My progress…exciting!

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My progress…exciting!

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  • Thank you David and Karen….

    David…thanks for the link. Patience is the key…i guess πŸ™‚ but i realize I need to go a little lower in my carbs.

    karen.great you knocked off the other pound..i hope to do so too πŸ™‚

    starting with renewed energy today!!! πŸ™‚

    Hope you knock some lbs off too. I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last 12 days so I’m happy with that. Had a few treats today though so going to be really careful this weekend so I don’t blow it and end up back to square 1 on Monday.

    Have a good weekend. x

    Hi karen and david…managed to drop 1 of the two lbs finally. Getting a hang of this now. Feeling positive and happy to see some results. How are the two of you doing?

    Well done la_dolce just keep going and you’ll get there in the end!

    I’m doing ok. With eating more normally after last Thursdays fast I put half a lb back on over the weekend which was better than last week but after my fast yesterday I’m back to my weigh in weight of last Friday so I’m happy with that. I’ve got a busy day today – work this morning then an appointment this afternoon so Ill have breakfast but probably won’t have time for lunch and I think we’re going out for a meal this evening (and wine) so that will probably be all I’ll eat today.

    I’m the lowest weight I’ve been for the whole of the Winter, I would guess maybe for a year, so I’m sticking with this and hope I can get the last few lbs off before my holidays in 10 weeks. I’d be happy to lose another 3 lbs but 6 or 7 would be ideal.

    Keep me posted with how you’re doing.


    fast day again….
    expecting thw worst as i spashed out on carb over the weekend as it was my birthday-had loads of peices of toast monday so i will weigh in thursday innstead of weds… suffered sinus issues as a result and as well.

    how often do you weigh in karen?

    i’ve goy a busy day tomoz as well-another reason not to have a weigh in 1st day at work-so i will take ryvita- i was surprised to discover bananas had more calories than tomatoes.

    I weigh myself every morning but only count a Friday as my official weight. It helps me reign myself in if I check every day.

    thks thats true but I dont have that mental devotion- if i weighed in daily any increase and i would get disilusioned and have to tell others, so be discouraged which is I guess where dolce vita is……- thats what used to happen in weightwatchers and in the end stopped me going. the early weeks are always rapid but then when water is off you need i think about nutrient rich food like fruit and veg.

    I weigh in every day as I need to keep myself in check…it works for me and little losses make me excited…little weight gains keep me cautious…and i use this forum as a daily journal…to vent, to celebrate, to learn :-).i love that the two of you are part of this journey!!

    Aww thanks la-dolce its good to have support it keeps the motivation going.

    Today I touched 160lbs…lowest weight since I started this was of eating..i have increased my fruit and protein intake…grapes are in season and my satisfies my sweet tooth πŸ™‚

    YOU WERE UP EARLY? I woke to get my weigh in! well done dolce vita-commisserations to me i weighed in today at 14 2-it could have been 14.4 or 14 so i picked 14.2

    then when I looked at my weight chart it was like i got all my sums wrong? I only lost 7lb since in i started? but thats wrong so now I am 7lbs down over 2 weeks since i weighed in at 14.9 my start weight was a guestimate of 15.5

    i reckon its coz my mum is cooking carb and I am eating it. and also coz it was my birthdaY LAST WEEKEND

    Well done la dolce. So how many lbs is that you’ve lost now? You can be forgiven celebrating your birthday David but now back on this.

    Where are you 2 from anyway. I live in the North East of England?

    Thanks Karen and David…belated birthday wishes…you sure did enjoy yourself.:-)

    karen ive lost 8 lbs with this way of eating and overall 26lbs…and i live in India…:) it?

    thks karen i live or spend alot of time in cumbria and some time in london

    Hello , David , Karen and la doice vitta . would you mind if i joined you disscussion group please

    I am 61 and have a big fat belly (so my family keep telling me ) lol . thing is i want to loose it

    Welcome lancsken…you are most welcome to join this discussion. I started it as a daily journal and was happy to have david and karen join me! We have found success…so far and I am sure you will too…

    If you have read the previous comments you will know that Ive lost 8lbs in the last 3 weeks…and have many many more to go (35-40).

