More hungry AFTER lunch?

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  • Hi all
    I’m on week 6 and so far I fast until around 1pm / 1.30pm, then have a 200 cal lunch and then will have 300cal dinner around 7pm.

    I am ready for my lunch but afterwards instead of feeling satiated I feel even hungrier! My stomach rumbles and gurgles and actually feels empty.

    Does anybody else find this?

    Hi Batwoman,

    Yes I used to find the same. Not eating solid food at lunch helps a lot. It might not be for you but I now have a cup a soup at lunch and milky teas and coffees throughout the day amounting to 200cals but no solid food until about 7pm then have a 300cal meal with lots of protein. I dont get the intense hunger in the afternoon anymore at all. I think there is something about not getting your stomach going which in turn increases your appetite.

    I fast exactly the same as you both on my two 500 cal days.
    A Light lunch of 150-200 cal and 300 cal for dinner. I used to feel really hungry and like I needed a snack straight after lunch so now I drink lots of fruit/herbal teas throughout the day and always with lunch and dinner.
    Monkeyslim -I like the idea of having soup for lunch as I have conditioned myself with all that fruit tea. So might try that going forward.

    I am 11 weeks into my 5:2 change of life and am very happy with my weight change and general feeling of wellbeing. Good luck guys and nice to hear of others doing lunch AND dinner on the 5:2!

    Yeah I would really recommend trying it. I was at a kind of breaking point with the 5:2 after a few months from the hunger pangs. This seemed to really solve it for me, quite often i’ll do soup only fast days

    Same thing here – I may eat a carrot here and there, which tends not to make me hungry, but save all my other calories for dinner.

    My first few months on 5:2 I did the same thing and then I forgot my lunch (or was too busy to eat it or something) one day and boom! Discovered I could make it all day without eating just as easily as I could get through a morning. No going back after that. I often do the same on non-fastdays too to prevent myself going MENTAL at lunch and sabotaging my calorie allowance for dinner.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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