New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 28 Portugal FD
    Hi everyone, I’ve been traveling for a few days and not had a chance to check in. Leaving eldest daughter back to university and visiting family. Hard saying goodbye to daughter again after she was with us for 5 weeks! Still haven’t eaten desserts, sugar etc since last year but I certainly ate more than normal over past few days – eating out. But pleased I resisted all the desserts! Hopefully get back on track and when I weigh in on 31st, there will hopefully be a loss. Still walking every day!

    Day 28, Surrey (UK), FD (800 cal)

    @borealis – I read your story about your dad’s cardiologist and felt like weeping with frustration. HOW do we get the world to sit up and take notice, to acknowledge that this WOE really, really works? I know one explanation is that there are still some questions that still need answering, before the medical world will be ready to fully embrace IF (as mentioned in the Fast 800 book). Also, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. For example, a quote from a recent newspaper article (Saturday’s Telegraph) adapted from The Angry Chef’s recent book ‘The Truth About Fat’: “The moment you start to restrict food and lose fat, powerful hormones resist what your body sees as the threat to starvation…[leading to] your immune system drops, your cognitive functions are impaired…you will feel permanently miserable, hungry and sick.” I wonder what evidence Angry Chef is using to back this up?

    Of course, we in this community know differently. And there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support IF as a WOE. Notwithstanding the (as yet) unanswered medical questions, surely, by now, there is enough evidence available to persuade the medical community to at least not rule out IF as being ‘unhealthy’?

    Sorry for the rant.

    Adding myself to the Day 28 pocket list:

    Day 28 London UK FD

    @fatfingers I am fully in support of your rant. It’s frustrating to have to try and convince people of the benefits of IF, yet the kind of thing Angry Chef is spouting is accepted blindly and without question by the majority. It makes me so cross!

    Lovely weekend with husband and toddler had here. 16:8 has kept me in check and I am in mid maintenance range, despite husband cooking curry with basmati rice last night and having a pub lunch during the day.

    Have made a switch to decaf tea to see if that helps me sleep better. A colleague asked but “what do they have to do to it to make it decaf?”…like it was something sinister. Anyone have any issues with decaf tea? It seems someone will always have a problem with whatever it is you might do!!

    In the interest of getting a post actually posted (wrote two last week and left office without posting!) I will do so now and then try and catch up with replies later.

    Day 28 pocket list:

    Day 28 – UK – FD

    Beautiful winter’s day here – sunshine, blue skies, temperatures barely above zero!

    Early morning Broga class with OH – Pilates this afternoon – Yoga this evening – should keep me focused and on track with this much needed FD

    @betsylee – spoke my sister and BIL yesterday – they live in Melbourne and they were sharing the ups and downs of the temperature – I used to live in Melbourne but moved to UK back in 1981!

    Hopefully everyone is focussed on these last few days of the challenge – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Day 28 Pocket List
    @elektron – 800
    @judyjudes – 800
    @dykask – WFD
    @fatfingers – 800

    “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love – then make that day count!“
    Steve Maraboli

    Day 28 second post

    The end of the day here for me, while I know many of you may not even have woken yet. Have a great FD, CD or NFD, and let’s be thankful we are alive and well, and able to follow this WOL.

    Day 28 UK ?FD

    Went out but probably shouldn’t have done – by mid-morning I had burning joints, was struggling, tired & grumpy! Home by mid afternoon and drank lots of thyme tea, had very early supper, hot bath with epsom salts, lavender & thyme and got to bed by 6.30pm – wonderful! Definitely feeling better for the sleep but not yet well – will see how I go as to whether today is my regular fast.

    After two viruses and a mix of good fasts and carb fests this month weight is up to 66.5kg today. I suspect overall I’ll be up for the end of January but I’m not going to sweat it. This is a long haul, a way of life rather than a weight-loss diet – short term results are useful indicators of progress, milestones on the path rather than chequered flags 🙂

    Really interested to read about freezing temperatures and heatwaves – goodness, we live in a world of extremes! i don’t think I’d cope well with either end of the temperature scale, and have huge admisration for those of you who do. Also lovely to read of sucesss in heatlh, creativity and family history – the things which colour in the outlines of our lives. We have so much more in common than in difference.

    Time for gentle yoga & mediation then a couple of hours each of study, project work and planning for the week. Looking forward to another Very early night – sleep is a wonderful thing 🙂

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) FD

    My gym closed this morning due to snow, so even if I had planned to try it, no Silver Sneakers this morning. Hope I can do some exercise around the house. Certainly plan to move and not just sit and veg. There is a pretty good yoga YouTube I ought to do.

    It will be a good day to fast, so joining the pocket list:

    Day 28 Pocket List
    @elektron – 800
    @judyjudes – 800
    @dykask – WFD
    @fatfingers – 800

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28 Minnesota, USA FD

    About 5 inches of fresh snow, 3 degrees F, (-16 C) and lower if figure in windchill. Schools closed due to snow, and probably tomorrow and Wednesday due to expecting the coldest temps in 23 years. Expecting -26 F on Wednesday morning (-32.1C) with wind chills making it -50 to -60 degrees F (-45.6 C to -51.1C). Then by Saturday, 37F (2.8C) What a huge swing in temps! On Wednesday, exposed skin can frostbite within 5 minutes. There are always some tragic consequences when it gets that cold, so I hope this time people take better care. I worry about the birds and little creatures that come to my house, and we have a lot of suet out, heated bird baths so they get water, and many areas with fallen trees and wood piles that we’ve left for them to shelter in.

