My face fat issue

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  • Hi guys
    I started 5:2 diet since 8 months ago and i lost 11 kilograms of my weight but my face became too skinny and my cheekbones came out of my face ,everyone says your face was better before,im still not fit and i don’t want to put weight on again,im really depressed i want to continue my diet but with this situation it’s seems impossible.i don’t want face fat injection or anything like that.please help me I’m really depressed.want my natural face fat again without over height is 173 cm and my weight is 63kg.
    What can I do?!

    Have you been exercising? A good fitness programme will help you tone up, which can mean gaining pounds, but in muscle not fat. This will certainly make a difference to your face. Don’t get depressed, get determined!

    Hi Sofrina – you’re probably not on here any longer, but thought I would respond anyway. I’m also 173cm and I would never go below 69kg. I look too sharp in the face if I do and even more so now I’m older. I think 63kg is really on the low side for someone 173cm tall. You may be better off really working at gaining muscle definition and putting on a bit of weight. And we all know that muscel weighs more than fat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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