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  • I have been doing 5:2 since February 6, 2017 and wanted to share my experience to date.

    I am a 57 year old male and am on synthroid for Hashimotos disease. When I started, my weight was 230 lbs and my blood pressure was 145/95. I was relatively inactive due to some nagging injuries. Also, I was becoming sensitive to sugar/carbs in that a dish of ice cream could leave me with a nasty hangover if I ate it after 7:00 pm the night before.

    Today, my weight is 219 lbs, my blood pressure is 125/75 without medication, and my activity level is up significantly. Besides the improved numbers, my appetite has changed quite a bit – I really don’t crave sugary foods now but look forward to my fasts. I really enjoy how good food tastes the morning after completing a fast!

    My wife and several friends are giving this a go as well – it’s working for each of them to varying degrees.

    Good luck to everyone else embarking on this approach to eating!

    Hi ifworks4me

    That sounds like a good result for both weight loss and BP in a short space of time and loss of sugar craving will help.

    I’ve only just started on 5:2. Yesterday was my first fasting day so I’ve got a long way to go and a lot to learn but everybody has to start somewhere!

    Good luck with continuing your weight loss.


    Hi Dolly,

    Thx for your note – I feel really fortunate for how well the IF approach has been working for me.

    Congratulations on starting and getting through your first day. The fasts do get easier. Remember to drink lots of water as it helps w/hunger pangs (I prefer tea). Also, I find I get chilly on fast days so I unapologetically layer up to stay comfortable. Reading and connecting on the forums is helpful too.

    Last – think long term and be kind to yourself. This is not a fast fix so be patient. A missed fast or an overindulgence is not the end of the world – forgive yourself and look ahead to the next day.

    Good luck!

    Just passed the two month mark and continue to see positive results. Weight now 216 (started at 230) and blood pressure averaging 120/70. Fasts have gotten easier – still have to be mindful to dress warm as I feel a bit chilled on fasting days and I drink a lot of tea! Have added push ups and planks to my daily routine and am making good progress with them (but have a long ways to reach my strength goals). Reading the forums has been helpful and the occasional Tedx video on IF has been informative as well. Best of luck to everyone’s efforts!

    Still tracking with doing fasts Monday and Thursday. Weight now 214 lbs (15 to go to reach goal), blood pressure solidly in the 115-120/65-70 range, and push ups edging above 20 per session (started w/less than 5). Have tried doing 36 hour fasts w/no food at all and while they weren’t too bad, I could not stop eating for 24 hours afterwards! When I started IF in February I was hopeful to get back to where 36″ waist jeans were comfortable again – now they are falling off w/out a belt. Appetite keeps shifting – craving veggies (roasted beets lately), pistachios, and my health smoothie concoction. Best of luck to everyone undertaking this change in lifestyle!

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