    My cat seems to be as psychologically affected by the cold as I and OH are…..he is glued to the heat vents and follows me from room to room and plops down on the vent to watch me or nap. This is even though the temperature in my house stays the same throughout the winter, and not really drafty. It’s amusing to watch him.

    @annemarilyn, I know what German printed script you are talking about in the hymn books of your youth. It is hard to read, but very pretty. The letters I have are hand written but also in an old-fashioned penmanship, but readable. The woman who interpreted them for me (over the internet), said it was the usage of a couple of words and phrases that must be an old low-German form and she couldn’t be sure she was interpreting the meaning correctly. I’d like to have another opinion sometime and hope I can find someone who can do that for me.

    @matpi, thank you for the well wishes…I am feeling much better since Sunday, so I think it was some kind of virus. Usually, I think fasting actually helps me get over a virus, but this time I just couldn’t manage fasting.

    @michelinme, I also will probably end the month short of my goal, but as you say, this is a way of life and “short term goals are useful indicators of progress…….milestones on the path”, so I’ll just keep on keeping on and hope to get to my ultimate goal eventually.

    @songbirdme; I have been enjoying various yoga practices on YouTube: Yoga with Adriene. I think she has choices for every level of practice. @at mentioned her way back in beginning of this challenge and I’ve following her since. I really like her!

    Pocket list for Day 28

    Day 28 Pocket List
    @elektron – 800
    @judyjudes – 800
    @dykask – WFD
    @fatfingers – 800

    Have a great day, an easy FD or CD, and a reasonable NFD everyone!

    USA Day 28 FD (800 cals; 16:8)

    Popping in to join the pocket list:

    @elektron – 800
    @judyjudes – 800
    @dykask – WFD
    @fatfingers – 800
    @ccco – 800

    Have a great fasting day to all those fasting today and a successful NFD to everyone else!

    Day 28 London UK FD


    I might have accidently landed some chocolate in my mouth earlier. Oops. One of my colleagues brought back some swiss chocolate from a ski trip and the temptation was too great. They were amazing and probably worth the calories! My cal count is at 547 leaving me with 250 cals left. I’m determined to make today an 800 cal day and will make the most of those!

    I’m hoping that The Fast 800 book comes out on Audible soon. I downloaded the original MM Fast Diet book as an audiobook and find it great to refresh and motivate myself every so often, while I’m out for a walk. Between home, work and toddler, I struggle with finding time to read at the moment.

    Sadly I have missed too many posts to catch up on all of them. Am reading from Friday afternoon onwards.

    @michelinme I hope your cold passes quickly. Sometimes only the comfort of carbs will do. That bread you baked sounded glorious – would have been criminal to not have some.

    @ciren2 I hope you are enjoying your week off, you certainly deserve a well earned break after the Christmas period. Guessing it must be the busiest and most back breaking time in your job?
    I hope your daughter is coping with the heat. I hear from friends in Melbourne that it’s in the early 40’s. It makes my skin prickle just thinking about it.

    @lorky35 Hope you are on Day 3 of fast800 and doing okay. You will get to the point where you crave healthy food…for me, I find I go through phases of it. But I also find that sometimes one indulgent meal can lead me to wanting another…and then another! I like your one day at a time approach – you CAN do it!

    @anna6 love the sound of your Maltese cheesecake, Christmas panettone and pasta on Friday and especially loved your “I went over my tdee but frankly I don’t care”! Sometimes if you are going to enjoy something you might as well do it properly, particularly with family. Best of all, I loved that you had a whoosh!

    @at thank you for your amazingly supportive posts throughout this month. I can hardly believe we are almost at the end already. Not sure I did a mid-month reflection but looking over the month now, I’m pleased with how it went in general. Curbing my Christmas appetite and eating habits has been harder than I thought it would be and I am still indulging a bit more than I was in say Sept/Oct. I’m happy with my weight but I would like to regain control of how much I indulge, particularly on work days (mon-wed) so that I can enjoy the meals I have with my family on my days off. I think that will be my Feb goal. I wish I could host Feb but my appearances here are so sporadic that I wouldn’t make a very good host I’m afraid. Oh and your meal out on Thursday sounds INCREDIBLE! A Michelin star no less. Am very envious and want to hear about every single morsel!

    @ccco I fell in love with avo on toast when I lived in Australia in 2008/2009. It’s particularly nice with sliced fresh tomatoes on top of the avocado followed by a sprinkle of salt and chilli flakes.

    @snowflake56 and @ccco thank you so much for sharing your stories – I love hearing about family history – so interesting!

    @fatfingers wonderful to read about your holiday and how your managed to enjoy all the good things on offer yet lose weight!

    @northerndawn I cannot even begin to imagine what the cold weather in your part of the world feels like. Incredible how many extremes of temperature there are across our fasting network! Stay safe everyone.

