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  • Welcome to @dora and @mishty (for some reason I thought that this was your name mishty22001?? on here – apologies ) – I have moved your names so it remains in alphabetical order on the spreadsheet x

    Just to clarify as @fatfingers said – everyone marked in red has stated an intention to join the challenge and hopefully I have extended a warm welcome to them as well 😊

    I’m in for March. It will be my first full month as I only started two weeks ago. I looked at the spread sheet and it is so amazing to see what a worldwide community this is! I am looking forward to being part of it.

    I enjoy reading the forum, but I can see that keeping up with the challenge board will take a bit if time everyday. I think I will make a rule to only read it while I’m on the stationary bike. Maybe that will get me on that clothes holder that it really a stationary bike underneath.

    Thanks for hosting @at! I’m in for March as well! I ended up joining a few too many social things in February so I wasn’t super consistent with my FD. I did exercise plenty, and I was a LOT more aware of portions and eating healthier on NFD, so I still got pretty close to my goal for the month 🙂 Here’s to a new month~

    Thanks for including me in March @at. Looking forward to the new month. Marilyn’s march onward in the month of March 🙂

    Day 1 NZ

    Hi everyone, been MIA for a while. I decided to stop fasting for a week to bring my weight to what it would be if I didnt fast, and found out over the last three weeks I have lost almost 1 kg! pretty cool, looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

    Had two FD’s Mon/Tues and on to my third today, trying for 3-4 a week. Just gotta watch those coffees, calories creep up.

    All the best for the end of your weeks, onwards and downwards 🙂

    Day 1 – Auckland NZ – FD
    It’s the first day of Autumn here…

    Just posted this in the Feb Challenge before realising that March was up and running.
    @strawberriesandcream Ha ha! and thanks @dingping for your comforting words. We are house sitting and looking after pets or taking advantage of our kind friends! We were mean’t to be back into our house before Xmas and friends offered up their places so we didn’t think we needed to rent a place. It’s been really interesting touring the city and living in completely different styles of houses – state house, modernist house, 80s townhouse, villa, bungalow, apartments, farmhouse and now a luxury 10 year old house!

    Thank you @daffodil2010 for hosting February. And @at for March. Stay safe all you snow bound people! It sounds so much fun. My biggest problem is keeping the dog cool because I haven’t sorted out a haircut for him… He would love to play in the snow! Hopefully in March I can get going and loose some decent weight since it’s always easier when it’s hot. I loooove making and eating starchy winter food! Don’t know about wraps in the middle of winter! Can you do a hot wrap? Or is that called a burrito?!

    Also, what is a pocket list? And how do you join?

    Day 1 country West Australia NFD
    So good to be back in the groove after being MIA for some time.
    Already feeling better after 2 FDs during the week and 2 very restrained FDs
    Hoping to lose 2 kgs this month and to just do 5:2 properly as I was 15 months ago.
    Have a good day all.😊

    Whew……..I finally made it here……

    I didn’t think I was going to find an ending……I’m cutting it close…….

    Thanks @at for hosting! You are Da Bomb!

    Okay….. here is March ending!

    When someone yells STOP! I don’t know if it is in the name of Love, it’s hammer time or I should collaborate and listen!

    Now thats done…..

    About me……

    I’ve been married to the greatest man, I know for the last 21 years. We have two boys 21 and 18, who I’m beginning to think that they’ll never leave….lol
    I live in Florida but from New York……
    In Oct. 2016, I changed my eating style and became a 5:2 lifer….. in the process, I’ve lost about 40 true lbs…. more if you count my roller coaster weight….. I’ve been an active member of this forum from day one.
    Since changing to this WOL, I’ve jumped off the wagon, got bumped off said wagon, fell through a hole in the said wagon, laid in the dirt road face down, been trapped in airports, taxi drivers forcing me to eat ice cream, slithered in a skirt I couldn’t get out of, knocked a table over, sat on top of plateau mountain for ages and gotten odd looks from my dog…..I think I may have been step on too….
    But….. I have also fixed holes in the wagon, stayed dragons, moved mountains, pulled amazing people out of the depths of unknown, held hands, lessen my bouts of IBS, no more upset tummy for foods that didn’t agree with me and I sleep wonderful at night.
    Just as in life, you must walk through the good, the bad and the ugly to reach your destination.

    Okay….. that’s all the inspiration, I got for this evening!
    Hi… all my old friends……so, glad you’re here with me
    To the newbies…….glad you’re here, so hang on this is going to be the ride of a life time!

    When someone yells STOP! I don’t know if it’s in the name of Love, it’s hammer time or I should collaborate and listen!

    Day 1 Gold Coast, Aus FD

    Thanks for adding me to the spreadsheet @at, and for hosting the challenge!

