsmile – great to have you continuing with us 🤗
    @betsylee – that’s the beauty of this WOL – it’s flexibility to fit around our social life! This is where it is suggested you measure your thigh – find the thickest part of your thigh. This is your upper thigh, right under the buttocks. Start the tape at the front of your thigh and wrap it around towards the back before bringing it back to the front.
    @bert1802 – I love your January ending – the challenge wouldn’t be the same without an @bert1802 ending
    @ccco – yes we do have have a spreadsheet – here is the link again
    @debster251 – great to have you continue with us and I love today’s poem
    @mogaman – I thought we had lost you in December – great to have you on board for the January challenge ☺️

    I have added everyone who has joined so far to the spreadsheet in case you you might want to use it – if you need any help let me know 🤗 see the link above!

    Looking forward to some more joining the challenge over the week – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    The first month of the year,
    A perfect time to start all over again,
    Changing energies and deserting old moods,
    New beginnings, new attitudes”

    Day 2 – SYDNEY, Australia, FD

    Hi all, it’s another hot day here today. I started my first FD yesterday. It was hard, as I expected but I got through it. Decided to do my second FD today as will be interstate for the rest of the week from tomorrow. Ordered the new MM book online which should arrive next week. Also started looking around for some 52 diet recipes so I can vary my food types on fast days. If anyone has any recipes to share I would be grateful. Have a great day everyone.

    Day 1 Netherlands. Fd

    41 year old Mother of two (12 year old and ten year old)
    Oh boy i am determined. I started last year after reading two books of Dr. Mosely. I find motivation and discipline in times of stress within the family so difficult. Thats why i have now joined the forum. Hopefully i can get enough inspiration to keep me away from diet cola!! And emotional eating.

    USA DAY 1 FD

    Thank you AT for the spreadsheet. I put my information on it!

    Just finished today’s FD coming in at 423 calories. I’ve been babysitting my daughter’s two dogs and giving them multiple walks, which was great exercise for me. However, she just came for them, so I will be back to my old exercise program. I have been having so much success with fasting lately that I think I am excited about January! Onwards and downwards.

    Hope everyone had a great day today! See you all tomorrow!

    Day 1 UK. NFD

    Happy New Year 2019. Hope you’ve all had a great festive break.

    Sorry I dropped off Decembers thread. Back now :).

    Weight still yoyoing. 1 1/2 lbs up since last Tracker input at the beginning of December. Not over eating, not eating rubbish. I can count my alcoholic drinks on one hand that I’ve had in the last 2 weeks. Shudder to think what I would weigh without being careful and mindful of everything I eat and drink.

    Warmest Wishes to you all.

    Day 2 London UK

    Can I start a pocket list for today?

    @emma-taylor FD.

    Going to try to go swimming at the outdoor pool in Hampton tomorrow ( this!) morning. If it’s freezing I might chicken out.
    I’ve been doing this WOL for about 15 months, and I know for certain I wouldn’t still be doing it without this lovely forum. I probably need to lose about a stone, but the main benefit for me is that I feel comfortable around food. Amazingly, I don’t usually eat unless I’m hungry, ( unheard of before I started 5:2) so I often don’t eat until late in the day. I’m not too bothered about hitting a particular weight, I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes ( most of which I make, so I just make them to fit, and don’t worry about the size). Looking forward to 2019. Happy new year to everybody.

    Day 2 – Perth AUS – FD

    Yesterday I was going well until dinner, when I went a little over in calories before discovering a left over piece of my FAVORITE chocolate cake in the fridge… and I thought coke was a weakness! Haha! Doesn’t even come close to chocolate for me 🙂 Will get into the fasting today. Found some cauliflower rice in the freezer, so have prepped a little lunch and will aim for a 3 day fast starting today. One step back, two forward, right? 😛

    Hope you’re all cruising along be it a FD, NFD or CD.

    Day 1 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Hi all! Happy New Year!