    @daffodil2010 how exciting to have those photos from the milk tray box! I hope work is going okay for your husband and that he has recuperated properly.

    @borealis How unbelievably sad and small minded of the cardiologist to be so dismissive. I appreciate he must be very busy but if only he would look into it with an open mind. This (and more) is what I want to shout at everyone who thinks fasting equates to starving oneself!

    @kaywesterman congrats on the painting and congrats on getting the scales to go down! Brag all you like, any weight movement after a month of stalling is fantastic.

    Going to have to leave it there as I’ll be leaving the office soon (I do actually get some work done, honest!). Caught up as far as yesterday afternoon and I will just read through the rest later. Hope you are all having a good Monday!

    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    This will be a OMAD with a meal late morning. Then I plan to start a 72 hour fast ending Thursday morning. Hopefully the month end weigh-in will be less than the beginning.

    @northerndawn – you’re really having the winter extremes. Stay warm! This morning it’s at 26 degrees Fahrenheit with some blue skies and sunshine. About the possible Low-German comments, that’s a bit of a challenge. Hopefully you’ll get some help with that. I recently made a friend who has lived in the USA for many years. She knows a type of Low German as do I but they’re quite different.

    @songbirdme – keep cozy as you’re snowed in! I’m not nearly as cold as you or @northerndawn, but I enjoy keeping a fire in the fireplace because it makes things more cozy.

    @beedoo – I use decaf coffee and teas or herbal teas with good success. Your friend may be referring to different processes for making coffee decaffeinated. There is supposed to be the Swiss water process that is healthier than some other methods, I believe.

    Glad we’re in this together!

    Day 28 (already) Gloucestershire, UK:
    @beedoo: I think DD is enjoying the novelty of being on the beach sunbathing during January! I couldn’t bear 42 degrees, or whatever it is now in Melbourne….but she’s young. I expect I would have loved it at her age….

    Day 28 NFD 🙁 USA

    Well, I did 2 800cal (16:8) fast days in a row. I’m half disappointed in myself and half ok I think. Mostly beacause when I stepped on scale I’m 1/2lb away from my January goal. So, on the one side I think I could reach my goal much faster if I did as many 800 cal fast day in a row and that makes me happy. It’s a rush seeing a number I haven’t seen in a year. On the other hand, I was almost squirrelly. Perhaps a fasting existential crisis if you will! I just wanted breathing room on calories I think.
    I have to lose 30lbs to reach my goal weight. Not a ton of weight, but no picnic either since It’s been years since I was that weight.
    So, I think I’ll aim for 3-4 fast days a week until I’m in the 150s. I have noticed I’m craving healthier things just in my 2 day fast, so that’s exciting. I would put a cup of frozen blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon and it’s my fast day treat. Or, instead of PB M and Ms I had a banana. Ok, I had the banana first and then the m and ms but I counted out a serving and that was it.

    Day 29 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Moving my FD to today as it was a public holiday here in Aus yesterday. My eating outside of FD’s is still barely under control, not to mention I’m not as active as I was prior to Christmas, and it’s starting to show! But will keep plodding along.

    3 days worth of posts to catch up on, but will do so today to re-energise my 5:2 motivation.

    Don’t think i’ll land anywhere near my Jan goal, but anywhere around the 70kg mark would be a win at this stage – we’ll see!

    Pocket List Day 29

    Day 28 – Iceland – FD

    Finally managed a 24h water fast, thanks @ccco for the recommendation to begin the fast in the afternoon, it worked really well!
    @kaywesterman – exactly, I have never felt that I was starving myself, mostly I feel great on fast days 🙂
    @at – thank you for a very good idea, I might even look up the scientific papers on NCBI and send to him. I also remember Dr. Mosley referring to research on fasting by Dr. Krista Varady that showed very promising results.
    @annemarilyn – good to know that there are documentaries being made about this important topic!
    @fatfingers – it is a good point (and somewhat understandable although annoying) that unanswered medical questions stand in the way for doctors to acknowledge IF…hopefully that will change sooner than later!
    @northerndawn – is it gothic script? I have a book in German from the late 17th century that I really want to read but this gothic script is an obstacle indeed…
    @beedoo – Swiss chocolates are definitely worth the calories! Could never say no to those😋

    I too am enjoying the family history talk, just finished an interesting book about the first group of Icelanders who settled in Spanish Fork, Utah in 1860. Utah was a wonderland to them, with apples and oranges and many other “exotic” foods. Up to 1914 around 20% of the population left for USA/Canada, a branch of my family left for Manitoba in the 1880s.

    PS. I would be happy to fix the February spreadsheet if that is of any help to our next host.

    Day 28 Ohio, US — MFD(#6) ✔️

    A good MFD. I got a massage after work, so didn’t eat until late. It looks like I’ll be doing 12:12 instead of the 13:11 which is my target. Something that surprises me is that I feel better on a MFD than I did on a FD and that I don’t experience that late in the day fatigue that I often did on a FD. So perhaps I’ll be able to do a second week of MFD’s!?

    @northerndawn With this cold I also have been wondering about some of the birds in the wild. Last week I saw two different flocks of birds flying north. That’s the first time I’ve seen returning birds this early in the year. Boy, are they going to be surprised! I hope they’re able to survive.