    I’m 5’ 6”, just had a birthday so I’m now 64. Female, married and semi-retired. That means I often have too much time on my hands and eat out of boredom. I lost 12.5 kg last year, but got stuck December/January/February. I put back on a little, but still sort of kept on with 2 fast days per week – while not keeping to a rigid fast day all the time, it was enough to make sure I didn’t go back to the bad habits of the past. I am keen to get unstuck, so March is it. I need to be accountable (mostly to myself) and found the challenge really helped me stay focussed previously so look forward to getting back to it. Just typing that helps put me in the right mind-set!

    Last time I stuck to a liquid only diet on FD, usually at less that 200 calories. However I am now on medication that I can only take after food so have to have breakfast. I’m trying an egg. That will still bring me in well under 500 cals, so hopefully won’t make too much difference, and improve my iron and protein levels as well.

    Wishing everyone a great month.

    Day 1, UK, FD
    The first month of maintenance wasn’t great. I start March on 78.7kg and really should be 3-4kg lighter. The aim for March is to get in 2-3 FDs per week and stabilise my weight around 75kg (+/-1).

    Hi @at thanks for hosting this. I am completely new to the forum and would love to join the March challenge!
    It’s Day 1 – Amsterdam – and I am on a NFD.
    I began the 5:2 last year and lost 3.5 kg in one month, it was brilliant! However then i started a new job where we all eat together at lunch the same thing (sandwiches – so Dutch) and so I (thought I) couldn’t really maintain it, and all the weight came back on, plus more…! But in early February I decided to just tell my colleagues that I will be doing it, they were way more supportive than I thought, and now I’m on week 2!
    Tomorrow I have my second fast (it had to be moved from today as I have my neice’s 16th birthday and the whole family is crazy about booze and food, and I’m not set enough in my 5:2 ways yet to get through that whilst fasting ha).
    I lost 1kg in my first week but then this Monday it seems to have gone back on, but I think that’s because I had a fair bit of salt on the weekend and it’s hopefully just water.
    I’m currently at 67kg, my BMI is 24.6, BMR 1391 and TDEE 2156. I do a lot of cycling (45 mins daily s I cycle to work) and am trying to get into the habit of spinning/yoga and gym as well.
    My goal weight for March is 64kg (BMI 22), I don’t know if that’s realistic (STAR?) but I am going to try!
    Thanks for this thread again and I really look forward to seeing everyone’s progress (and frustrations!)

    Day 1 -Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    It’s a red alert weather warning for the entire island of Ireland today. As well as the Siberian conditions coming from the North East there is Storm Emma tracking from the South which is due to land this afternoon. These two delightful creatures will battle it out over Ireland bringing a weather event the likes not seen since 1982 they say 😨
    The authorities tell us to be indoors from 4pm today and not leave until 3pm Friday 😳Absolutely no way was I venturing to work today. I think it’s going to be a NFD with wine and food as we batten the hatches.

    Take care all my Irish compatriots, @jaifaim, @onedayordayone @debster251, @coda, and anyone else I might have missed. Crazy weather. Hoping everyone stays safe.

    @bert1802 Love your March ending!!!! Now I have all those songs in my brain 🤗 …I particularly love the “Collaborate and listen”…….for today too….Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice Ice Baby 😉

    Day 1 North Wales FD

    Glad to be back for what will be my third month of maintenance. I started the 5:2 and the challenges in June of last year. I am delighted with this way of life. Not only have I lost weight I have also substantially lowered my cholesterol. I stick to two fast days a week even in maintenance. I don’t count calories on my NFD. I decided to carry on doing 5:2 for the health benefits rather than do 6:1. On my fast days I eat only one meal in the evening. Eating earlier in the day made me more hungry. My downfall is the lack of water I drink, it is something I really need to work on.
    I am 61, retired teacher, married to a man who can eat what he wants and not put a pound on😡, I have two daughters and two granddaughters. We grow our own veg and we have chickens. I log on to the forum most days to read the posts. I find them very motivating and they keep me on track, I am however not good at posting, something else I need to work on 😳.
    I hope everyone has a successful month. It’s so nice to see the old and the new.

    Remember Together we are Stronger 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Day 1, Finland, FD

    Just wrote a long post and lost it….will try again tomorrow

    Pocket list for FD today


    Have a great start to March everyone!

    Day 1 London UK

    Joining the pocket list

    Have a good day, all.