    Today’s weight: 160 lbs. Good day today so far…been eating light and healthy. Travelling on work to Rome all of next week. It will be the first time I am travelling on this way of eating. So wish me luck!

    How is it going Karen, david and lancsken? Have a great day!

    hello again, its my fast daY AGAIN- TRIED MY BEST NOT HAVING breakfast which is easy at my mums but as I am in london I had 4 tbsps of oatmeal and 2 tbsps of Oats and 1 tbsp of sugar and 1 dsp of sugar in porridge for brEAKFAST, SHOULD MeaN I can stay of fruit/veg no carb for the rest of the day as there are no temptations. as my mjum says its all about quantities but I have now had 2 compliments about how well i look.
    i dare not start taking measurements!

    i was 217lbs when i started on 5 march and on thursday my weigh said i was 198lbs. so technically 19 lbs sensible weight loss averages 2-3lbs a week they say

    is int this your fasting day la dolce vita?

    Wow…19lbs is very very impressive…keep it going and like you may slow down…but you have gotan excellent head start. All this with 5:2!! Soon you will be the poster boy for success! πŸ™‚ im rconsidering my fasting days as I am travelling next week!!

    Well guys I put on a lb this week so a bit disappointed but onwards and downwards and today, although not a fast day, I’ve eaten very light meals to hopefully get back to last weeks weight.

    The pair of you have done really well, keep up the good work and have a nice trip dolce.

    I used to live in Cumbria David (Workington) but moved back to the North East coming up 14 years ago.

    Have a nice weekend all.

    Thank you karen…i hope to test my will power over next week. Yes, it can get disappointing with the stubborn scale…but may be you dont have much to lose in the first place? I have easily another 40 odd pounds to go. Onwards n downwards πŸ™‚ love that.

    have a great weekend all..!!

    I only originally wanted to lose around 7-9 lbs so probably its harder for me. My husband lost 5 lbs and 1 inch off his waist this week after not loosing anything the first week so he’s pleased with that. I’m just keeping plodding away though.

    sorry guys i bin offline and hectic after my car broke down-and being let down by jamaican car engineers.
    i am making today my fast day!

    thks karen the north east is incomparable to workington, why more is not written and known about the “castle” in newcastle i will never know but you see it on every train arrival!

    here’s hoping a light couple of days will have helped towards my weigh in tomoz!

    in week one la dolce you lost 5.7lbs whilst in wk two i think i lost 7 lb dont know what my start weight was really but guestimated it at 15 stone 5 1lb
    had my weigh in and with guests my mum and a stressfull week end trying just to quench my hunger- but binging i reckon i knocked of 1 lb which is below trend but was really demotivated last week when i only lost 2lbs- trying to get used to an empty tummy. again and high fruit/veg intake

    where are u guys karen and la dolce? i thought we had the same fast days la dolce?
    today is my second fast day of the week. 1st was a train journey-i was so tired i had pnuts and a beer on the train

    Sorry David had a really busy week and yesterday my son came to visit me for the weekend from Workington so didn’t have a minute!

    I’m doing ok. Still plugging away and I’m fasting today. I ate a wee bit too much rubbish yesterday (don’t think I went over my TDEE though) and I’m worried that I’ll not lose anything tomorrow on my official weigh-in but I’ve decided to do 4:3 from next week if I’ve stayed the same. I think I’m plateauing a bit because I’ve not got alot to lose so maybe fasting an extra day will help. Anyway I’ll see in the morning.

    la dolce has been very quiet too this week, not a peep out of her so hope she’s ok.

    Sounds like you’re doing fine David and still losing so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t lose big amounts every week, that’s normal. My husbands doing this with me now too and first week he lost nothing, last week he knocked off 5 lbs and about 2 inches gone from his waist in 2 weeks. He’s weighing in the morning too and I expect he’ll have lost again because he’s really disciplined (better than me)but he needs to lose around a stone to get to a healthy BMI so has a bit more to lose than me.