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Quick check in. Have to read posts tomorrow.

    Hope everyone had a good Monday! 😊😊😊

    Day 29 Wellington NZ. 800

    I dropped off the internet planet over the weekend and am now just returning from a funeral – a dear friend’s Mum.

    I’m too far behind to catch up on all the posts, but sending positive wishes to you all!

    The weekend was a bust as far as 800 a day, but I more or less kept within TDEE (more or less!).

    Weighed 400gms more this morning than pre weekend, but still ok for my 4kg January target.

    Day 28 – California – NFD

    Late check in.

    Day 29, Emden Germany, NFD

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd of B2B2B

    My Fast 800 book will be delivered today so Amazon tells me!!!

    So a good FD yesterday, dropped a nice 1.5lbs. Did not get to visit Dad however as I when was driving the bumpy country roads towards the Dublin motorway the rear tyre felt wobbly. I got out and checked but all looked OK. I rang DH in work who told me to turn around and go back home, better to be safe than sorry.

    Anyway he checked it later and car is fine so I guess I must have been more sensitive to the roads yesterday. Sight of relief and I will definitely take that trip tonight, and so it becomes another FD and a B2B!

    @borealis I was fuming when I heard about what your Dads cardiologist said about IF. Why is it like that? I have had some terse conversations with a friend of mine about IF…she is very opinionated and believes in “starvation mode” if we don’t eat breakfast. And I see her tucking into all sorts of rubbish. I see the food that my Dad gets in hospital but while very tasty how can steak and chips followed by apple crumble and custard be helpful to an overweight elderly man with mobility issues? The message is all wrong.

    But I keep it to myself mostly now as people think I am nuts wanting to “starve myself” despite me being the healthiest I have ever been.

    Such temperatures out there! Here right now in Ireland it’s a miserable 1C with rain…

    Have a great Tuesday
    Pocket list Day 29

    Day 29. UK. 800FD

    I’ve not managed to catch up on this thread. Sorry. Intend to keep up on next one 🙂

    Yesterday’s food intake all went to plan and closed my belly at 798 cals. I also managed 21-3 Sunday into Monday. Who ever promoted the Zero App I thank thee! Simple but very useful. Going for 18-6 today as planning my lunch for 12:00 midday.

    Wishing everyone a positive end to January. Boy has it flown!

    Peace & Love

    Day 28 – Ireland – FD – travelling
    Day 29 – CD
    Janudry and sugar-free

    Travelling at the moment So not getting to check in or read posts but It’s so interesting that many of us seem to be bobbing up and down between two weights… it’s rubbish! So sending you all good thoughts for the next few days!
    I really was hoping for a better than predicted loss in January having stayed off sugars and alcohol or most of the month but will have to just hold firm and try again in February I think…
    Reached my January goal quite quickly but that was a very realistic goal after the gluttony if Christmas and feel I would have managed to do that without eliminating the bad stuff…
    Definitely feel better in my head, probably should have measured myself but might do that in February.

    Have a good day all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️🤞

    Day 29 Portugal NFD
    Attempted a FD yesterday but fairly sure it was not a FD as portion size too big. But will try again on Wednesday. Haven’t weighed since trip so hoping not up too much. Walked another 3 miles this am. Looking forward to my monthly dessert at the weekend! I’m going to make a Malteser and toblerone cheesecake! Thinking about it already!

    Day 29 Herefordshire UK NFD

    DD & SIL still here, no post reading, heavy day yesterday on carbs the sugary and cake/bread kind, feeling bloated, what was I expecting! Not beating myself up as it was all enjoyed as part of a lovely family time in front of our roaring fire in our sitting room. Its been heaven nobody has wanted to interrupt the peace and quiet with TV, there has been a lot of talking, books have been read, walks have been taken and DD hasn’t even asked for the WiFi code to access the internet, a first!

    Possible FD tomorrow for me, definitely Friday/Saturday.

    Hope all are doing well.

    Ta x

    Day 29 Melb Aust FD

    Well, managed the first of my B2B2B2B fasts today, maybe 600 cals. I’m trying to keep between 500 & 800 cals each day for today and the next 3 days. I just have to shift off this plateau I’m on. Once the weight starts going downwards again, I’ll go back to 5:2 (or maybe 4:3, though that may be too harsh as an ongoing thing). I don’t want to get too discouraged with having the weight just sit there not moving. Like a few others, I won’t be reaching my January goal, but onward and downward!!!

    @michelinme, I hope the pain in the joints has eased now and that you’re starting to feel a lot better.

    @northerndawn, I chuckled at your story of your cat following you around. Even though not going from heat duct to heat duct (summer here), my Wilbur does exactly the same thing; he likes to be where I am. He’s almost more like a dog than a cat in wanting company, or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t want to miss out on anything?

    @beedoo, yum, Swiss chocolates. Hope you kept under the 800 cals anyway.

    @lorky35, congrats on being already only about 1/2 lb from your January goal. Well done.

    @daffodil2010, Re your Dad’s hospital diet, patients do get to choose their menu, but still, you’d think the kitchen would do a bit better than that.

