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Meal replacement shakes

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  • Hi I am new to the 5:2 diet, and I am looking at using weight loss shakes for simplicity on the fasting days. I have decided to try Purition shakes has anyone else used these? Also can I have four shakes on a fasting day or is this too much? I am a type 2 diabetic and I was diagnosed by a routine blood test when I turned 40 in 2014. I was devastated…I managed to lose weight through regular dieting and brought my hba1c number down from 55 to 44 and then 43. I have since put the 2.5 stone back on that I lost over the last two years, and my reading is back up to 50 so I am looking to kick start my weight loss again. I have never been on medication and I keen to keep it that way if I can.

    Any advice greatly received! Thank you!

    I am in the U.S., and I have never heard of those shakes. I am lazy and refuse to cook on fast days (except for making soup), so I am going to use shakes too. I am using Premier Protein shakes. I’m on the 800 calorie fasting version,and these shakes are filling, so I think they will work for me. If your 4 shakes fit your fasting calorie allowance, I don’t see how they can hurt you. But since you are diabetic, maybe ask your doctor about this? Perhaps someone else with diabetes can come on board here and help you. I know many are purists and hate these shakes, but I’m no purist and I feel weight loss shakes can be helpful.

    Thank you for your reply it’s encouraging to hear that you are also using shakes. I am in the UK so I think Purition is a UK brand, and the shakes are meant to be very healthy real food. The reason I was wondering if 4 shakes were ok on a fast day is that I read about having veg as part of it?

    I asked my doctor before about doing a low cal diet and he just said I could try it if I wanted to. I am very excited about the 5:2 diet is it tough mentally on fasting days?

    Thanks for your advice.

    I’ve just had a look and there is a site in the US as well as the UK.

    Thank you Princessleia, I will go into that link later! Also, don’t worry, you’ve done this before and you can do it again!

    Aw thank you I can’t wait for my shakes to arrive I’ve ordered a sample box so I can try all the flavours!

    Thank you for replying to me it’s lovely to get some support especially as I am new on here!

    princessleia, you are very welcome.

    I went into the website and those shake mixes look like very high quality shakes with a really good amount of protein. For me personally, I need a lot of protein to feel full!

    I have an enormous amount of the brand I use, since I bought them when a good sale was going on, but when they’re all done, I might venture out into another brand.

    Well, today is day 1 of me returning to 5:2. I am going to do two back-to-back fasts to get them over with for the week! Hope you are doing well.

    Hi yes I am excited about these shakes they do look really tasty! I tried another brand called Exante and they didn’t taste very nice so hopefully these will be better!

    Good luck going back on the 5:2! How do you cope with your fasting days?

    Actually I didn’t try that one yet. I just started my weight loss journey. So looking for a reliable one.

    Hi you can get a sample box like the one I’ve ordered from Amazon to see what flavours you like. Mine are coming tomorrow so I’m looking forward to trying them out. I think if shakes taste horrible it’s harder to stick to it!

    princess, I fasted on Monday and it went well. I was going to fast on Tuesday as well, but I switched the second fast day to tomorrow. Let us know how those samples taste.

    That’s good well done Ella! I will let you know how the samples are they should be here tomorrow! How do you cope mentally on a fast day? Is it hard to stick to?

    Drinking lots of tea and fluids really helps. I try to keep busy all day and not think too much of food. Doing 800 calories really helps. A few years ago, I lost weight doing the original 500 calories on fast days, but I couldn’t keep it up. It wasn’t sustainable for me. I was starving. That said, many people do well on the 500 calories, but for me, I think the 800 will work well. I just saw a new book on amazon UK that amazon US doesn’t carry, about the updated 5:2. I’m such a nerd for these books. I buy them all! 5: 2 has really taken off in Europe. It’s sadly not as popular in the U.S.

    I think I would need to drink a lot of tea that sounds good! My purition shakes are here I’m going to try and do a fast day with them tomorrow so excited!

    800 calories does seem a lot more doable than 500! I’ve got Dr Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet book it’s really interesting.

    I will let you know how I get on tomorrow I will make sure I keep busy!

    Princesleia, please let us know how your fast day went.

    Hi yes I will do I am doing it tomorrow it’s 9pm now on Thursday so I will be doing it on Friday what time is it where you are in the US? 🙂

    Princesleia, hope your first FD goes well.
    If you are wondering how many shakes to have, count the calories – this should be listed on the packet or tub of shake powder.
    If you are sticking to 500 calories then the shakes (and any milk you add to them) should not exceed 500 – or any other calorie limit that you are sticking to on fasting days.
    The only shakes I have used was before 5:2. I used optifast shakes to lose weight a few years ago and 3 per day was considered a full day of meal replacements. These were 200 calories each so if I had used them for a 5:2 fasting day I would have had 2 shakes and probably saved the other 100 calories for something else – probably some milk for cups of tea or some vegetables.

    Hi princessleia, right now it is Thursday, 4:35 p.m. in Southern California, Orange County. Where do you live?

    This has been a very hectic week for me. Only one Fast day this week! Oh well. That is maintenance on 5:2, At least I won’t gain because I am eating sensibly. I looked over my schedule very carefully, and next Monday and Tuesday are perfect for me – no excuses!