    I’m a 68 yr old woman who recently went from fulltime teaching with the school district to part-time work supervising university students in their field experience as they become teachers. I have lost about 50 lbs with fasting. Am not too quick in the losing department but am happy to keep on the journey.

    Glad to be with you all because together we are stronger!

    Day 1 Ohio, US — NFD

    Hi all and Happy New Year!
    Just signing in during the last minutes of the day.
    More details tomorrow!

    Day 2, Emden Germany, FD

    @emma-taylor brrrr!

    @jojo52 go for it!

    Here’s @rainbowsmile wonderful list of abbreviations

    IF Intermittent Fasting
    WOL Way of Life

    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals)
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day

    5:2 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF Alternate Day Fast, FD, NFD
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    B2B Back 2 Back (days of FD or WFD)

    DD, DS Darling Daughter,Son
    OH, Other Half
    LOL Laughing Out Loud

    Keto, way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC, Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF, Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure

    Pocket list day 2, if you want to join us, please copy and paste and add your name to the list

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    First FD of 2019. It’s going to be a good one. My body craves it. I am bloated, tired, my skin does not look too great, I am way up on the pounds, and in fact, taking stock, I am actually 6lbs heavier than this time last year. Boo.

    This time last year I was off on a trip to Peru and was delighted to be fitting into size 12 jeans. This year I am heavier but fitting into size 10……but only just. Yikes.

    So hit the ground running. I think I might make it an LFD today with just hot Marmite at lunch time. I need to do this. Something hot and liquid for evening. I had made an oat bran sandwich for lunch but I am going to leave it in the fridge at home.

    Water, green tea, herbal teas are on the menu today. Tomorrow is another FD but it will be a normal 500 cal…..

    I suspect today’s Pocket List will be a long one 😄
    Pocket List Day 2
    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    I’m in for January. The least said about December the better. New start and all that. Don’t even know how much I weigh – will do weekly weigh-in on Fri.

    Did fast yesterday and will fast again on thurs so trying to contain the gain. But difficult as we still have visitors until sunday. Its nice starting the year without a horrid diet. Just 2 days a week fasting and tasty healthy eating. Not that difficult – thats what i tell myself!

    Day 2 – Ireland – FD
    Day 1 – such an EFS!!The same goes for the entire Christmas break…. Didn’t keep track at all..only positives are that we had lovely family times with the entire family for NYE and managed two good long distance cycles and some good family hikes…

    Thank you @michelinme for guiding us through so kindly through December! The toughest month of them all! I hope you enjoy your very much deserved time out of life!
    Thank you @at for hosting January! I will be on track from today… FD, Dry January and as sugar free as I can be after this crazy past month…
    I am up 5lbs so sideways didn’t really work out but I am back on the downhill from today.I got to read through some of the intro posts last night and am amazed and inspired by the number of you who have lost 20-30 lbs on 5:2!!
    I have been on on/off faster in 2018 and am very much a bigger anyway but am committed to a year of 5:2 ahead… I exercise a lot,cycling long distance, hiking, tennis and swimming and am quite muscly because of this but carry extra weight on my belly and hips…actually everywhere 😂.. That said I like a lot of my current clothes so would be happy to lose a stone and maintain from then on..

    Back to work today and of course woke up at 4.30am thinking of that and other things..

    Pocket list for today:

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Good luck to you all today. I’m sure it won’t easy for anyone!
    Happy New year and thanks for being there!
    Onward and downward again!

    Day 2 UK FD

    Well done to all the new year, new day fasters.

    @betsylee – admire your commitment and flexible approach to this WOL, congratulations on still loosing in December.
    @elektron – better luck with fasting today.
    @mogaman – writing down all that I eat, good advice at the start of my re start.

    Today is going to be a good day because I’m going to make it so! Ok carb dragons, back in your box I have my fasting guardian angels in my pocket! Thank you and good luck to us all.