    Only 2 days left (plus today for those on the other side of the world) for January – let’s make them good ones!!! 🙂

    Day 29 USA (frigid northern Illinois) – NFD

    Good FD yesterday at @275 calories. Did laundry, some snow shoveling, and a little housework. FedEx still delivered our new printer from Amazon despite the snow. Yeah for delivery people!

    Watched the first 4 episodes of “Handmaid’s Tale” on Netflix DVD that took forever to get here. Guess it was in much demand? I did not read the book — did anyone here? Disturbing but interesting premise.

    @northerndawn – I will have to check out that yoga YouTube by Adriene. I’ll be socked in here for several days with my gym and much of town closed for the cold. We won’t get quite as bad as you, but still likely to set records at Rockford. Could even be ALL TIME records for any day. I remember the previous -27 in 1982.

    Our Chidren’s Museum work has ground to a standstill with no one wanting to venture out. It’s just if anything were to go wrong, the cold is deadly. Many schools are saying “closed through Wednesday” or even Thursday. I haven’t seen anything like this spell in decades.

    Time to break my fast. Onward and downward.

    Day 29 North Canton FD

    I have fallen badly behind in posts and have no time to catch up. I am trying to reset with a week of chicken soup. This frigid weather is not helping. January is ending and I aim to finish it out right and start February on a healthier note.

    Stay warm every one!!

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Yay for our temperate climes here in the UK!
    @songbirdme: -27
    @betsylee: +40s
    @at: Big change for you going from city life in Australia to peace and quiet in The Lake District. What, in 1981, made you do it?
    An excellent choice!

    Day 29 – UK – FD

    Yesterday ended up being a 500cal FD – hoping for the same today!

    It has been a cold and drizzly day here with plenty of snow in some areas but not my village as yet! OH was out running this morning and he reported lots of snow and ice on the surrounding low fells!!!

    @songbirdme and @northerndawn – the snowfall in your areas put the amount we get here that causes such chaos to shame! and we certainly never get anywhere as cold, stay warm and safe both of you. I think it’s just that we are not used to it and we don’t have the systems in place to cope
    @michelinme – hope all the joint pains are easing off
    @beedoo – love how you “accidently landed some chocolate in my mouth earlier” strange how that happens to us all at some stage 🤣 – my favourite at the moment is dark chocolate raspberry truffles made by a local chocolatier in our village, she also does a mean chilli one too – will let you know how Thursday goes – we have eaten there before on a couple of special occasions so looking forward to an evening of 😋food and 🥂🍷
    @lorky35 – 2 consecutive 800cal FD is nothing to be disappointed about and you are making a great start with your weight loss journey – I lost around the same 30lbs in my first year on 5:2 and have remained in maintenance since – so you can do this x
    @gretta – thank you for starting us on Day 29 pocket list – stay with us on the challenges and we will pull you along with us on your 5:2 journey 🤗
    @mapti – great job on your MFDs and good luck if you decide to continue for another week
    @daffodil2010 – definitely better to be safe than sorry – you did the right thing to turn around to have the car checked out – sounds like your weather is like ours today 😞 I’m also on my 2nd day of B2B2B with you – we can support each other 🤗
    @erika45 – that cheesecake you are planning sounds absolutely decadent – told my DD about it and she wants me to make her one!!!
    @dingping – what a lovely family time in your new home!
    @basyjames – I have added you to the pocket list to give you support on this cold FD – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @ciren2 – hope you had a good week off work and managed to relax. OH and I left Australia for a year of travel after we got married planning on returning, it was a popular thing to do at that time. But after a year of travelling through Europe and catching 2 ski seasons we ended up in the UK to visit friends working initially in London then up to Cheshire to see more friends, down to Essex and then London again! We eventually settled in Suffolk where we stayed for 25 years (DD was born and raised here) before retiring and moving to the Lake District just over 5 years ago. We moved around to visit friends and OH ended up getting jobs in different hospitals and before we knew it we had been here for 3 years and he was well into an English medical hospital training programme and so we stayed. Also we both loved skiing and it was easy to pop over to Europe for a couple of skiing holidays each year…….we both have loved our lives here and have never regretted it but it was certainly not the plan when we left Australia way back then!!!!!

    Day 29 Pocket list
    @matpi – 800cals
    @chipmunk13 – 800cals
    @daffodil2010 – 2nd of B2B2B
    @judyjudes – 800cals
    @betsylee – first day of B2B2B2B
    @at – 2nd OF B2B2B

    As no one has volunteered to set up the February Challenge – I’m happy to do that later today after my evening yoga class and I’m sure everyone will be happy to support and contribute to the hosting – it would be a shame for these challenges to end……….

    “Losing Weight is Hard. Maintaining Weight is Hard. Staying Overweight is Hard. Choose your Hard.”

    Day 29 London UK NFD

    Felt a bit out of sorts today as I had a dream about my mother last night. She passed away in 2014 and the anniversary is looming in April. Oh I miss her dearly. She was fit and healthy and just 62 years old. Sorry to get maudlin.

    Yesterday’s FD was a bit of a fail. There were leftovers from Sunday when my husband had cooked a chicken curry. Too hard to resist when I got home hungry last night. Way too much basmati rice consumed as well! Feeling porky despite scales reading okay.