    Day 1 (I just love that) snowy Belfast NFD

    A little about me.
    I’m 63 and a retired primary school teacher. Born in the South of England, I’ve been living in Northern Ireland with my OH for 40 years.
    A reply on last month’s challenge made me evaluate my journey so here’s my path so far. I started this WOL two years ago. I’ve lost a total of two stone, (28 lbs) – 14 lbs in 8 months or so. Then I took 3 months off to go to Australia and NZ which I loved, and came home the same weight. Then I started again January 2017 and have lost another 14lbs. In all I have lost 6” from my waist, stopped taking asthma meds and have reduced other medication. I am (and always was) a great believer in exercise and at 63 my only regret is that I didn’t know about this WOL a long time ago. I am fitter and healthier than I’ve been for 20 years with a BMI of 24. My goal is now to reduce my waist a bit more (I’m an apple shape).
    Great to see all the seasoned Fasters, and a BIG welcome to all those starting their journey. This is not a diet but a WOL and it really works.

    Aims for this month
    * continue to slay the sugar dragon
    * Drink alcohol one day per week
    * Continue my exercise regime
    * Aim for another 1” off my waist.

    To everyone who is battling the snow, stay safe and warm. There is a ball stuck in the ice of our frozen pond, which is pup’s latest mission. I can see this ending in disaster when it starts to thaw. She doesn’t like her paws wet!

    A wedding in 6 weeks is a great motivation, so here goes…..

    You don’t get what you wish for … You get what you work for! (Thank you@toddybear!)

    Hello all day 1 fast day from a very cold NI

    Thanks @at for taking over at the helm for March.

    I have a few posts to catch up on from February – @daffodil2010 – in case you missed my last post in February I left a little something for you to say thanks.

    I ended February in a much better head place than I started – not sure what the scales are saying but I feel better in myself.

    I saw your post @debster251 re-quoting ‘The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape.’ This is so true. I have started to work on my mind – I came across a youtube video of a hypnotist/therapist and she said your body will do what your mind tells it – she demonstrated this to the audience by getting them to close their eyes and putting their arms out in front and telling them she was putting a bucket of sand into their left hand – it was very heavy. Into their right hand she was putting some helium balloons. She said the bucket was getting heavier, while the balloons were pulling their hand upwards. When she got them to open their eyes – a lot of people had one hand higher than the other. I’ll find out the name of her if I can.

    Many months ago (some of the longer members of these challenges may remember) I also demonstrated this by suggesting you lie down on a floor and getting someone to describe your day from hell from start to finish – they were then to tell you about a fantastic day – doing your favourite things with your favourite people (the more graphic the better). When you compare as to how you felt during both stories – the thing to realise was you didn’t move – when you felt uptight it was your mind telling you to feel that. When you had a fantastic day and your body felt relaxed and happy – you didn’t move it was your body telling you that.

    I have started to listen to some short meditations at night – I am telling myself March will be a good month – I will succeed! When I look back at January and beginning of February – I was feeling despondent and telling myself I can’t do this – this isn’t working, I am a ‘F…….’. So from the last few days of February I feel much much better, I can do this – look at all the people here who have reached their goal – if they can do it – so can I. I am not a ‘F…….’ I am me and if I think I can – I will.

    Joining the pocket list

    Day 1, Surrey (UK), FD

    Just checking in. Stay safe on those snowy roads, everyone.

    Day 1 – UK – Reading – NFD

    Snow flurries here, but nothing like Ireland. Stay warm @daffodil2010. And yes, a big thank you to @at. I thoroughly enjoyed the February challenge, and am looking forward to totally nailing March.

    Day 1 – CARDIFF, WALES – NFD

    Happy St David’s Day.

    Not may daffs about this morning, all covered in snow and with a Red weather warning for this afternoon things are likely to deteriorate.

    @at, thanks so much for hosting. I struggled to post last month, but hoping to sort that this month.

    Due to return to work next month after nearly 3 years of caring for my husband before he passed away in November, so going to try to crawl out of my cocoon and communicate with the outside world.

    Lovely to see so many ‘friends’ again and lots of new faces.

    If you’re affect by bad weather, stay safe.

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, FD

    A bit about myself which I don’t normally do at the beginning of a new month. But not only is it courteous to introduce myself to all our new friends, I’m planning on reading it every morning before I post, to remind me of my intentions.

    I am a nearly 58 yr old female, with a wonderful OH, no children, one elderly dog, and good friends and family nearby. Recently retired completely but have lots to keep me occupied, so no worries there.

    5ft 5.5in
    BMI 23.1
    Body Fat 33.1%

    I joined the challenges in February 2017 at 147 lbs and have generally stayed under 140 lbs, getting as low as 133.3 lbs in August. Definitely a member of the Yo-Yo-ing Tortoise Club. My plan is to focus on getting my body fat percentage to 30% or under as it is currently too high. I’m really not sure where my ideal weight will end up, but I feel like a new strategy is necessary this month. I’ve currently got a broken foot and together with weather conditions, am doing very little exercise which is not helping. However, another strategy is to stop beating myself up and putting pressure on myself which inevitably leads to self-sabotage.

