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  • I have been doing 5:2 since February 6, 2017 and wanted to share my experience to date.

    I am a 57 year old male and am on synthroid for Hashimotos disease. When I started, my weight was 230 lbs and my blood pressure was 145/95. I was relatively inactive due to some nagging injuries. Also, I was becoming sensitive to sugar/carbs in that a dish of ice cream could leave me with a nasty hangover if I ate it after 7:00 pm the night before.

    Today, my weight is 219 lbs, my blood pressure is 125/75 without medication, and my activity level is up significantly. Besides the improved numbers, my appetite has changed quite a bit – I really don’t crave sugary foods now but look forward to my fasts. I really enjoy how good food tastes the morning after completing a fast!

    My wife and several friends are giving this a go as well – it’s working for each of them to varying degrees.

    Good luck to everyone else embarking on this approach to eating!

    Hi ifworks4me

    That sounds like a good result for both weight loss and BP in a short space of time and loss of sugar craving will help.

    I’ve only just started on 5:2. Yesterday was my first fasting day so I’ve got a long way to go and a lot to learn but everybody has to start somewhere!

    Good luck with continuing your weight loss.


    Hi Dolly,

    Thx for your note – I feel really fortunate for how well the IF approach has been working for me.

    Congratulations on starting and getting through your first day. The fasts do get easier. Remember to drink lots of water as it helps w/hunger pangs (I prefer tea). Also, I find I get chilly on fast days so I unapologetically layer up to stay comfortable. Reading and connecting on the forums is helpful too.

    Last – think long term and be kind to yourself. This is not a fast fix so be patient. A missed fast or an overindulgence is not the end of the world – forgive yourself and look ahead to the next day.

    Good luck!

    Just passed the two month mark and continue to see positive results. Weight now 216 (started at 230) and blood pressure averaging 120/70. Fasts have gotten easier – still have to be mindful to dress warm as I feel a bit chilled on fasting days and I drink a lot of tea! Have added push ups and planks to my daily routine and am making good progress with them (but have a long ways to reach my strength goals). Reading the forums has been helpful and the occasional Tedx video on IF has been informative as well. Best of luck to everyone’s efforts!

    Still tracking with doing fasts Monday and Thursday. Weight now 214 lbs (15 to go to reach goal), blood pressure solidly in the 115-120/65-70 range, and push ups edging above 20 per session (started w/less than 5). Have tried doing 36 hour fasts w/no food at all and while they weren’t too bad, I could not stop eating for 24 hours afterwards! When I started IF in February I was hopeful to get back to where 36″ waist jeans were comfortable again – now they are falling off w/out a belt. Appetite keeps shifting – craving veggies (roasted beets lately), pistachios, and my health smoothie concoction. Best of luck to everyone undertaking this change in lifestyle!

    Did two 36 hour no food fasts this week (Mon/Thurs). Fasts weren’t too hard but not sure I will continue the calorie free approach as the day after bounce back is pretty severe with wanting to eat everything in the house. Weight continues to track downward – 212 this week (18 lost since February 6th and 13 left to reach goal) and strength building going well (27 push-ups!). BP stable at 120/70ish. Friends/neighbors starting to notice the weight loss – I try to be an ambassador for IF w/two people trying it so far.

    Feeling fortunate the IF WOE is working so well for me 😀. Wishing everyone else doing IF success!

    Tomorrow marks my 3 month anniversary for doing the 5:2 lifestyle. Weight now 210 (20 lbs lost) so 11 to go to reach my goal weight. Fasts went well but did have serious carb cravings after Thursday’s fast. Now doing 30 push-ups per day and getting some swimming in as well a couple of times per week.

    Have been reading a lot of the forum posts and they really do help sorting out what is going on during this process of learning a new way of life.

    Continued success to everyone undertaking this lifestyle!

    Overall it has been a pretty good week. Did 36 hour no-food fasts on Monday and Thursday. Only time felt hungry was during dinner prep for the family but was able to make it through ok. Urge to eat everything in sight after fasting is tempering a bit, but if we have chips and dip in the cupboard I don’t have much self control. Have added roasted beets and sweet potatoes to my breakfast food and now crave the darn things.

