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  • How many of you are working on increasing your NEAT? Non-exercise, activity, thermogenesis? I think that’s what NEAT stands for though not sure about the “T”. Anyway it just means moving more while doing your normal daily activities.

    Years ago I heard it referred to as keeping your body in “perpetual motion”. Even just figiting helps burn more calories.

    If you are doing this, what are you doing?


    I have stating standing at work. I only work 3 days a week, 7 hours a day, but it is a start.

    I am also on the search for a free app to to on my iPhone that can some how graph my movement. Not just steps or a workouts but the time I spend not sitting still. Not found it yet, but looking.


    Sounds a bit like QS (Quantified Self). There are a lot of gizmo’s these days that let you track many, many things. Free might be an issue there though…

    Why the need to track it by the way? Just keep reminding yourself in other ways, or make lifestyle changes like walking to work or taking the stairs every time.

    So is QS considered a bad thing?

    Free because it is just a curiosity in the same way that using a pedometer or calorie counter or scale(for weighing food as well as myself) or anything else like that.

    I like to keep track, not so much for the day to day knowledge, but to see the trends over the past year or two.

    I do already make the obvious lifestyle choices, ie. park at the back of the lot at work or when shopping, use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walk to coworkers office to give messages instead of using the phone or email, use the upstairs restrooms instead of the closest one, take things up stairs at home as I come across them instead of making a pile on the stair to take them all up at once, etc.

    However I don’t doubt that I tend to fool myself, otherwise it is unlikely I would have weight issues in the first place right? Seeing it quantified and having something to “better” can be a motivating tool, and at the very least is interesting to see.

    Nope, I think QS is a good thing! My university does projects with it so that’s why I linked them together. They use a lot of them gizmo’s.

    To me it sounds like you’re already doing a lot more than most other people! I understand the need to keep track, so sorry I can’t be of more help (don’t own any iOS apparatus whatsoever).

    Hope you find something!

    So then do you have a recommendation for a gizmo that quantifies NEAT? My fitbit has been acting up and I suspect I am not long from needing a new pedometer, would be interested in replacing it with something that would count steps, monitor sleep, and show time standing or fidgeting vs. sitting and would tell my computer the results in some sort of graph form so I could watch my progress.

    Not asking for too much right?

    Oh and can be discreetly worn, the wired shorts from Dr. Moseley’s exercise special would not work for me;~)

    There’s some of them on there. My university is currently working with a product that isn’t on the market yet, so can’t talk about that sadly. There was also a very good one on Indiegogo a while back but that campaign ended.
    I’m not sure if there are any there that quantify NEAT specifically, but something like may come close. I just think NEAT is very hard to quantify and most people are interested more in tracking other aspects, so finding a good one for NEAT may be hard.

    thanks so much, I will look into it. My fitbit cracked this morning so I am sure it is not long for this world.

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