Migraines on fasting days

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  • I have had migraines all my life but I usually get them because of hormones or stress. I have been fasting 2 days for over a year now with only the occaisonal migraine on fasting days. Only for the past 4 months I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a migraine every single fasting day. Its so frustrating as I have to get up and take strong medication which I dont like doing but I dont have a choice as I have to go to work in the morning. Its gotten to the point I’ve stopped fasting and put back on the 7 kilograms I lost.
    My physio says its because I am getting hypoglycemia from not eating after 8pm until the next morning. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a way around it? Would love to hear from other migraine sufferers.
    Thanks Vicky

    Buy yourself a blood glucose meter. They are really cheap and readily available online or visit a diabetic store. That way you can check if this is indeed the case. 8pm till next morning is not an excessively long period but you never know. Maybe change up how you eat. Have your last meal really late, say 10pm instead of 6pm (or whenever it is you eat dinner.)

    Hi Vicky,

    Hypoglycaemia is very rare in non diabetics without an underlying medical issue and as bb says, 8pm until morning is not a long period to go without food, in fact it’s normal for most not to eat after dinner until the next morning. Maybe your physio is a little muddled…….

    I also did a quick internet search and can’t find anything that suggests hypoglycaemia would trigger a migraine.

    The big question is what changed after 8 months of successful 5:2?
    Your diet, your job, your personal situation, new medication for an unconnected issue? Any illness such as an infection? Why are you seeing a physio, do you have a back or spinal issue which may be the cause of the migraines?

    If you can’t think of anything that may have contributed to triggering migraines then I suggest it’s time to see your GP.

    The other thing is that stopping fasting should not cause weight gain unless you haven’t changed your eating habits in the time you’ve been following 5:2 so you should be able to prevent further weight gain by eating a bit less every day until you are feeling better.

    I’m new to 5:2 and I previously had chronically low cortisol and low thyroid hormones. Until I corrected these, I was not able to fast or exercise without consequences such as migraine, nor lose any weight, no matter what I did. Both exercise and fasting require the body to produce more cortisol and because my adrenal glands were not able to keep up with such demands, I’d experience a migraine backlash along with some other ‘hangover’ type symptoms during fasting or post exercise. Not sure if you also get migraine during or post exercise angelz?

    god i hope that doesnt happen to me, i am on 4 meds for terrible migraines. its one of the main reasons i am water fasting. x

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