More on what to do if you’re not losing weight

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More on what to do if you’re not losing weight

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  • I want to lose 5 pounds. So I go to the gym 3 times per week and go on a diet. I downloaded Garmin Connect app to track my workout results and Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. I found them at for free. Very useful apps for those who wants to be slim & healthy.

    Need help!!
    I’ve been doing the 5-2 for over 3 1/2 years now, initially everything was going great! Starting weight was 252lb and I managed to get down to 200-205lb within a year….that’s when It went bad. My weight plateaued for 2 years (which I didn’t really mind, wanted to lose another 14lb but was happy). Back in January, I went on holiday for a week, in that time, I managed to put on 15lb 😱
    I’ve been really strict this year but getting weighed this morning, I’m exactly the same weight as January.
    What is going on? Why can’t I lose weight???

    What are you eating? Its either portion size or the foods you are eating. Avoid grain based foods like bread, pasta, pizza. Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes. Avoid ALL fruit juice. You want fruit have a whole piece of fruit. Avoid all sugary drinks. Avoid all breakfast cereals including the “healthy” ones, they are pure crap. Get your carbs from veggies as the carbs are locked away in fibre. Don’t be scared of fats like cheese, butter, avocados. Get your proteins from tofu, beans, tuna, almonds.

    Do you eat up to your TDEE on non fast days? Try a water only fast on your fast days.

    Hi bigbooty, thanks for replying.
    When I started the diet, on non-fasting days, I ate everything and anything I wanted (which usually meant pizza & chips on an evening….most nights!) and the weight dropped off. Then one day it just stopped. I guessed that I plateaued after 50lb or so because I was eating too much.
    However, since meeting my girlfriend I’ve eaten a lot healthier, she’s doing the Slimming World diet and we usually eat the same food….meat and lots of vegetables. I’ve lost 1-2lb, she’s lost 19.
    On fasting days, I can have between 0-600 calories, usually from fresh fruit. But nothing that I try seems to work, even tried 4-3. Sometimes I even gain weight on fasting days!
    Could my body have gotten used to fasting and is storing energy/fat for the days it has to go without?

    Short answer is yes. Your body is going into storage mode. Buy yourself a blood glucose meter (as in what diabetics use). They are really very cheap to buy. I measure my blood glucose every morning and it gives you a big insight as to how you react to certain foods. The lower your BG the lower will be your insulin levels. Insulin levels determine your body set weight point. If I have any grain based foods the night before my BG will be 5.5-6.0. If I don’t have grains it will be low 5s or below. After my water fast it will be low 4s. Experiment and see how you react to different foods. Weird as it is you could use it as motivation to eat the right foods.

    Im not sure youre “gaining” weight on your fast days. I think that’s just a weird combination of water retention or food in transit before it heads out and maybe you not weighing yourself at the same time every day?

    i dont understand.
    what is out blood glucose meant to be!
    what are we looking for
    what does it all mean
    i dont mind buying one but i want it to e courage me not scare the hell outta me
    are they ok while taking meds
    does that affect results


    in the interviews mosley said over n over you can et what you want as long as you dont go mad on your feast days. this clashes with info on here about sticking to the atkins diet on feast days.

    bigbotty, are you the nutritionist or the moderator. wherever i post, there you are! lol

    Im neither. Im just super keen to help newbies. Sometime my enthusiasm is taken the wrong way. Ive been successful I just want everyone else to be successful!!

    It’s not helpful to call non-fast days ‘feast’ days, as it suggests that you can tuck in. Haven’t you found that your appetite has reduced anyway?

    I have a real struggle to eat anywhere near my TDEE now. We’ve found that we leave potatoes or chips when we’re eating out and now I choose salads.

    Week four, now weight lost at all. 44 at 190lbs. Good on fast days, active and good on non fast days. Not sure what’s going on. Can loose weight on “normal” diets no problem. Not sure if i’m loosing fat? Wishful thinking. Will give it another month I guess.

    John, are your clothes any looser? There’s a thread on that topic. Are you only eating to your TDEE on non fast days?

    We found the first few weeks slow, mainly because of sluggish digestion.

    I think they are actually a little looser. I don’t understand how I loose inches and not weight? I only come close to TDEE on weekends as I’m pretty active and not that in to food when I’m just in my work mode during the week. On weekends I don’t over do it. No pizza, ice cream, sodas or things like that ever. I don’t drink any calories during the week and then mostly wine on weekends but not the entire 48 hours :0

    I’ve read the first few weeks are slow, just thought after a month I could undo a few years of unhealthy eating…seems reasonable right;)

    Hanging in.