    Well that’s enough about me. I look forward to hearing about you. All the best for a fantastic month. Together we are Stronger……..

    Day 1…NSW…Australia…NFD
    Hi everyone

    Just checking in.

    Looking forward to being more diligent and accountable during March. Started this WOL in October 2017 – 5 months down, many more to go!

    Thank you @at for managing this months challenge – much appreciated!

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 1, London, UK, FD,

    Thank you @at for hosting this month, your input & encouragement is always very much appreciated!!

    Well, I’m here!!!! My Feb results are in and posted 0lb loss, the plateau is getting boring, time for a change of scenery, only I can change the view so I need to make March count!!! At least there wasn’t a gain!! So; I’ll take it!!!

    Aims for this month are simple …………….. stick to 5:2 minimum, or as it suits my working arrangement, B2B2Bs Tue-Thurs, it’s easier not to have to make lunch, therefore, I don’t even think about it or I have a small soup from my freezer stash, I’m all for an easy life!!! I won’t give myself a target this month, just get my head back in the game and make this a TRUE WOL, no more playing at it!!!!!

    I’m not sure if I’ll use the spreadsheet yet, perhaps it’s the added accountability I need?? We’ll see.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

    Day 1……Florida……NFD

    @daffodil…….this was a hard month for me to pick a good ending,not sure if because I left it to the last minute or good quotes are getting hard to find. I’m glad this one is fitting the bill……

    @at……..Do mind keeping me updated in the spreadsheet?

    I’m starting March out at 128.4…..I’m a getting there……Could I pledge my alligence to the tortoise club?

    Had a good FD yesterday, not the best but good. I’ve got to find away to reign in my dinner calories……maybe the portion size too! But it does help, that I have not had a sweet or soda/fizzy drink since the start of Lent!

    Okay must adult today…… I’m off

    When someone yells stop, I don’t know if it’s in the name of Love, it’s hammer time or I should collaborate and listen!

    2nd post,

    I snorted coffee due to your new ending @bert1802…..Thanks!!!. I loved last months, but I’m double-tickled by this months!!! LOL!!!!

    Day 1- MI, USA – NFD

    Thank you @at for hosting this month, much appreciated, and thanks again to @daffodil2010 for February.

    A little about me – a 48 year old mother of three (four if you count the love of my life, my rescue bichon Harley🐺), living in the former Automotive capital area of the US, with a deficient transit system that is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle; we practically live in our cars 😉

    In the past year, I’ve started to turn into a “lady of a certain age”, and my weight and shape were not changing for the better. This year I decided to be proactive and do something about it.

    I am one of those who does not enjoy working out, I have to force myself. I have to admit I am very envious of those of you who live in areas where mountains are nearby, as I do love hiking, but unfortunately there are none to be found around here. If I can just continue to do my FDs and get myself to enjoy working out, I will achieve my goals, it’s just a matter of willpower, which I don’t have much of.

    All of you in this thread are great motivators for me, and I am grateful having all of you here to help keep me focused!🌞

    I hope everyone has a fabulous day😍

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    The start of a brand new month and challenge!

    A big WELCOME to the March Challenge to @sydneymonsterrrr @nesslock2018 – you were the first to sign in on Day 1 😊 @bigviking @catch87 @pashaw @mogaman

    @hyacinth – welcome to your first full month into the 5:2 WOL
    @annemarilyn – I’m imagining your march into March 🏃‍♀️
    @merryapple – Over the course of these monthly challenges, there have been small groups doing their own mini-challenges – called ‘pocket fasters’ or ‘pocketeers’ – they set a target and support each other through it. Anyone can join one of these groups or start a mini pocket fast – it’s entirely optional and flexible.
    @lilymartin – 🤗
    @bert1802 – just love your endings 😀 and of course you can update in the spreadsheet – I have given access to all on the forum ☺️ but I’m happy to do for anyone who needs any support
    @bigviking – You can do this – I’m leaving you highlighted in Green on the spreadsheet because you are a maintainer!
    @catch87 – joining the challenges are a great motivator and signing in daily does help keep us focused and motivated
    @daffodil2010 – hope you and all the Irish and Scottish group are keeping safe
    @debster251 – you and me both have weddings to attend soon – mine is my niece in Australia in 5 weeks on Sunday – we can achieve our goals!
    @coda – great to have you with us 🤗
    @pashaw – When you return to work remember that “you are amazing and braver and stronger than you think” x