    Pocket List Day 2
    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Day 2 – Ireland – FD
    Day 1 – such an EFS!!The same goes for the entire Christmas break…. Didn’t keep track at all..only positives are that we had lovely family times with the entire family for NYE and managed two good long distance cycles and some good family hikes…

    Thank you @michelinme for guiding us through so kindly through December! The toughest month of them all! I hope you enjoy your very much deserved time out of life!
    Thank you @at for hosting January! I will be on track from today… FD, Dry January and as sugar free as I can be after this crazy past month…
    I am up 5lbs so sideways didn’t really work out but I am back on the downhill from today.I got to read through some of the intro posts last night and am amazed and inspired by the number of you who have lost 20-30 lbs on 5:2!!
    I have been on on/off faster in 2018 and am very much a binger anyway but am committed to a year of 5:2 ahead… I exercise a lot,cycling long distance, hiking, tennis and swimming and am quite muscly because of this but carry extra weight on my belly and hips…actually everywhere 😂.. That said I like a lot of my current clothes so would be happy to lose a stone and maintain from then on..

    Back to work today and of course woke up at 4.30am thinking of that and other things..

    Pocket list for today:

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Good luck to you all today. I’m sure it won’t easy for anyone!
    Happy New year and thanks for being there!
    Onward and downward again!

    Day 1 UK. FD
    Been doing 5:2 for well over 3 years and lost over 5 stone. Over the last 18 months the weight has kept back on though as I overate on NFD. (Very ill mother, very stressful job) but now it is time to get back to that great feeling I had when I was down to my optimum weight. I know I can do this just needed to get my head back in the right place! I refuse to go up sizes in clothes! There – said it all – except I am 61 coming up to 40 years of marriage and have 2 grown up children.

    Day 2. UK. NFD

    It’s been great reading every ones updates.

    Thank you @at for hosting January.

    I think I might have sussed how to copy and paste on my iPad … here goes

    Pocket list for today:

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Wishing everyone a great day 🙂

    Hello everyone! greetings from Wales ….I’d like to join you all. Started FD in Nov and lost my way a bit during the Christmas season but today my first fast day of 2019. I love this way of dieting and being healthy.
    I’m 65 ..working full time in the NHS which can be difficult on fasting days because of the variety of shifts and rota.
    Wishing you all good luck

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Last day of taking antibiotics today so from tomorrow I can get back to my normal routine of Monday and Thursday FDs. I would like to tighten up my loose skin so I’m planning to make one of my weekly FDs a WFD to see if that makes a difference.

    Wishing day 2 fasters a successful FD 🙂

    Day 2, UK, FD

    I am determined to have a FD today, I’ve totally fell off the wagon last 2 months, sabotaged myself big time, and put back on all the weight I lost 😔 .
    All my fault. I do want to get back into fasting and exercising regularly. This is as good time as any to start 🙂.
    But, to avoid putting too much pressure on myself, Like @ciren2, I’ll just plod alongside the wagon for the time being.

    About myself: I am 51 yrs old female, 5.3ft, 57kg right now, a member of our Club Tortoise 🐢. I was around 50kg for most of my adult life but I put on over a stone when I had my thyroid removed, 2 years ago. Trying to get back to the weight I was before, the weight that I feel comfortable with. I managed to get to 52.5kg at one point since starting this WOL, but than it all went wrong and I self sabotaged. We carry on, because there is no alternative 🙂

    Have good day everyone 😊

    And Happy New Year ❤

    Day 2…….Florida…..FD

    Well, it’s back to work after 11 long days off…….not sure how I feel about it but I’m just gonna pull my big girl panties up and try and make the best of it. I’m hoping we are busy, so, the day goes by fast! Plus, I will be fasting so staying busy helps.

    Yesterday was an okay day, had a big lunch about two then found a couple slices of toast and a ice cream cone about 7:30pm. So, I really need a good FD today.

    There is a new place right around the corner that sells this really good tea, that helps with fat burning and energy. My friend drinks it all the time. I think the calories are only 5 or 10, so before work, I’m going to stop by and double check and maybe get one. If the calories are right!
    My friend gets one everyday but she is a nurse in a very busy clinic, she likes them because there is no crash when it wears off!
    Okay, I really don’t need the energy but the fat burning is an interesting concept.