    Today I had a veggie gyoza udon soup from Itsu. It was so delicious. But I probably didn’t need to have eaten all the noodles. And then someone had managed to get their hands on one of these famous vegan sausage rolls from Greggs so I had to try it to see what all the fuss has been about…it were nicer than a real sausage roll!…and would want to be at over 300 calories in one roll! Thankfully I was aware and had a quarter of one. Anyway as a result I’m at 590 calories already and it’s only 4.30pm. What can I have for 200 cal to see me through the evening? I’ll try as it would be nice to have done one successful FD this week. But wont add myself to the list as I need to make up for yesterday! Thank goodness for 16:8, I’m sure it’s the only thing that keeps me on track.

    @erika45 a Malteser and toblerone cheesecake?! That sounds like my idea of heaven on a plate!

    @dingping what a glorious picture of tranquillity you painted in front of the fireplace with your family!

    @betsylee I hope you kick that plateau to the curb!

    @basyjames great to see your name pop up, I was wondering where you’d got to. Hope all is well. January has been a struggle for a few of us I think. Am still trying to reset eating habits here for sure!

    Right, better get back to work. Leaving in 15 mins. I can’t wait to pick up my toddler, have really missed him today!

    USA Day 29 WFD

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list:

    @matpi – 800cals
    @chipmunk13 – 800cals
    @daffodil2010 – 2nd of B2B2B
    @judyjudes – 800cals
    @betsylee – first day of B2B2B2B
    @at – 2nd OF B2B2B

    Inspired by Borealis’ successful WFD yesterday, I thought I would jump right back in and do it again before January ends. Mine starts at noon! It’s amazing that I can do this water fast best by starting in the afternoon but psychologically knowing that I can eat again at tomorrow’s lunch makes it so much easier, plus I don’t get hungry and I am sleeping through a lot of the time. I guess I have found my method. 16:8 works wonderfully for me, too, tagged onto the new 800 calorie protocol, I think I may have found my way! 800 calories fills me because I can eat a lot of low calorie veggies and fruits to fill me up in that 8 hour eating window! I had determined to lose 5 lbs. this month and I did, although at first, I found myself on a roller coaster. I needed to get off and I did, plus I didn’t ask too much of myself and I found 5 lbs. as a goal doable. It took me all year to figure this out with many mistakes!! LOL Now I just need to stay motivated, a hard thing to do on these frigid cold days where I have to stay inside and die of boredom!! (I’ve cleaned my house so many times, I think you can eat off my floor! 🙂 ).

    AT, I liked your ending to your post! Congratulations to all of your who had successful FDs and NFDS yesterday and my thoughts are with those who are struggling.

    For those of us living in the regions that the polar vortex is hitting, stay safe and warm!

    Day 29 FD USA

    Last night I went to drink some of my favorite Riesling. But, I think even the short amount I’ve done this diet has changed me. Or maybe it’s the case Of relax Riesling my husband gave me for Christmas. Anyhoo, I couldn’t drink it. It was far too sweet. I used to love it. At least I did before Christmas. I’ve also switched to lower sugar Greek yogurt and i like that as well. (Chobani) just wish more flavors.
    My fast800 book came last night!
    I’ve decided to do the 2 week fast800 and I’m doing 16:8. I did drink my americano around 10:30. Not having that in the morning is the hardest part for me. I also thought about hosting for February but was overcome with extreme anxiety about it. Almost a panicky feeling. So, not February but someday.
    I’ve also decided no to really talk about my fast800 with many people. They won’t understand. I think they’ll be impressed when they see my results. Then I’ll answer their questions!
    I will tell my brother though cause he’s pre diabetic but he has probably 10% body fat which confuses me. He can still wear same clothes he did when he was 16. And he’s almost 44. (Jerk! Nah just kidding, my brother is the best)
    My sister lost about 40-50 lbs last year, (I’m guessing, haven’t asked) come to find out she had gastric ssleeve surgery. My sibling rivalry has kicked in and I’m determined to lose my 40 lbs on fast 800 I don’t know why I have this mindset, middle child syndrome?
    So, my advice to people who are struggling with others criticism, is try this WOL. Then be smug when you’re at your target weight and your critics are floored. 🙂

    Day 29 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Began my 72 hour fast yesterday at 12:00 noon so at 24 hours as I write. Enjoying some peppermint tea as I work on keeping warm. At least we don’t have the bitter cold some of you are dealing with.

    @dingping – sounds like a lovely, peaceful family visit around the fireplace… Loved your description.

    @songbirdme – Wow, cold enough to close schools! I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I remember school closure due to snow a couple of times but never due to cold. It must be bad too if businesses are closed… Keep warm.

    @at – thanks for guiding us this month & then stepping up for the next as well! 🙂

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Day 29 Pocket list:

    @matpi – 800cals
    @chipmunk13 – 800cals
    @daffodil2010 – 2nd of B2B2B
    @judyjudes – 800cals
    @betsylee – first day of B2B2B2B
    @at – 2nd OF B2B2B

    Day 29 UK ?FD

    Yesterday’s ?FD became a reasonable CD, but I stayed away from carbs despite cravings so I’m happy with that. 66.5kg this morning but not feeling Quite so puffy.