    I’d like to share my story to encourage anyone new to this WOL to let you know that it works if you see it as a permanent way of life (WOL)
    I am a 59 y.o. Female – married with a grown up daughter (30 this year……OMG!)
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in
    *January 4 2014 = BMI: 28.2 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs – retired and moved to Cumbria so started fell walking and being more mindful about what I ate. Lost my darling mum in the September so flew back to Australia a couple of times spending several weeks there over 2 visits that year
    *January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.9 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs – for health reasons started 5:2 WOL on my own
    *October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.4 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs – had plateaued for last 3 months so decided to join the Nov Challenge = best decision I ever made!!!
    *December 1 2016 = BMI: 20.8 Wt: 55.3k/121.9lbs – so near to that target of 55kg! I achieved it a week later on 7/12/16!!! and have maintained below that since!!!
    *March 1 2018 = BMI: 20.0 Wt: 52.9kg/116.6lbs

    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL:-
    1. Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs
    2. Lots of energy!!!
    3. Mental health changes = sleeping well, waking up feeling good in myself and happy with my life☺
    4. My Asthma no longer requires any treatment inhalers
    5. My blood cholesterol has improved over the past 2 years as follows:
    – Serum cholesterol down by 1.54 mmol/L
    – LDL cholesterol down by 1.81 mmol/L
    – Non HDL cholesterol level down by 1.41 mmol\L

    I love living here and enjoy walking on the fells and doing Pilates and Yoga. I still do 2 x FDs each week for the long term health benefits. I follow mainly a Mediterranean style diet with a 16:8 eating pattern daily – no breakfast ever as I never feel hungry on waking. This WOL has allowed me to lose weight and maintain without giving up on the pleasures of good food, cake 🍰and wine🍷🥂! However I no longer indulge everyday or in the same quantities as before but it means that I do appreciate it all the more!!!

    I look forward to getting to know those new to these monthly challenges and of course hearing from the great cyber friends from all over the world made during this amazing journey – I am so looking forward to another month of reading interesting, entertaining and educational posts.

    “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking……..because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”

    Day 1 Newcastle Upon Tyne UK NFD 🇬🇧.
    A big thank you to @daffodil2010 for hosting February challenge and everyone who has ever hosted. I always feel a little guilty just sitting in the background. Thanks to @at for taking the reins in March too.
    One year today I started the 5/2 way of life, at my heavies I was 218lb my lightest 180lb. My goal is 182lb and my weight today is 200lb. I do the 8/16 between days with 2 fast days a week of 600 biggest problem is the none fasting days as I tend to overeat on these days.i can make all kinds of excuses as to why I stood still last month but the top and bottom of it is overeating on NFD and not enough exercise. Hopefully I can put this right this month. Good luck to everyone. What’s the old saying the harder I work the luckier I get.

    Day 1 (woo-hoo!), NFD, US

    Despite my saying I had blown yesterday’s FD it actually ended up probably complying. I usually do LFDs, but started the day with a breakfast burrito. Dunno how many calories it had, but that’s the only thing I ate all day, so I’m going to give myself credit for a FD.

    I usually do FDs Mon and Thurs but the graet thing about this WOL, as we all know, is it’s flexibility. I have a work dinner tonight, which is why I attempted a FD yesterday on a Wednesday.

    Goals for this month: Lose weight! Be dry Sun-Thurs inclusive, or Mon-Thurs at the worst.

    Good lunck all!

    Hi March Challengers! I have added my details to the spreadsheet and look forward to the challenge!

    I’m on the second day of my first weekly fast. As I decided to start the plan on a Weds I’ve chosen to do my 2 fasts back to back so I can eat normally Friday – Sunday.

    I have worked out both days and plan to work out again tomorrow, and over the weekend if it’s weather permitting!

    I have done the fast plan before and saw results, but this time I am looking to adopt the plan as a change of lifestyle – so think it’s a great idea to kick off with the March Challenge!

    I’m hoping to see weight loss results, as well as increased energy (which I’m already experiencing) and an improvement in IBS symptoms which I regularly suffer from.

    I’m also looking forward to saving money! I don’t know about anyone else but I already feel like I’ve saved some money not buying lunch today and yesterday or snacks – and I’m enjoying not worrying about having to ‘meal prep’ for the next day and wondering about what I’m going to eat for the day. I only have to focus on what I’ll be having for dinner as I’ve chosen to just have fruit teas and regular tea with almond milk throughout the day.

    I’m excited to see everyone’s results at the end of March, good luck everyone!!

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Starting this March Monthly Challenge as my fourth complete month. I started 5:2 in the middle of November 2017 and have lost 13lbs with another 7lbs to my target which I hope to reach by the middle of May (60th birthday looms… or is that looking forward to?!).

    I am 5’8″ and have kept myself active most of my life – I still enjoy swimming, cycling, walking and gentle jogging but I’m a warm weather soul so this current bitter wind is keeping me indoors! Also I have quite a trek to a decent pool so swimming tends to be a holiday pastime.