    Weight now at 208 lbs (down 2 lbs this week, 22 lost so far, 9 remaining to reach goal), BP numbers looking good, and nudged up to do 32 push-ups (but the last ones were killers!). Have noticed I am sleeping better (having or at least remembering more dreams) but I do wake up thirsty so I now keep a water bottle at hand.

    Only bad news is the others that tried 5:2 out w/me have given it up but I hope they will give it another shot.

    I feel incredibly fortunate this is working so well for me.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Hi, Ifworks4me
    36 hours no food impressive!. I’m doing 36 hours 575kcal Mon & Thur. And 11am breakfast every day. Today its 1pm so time to eat. I did 25 push ups last time. Best of luck!

    Hi Stardust09,

    Thanks for your note.

    The 36 hour food free fast came from two things. First, I was starting to plateau on my weight and needed something to shake things up. Second, once I start eating, it’s hard for me to stop so it makes it easier for met to just power through. It’s interesting to me how doing this has moved me from a mindset of “I have to eat now or I will die of hunger” to one of I can eat later and it will be fine if I wait a bit.

    Once I reach my goal weight I am going to give skipping breakfast a try as part of maintenance as I don’t feel especially hungry in the mornings.

    Congratulations on the push-ups! Body weight exercises can do amazing things for us – my next step is to get a pull up bar (can currently do zero) and see where I can take those.

    Best of luck to you.

    Hi, @ifworks4me! Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Whoo-hoo!

    I really liked how you said that IF has changed your mindset of “I have to eat now or I will die of hunger” to one of “I can eat later and it will be fine if I wait a bit.” This has been happening to me too, and it feels…AMAZING! It’s wonderful to feel like I have a little control over my appetite rather than feeling like it has control over me.

    I’ve been dabbling with IF for a couple months now, but I want to stop dabbling and make a commitment to it. I’m fasting today and plan to do so again tomorrow. And my goal is to get in better shape as well. I haven’t done a pushup for a very long time. Well, I’m a woman, so I do them now on my knees, but I used to do them on my toes and would like to get back to doing that. It might take some time, but with motivational posts like yours I have something to look forward to! Thanks!

    Oh! I forgot to mention that I am on synthroid too. I worried I couldn’t lose weight for a long time because we couldn’t seem to get my thyroid levels right, but the very weekend I started IF, my levels finally evened out. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting now. 🙂

    Hi Redcoyoteblue,

    Thanks for your note. I feel so fortunate to have found this approach as I seemed to be running out of options. Another poster said it very well in that IF is a practice like yoga and it takes time and effort to master, so don’t sweat mishaps – just learn from them and stay on your path. The benefits are so worth it!

    Best of luck to you!

    Another week in the books. Completed 36 hour fasts on Monday and Friday of this week. Midweek went down w/a nasty bug of some sort that laid me pretty low for 24+ hours but seem to be recovered now. Weight loss on track – lost 2 lbs more so now at 206 (24 down from start, 7 to reach goal). Missed several days of strength exercises but will get back on track today. Signed up for a sprint triathlon in 3 weeks so excited to see how competing at a lower weight feels. Had lots of food awareness moments this week – sugar is indeed evil, but it can be sooo good! As another poster said – 5:2 is a practice so keep learning and moving forward.

    Wishing success to everyone on this journey!

    This week went well, but was a departure from my earlier pattern due to family obligations. I completed 2 fasts (Mon and Thurs) but did eat in the evenings rather than waiting until morning. The fasts were pretty easy and it did help to be rather busy both days. I did add brazil nuts to my list of things to eat as the selenium they contain is supposed to help thyroid function – we will see! At least they taste good……

    Weight still tracking and am now at 204 (26 down, 5 to reach goal). I am off track badly with strength work and expect to resume this next week. Looking forward to the triathlon in 2 weeks and will need to be careful w/how the fasts intersect w/my work out plans.

    Hope things go well for all the 5:2ers out there!