    Today has been unexpected FD – as in, not yet eaten and just clearing away project work! Baked sweet potato in the oven – taking a risk but hoping it’ll be OK after not having one for a week. Might have to go for the quick option and add baked beans but luckily i’m all out of cheese 🙂

    Full day playing catch up, made some good progress but plenty left to do bc trying to be well-prepared and juggling projects. Tomorrow I’ve got an unexpected conference -in 2 days it’s gone from come along at lunchtime for a meeting to come for the day, and a couple of hours ago became will you make a presentation! I always write things out in full but I’m going to have to make bullet points in the morning and go with what is.

    Going to be really cold tomorrow apparently – for London, that is. Not looking forward to the early start and unfamiliar journey. I’ve not managed to be warm this winter, probably due to being 35lbs down on last winter so I’m going to try not to complain too much 🙂

    @beedoo thinking of you as you mourn your dear mother xxx And I’m so glad you said as I’d lost track of the date. Today’s the anniversary of my elder sister’s death. She died in 2000. We were so incredibly different growing up but as I look at her picture I realise we had so much in common RIP.

    @betsylee @at thank you for your good wishes. Joints still burning away but feeling better underneath it for the extra sleep, and if I get through tomorrow without feeling any worse I’ll be delighted x

    @at thank you for starting off February x

    Day 30 Wellington, NZ, 800 cals and hanging in there

    2nd post

    The February challenge has now been set up!

    Click on “Forum” at the top of the page, then on “Active Topics” and you should see the challenge towards the top of the list

    Look forward to seeing you all there for the FEBRUARY 2019 – SHORTEST MONTH CHALLENGE!

    Day 29 – NFD (But I eat too much)
    Day 30 – NFD

    Didn’t check in yesterday as my life is out of control. However my clothes that were getting too tight again are fitting better! After I was sick in the fall I put on some fat going into the winter and I can tell that is melting away again.

    The pants that were getting tight are like 33″ waist … 38″ waist used too be tight, so it is a whole different game now!

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Off to Qigong soon. Hope everyone has/had a good Tuesday! 😊😊😊

    Dozens of businesses and activities (all schools) closed for Wednesday. I’ve never seen anything like this weather. And I am 70. Unreal.

    Day 29 Ohio, US — MFD(#7) ✔️

    A good MFD. Last night we didn’t get any of the snow that was forecast, but it was pretty chilly and windy all day. Had a meeting with a student who is working on an independent project. It was so much fun that afterwards I was so energized that I had to walk around for 5 minutes before I could sit down. That’s the best part of teaching. Yesterday the massage therapist remarked on how tight my muscles and ligaments were, so this morning I did yoga instead of the Chinese exercises. Throughout the day I could tell that my over-all muscle tone was much more relaxed. Alas this evening my left knee hurts, and knee pain was one of the reasons why I shifted away from yoga. I’ll do some acupressure tonight and then tomorrow I’ll try using a little pillow to cushion the knees when I kneel. With any luck that will resolve the matter.

    @songbirdme I do wonder if people are over-reacting to the cold weather. In this area up to about 5 years ago or so, it was pretty standard for the wind chill factor to below -10 F (-23 C) for 3 or 4 weeks. It looks as though this round of cold weather will last less than a week. My attitude is that just a single swallow doesn’t make it Spring, a single arctic blast doesn’t make a disaster.

    @dykask Hope you’re life gets back under control fast! Your progress is inspiring! My long term goal is to get my waist measurement down to near that also.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 30 – Perth AUS – FD (800)
    Day 29 – FD (800)

    Almost there. Scary how fast this month has gone! Hope you’re all ok with the freezing temps up there in the northern hemisphere! And to those in the south… hope things are cooling a little. Perth starting to heat up again tomorrow and Friday.

    @matpi – yes, seems like the information explosion has people very scared about this cold snap. But now, at 11:15 P.M. it is -40 on my windchill weather station report, -19 actual temp. That is plenty cold.

    Day 30 Melb Aust FD (second of 4)

    Going okay so far. Late afternoon here, and hot yet again, 37 degrees C, but…

    @ciren2, Melbourne weather, blink and it changes. Tomorrow will have a maximum temperature of 21, back to the 30s for the weekend and down to low 20s early next week. Hope we don’t get any more in the mid-40s though.

    @songbirdme, schools would never need to close here due to snow, except maybe in rural Tasmania, but could definitely close if the weather is too hot. Very different.

    @beedoo, I sympathise with you missing your mother – it’s the particular time of year, isn’t it? My mother died in 1981 and I still miss her around this time of year, too – she died at the end of January, and her birthday is the end of April, so these 3 months in particular.

    @ccco, great you’ve settled into a fasting WOL which suits you. I’m still trying a few things out.

    @lorky35, read your comment about your brother with interest. Wonder if he’s a TOFI like Dr M was – thin on the outside but fat on the inside. i.e., with fat around his inner organs???

    @michelinme, inspired to read that you’re 35 lb less this year than at the same time last year, even in your busy lifestyle. Yay!

    @at, thanks so much for running the challenge this month; it’s been really helpful to me. So glad you were willing to step up for February. I’d have missed the support, but too much of a newbie yet to volunteer.

    @dykask, wonderful that your waist size has gone down so much.