    I have struggled with weight management all of my life and ‘tried them all’ – I had most success with Slimming World about 6 years ago when I lost 4st. Since then 2st has very gradually (over the 6 years) crept back on but now struggle with the SW method – I thought about food constantly and if I fell off the wagon then ‘that was it’ for another week. I think this is why I am taking to 5:2 – I seem to be able to cope mentally with something cropping up in a day/week which means that if the plan changes I can move the FD.

    I have also found the knowledge and encouragement of the forum a real inspiration – it’s proven that weight loss is more successful in a group situation but never thought that an online group would do it for me – but I’m thrilled to say it has and is!

    Finally, I’m setting another modest target for March as we go back to Fuertaventura in a couple of weeks so will aim to maintain whilst I’m there – however, the warmer climate will mean plenty of swimming and walking – I’m soooooo looking forward to that!

    Good luck with March everyone!

    It’s official my address has changed so here we go

    Day 1 North Canton OH FD.

    My goal is to remain firmly in maintenance this Month.
    Exercise 5 days a week.
    Limit alcohol to Friday and/or Saturday.
    Be mindful on my NFD
    Manage my stress
    Treat myself at least once a week 🙂

    Thank you @at for hosting us this month

    Day 1 Leeds , UK NFD

    Starting weight : 76.3 kgs
    Goal for March end : 73.0 kgs

    Thanks again to @daffodil2010 for hosting February challenge and thanks to @at for hosting the March Challenge.
    Have a great fat-free month everyone. Slow and steady we will get there. Be strong and dont give up!!
    Good luck buddies 🙂

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello all and thank you @at for hosting March! I wasn’t hoping for much of a loss for February but recorded another new low in 16+ years… Started February at 168 lbs and have lost 2lbs to bring me to 166lbs which I am happy with as my will power did wane last month…I’ll keep on keeping on for the month with a holiday in the middle to look forward to.
    Now, we are in the midst of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma and the country is on lock down…so working from home and never as mindful at home as I am in work.
    Made sure not to buy in bad treats/bread (unlike the rest of the country) but am currently tucking into a bag of crisps but will try to be good after that…
    All the best for this month everyone and keep safe!

    Day 1, Emden Germany (but being Dutch, hoi @catch87), NFD

    Starting weight this month: 54,2 kg/119.5lbs, height 163cm/5ft 4in
    Hi everyone, my journey so far:

    I’m 61 years old and almost retired. I started January 2017 weighing 70,9 kg by cutting out sugar and most carbs. Started 5:2 at the beginning of February. From March on I joined the challenges. It worked very well, I benefitted a lot from the good advice and support the others gave, there are a lot of carers and motivaters around here. If you have a bad day, someone will help you up. Don’t be afraid to post your thoughts and concerns here, it’s a safe place to be. @coda, I will always be grateful you started this monthly challenge.

    Today’s weight 54,2 kg, so down 16,7 kg, maintenance is going fine, don’t want to lose more. Plan to maintain at ~ 54-56 kg. I will be doing 1 FD a week with ~ 500 cal and eat a little above TDEE on the other 5 days.

    Just stick to the basics, it works and you don’t have to restrict yourself too much.

    Good luck to all of you!

    Day 1 USA Wisconsin NFD

    @at, thank you so much for hosting this month’s challenge. I’m excited to be back for a brand new month. I’ve added myself to the spreadsheet.

    My intro: I’m a wife, mother, nana, nurse and yoga teacher. I have been on this site occasionally over the past few years and have lost (and gained back) over that time. I’m 68 and retired from active nursing about 4 years ago. I currently work for the YMCA as a Yoga Instructor, and also teach Silver Sneakers Yoga, Water and Aerobics classes.

    I joined the December, January and February Challenges and found the challenges (and the members who are part of the challenges) a wonderful source of support and inspiration.

    I’ve lost about 7 pounds since December and am currently 153 pounds. I would like to lose about 8 more pounds.

    I find that on any day, it’s best for me to delay eating as long as possible. Once I start eating I seem to find it easier to keep eating than to stop. As long as I drink plenty of fluids, I can delay eating and easily teach my classes, go about my day, without any problem.

    I try to have a plan for each day. I avoid sugar and excessive carbs most days, and plan some kind of exercise every day (teaching my classes, riding a stationary bike at the Y, walking, etc.).

    Sometimes life gets in the way of my eating plan, and I accept that and move on. For example, my husband celebrated a birthday this week and somehow the two of us ended up with a small cheesecake (purchased by me) and two other very fancy desserts that were “gifted” to him by others. I did enjoy a few slices of cheesecake, but was able to say no to the other desserts. Perfect week? Not at all. Acceptable week? Yes, I think so.

    If you are new to this group, read the posts – you will learn a lot. Then ask questions, ask for support, ask for strategies, etc. Good luck to everyone. Thank you for being here.