    Well…. it’s that time again!

    I finally did it!
    I bought shoes with memory foam…
    Now, no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen!

    Day 2 Melb Aust NFD

    Not a great NFD. Day okay, but then I had a yummy unhealthy evening snack, probably around or just above my TDEE for the day but I always want to do better than that. I have to learn that when I see my favourite ice-cream on special at the supermarket, that is not licence to buy it!!!! I ate the whole 450 gm tub. Aaggh!

    @songbirdme, yes, I think you and I may be two in the older age bracket, though @annemarilyn is not too far behind us. I admire both of you for your magnificent weight loss so far, and @metatauta, whether having already reached maintenance, or en route. That includes @rainbowsmile (wow! 85 lb in 3 years) and @redrockgirl302.

    @redrockgirl302 & @mogaman, good luck this month on heading toward the lower end of your acceptable maintenance range.

    @debster251, yes, onward and downwards this month!!!

    @at, thanks for clarifying the thigh measurement area – I’ve actually been doing it correctly, so no need to change, but good to know.

    @daffodil2010, how has your FD been going? Hope it went okay for you.

    @jaifaim, I note your comment about weight around the belly/ hips – for me it’s hip and thighs, but still really hard to shift. Probably the last thing to move.

    @elainevick, you lost so much, you can do it again. I still have a range of clothes in my wardrobes (2!), because I had my fat fat clothes (gone!), still in my fat clothes, then I have regular clothes I’ve rarely fitted into for years, plus my “I’m dreaming” clothes that I really think with this WOL I will reach and wear( 🙂 ). And what a relief it will be to have only half a wardrobe of clothes left!

    @jojo52 – I noted that you’ve bought MM’s new book. I saw it on Book Depository, but in Oz, Big W have advertised it for about $5 cheaper, available on the 5th – I’m hoping it’s not an error and I can buy it there then.

    @JudyJukes, yes, being mindful of what we eat is the way to keep on keeping on the downward path.

    @elektron, I winced with you when I read of the chocolate cake episode, chocolate still being one of my weaknesses.

    @missybear, I noted your comment about loose skin and water fasting – could you explain what you mean by that, please? I guess as my weight drops, I may have loose skin problems to deal with.

    @dingping, yes I managed to lose some weight in December, but I don’t think I’d be able to do it without the encouragement from the forums.

    Last comment – “squash” sounds like what we call “cordial” in Australia. It’s a concentrated sweetened fruit- or other-flavoured beverage that has to be greatly diluted with water before drinking.

    Hello all.

    Day 2 UK FD

    I’m new to the forums and this particular challenge. I was lurking for 1-2 months and have now registered as I want to be able to use the tracker. I’m fairly near my goal but would like to be part of a group situation to feel supported and to support others in both 5:2 and beyond. My immediate family and extended can’t get their head around what I’m doing so I just carry on quietly! It’s no bother but can get a little lonely. My brother is a big fan of the health benefits but he lives abroad so it’s tricky to share experiences easily.

    Anyway, forgive me if I get any forum etiquette wrong – this is totally new to me! Good luck today everyone with whatever you are doing. FD, NFD, exercise, no exercise, braving Jan sales… and so on!

    Hi everyone, im new to challenge. Im in if youll have me. This is my first FD.
    My husband and i are doing this together…im hopeless on my own.. i need to curb my sweet tooth and ditch the lbs.
    Im currently 89lbs and want to lose 10lb this month… thats the goal anyway.

    Hope everyone has a good month… happy fasting everybody 😊

    day 2 second post

    Welcome @jumpgoldpenguin and @rozb.
    Just want to check @rozb – are you 89 lbs or 89 kgs? If you’re 89 lbs, that’s only 40 kgs, so you’d have to be really tiny to need to lose any weight at all. I’m guessing it’s a typo (???). Good that you and your OH are working on the weight loss together. A lot of us have to “go it alone”, but as many have found, it’s doable (not me, I just started this WOL at the end of November so have stacks to lose).
    Personally, I’m finding that the support and just chatting on the forums is helping keep me motivated, so hang in there. I’m already into week 5, and most of my diet attempts have fizzled after 3 weeks. This is different to a diet; it really is a WOL (way of life).