    I started this diet a couple of years ago , and then my wife and I went off course and lost our way. Just got back to it and started on Monday, I have lost nearly 4kg, and was losing every day even though it was grams, today I have put on 2 grams, we are very strict with our intake of carbs and cals as well.
    Does anyone else find they seem to “put on” rather then “stay” on certain days?

    Im assuming 2 grams is a typo? 2 grams is half a teaspoon. Food in transit will vary day to day. Your expenditure will vary day to day. Your liquid intake will vary day to day. This is not uncommon. As long as your trend is downward all is good.

    Good luck Kandm1!
    For those who’ve stopped losing weight, I also found the FAQ’s reassuring, as many others have found things a bit erratic-
    I’ve been doing ADF for 4 weeks now- lost 6lbs in the first 2 weeks, then nothing at all week 3, so was getting a bit fed up until I read the above posts. Then this week I’ve lost 2lbs again- yippee!
    There’s a calculator on the home page too fro working out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, which is helpful as mine is nowhere near the ‘average’ 2000 cals. And others have posted suggestions for working out the TDEE for your target weight so you get used to eating only that much.

    bigbotty, I am weighing myself in Kilos and grams everyday, I know it might not be the right way and should weigh each week instead lol, but I see where you are coming from. Thanks for your support.

    @battleship. In your earlier post you said “today I have put on 2 grams”. I was asking whether that was a typo and you meant to say 2kgs?

    bigbooty , no it was not a typo, I meant 2g

    Im not sure that achieves anything positive? 2g?? If I have a glass of water that’s 200g. If I trim my finger nails or have a haircut that’s more than 2g.

    I weight myself daily but don’t really concern myself too much if I go up or down 200-500g. Every Tuesday morning is my weigh in day. If Im up I set about losing it for the week. If Im down I set about gaining for the week.

    Sorry I twice typed 2g meaning 200g it must be an age thing or time for me to give up with iPads lol.

    Been doing the 5:2 for 3 weeks. Actually I’ve been doing 4:3.
    1st week : 5lbs loss
    2nd week and 3rd week my weight keeps bouncing to my original start weight to the weight after my 1st week.

    Maximum I’m eating on non fast days is 1700 cals. I’m weighing and logging everything on mfp. I’m very overweight (115.5 kg starting weight) so I should be losing.

    Any ideas what’s wrong?

    Hi Lisa and welcome:

    The average weight loss on 5:2 (and, believe it or not, 4:3) is about a pound a week. You have lost 5 pounds in three weeks, so you are above average.

    You might check this thread out:

    The ‘Really, No Weight Loss’ link might help explain.

    Good Luck!

    @lisa_london. Its not uncommon to have periods of no loss. Having said that eating the wrong types of food even if youre not going over your TDEE will make it real hard to lose weight. Your body is left with two options, access stored fat for energy (you lose weight) or reduce youre metabolic rate to compensate. Initially liver function is very compromised so the easy thing to do is to reduce your metabolic rate.

    Describe a typical days food intake. Try and eliminate all sugars and all processed grain based carbs. No fruit juice, no bread, no pasta, biscuits cakes etc. Get your carbs from veggies. No potatoes.

    Good luck.

    I was chuffed to find I had lost 6kg over two weeks, then I went out for a meal to celebrate my son- in -laws, birthday, I ate sensibly so I thought, giving potatoes, bread and desert a miss, but still managed to put on 1kg. I am going to give the 16:8 diet plan a go (still keeping with in the 5.2 guide lines) for one week hopefully this will give my weight loss a boost.

    Agree. When I was trying the 5:2 diet plan, initially, I didn’t notice any changes in my weight or belly for first 3-4 weeks. So I started observing and noting down what all I was eating on the week days. And it turned out, I was eating too much Tuesdays and Fridays after fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. So I cut down my Tuesday and Friday eatings to normal what I would eat normally would eat on Sundays and Saturdays and Wednesdays. And eventually I started noticed some results. Had to do a couple more small tweaks in my schedule and daily routines to optimize it though.

    Yes it is always a good idea to record what you have eaten, as it is so easy to forget the odd titbit that soon adds up. Also it is important to drink plenty of water, this helps flush out the kidneys and toxins.

    If you are experiencing headaches, I recommend more water or salt.

    I lost 35 pounds which I am very happy about. I feel a lot better. I have been doing this 5.2 for about a year now. I have been stuck with no weight loss for about 4-6 months now. I love doing this because I feel healthier and that is one of the reasons I was doing it besides wanting to lose weight. I am wondering what I should do now because my weight has not changed for a long time. I am starting to exercise more now. Do you think my body got used to this and now I am just maintaining doing the weight now on the 5.2? What should I do? Any advice?