    Which brings me to a problem I wonder if anyone can answer – I fasted yesterday, about 600 cals, and my hips measure slightly less, but my waist is not reducing in size. In fact, I feel bloated. I did have a heap of “coleslaw-like” vegies at dinnertime last night (no mayo), and I’m wondering if that’s the problem. At this weight, I would normally have lost some of the stomach spare tyre, but it’s not happening. In fact, my stomach looks and feels fatter than it did when I was 3 kgs heavier! For this WOL, I’ve been changing my diet a bit, to foods like uncooked vegies that I don’t normally eat. Could that be the problem? And no, I’m definitely not constipated. Just not sure what’s going on, and would appreciate some suggestions.

    @betsylee, for me my waist is the last place I seems to lose fat and the first place I seem to gain it. In fact a lost a good amount of weight before my mid-section started to improve. However I’m a man and that tends to be typical for men.

    I have found though that refined sugar consumption tends to drive the amount of fat I have around the middle. For me it is even more impactful than calories.

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    3rd if B2B2B

    Light dusting of snow and -1C but hoping all you guys under the Polar vortex are doing ok. As @ciren2 says hurray for our temperate climate and the Gulf Stream keeping us mild in the winter months.

    I got the Fast800 book yesterday, read some last night. Needed to be reminded of things….ie one boiled potato has as much sugar as a tablespoon of sugar!! What?…..
    Carbs and fat on their own are not really appealing but together…..oh my, that’s what causes cravings.

    So as I am still in the plateau (like a lot of us) for January I might try the 800 cals 5/6 days a week in February (starting next Monday and giving myself Saturday off) and hopefully I can clamber off Mount Plateau. If I can get DH on board all the better

    @betsylee…like @dykask all my weight goes on my waist. Right now I am wearing a size 10 skirt which fits on the hips and bum no problem, but very snug at the waistband. Now I used to wear a size 16 skirt so I am not complaining but just aware where any extra pounds sit…and they are so hard to shift. But keep on, we are in thus together.

    Finally, thank you @at for keeping the forums going. They do look after themselves once set up, but you are an exceptional hostess and make time for everyone. The couple of times I have hosted I am afraid I have been a bit tardy with response but at the end of the day it’s about keeping us all herded together. Thank YOU 🤗

    Day 30. UK. Fast800

    Well I’m pleasantly surprised today. On weighing I’m down a full 1lb. That for me can be considered a ‘whoosh’ as I normally lose in .1lb – .3lbs increments, then up a bit. But I’ve had a few consecutive days with small losses and a full 1lb today.

    This Fast800 seems to be working for me and I will carry on with it for February. I have also cut down on starchy carbs such as gluten free bread. Might have twice a week rather than daily. Only 1 potato with skin on or a few tablespoons of brown rice etc. I’ve increased fats and proteins (within my 800 cals).

    @mapti sounds like you have a very fulfilling career. Very rewarding.

    @dykask hope you regain control of your life and well done on feeling looser in your clothes! Down to 33’ from 38’ is fantastic!

    @at Thank you so much for being our February Forum Mummy. You’ve done an awesome job this month!!

    @michelinme well done for staying away from the carbs. I seem to be doing better now I’ve reduced them.

    @annemarilyn 72 hours fast. Wow. That takes stamina and strong resolve. Sending positive vibes.

    @betsylee I hear you about belly weight/size. I’m the same. I’m reducing every where but not so much on my belly! Also our bellies might be a touch smaller but we can’t see it as everything around has reduced more if that makes sense. I also think it might be due to insulin resistance/liver fat etc. Once blood sugars are reduced and our internal fat (visceral) starts diminishing and the liver is as not fatty then I think our bellies will go down. It’s a complicated process me thinks. Not just about cals in versus cals out.

    @daffodil2010 I’m enjoying the Fast800 book too. I find it helps motivation etc to keep reading around this wol. I’ve also just bought Fast Cook book, which has loads more recipes etc. We are skirt twinnies! My size 10 skirts are ok or even loose around my bottom and thighs etc but tight on the waist band. Tummies are stubborn beasts. Blood sugar related I’m sure.

    Peace & Love

    Day 30 Belfast NFD

    I’ve been MIA for a few days and have rather fallen off the wagon. ☹️I started the month doing really well slaying that sugar dragon but it’s gone awry. So for me, I’m looking forward to a fresh start in February.

    @beedoo – I drink decaf tea and coffee all the time as caffeine can cause inflammation to the lining of the stomach. In truth I don’t notice any difference now.
    @northerndawn – your cold weather has reached our screens and it looks scary. I hope everyone affected takes extra special care. How crazy this world has become with such extremes of climate.
    @kaywesterman – well done on that painting.
    @songbirdme – yes, I read the book and saw the drama. It was very powerful and ahead of its time I think

    I haven’t time to read all the posts I’ve missed. I’ll try to catch up later.

    Have a good day

    Day 30 – California – FD

    Pocket list day 30

    @elektron (800j
    @judyjudes (800)

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800

    Off to Tai Chi soon. Then meeting DH on campus for coffee and checking out an art exhibit. Love living so close to the University of Utah Campus! 😊🎓😎

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! 😊😊😊

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