Male 47 * 13st. 7lbs * BMI 27.9 * TDEE 2067 * 2 Days Zero Cal

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Male 47 * 13st. 7lbs * BMI 27.9 * TDEE 2067 * 2 Days Zero Cal

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  • Well here we go….!

    I’m a 47 year old male in the UK. I did try 5:2 in the past when Michael’s programme first aired here – I must admit though I tried it half heartedly and withered away from it after a few weeks.

    I have recently been eating whatever / whenever and had a few binges. Chocolate and pizza etc. Another of my problems being I am CRAP at food preparation / cooking etc. I live alone and when I’ve tried cooking properly for myself I find I have an unacceptable amount of food wastage if I go with suggested recipes etc that require all manner of ingredients. So I tend to eat mostly ready meals for easiness and zero wastage – and they all have the calories printed on the packet so I eliminate the guesswork there!

    I hate the way I look at the moment and how unhealthy I feel. I’m weighing in at 13st 7lbs and I’m 5′ 9″ in height. I would LOVE to be around 11 stone which is my target 🙂 I feel SO much more confident when I’m slimmer, and my rack of clothes will fit properly once again!

    My plan is to have two consecutive days of zero cal’s (water only). I have discovered like others that I find this mentally much easier to deal with. Ruling any idea of food out for the day is something I feel I can adhere to – there is no ambiguity nor any possible temptation to stray away from 25% TDEE.

    Yesterday was my first zero cal fast day – and today is my second. I will break my fast tomorrow at breakfast.

    Wish me luck!

    OK so it’s one week on…

    I found on the Sunday following my two zero calorie days (Wednesday & Thursday) that I was in the frame of mind to fast again – so I did. I found it manageable and any hunger pangs / stomach spasms subsided after a while aided by water ingestion as they did on my first two fast days. I have therefore decided to go with 4:3 with three days being zero cal. days.

    I recall hearing Michael in an interview a while after his documentary aired saying that you have to cut hard & fast to move weight. One other thing has spurred me on this time – and that is the reports debunking the idea that our bodies go into ‘starvation mode’. It would appear that it really could be as simple as a calorie numbers game with no ambiguous goings on when we fall short on calorific intake.

    For me that was a game changer. Primarily because if I do have one thing it’s will-power – but only if there is an assured outcome of any such mindset. I’m also a lazy sod and lead a mainly sedentary life. So abstaining on 2000 carries is way way easier for me than whatever amount of exercise would be required to shift 2000 calories.

    I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 4lbs.

    Onwards I go…

    I agree it is easier to not eat anything than to just eat a little. Also on non-fast days I’m more concerned about what I eat rather than how much I eat, however I try not to overeat.

    You should considered joining the monthly challenge or some other challenge. You’ll find lots of support and people to exchange ideas with. Best of luck to you.

    Week two…

    Thanks Dykask – I’ll look into the monthly challenge.

    I’m sticking to the 4:3 with not too many problems thus far. Last Sunday was a little challenging in that I really felt the hunger pangs more so than even my two consecutive days. Anyway I managed it (it’s all about mind control!) and it passed.

    Unlike you Dykask the food quality I consume is usually poor – and by that I mean convenience foods in the main as I outlined in my first post. That said if you choose carefully there are some better quality products available now.

    I had a bit of fun last Monday. I recall seeing Michael eating a burger and being surprised that it would be acceptable as a part of the diet. So – I bought a chocolate pizza – yup – a chocolate pizza! I had my breakfast as per usual – a light lunch – then all 1062 calories of the chocolate pizza for my tea! Can’t say I enjoyed it that much but it was ‘different’ LOL. I still came in under 2000 calories for the day. What it did do though was trick me into feeling I wasn’t on a diet at all – and that makes the zero calorie days worth it.

    Lost another 4lbs making it 8lbs in total taking me to 12st 13lbs.

    That to me is amazing in two weeks – but I fully expect it to slow down as I progress.