    As encouraged by Dr Michael Moseley id stick with real food not substitute food.

    i am newbe too and just this week decided on shake for my fast makes things so simple instead of me bothering about what foods to eat to stay on my calories.i would just the shake.i will be back to read ur progress.i nearly wanted to quit this week.i struggled the previous weeks and didnt get any fast day in till today.i am confident that i will do well with the shake.

    Hi all well I tried the shakes and they weren’t very nice! I tried the strawberry one and it just tasted of nuts so not for me! I will have to see what else there is what a shame!

    Ella – I live in England, UK 🙂

    Princess, I am so sorry the shakes were not good.

    My mother in law was born in Brighton and we have relatives near Bath. One day I will get to visit!

    Everyone has different tastes with lots of things including shakes. I found some brands OK and others awful. Even within a brand there were flavours I liked or didn’t.

    What I mostly did when I used meal replacement shakes was to buy a good quality vanilla shake powder (by good quality I mean that they should truly be a meal replacement and each shake should contain 1/3 of the recommended daily intake of all micro-nutrients – many do not do this and they tend to be cheaper).
    Then I used that as a base to add my own flavours. eg:
    – add cocoa or chocolate essence for a chocolate shake
    – add cocoa and peppermint essence for choc-mint
    – for an iced coffee add either a cold expresso or instant coffee powder
    – add vanilla paste and a pinch of either nutmeg or cinnamon
    – for a tropical smoothie, add a handful of fresh pineapple, coconut essence and ice to the shake powder and chilled water and blend until ice is dissolved
    – any essence that you like (eg vanilla, coconut, strawberry, peppermint, chocolate) can be added, but use them sparingly as they can be very intense

    Although shakes can be made by using a plastic shaker container, I found I got a nicer shake by using a stick blender so that I could incorporate ice into it and get a thicker shake. I also found that the colder they are, generally the better they taste.

    On 5:2 I haven’t used meal replacement shakes, I just have one meal (dinner) on fast days. However a few years ago I was morbidly obese and had over 50kg to lose. I did a medically monitored VLCD (very low calorie diet) for nearly a year and it initially involved replacing all 3 meals with shakes, then after 3 months it became 2 shakes and one low calorie meal. Consequently finding a way of using shakes that were palatable became rather important. Once I found the flavour combinations I liked I tended to stick to a small number of favourites.

    If you want to use shakes on fast days I hope you can find an option you like. It might be worth looking at the forum discussion on Michael Mosley’s blood sugar diet website. Because one of their diet options is 800cal every day, they do discuss meal replacement shakes as a suitable option and I expect there is some discussion about brands on their forum.

    Hi princessleia29, I have just picked up on your posts. I am not a medical person nor am I diabetic, close to it though. Your comments and other posters comments got the grey matter going. Firstly Michaels Blood Sugar diet book is a good starting place and having read it myself it seems that if you follow it then you should see positive results over 2 – 3 months. I believe he based the diet on research done by Professor Taylor at Newcastle University here in the North East. Professor Taylor, researching type2 diabetes has developed an 800 cal per day diet regime which has had fantastic results in reversing type2 and significant weight loss over 3 months. It includes I believe a meal replacement drink which is only available on prescription. Some time ago he was seeking funding to carry out further in depth research. You can get some info on this by going on the British Diabetic site and possibly contact his team via the University if you feel the need to.
    The Times newspaper, in todays edition carries a 3 page article on Valter Longos Longevity Diet including an article by Jenni Russsell a Journalist who “cured” herself of an autoimmune disease by fasting after reading an article by Valter Longo.
    By the way I suggest you order his book “The Longevity Diet” published Feb 8th it should be an eye opener in terms of diet and health. Professor Longo has also developed and sells a product called “The Fasting Mimicking Diet” consisting of meal suppliments and the course lasts 5 days. Problem is it costs around £250.00 and is sold through his firm called ProLon. Worth considering if you can afford it and have the determination. I think some one on You Tube did it and reported on her fasting journey.
    Whatever you try I hope you succeed.
    Good luck.

    I have 2 protein shakes on fast days. I find it is better to keep right away from solid food and only drink liquids on fast days.

    Having a proper meal on FDs helps instill the habit of smaller portions, as well as experimenting with flavours. Mimi’s recipes are very good.

    No one can use shakes in the long term and 5:2 offers a maintenance strategy.

    I do 16:8 Monday to Friday so I just eat lunch and dinner. On my 5:2 days, for lunch I have a USN diet fuel shake (either chocolate or strawberry) with 50 ml milk and top up with water. It’s filling and leaves me with calories to spare so I can have a nicer and hot dinner (I can’t do cold food in the evenings). I also switched to 600 calories recently as doing just 500 calories was making me miserable and dreading fasting days

    I include shakes in my 4:3 diet. I replace one meal per day on those 3 days.

    There are many recipes on the Internet for smoothies instead of food. You can experiment and create a smoothie with as many calories as you need. I used to think you could get all the nutrients by eating right, but that’s not true. That’s why it’s important to take vitamins and natural supplements periodically. For several months I felt tired and had no desire to do anything. But after I bought testosterone supplements here, I began to feel great, and the fatigue disappeared.

    Anyone has some new good recipes?

    Although missing a meal altogether can be better, not all meal replacement drinks are created equal in terms of nutrients or quality. If taken appropriately, one product may help you lose weight while another may have the opposite effect.

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