    Hello to both and yes…I am very quiet this week as I am in Rome in a conference…lots of work and little time to eat πŸ™‚ hopefully this will help me stay on track. I will come back and respond to each of your messages…thank you…do well and take care!!

    Glad you’re still around La dolce and Rome sounds amazing even if you are working. Hopefully you will be too busy to eat badly whilst you are there.

    thks guys,
    i am now 13 st 13lbs! below 14!

    Well done David πŸ™‚

    Well guys – weigh in today and I’ve got rid of the lb I put on last weigh in and lost another lb and a half. That’s 4.5 lbs in 4.5 weeks so I’m more than happy with that! Thankfully I’m going the right way again so hoping for a small loss next week to get me further to target. I’d be happy with another 3 or 4 lbs but 6 or 7 would be my ideal, not sure if I’ll make that but will be giving it my all over the next 8 weeks.

    Have a good day x

    good morning karen

    thks after my first weigh in i was thinking ” well it wont take me long to knock off 28lbs”- but this site sayds its better to just xpect 1-2lbs a week and ond if you are not getting it go 4.3 or intermittent-every other day- i must admit at home with my mum its hard to calorie count and we have a guest, so try to stick to tea & coffee and stay away from carb xcept at night

    well done karen back on track dand dont forget your formula

    I don’t think this is a quick fix David and to be honest slow weight loss is more likely to stay off in the long run. How much have you lost now? My husbands lost half a stone in 3 weeks and 2-3 inches off his waist so he’s done really well, I can see him shrinking week by week so I still think blokes do better on this than the ladies.

    Men seem to lose more weight more quickly, usually because they are larger and have more muscle mass(muscles burn more calories than fat). If you take more exercise, walking is very good, then you will increase muscle mass which in turn will burn more calories, as well as toning.

    Make sure that you eat your TDEE and alter that as you lose weight.If you don’t eat enough then you will not lose weight.

    A pound a week is very reasonable, but don’t forget to measure the vital statistics as you will shrink as well.Some weeks you will shrink and not lose any weight, and then again some weeks you will lose weight, but not shrink.The aim is for a waist that is less than half the height.

    It is a marathon and not a sprint.

    Aaaaaand I am back!!! πŸ™‚ ready to start. I did not put on any weight…good thing. I am ready to start again with my home cooked food. The conference had such delicious stuff! But i was reasonably good πŸ™‚

    Well done david and karen…on continuing the progress…thanks annette for the worda of wisdom…really helps to learn from your experience…

    thks karen, have to be carfeful though i do. today i used one of my mums belts as a pair of trousers didnt fit me(too much round the waiste)- but even though there was a post on here saying excercise wont help you loose weight not long ago-which made me not do training in the gym so often- I do go to the gym or if not conveninet swim- so whatever others say i think regular excercise in your/my routine really helps on two fronts-it makes you less hungry and tempted when you are in the “fasting” mode(during the week for me) and counting calories, it makes you feel happier, has health benefits like a stronger heart and helps you sweat off toxins in your body, which fasting does on fasting days-reduces toxins

    i didnt have a weigh in when i started though karen, i might not have been 15 5 when i started, but if not since i started weighins i guess on a fair basis i have lost 1/2 stone- la dolce knows it was 6 march.
    6:31 am

    4 Apr 14

    ” I don’t think this is a quick fix David and to be honest slow weight loss is more likely to stay off in the long run. How much have you lost now? My husbands lost half a stone in 3 weeks and 2-3 inches off his waist so he’s done really well, I can see him shrinking week by week so I still think blokes do better on this than the ladies.”

    spashed out over the weekend with our guest-i need to get back on track and
    a) calorie count
    b) no carbs
    c)lots of fresh fruit and veg-my book says each colour veg each day
    maybe i will go back onto ryvita and marmite when i start work tomoz and NOT BISCUITS!
    then come fri have my weigh in

    already had 228 calories of them today

    my tdee is now 2392, so 1/3 is around 750-800

    KAREN,dont suppose you know anyone who can rent out a room round where you are?, casual like-in return i will pay them a room daily rate and do any tax/letting admin they are worried about.

    Don’t think I know of anyone letting a room David are you looking to move to the North East then?

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