    A quick weekly update…

    I’ve been sticking to my 4:3 zero calorie programme. I did have one day where I’m fairly sure I exceeded my TDEE – thanks to a situation where a large box of biscuits found it’s way under my nose…

    Anyway that aside I’ve maintained zero calories on my 3 fast days and under my TDEE for the other 4 (aside from the single day hiccup). I found today a bit more of a struggle – I felt quite lethargic today. But we all wake up in a different frame of mind on different days – and a set of circumstances which we can manage one day can be difficult on another for no specific reason.

    I’ve lost 3lbs this week – so 11lbs in total taking me to 12st 10lbs.


    Another week and almost a month since I started my 4:3 regime. I had a day of physical work on Wednesday – one of my fast days. I found myself flagging a little so I decided to eat a light chicken salad which was likely under 600 calories. My other two fast days were zero calorie days.

    I have found myself struggling a little more on my fast days – but I remind myself of my goal and why I’m doing this. The hunger pangs do endure at times but are manageable – and again it is all about will-power.

    I’ve lost 2lbs this week – so 13lbs in total taking me to 12st 8 lbs.

    I’m delighted with that in just one month – an amazing result and one that bolsters my resolve to continue to my goal.


    I’m not sure why – but my last post has disappeared?! I’ll try to re-create it here albeit a little late!

    OK – so a week on and I’m still on track. One thing I have increasingly noticed is the levels of lethargy on my zero calorie fast days – particularly the two consecutive zero calorie days. Stands to reason: no fuel = reduced energy. I have found myself nodding off in the afternoons on these days – particularly Thursday. I take a couple of hours nap after which I feel a bit better. I also found my hunger pangs increased in intensity this last week. Nothing that has brought me close to giving in on my fast days though.

    I’ve lost 3lbs this week – so 1st 2 lbs in total taking me to 12st 5 lbs. I’m delighted 🙂


    This last week has been better – more bearable and less arduous. The lethargy appears to be levelling off – it certainly isn’t worsening. I am steadfastly consuming zero calories on my three fast days – I take it there are no discernible calories in water?!

    My weight loss this week is less than I expected. Perhaps I’m reaching a plateau? My TDEE is currently 1980 cals. I am under that for each of my eating days so that makes last weeks intake equal or less than 7920 cals. That is 5940 cals less than what I would be taking in to reach my TDEE were I not fasting.

    I’ve lost 1lb this week – so 1st 3lbs in total taking me to 12st 4lbs.


    Another week on and another set of challenges ahead… It would appear I have hit what they call a ‘plateau’. Or as I see it my initial concern with regards ‘starvation mode’ may be well founded…

    I again maintained under 1980 cal’s for my 4 eating days and zero cal’s for my 3 fast days as per the previous week. So again my weekly total intake has been equal to or less than 7920 cal’s. Now I would have thought with a deficit of some 5940 cal’s from what my weekly TDEE would be in order to maintain my weight I’m disappointed to report I have lost only 1lb again this week. Is that normal? Is that to be expected? Is that starvation mode kicking in? I’m quite disappointed all told – even though I have managed quite well this week with regards the fast days and the lethargy.

    So next week I’m off on holiday which will be a challenge. I have decided to move around my fast days such that I will have 4 fast days leading up to my break. Will have to see what the week brings – but I know one thing for sure – if I do maintain or put on nay weight Ia will be right back on with my regime on my return. Of that I am in no doubt whatsoever.

    So I’ve lost 1lb this week – so 1st 4lbs in total taking me to 12st 3lbs.


    Don’t you think you’re body will be budgeting energy because you are going so low? Try having higher protein and fat macros the day before your fast days. I’ve found it makes them less lethargic/ hungry.
    Well done on progress so far.

    I’m no doctor, but I would think it’s highly unlikely you’ll continue losing at the rate you did at the start.

    It’s also likely what you’re losing is changing too. Initially fasting uses up the glycogen stores (stored carbohydrate) before the body starts using fat. Glycogen is stored using alot of water, so as it’s used up there’s a high weight loss (water is heavy).

    That’s why when you eat after a fast day you put most of the weight on again – you simply re-stock your glycogen stores.

