Needing help with the next step. DIET PLAN

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Needing help with the next step. DIET PLAN

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  • Hello The Fast Diet Forum,

    As you guys can see from the title I am looking for some guidance on the next steps of my weight loss goal, a diet plan.

    About 2 years ago I was weighing in at 158kg and I was becoming so uncomfortable and unhealthy it was time for me to do something about it. I started using the local gym for 45 minutes a day 5 days a week. In the beginning, I hated it but these days I actually look forward to going.

    Currently, I am now weighing in at 108kg and feel really good but I still want to be losing another 10kg at least to get my body fat down to lowest it’s been since I was a child. In terms of my diet, the only thing I changed 2 years ago was sodas and sweets. I still eat 3 times a day and whatever I want. But, now I have gotten to that point where working out alone just won’t give me the results I am looking for so my diet has to change.

    I have been looking into fasting twice a week but there is a lot of different opinions online about fasting and the correct way to do it so where better to ask than here! As of when I can eat, at the moment I’m eating pizzas, Indians, Chinese, home cooked foods, you name it I will eat it. So what fun a flavorsome food can I introduce into my diet?

    Really looking forward to speaking with you all. All suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated. If there is any other information you guys need please leave a comment below and I will get it added on asap.


    Look for lots of recipes with non starchy veggies in them. Lots of veggie curry dishes, Mexican bean type recipes. Get rid of the processed white carbs like pizza, bread, breakfast cereals, rice etc.

    Just did a quick google search on non-starchy veggies and found these straight away
    Amaranth or Chinese spinach
    Artichoke hearts
    Baby corn
    Bamboo shoots
    Beans (green, wax, Italian)
    Bean sprouts
    Brussels sprouts
    Cabbage (green, bok choy, Chinese)
    Coleslaw (packaged, no dressing)
    Greens (collard, kale, mustard, turnip)
    Hearts of palm
    Pea pods
    Salad greens (chicory, endive, escarole, lettuce, romaine, spinach, arugula, radicchio, watercress)
    Squash (cushaw, summer, crookneck, spaghetti, zucchini)
    Sugar snap peas
    Swiss chard
    Water chestnuts
    Yard-long beans

    So I am spoilt for choice which is awesome. I eat rice almost every day for lunch and dinner so this is something I am going to have to force myself to stop, I do love rice but I see the angle you are coming from and I like it.

    Thanks for you time sharing

    Processed white carbs are broken down into sugar in the stomach and are already being absorbed as glucose. That nutrient payload never makes it to the large intestine where the majority of your gut bacteria live. Happy gut bacteria = good health. Foods with soluble and insoluble fibre means your gut bacteria are having a party which is a good thing.

    Spinny, well done on your weight loss. That’s an enormous effort you’ve already put in.

    In addition to the veg, you will also need some protein on a fast day as it helps you feel full for longer (fat does too, so if you can afford the calories add a small amount to your meals). Here are a few ideas of meals that don’t require a lot of work:
    Curry – eg cauliflower, onions, carrots, beans and lean chicken with any curry paste you like.
    Omelettes with a filling of baby spinach leaves, asparagus and mushroom.
    Any vegetable soup with some cooked meat or legumes added for protein.
    Stirfry veg – eg broccoli, baby corn, spring onions, capsicum, snow peas (mange tout) with prawns, chicken or cashews for protein
    Portabello pizza – really large field mushrooms (stem removed) topped with tomato, capsicum, herbs and cheese and grilled.
    BBQ/Grill – thick slices of eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgettes), mushrooms, asparagus spears, capsicum (peppers) brushed with olive oil and grilled. Add a small piece of fish or meat to the grill as well. (Any left over grilled veg are nice in a salad the next day.)

    Stir fries and omelettes are very quick to cook and curries and soups take a little bit chopping but then can be left alone to simmer – so still not a lot of work. I find recipies that don’t take much thought or effort are the most useful on fast days. I always keep suitable soups in the freezer for those fast days when I can’t face cooking at all.

    Unlike many others, I do eat all sorts of carbs (although I choose wholegrain not white or highly processed), but usually only eat them on my non-fast days. For example I never use rice, but I do use freekeh (green wheat) as an alternative. Compared to basmati rice, it has 18 times the fibre, 2 1/2 times the protein and 3/4 of the carbs. Once cooked, freekeh looks and tastes a lot like brown rice, although I think it has more flavour. (Once cooked in boiling water you can drain the freekeh and freeze portions so that you have it on hand quickly when needed). You don’t have to give up grains on non-fast days if don’t want to, but if you continue to eat them it is sensible to make some better choices than white rice. Other alternatives that I also use are kasha buckwheat and quinoa as they are also much higher in fibre. (Because of digestive issues that I have, I need 40-50g fibre per day. I can’t reasonable get to this level with veg & fruit alone, so I carefully choose grains and legumes that get me to the required level.)
    Generally on a fast day I have a serve of dairy, a serve of protein, 3-5 serves of veg and sometimes a serve of fruit. I generally eat only one meal on FDs (dinner) and I get through the day with cups of milky tea (this is my serve of dairy, a cup of milk used in cups of tea). If I’m having a tough time getting through the afternoon I may have a serve of fruit – preferably strawberries as I can snack on them slowly and they are lower in sugar and calories than most other fruits.

    Everyone seems to find a pattern that works for them on fast days and it is usually unique to them. So experiment a bit and find what works for you.

    Spinny, congratulations on your 50 kg weight loss over the last 2 years! That’s impressive! You have a very good start already. You must feel so much better.

    You’ve already found a long list on non-starchy veggies. How about picking out your favorites and keeping a good supply of them on hand so you always have some thing on hand when you’re hungry.

    I just started this eating plan on May 10 and find it pretty easy to stick to so far. Even on the fasting days you can eat 500/600 calories so it isn’t a complete fast. I measure and count each calorie on the fast days but just try to eat mindfully on the other days. Knowing that you can eat what you want on the day following the fast makes it seem easier. Just pick your fast days, such as Mondays and Thursdays, or whatever works for you. It’ll get to feel like a habit after the first couple weeks. It’s easier than I thought it would be. And there are always people to talk to on this forum. Since it’s worldwide across several time zones, it seems someone is always around.

    So welcome, and looking forward to seeing you here.

    @lj. What an awesome diet plan. KISS principle at work. If you cant be satisfied with that sort of variety then you really don’t like food.

    loads of great replies here guys and thanks for the compliments but I still have a long way to go until I am at a healthy weight. I do feel great being so much lighter and the fact I look so much better in the mirror is a bonus, life literally looks up when your feeling good about yourself.

    With everything above I am going to write a meal plan and then pop it up here either later today or tomorrow and I would love some more feedback from you guys.

    I found this South Beach Diet cookbook here I have read so many good reviews online. So with that cookbook and my list of veggies, I will have healthier meals sorted in no time. I found writing a meal plan with no meals in mind is not the best idea.

    Back soon when i have more recipes

    Well done Spinny. My weight has been as high as 152 kg (probably higher when I’ve gone for long periods without weighing myself). I’m currently at 132 and my initial goal is 110 kg. I’m guessing that you are a lot like me: I can lose weight easily (6 kg for me in June and I had a fair few bad days) and I can gain weight even more easily.

    Intermittent fasting works really well for me and I find it easy to follow. Low carb also works really well for me, also easy to follow but a little too difficult sometimes to fit into my lifestyle.

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