    By definition what you eat and what you expend are now equal. You could increase to 4:3, significantly increase your exercise, although that usually is compensated by eating more, or you could dramatically alter what types of foods you eat. A low carb keto style diet may produce results. I do not follow a strict keto diet but all my carbs come from veggies, some fruit and legumes nuts. I do not eat ANY processed grain based carbs. They are very carb dense, most of the fibre has been removed and the insulin spike caused by their ingestion is large.

    I lost weight on this diet and then I stayed at that weight for months and now I am gaining weight. I haven’t changed anything except I started exercising a little bit .. 10 minute workouts at a time. treadmill and yoga what should I do? I am getting so mad that I gained 7 pounds back!

    Are you drinking enough water?
    Try counting cm’s instead of grams. (i.e measure instead of weighing)
    Try extending the 5.2 to 4.3.

    Did you ever find a theory for this as I suffer the same? Lost 7lbs and hardly any fat..

    Today is my first day on the diet. Day one is very excited and good for me. I feel very active and energetic. Thank you for your tips.

    I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my experience with the Red Tea Detox from Liz Swann Miller.

    This stuff really works! I’m down 12 kg, and I’ve only been drinking this amazing tea for 60 days. Since having twins last year, I’ve really struggled to get back to my pre‐baby body. To be honest it’s been a real drag. I’ve felt sluggish, depressed, completely un‐sexy and my relationship with my husband has suffered…..

    It works! More reviews about this tea you can find here.

    I downloaded as well free EBOOK very userful detox beginner quide.

    Hi @pamollygram I don’t think that the exercise you have been doing has anything to do with gaining weight. Have you checked what your TDEE is for the weight you want to be? If not do that and eat to that amount on NFD and 1/4 of it on FDs and I’m sure you will see a downward trend.

    To share about me = I am a 60 y.o. female. Height = 163cm/5ft 4in – currently weigh 53.6kg/118lbs. I do 3hrs of yoga a week, 1hr pilates, 1hrs aerobic classes and I go hiking at least twice a week 5-8miles (I count my exercise level on the calculator on this site as lightly active) I reached my target in December 2016 following this WOL and have been in maintenance below 55kg since then. My TDEE is around 1500cals. I still follow this WOL not only to maintain my weight loss but for other health benefits gained.

    Good luck with your journey

    Many people post Thyroidectomy relentlessly put on weight despite an active life and a careful diet.

    Is there anyone out there struggling like me on the IF plan to get the better of their hypothyroid state? How is it going? Have you learned how to adjust to hypothyroidism? Are you successfully overcoming the problem of a sluggish metabolism? Is IF working for you?

    I would love to hear from you!

    Hi Roldan,

    I did not realise I was hypothyroid when I began the fast diet. I followed it and became fatter. So did my partner.

    Two yrs later or so, I found out that I was hypothyroid from a doctor who tested my T4 and T3 levels. I had symptoms but my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone was within normal limits.

    So then I went on thyroxin. If I had not known my mother’s case, where she got tremendously fat and then suffered permanent dementia because she could not convert Thyroxin to the active T3 thyroid hormone, I would not have known what to do. However I found a doctor who tested my T3 and T4 and then he put me on Dessicated Pork Thyroid capsules, which have more T3 than human thyroid hormone.

    Even on replacement therapy of Natural Dessicated Pork Thyroid my weight was stationary. Until I

    (a) stopped all starches and sugars, including fructose – so, no bread, pasta, potatoes, cakes, and only very rare low sugar fruits

    (b) started fasting three days a week

    Good luck.

    Thank you Patilpooja for your reply. Much appreciated.

    It’s just wonderful to know that there is a solution to the problem.

    Unfortunately my Consultant is totally unsympathetic to my weight concerns. Maybe because I am otherwise very healthy and not grossly overweight and elderly! Or perhaps she thinks I am just fussing. As an octogenarian still want to look and feel my best!

    I have put on 10 kgs in two years and an now verging on “overweight”. I may be vain, but I don’t feel at all happy with my current frumpy figure especially as the weight just keeps coming despite my best efforts.

    I am seeing my Consultant soon, so I shall broach the subject of T3 and see if she will consider a change in my medication. I am not hopeful as I understand that the majority of Doctors will not prescribe anything other than Thyroxine. I am English and live in Spain and my Spanish may not be good enough to argue my case efficiently.
    I think that you were extremely lucky to have found the Doctor you did.

    In the mean time I have already done as you suggested re. starches and sugars which is preventing further weight gain (hooray!) but as yet I have seen no loss.

    I have just started a fasting plan and as you suggested. I shall try the three days initially. If that does not work perhaps four days would? I find the discipline of fasting easy. It is the days between that I find difficult!

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