    Hi Betsylee,
    Yes its a typo.. im 189 lbs/83kg. I forgot to put the 1 🙄.

    Thankyou for bringing it up so as i can rectify it. 😊

    Have a great day

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting ‘Deadly December’ ……………….. I fell a little short of my ‘going sideways’ plan, but I did stay mindful & even threw a couple of FDs in which helped. @at thanks for hosting this month, it’ll be a busy one, and there’s nobody better than you to guide us!!!!

    Hello Oldies & Welcome newbies – “BEST DECISION EVER”, just so you know, everything is easier with friendship & support & there’s oodles of that right here!!!!

    Delayed start to the year for me, I lost NYD to recovering from NYE……………….. I’m not a teenager anymore!!! Background, hanging onto my mid-40’s by my fingernails, started this WOL Nov ’16 (at 194.4lbs), joined this lifesaving forum Jan ’17, the trend is downwards, but there have been a few ‘willpower sucking’ plateaus (thank you fellow challengers for stopping me from throwing in the towel!) I was -40lbs on Dec 1st, but there’s been a “reacquiring” of 3lbs so I start my 2019 challenge at 157.3lbs (I won’t say I’m happy, but the last two Xmas’s have led to 10lbs reacquired each time, so +3lbs is a win really!!) I’ll continue to get to grips with the carb-dragon and as always; aspire to follow the footsteps of @at & @songbirdme who are in maintenance and have been for YEARS!!!

    Today will be a controlled day, my mojo is back, I intend to be polishing my halo tomorrow morning and having mentioned it in passing (somebody pushed me off of the fence!!!) …………………… apparently it’s ’Dry January’ for me too!!!! Considering NYE consisted of enough red wine for an entire month, Dry January should be a breeze!!!

    @jumpgoldpenguin, I suppose you’ve had the ‘starving yourself’ or ‘that can’t be good for you’ comments? Just ignore them and wait patiently for them to come back in 3-4 months to tell you how good you look and to ask how you did it!!!!

    This months’ aim – get below 150lbs, drink at least 2L water per day, stay ‘DRY’ and increase my exercise, whether walking or (Gulp!!) …………….. the 30 Day shred!!!

    Onward & Downwards folks & keep the faith fellow Dry Januarians – @flourbaby, @redrockgirl302, @jaifaim

    Day 2 second post

    @betsylee I think it was @annemarilyn who mentioned in a previous challenge that Jason Fung has observed that people who lost significant weight whilst water fasting didn’t experience a problem with loose skin. I need to find out more about Jason Fung’s work so that and a weekly WFD is my project for January.

    Welcome to everyone joining us for the first time and if you’re new to fasting I promise it does get easier 😊

    Hi Betsylee,
    Yes its a typo.. im 189 lbs/83kg. I forgot to put the 1 🙄.

    Thankyou for bringing it up so as i can rectify it. 😊

    The speadsheet working and ive added myself, thankyou @at

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 2, third post, or day 3 (by one hour) FD Melb Aust

    @rozb, 189 lb is about 86kg, I think. I started at end November on 85 kg, which was 187 lbs. Now I’m 82.5 kg, 181.5 lbs, and hoping to lose up to 4 kg this month. Will have to exercise as well as do the 5:2 if I want to achieve that. But we’re around the same weight, so let’s motivate each other!! And I see it’s after 1 a.m. on day 3 in my neck of the woods, so I’d better sign off.

    Day 2 USA – NFD

    Quick post – hope everyone is doing well.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 2 FD

    Another FD for me and joining the pocket list!

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Help! What’s the pocket list? Gill

    Day 2 UK CD

    After an EFS week resulted in a whopping 5lb gain I was v glad to tranistion back into this WOL with a OMAD MFD yesterday. I came in at just over 800 calories positively swimming in 3 litres of fizzy water and abolutely no carbs or sugar – yay!