    Just passed the 4 month mark doing 5:2. Weight currently 200 (30 lbs lost) and considering moving target to 294. BMI now below 25 for the first time in 15 years. Comfortably fitting into 33 inch waist jeans- was pushing 38s when I started.

    Not doing well w/strength training but my energy level has been great and I did well on my sprint triathlon (first time winning an age group medal) this weekend. Completed the demolition phase of a deck rehab project and love not being worn out by the effort. Still get the occasional carb/sugar urges and let them pass without too much damage.

    Fasts have become almost incidental and I feel very confident this is where I will be for as long as I keep knocking around on this earth!

    Best of luck to everyone adopting this lifestyle – keep tweeking it and you will find what works for you. It is worth the effort and the feeling of being in control of your health is priceless!

    Wanted to do an end of year update for 2017.

    I have maintained my weight at 200 since my last posting which is the best I have done at weight maintenance ever! I did have some twists in the road – the biggest being getting my thyroid meds lowered due to an over-reactive doctor and then spending 3 months getting back to where I need to be (with the aid of an Endocrinologist). My b.p. has been steady and other than a bout of flu, I have been feeling pretty good.

    I have been pretty faithful with building some muscle – I did 36 push-ups this week and am working to reach 50. Also, I have been doing a core strength routine for runners that has slimmed my middle and I may even see some abs peeking out soon. I am signed up for a 13.1 mile winter trail race in 3 weeks and am shooting for a pace of 9:00 min/mile which would be a PR for me. Still need to work on flexibility and balance to improve my sit/stand score.

    I have been doing 6:1 for most of the past 6 months (some 5:2 to lose the lbs added during my medication correction). The weekly break really suits me – I feel reset and healthier after my fasts.

    Feeling very blessed as 12 months ago everything (weight, blood pressure, energy level) was tracking the wrong way and today they are in great shape. WooHoo!

    Best of luck to everyone trying this lifestyle – it’s remarkable so many benefits are available by doing less!

    That sounds like great progress. I just got back on 5 2 and am going to push forward to my target weight which is 165. I am doing it mainly for the metabolic benefits. Lerning that getting through the fasts and not eating at night is hardest part. I ve always been a pretty big fan of body exercises, but need to do more to get strength Let us know how your trail run went.

    Great to follow your progress IFWORKSFORME, amazing Blood Pressure results too. I hope 2018 is as amazing healthwise as 2017 has been.

    For me one of the points you make in an early post about how great food tastes the day after a Fast is the crux of it. When things get tough I find it eases the pain not to concentrate on the fact that I can’t eat today, but how great the food is going to taste tomorrow.

    Good luck and good health

    It’s really encouraging reading about your progress, ItWorks4Me. I’ve had my first fast day today. I hope it works for me too.

    Hi Caroline,

    Congratulations on your first fast day. Hope it went well for you. My first fasts were horribly hard – headache, cold, and hungry! But they got easier and am glad I stayed with it. Be patient and don’t be hard on yourself as you go!

    Best of luck to you

    ItWorksForMe I survived. Today I’m on fast day 2. I learnt a lot on the first fast day. I ran in the morning (I always run without eating breakfast so it was normal) then after an inadequately thought out light lunch (2 extra large hard boiled eggs), I had an hour in the gym doing some strength work with a bit of skipping in between sets. I then had insufficient calories left to have a sensible dinner and then I slept badly. But I did it.

    Today I went for a 12K run. Ate a plum. Then stir fried a bowl of veg and a handful of prawns. I’ll have crab & spinach salad for dinner then a bath, read my book and an early night. Hopefully the better planning will assist with a better night’s sleep.

    Hi Caroline,

    You are ambitious! One comment I wanted to make is that I used running as a way to get me through the part of the day I was most prone to feel hungry. My weight loss effort was centered on the 5:2.and managing what I ate. For me, as I got into the rhythm of fasting my appetite changed quite a bit and moved away from craving sugar all the time. I did have a couple incidents where I pushed too hard on the exercise during my fasts and felt pretty woozy; I found my limit was about 5 miles. Luckily a few bites of food brought me back pretty quickly.

    Best of luck to you!

    Thanks. That’s all very useful to know.

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