    Burning fat is a much slower process – losing about a pound or two a week over a prolonged period seems to be about the norm for most people.

    Thanks for the replies – indeed strange things are happening beneath the skin…

    OK Well I knew this last week would be ‘interesting’. I was away on holiday and altered my fast days such that I had four zero calorie days instead of three learning up to the break. I ate every day on the holiday – not excessively though aside from one day which I did eat a LOT more than my TDEE. Now I’m back I will settle back into my routine. I would be quite happy to continue my 4:3 if I was assured it would give me a 1lb / week weight loss.

    Anyway – I lost nothing this week – but gained nothing either. I’ll take that.


    Streamline, you do realize, don’t you, that Fasting isn’t about NO food. It is more about reducing food and eating good quality food. Of course you are losing weight — you are starving yourself like a Biblical hermit. And then you admit that the food you do eat is not of high quality. You have fooled yourself into thinking it is all about the calories.
    Yes, you are overweight. If your TDEE 1980 for a non-Fast Day, how did you calculate that?
    For comparison, when my husband began Fasting almost 5 years ago, his BMI was 26+. By following the 5:2 plan [600 high quality calories, low fat, low to no carb 2 days/week], he lost 40 pounds. Initially he ate a lot on non-Fast Days but since has reduced his food intake as his appetite decreased. We are still following the Fasting Lifestyle because we like the food we reserve for Fast Days and we like seeing the low numbers on the bathroom scale.
    You can lose weight, 1-2 pounds/week, without starving yourself. Good luck.

    OK – Another week and a change..

    I tried 600 calories for my fast days – and it was a disaster. I found myself really craving food – something I NEVER experienced on my zero calorie days. I kinda knew this would happen because it’s exactly what happened the last time I tried 5:2. Just a small amount of food appears to trigger something within that elevates food craving to disturbing levels.

    What’s more – this week has seen no change to my weight – i.e. the three 600 calorie days have resulted in no weight loss at all 🙁

    I remain at 12st 3 lbs.

    So NO MORE 600 Calorie days for me! I will stick strictly to zero calories on my fast days. I find it easy to mentally eradicate the idea of food for the day and any food pangs are resolved with water intake. Clearly now the physiological result of consuming even a small amount of food is abundantly clear.

    I calculated my TDEE using the BMI calculator on this site. I just calculated it again based on my current weight:

    Your BMI is: 25.3
    Your BMR is: 6866 kJ / 1641 calories
    Your TDEE is: 8239 kJ / 1969 calories

    @streamline – You have to do what works for you. I’ve reached a point where I can eat a small meal on a fast day and not suffer too much, but in general I prefer to eat nothing on FDs. It really is much easier for me not to eat.

    I don’t agree with @fasting_me about you starving yourself. As long as you have enough body fat you are in no danger of starvation. I believe she has stated she has a BMI of 17 which is definitely underweight and indicates low body fat. That is a totally different point on the fasting scale. Fasting isn’t really safe when there isn’t extra body fat to spare.

    During my fasts I typically feel a shift around 20 hours in, sometimes sooner if I workout hard enough. It is basically a point where my blood glucose drops rapidly and it seems to take my body a few hours to adjust but after the adjustment there isn’t any real hunger. If I measure my blood glucose during this period is will be on the low side. After a while my body recovers and I’m probably using more of my stored fat. Typically though it takes another 24+ hours before I seeing a lot of ketones showing up in the urine. However that isn’t starvation, it is the state before starvation where the body is enjoying an almost endless supply of stored food.

    The people that take their 500 or 600 or 800 calories during the FD then typically have to eat under TDEE to maintain a large calorie deficit and loss the 1 to 2lbs a week. Technically that is more calorie restriction than fasting and that can be a risky game.

    I’m fasting now more for the health. I using my NFD to eat a very high quality diet and I do avoid processed foods. However I eat a lot of food. These days though it is probably about 60% fruits and vegetables and 40% everything else. That used to be more like 10% fruits and vegetables, 50% processed foods and 40% everything else.

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