Mood swings!

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  • Is anyone else experiencing mood swings since starting the diet? I’ve only been doing it a week and a half but have noticed a big difference in mood. No particular pattern, I’m not particularly grumpy on fast days as I expected I would be, I have a past history of depression, but this is up and down like a yo-yo!

    Hi:)Yes, I am only just one day in to the 5:2 and like you have a similar history. I found that on my first day keeping myself extra busy to the point where I wasn’t thinking about food helped and distracted me from any mood swings. I did find that the following day after the fast my mood was high, as the book said but maybe this was to do with the sense of achievement?
    I am concerned about this in general and how fasting will affect my moods and emotions, particularly at work. Also I can turn to food when stressed. But its mind over matter, I want to succeed at this diet!

    Hi, so glad it’s not just me! I’m finding the fast days fairly easy, like you I’m keeping myself busy. I’ll be happy if it is the fasting causing the swings as hopefully it will even itself out as my body gets used to it. Would love to hear from anyone who has been on the diet longer, with similar problems at the start. I guess any major change to how you eat will have some sort of effect, let’s hope it passes, good luck! 🙂

    Hi, yes i used to have mood swings as well as headaches, it does pass as you get used to this new way of eating, i found by week six it had become part of my routine. xx

    Just done 4th fast day and now found my mood was really high…felt great all day. Not sure if this is normal but not complaining! As it does say in the book, you do experience feel good effects during a fast. Hope it continues :)) x

    I noticed the boost or euphoria from the Fast Days as well 🙂 And the huge spike this morning…when after 1 week I had lost 2.5 pounds!!!! And painlessly. I am enjoying the alternating fast days and am going to continue until I reach my target weight…then either go to the 5:2 or even maybe the 6:1 to maintain it!

    Happy Fasting 🙂

    Hi Carla yeah I’m playing around with it too…at the moment averaging a 4:3 rather then a 5:2 and preferring work days. I’m completely hooked 🙂 x

    Hi all,
    Reading this makes me feel a little better about the mood swings I have been experiencing! I find the first fast of the week is generally ok (Tues) but on the second I tend to feel terrible – erratic moods and can’t focus on anything. I have a history of depression and been off my medication just under 3 months. The day after I generally feel fine, but yesterday was pretty horrible.
    I don’t think it helps that I work from home at the moment (am doing a PhD) ,which may change in October and should no doubt help keep me busy.
    I am losing weight, which is keeping me going and hoping that,as others say, that I’ll just get used to it and it may calm down a little.

    Any tips to stay balanced would be greatly received! 🙂

    On fast days, I am rather irritable. I have found however a big upswing in mood when I’ve weighed myself! 🙂 hee hee. I am definitely grumpy on fasting days-I’m just going to be real and when it’s over–I cannot wait to eat my normal amount of calories (1200 or so).

    Hi, yesterday was my first grumpy fast day in the 4 weeks since I started, however I think that was more due to the fact my other half kept me awake all night snoring like a rhino, and it’s pmt week. However, mood took a definite upswing after a full night sleep and down another 2lbs! I’m usually very strong and positive on fast days, my boss has even commented on how upbeat I am! But I guess we all have bad (mood) days at some point 🙂

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