    Take care, Markie

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) FD

    Hello all! Great to be joining the current challenge, and many thanks to @at for leading us. Welcome to the newbies. This WOL works. Give it some time.

    I’m nearing the 2nd anniversary of my starting 5:2 on March 15, 2016. I was 193 pounds (87.5 kg). (I joined @coda in May and haven’t missed a challenge since then.) Over the next 9 months I lost 33-34 pounds, and I’ve done 6:1 to stay at @160 pounds. This has been right for me.

    At 69 years, I’m happy to keep some ‘fat’ under my wrinkles! My BMI is right at 25 so acceptable. (Still not happy with the extra skin around my belly after losing weight, but dealing with it.)

    I’m a retired school music teacher, but still incredibly busy. I travel to see children at times (eldest in Chicagoland, son in NYC, daughter in Utah, youngest in Austin, TX) and have 5 granddaughters. I direct a townspeople choir, play piano for church, teach piano to kids, am helping to get a children’s museum in our town. For exercise, I do Silver Sneakers twice a week. My real name is Gwynne.

    I highly recommend doing a power walk on your FD. For me, it’s a flat-out fast paced walk for 15 minutes to and from our post office. Somehow that has been good especially on FD’s to burn up fat.

    Hopefully I can get to read everyone’s new monthly posts – always learning about ‘oldies’ like me and getting to know newbies!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 Atlanta, GA, USA – FD

    Starting weight : 156 lbs
    Goal for March end : 151 lbs

    I’m 34 Years Old living in Atlanta Georgia with my Husband and 2 Kids – 9 Year old Boy and 17 month old Girl, I work Full time in technology field and i do running & walking 3 days a week and Yoga 3 days a week. Sundays mostly i take break from workout, I have been doing 5:2 since December 2017 and i have reduced from 168 pounds to 156 Pounds, Goal is to get to 145 pounds which will be my ideal weight.

    I eat home cooked meals mostly and with excerpts advise on this forum i try to stay away from sweets, desserts and sugary foods. I crave for sugar though so i treat myself just for a day in a week. With 5:2 its just not me who got disciplined in eating but my entire family is conscious on what to eat and what to avoid, its more like a lifestyle change for me.

    Thank You again to @daffodil2010 for hosting February challenge and thank you to @at for hosting the March Challenge.

    Good Luck everyone

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 caps

    Hello old friends and new ones,⚘⚘⚘

    I started this WOL February 2017 and I got to maintenance late summer 2017. Holidays put 10 pounds back but I am almost back to maintenance again, 3 pounds to the high end maintenance another 3 pounds to have some wiggle room.
    This WOL is great for getting rid of unwanted pounds but the best thing for me is that I feel so much better when I follow this WOL. 😊😊😊
    My diet is Mediterranean and I do 16:8 on all days but allow only a 4 hour window of eating on fast days. I do 800 cals fast days and eat to my maintenance weight TDEE the other days.

    @daffodil2010 and all my other Irish friends: Stay safe in this crazy rare weather event. ❄❄❄

    Have a good start to this new month everyone! 🌼🌻🌼

    Day 1 – Massachusetts – FD

    Well February was a disappointment. Unfortunate water-retention also made it so the end of the month was highly unsatisfactory. Time to start anew in March then!

    I think there is some work I need to do mentally on how I am approaching 5:2, so for this month I want to re-lose the water weight and maintain at 120, which was my lowest weight last month. My IBS has been acting up and I need to switch around my eating habits to figure out why.

    You only fail when you stop trying. Then everything else is just a temporary setback.

    Day one NFD, Las vegas NV

    please add me to the March challenge

    Day 1, UK, FD

    Day has been good so far and than I got called to go to work to help with all disruptions 😲 , so off I go ….

    Good to see many familiar faces and quite a few new ones, welcome everyone ❤

    Day 1 – London – CD

    Just lost my post as I tried to send so just Hi to everyone for now.

    Hope today was a good new start for everyone.

    Day 1 California FD Maintenance

    Great to see all the familiar and new faces! I’m doing 5:2 for maintenance, eating a little more on NFD than I did to lose just under 13 kg last year. Very happy my skinny jeans weight is easily sustainable with the standard 5:2 diet!

    Day 1 Wales FD

    Hi everyone, late check in as I’m having a mega busy day, haven’t had time to think about food which is always a bonus on a FD. For those of you new to the monthly challenges “Welcome”, I became a 5:2er on 26 June 2017 weighing in at 159 lbs. This is my 9th challenge and I now weigh 134.2 lbs, hoping to reach my goal weight of 133 lbs this month. I eat a Meditterranean style diet everyday as recommended in Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet – no processed carbs or sugars – and ‘fast’ on Mondays and Thurs allowing up to 800 calories. I enjoy red wine but restrict consumption to weekends and aim to be a dry wino from Mondays to Friday night.

