month four plateau–need encouragement

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month four plateau–need encouragement

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  • Hi,
    I’ve been doing this since March, and I lost 10 lbs the first two months. Then hit a plateau.
    Haven’t really lost anything in two months.

    I just regrouped and reduced my fast day calories to 365, roughly 1/4 of my TDEE of 1475 (I’m 5’3″ and 140lbs). It sounds like a good plan, but I’m SOOO HUNGRY. I tried going without food altogether but it didn’t work.

    I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and after the first two weeks I had so much energy it was wonderful. Now that that has subsided, it’s sometimes hard to keep myself busy enough that I don’t think about food. I also am sort of sad that that energy rev-up in April didn’t continue (I thought I’d found the cure, alas…). Maybe lowering my fasting day calories is like starting all over again? and after a couple of hard weeks I will get energized again? A girl can dream.

    Here are some other techniques I’m using
    a. make my fast days consecutive, because after fasting for a day I have less hunger
    b. fasting or not, one dessert a week (Ice cream=weight gain)
    c. limiting carbs the day before I fast

    Any other recommendations or ENCOURAGEMENT for me? Thanks!

    Hi Ellen,
    So sorry you are having such a hard time. I am doing 5:2 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and although it hasn’t been a wonder cure, life is a lot easier without the extra weight!

    I hope you start losing weight again. I haven’t used scales, but I could tell by my clothes that I lost fairly steadily, and I also decided early on that the light fasts make me feel so much better, I would keep doing them even if the weight loss was very slow.

    I have some very easy fast days, and some very hard ones, when I am hungry and irritable and I can’t concentrate on anything. I console myself that those difficult feelings are my body doing the good things for my health! And I can manage by reminding my self that I can have a good big breakfast the next day. This forum helps by cheering me on too.

    I think you are doing really well thinking of techniques that will suit you. Just keep at it and surely you will find things that work. You seem to have a nice balance of clear limits, and being kind to yourself. I do so hope that you are rewarded by finding your waist bands a bit looser this week!

    Thanks @cinque! It helps to hear that some fast days are easy and some are hard. Some people make it sound like the whole thing is a breeze so I start to think maybe it’s me. I think being female and having cfs/fm complicates things. I’m almost to that breakfast tomorrow!

    Hi Ellen,

    I wouldn’t describe you as overweight? Your BMI is below 25. What weight are you wanting to get to?

    Ok try something a little different. You do two consecutive days, that’s fine and that’s how I used to do it (I only do 6:1 maintenance now). Since you say that you are less hungry on the second day why not attempt to make that a water only fast. I allow myself coffee (with a splash of milk) or tea on those days.

    What do you have for breakfast? Avoid toast or cereals. Have an egg or some high fat low sugar yogurt.

    Hi bigbooty,
    Thanks for responding! Great name! I should’ve made my name ‘big tummy’.

    I just have coffee with cream for breakfast. No or very few carbs. I’ll try the water only on the second day next week, too late today. I had scrambled eggs about 3:30.

    I’m no longer overweight by bmi standards and believe me that 24.8 number made me quite happy. But I have high blood sugar and my mom has type 2 diabetes. So I’m trying to avoid that. I’d like to lose ten or fifteen more pounds. My hip to waist ratio is 89 and it should be below 85. I’d like to look and feel better in my clothes and lose this strange pot belly. Lol.

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