    Underlining the veritable existence of Easy On/Easy Off (EOEO?!) this morning I’m a skinnytastic 2.4lb /1kg down! My fat suit feels smaller and I feel less puffy already. I’m putting this out there in case you’ve also let the carb/sugar dragon have free reign over the holidays and 5:2 feels impossible. Clearly it’s not, and our actions have rewards 🙂

    Going to make today an 18:6 CD as I eat up the last bits of Christmas fruit & veg – beetroot wraps with tofu & salad, supper of baked sweet potato with brie & plum chutney, possibly a baked apple stuffed with nuts and spices if there’s room.

    Tomorrow will be either a FD or a WFD, depending on my energy – wonderful friend is coming to help me do some long overdue decluttering so it’ll be pretty physical. Alsoa few bits of urgent admin left from before Christmas – So glad I wrote up my work list before Christmas so I can simply pick up and go 🙂 And a friend’s big 0 birthday party on Friday night, complete with buffet & wine…

    Welcome new new people, good luck to all fasting today. Here’s to new beginnings …

    “Though your destination is not yet clear
    You can trust the promise of this opening;
    Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
    That is at one with your life’s desire.

    Awaken your spirit to adventure;
    Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
    Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
    For your soul senses the world that awaits you.”

    Day 2 FD
    I’m looking forward to fasting today. As much as I loved December it’s definitely time get back to a routine. The scales haven’t shifted much but my clothes are telling a different story.
    For all the newbies who are fasting- hang in there! If it is hard at fit will get easier each time

    Pocket list

    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    Day 2 North Canton OH WFD
    Happy New Year 🙂

    It feels so good to be back! December was pretty overwhelming for me and as a result I stopped checking in, threw caution to the gallows and ate everything in sight. All that overindulging has resulted in a 6 pound weight gain and an unflattering fit to some of my clothes. I am also way too hot and sweaty all the time, which is very unusual for me. I long for the days when I used to freeze after a couple of B2B fasts.

    So this is day 1 fasting for me for the first time in 2 weeks. It feels great; I have been sipping on water and plan to do so for the entire day. I need a detox! So I am starting with B2B water fasts this week; to break the sugar and carb carvings, I plan to water fast until Saturday. I turn 44 on Saturday (yippee) I will break my fast to celebrate with family and then start again on Sunday – Water fast Sunday to Friday then transition into 5:2 (which should be a breeze at that point)

    So my goal for January:
    Weigh in every day
    Transition into my usual fasting routine: Monday and Thursday fast
    Sugar and Alcohol free January
    Get back into my regular exercise routine

    Warm welcome to all our new friends and a warm “hello-there” to all the oldie-but-goodies 🙂

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting December, sorry I cut out on you guys; I know we are stronger together

    Thank you @at for taking the reins this month

    Pocket list Day 2
    @jojo52 2nd of B2B

    USA Day 2 FD
    Second Post

    Gylyb: The pocket list is a group of people who are supporting each other for a FD. Just cut/paste yourself onto the list on the days you are fasting and you are being supported in your endeavor on that day! 🙂

    As I have been reading everyone’s new posts for January, I thought I should say something about myself. This month is my one year anniversary since I began this journey and I have been very pleased with it. I am a 68 year old woman with two adult married children who is also about to become a grandmother for the first time (very excited!). I am very excited about everything right now as I am doing a lot of outdoor and some indoor renovations on my house and am expecting my grandson in the spring. i feel this is going to be a great year for me, so I am expecting that to include my WOL journey here, too! :

    Also, last night when I didn’t have enough to do, I began to google weight loss and menopause and I came up with so much. Intermittent Fasting was recommended for menopausal women because of estrogen loss making weight loss difficult and how IF helps with this problem. I recommend anyone in this situation looking at this. It has reinforced my love of this WOL for me!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    USA Day 2 FD

    Happy Birthday, basyjames! 🙂

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