    Happy March all!

    Day 1 Stevensville Maryland USA FD

    I will be turning 61 in June of this year. I have been doing 5:2 since January 11, 2018. I do 16:8 everyday and fast on Monday’s and Thursday’s staying at 500 calories. I drink alcohol often (more than I should at times)and I am still losing pounds and inches. On my NFD’s I took @at advise and am keeping my TDEE’s at my goal weight and not my current weight.

    I am 5ft 3inches:

    Starting weight 146.5lbs
    Starting BMI 26.4

    My current weight is 135.5
    My current BMI 24.9
    Down 3″ on my waist 🙂

    After doing my first B2B keeping my calories at 500 Wednesday the scale showed only -.4lb. Yesterday I felt like I was starving and went over my TDEE’s and my Friday weigh in has me down another 1.4 pounds?? Is this normal? Up a half a pound after B2B and then 1.4 pounds down after CNFD!! Is this the yo-yo you are taking about?

    My goal for March is to lose 4Lbs and two more inches off of my waist. Then I will be in maintenance. That is really where all of my fat wants to sit at this point. Only 6 more pounds to go to reach my goal in weight and to stay off my scale until Friday am.

    Go Be Love, the world needs you and have a great day/night.

    Day 1, Oceanside CA, USA FD

    We all love new beginnings and today is one of them. The moon is full, the sun is getting higher every day and the song birds are starting to sing.

    March 2018 marks my 15th month participating in the challenges. I like the structure as it keeps me aware of my day to day progress. Sharing our days is motivating to success on the Fast 5:2.

    I am in maintenance although the upper end of that magic number popped up this month. It will soon be gone I know with rededication to the WOL and no missing FD’s.

    Thank you @at for hosting and posting the spreadsheet.

    Day 1, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Hello all. Happy March. Thank you, AT, for herding us cats through the room filled with rocking chairs this month.

    Tomorrow is my 69th birthday and for some reason, I am so excited to be the age that I am – heck after tomorrow I can say that I am going on 70 ! I have (with the help of all you good folks on this board) had a wonderful year filled with healthy eating and exercise so I am bubbling with excitement for the year ahead. I so love my good looking cowboy hubby, our familes, our church, our big fat cat, our horses, our beautiful farm filled with the gardens I love – I am just very, very filled with gratitude. But, of course, never grateful enough.

    Wishing all a wonderful day and wonderful month. Spring is in the air around here, the robins are hopping all over the yard, the daffodils are ready to bloom, the tulips are several inches tall – and yes, the grass is getting green.

    ccco USA FD Day 1:

    Hi, everyone! For my Welsh friends,if I missed it, happy St. Davids! I plan to google how a Scromlette is made! I am grateful for the new page we are opening! February was my learning curve and I did learn a lot about myself! I have my exercise plan in place, one I have been doing for years, so I know it is sustainable. I think I have worked out my diet kinks and know, for at least for now, I must stick with the letter of the law of the 5:2 plan in order to to spiral out of control. I removed foods from my house that I can’t control myself when eating, like nuts, sadly! They were part of my Mediterranean diet!

    Steffieable: Your food plan sounds excellent! Glad to see you on the March forum. Good luck!

    leggit: I am in same boat with you! Well, it’s a new month and a new page! IBS, I know, is hard! Onward and upward! Good luck!

    Cali: Sorry about the snow! This year it seems to be everywhere but where it’s supposed to be.LOL
    Also, the standard 5:2 seems to work best for me, too! Any changes like a water fast and I seem to spiral out of control. I hope my new plan works better. I believe it will. Good luck and stay strong!

    Markie99: I am 68, too, but new to 5:2 and to the February Challenge. Now on the March challenge. I viewed February as a learning curve. Hopefully, now I know what I am doing. 🙂 BTW, I love yoga, too! I like your outlook. This plan has to work in the real world in order to be sustainable. Good luck!

    SongBirdMe: I am up there with you in age, but don’t have Silver Sneakers available to me. I do yoga twice a week and personal training 5x a week. For aerobics,I use my rowing machine (love it!) and power walk (used to be a competitive runner but got too old! :)) and power walk 7 days a week. I’ve been doing this so many years, so I know it’s sustainable. I also know what it’s like to have children all over the place! Well, it gives us places to visit! LOL Stay strong and good luck in March.

    Diana123: Saw what you said about the scale. This is why I’ve decided to only weigh in once a week. Too many fluctuations are too disheartening. In maintenance, I will weigh every day again!
    Good luck!

    Thank you @simcoeluv for the explanation. I thought it had to do with some kind of metabolic change due to the fasting and it makes sense.
    Also, although I’m of course impatient to lose weight quickly, I (rationally) understand that it’s better if the loss is slow – and my body is likely to rebel less to it!


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