Major Errata in Fast Diet Recipe Book

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Major Errata in Fast Diet Recipe Book

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  • Proving… if something looks too good to be true it probably is!

    Have had “Sarah Raven’s Chicken Puttanesca” in the official Fast Diet Recipe Book bookmarked for ages and started cooking it today in advance of my fast breaking this evening. There is no way I’m going to eat that on a fast day!

    Firstly, the recipe doesn’t ‘work’ in the way it suggests, I had to add a splash of water to the casserole to get the juices going.

    Secondly, I thought I’d better double check the calorie count at another source as I felt like anchovies, olive oil and chicken thighs were dubiously calorie rich for a dish that claims to be only 247 cal per portion… lo and behold the calories seem to add up to more than double the calories suggested, wherever I looked!

    Thirdly, I just took the casserole out of the oven to give it a stir. It looks nothing like the picture in thr book (which has a rich, tomato sauce) and is swimming in oil!!! Eeek! Considering a tablespoon of olive oil equals approximately 120 calories there is no way this dish can come in at frankly, a too good to be true, virtuous 247 calories!

    What a shame as I’d been looking forward to this. I don’t want to risk over eating calories on a hard and long fast day so will look for another recipe. At least I have dinner for tomorrow ready I suppose?!

    Pretty bad though… I’ve made a few things from the rwcipe book and have trusted the calorie counts (obviously with a bit of leeway for portion size etc) but this seems like a massive errata to me, not sure how it has even made its way into the book?!

    Please tell me I’m doing something wrong…!

    I’m going to make this instead…!

    As suggested by another poster somewhere. The pictures look delicious! My husband can have the Puttanesca chicken instead of me 🙂

    Hi LittleWing.
    I don’t know the recipe in question but would be interested to have a look.
    By the way, can’t get into the Dropbox address to see what you put in there 😐
    Are you sure that the calories are big per portion, say entire recipe serves 4/6/8…???
    Not doubting you in anyway, just wondering 🙂

    The Dropbox suggests 1200 grams of chicken which is 200 grams per portion. That is a huge amount of protein for a fast day, and I would suggest that it should be half that amount which would make the calorie count of 247 per person correct. It would be better if the total weight of chicken was specified in the recipe.
    I don’t understand how it could be swimming in oil though as there is only one tablespoonful in the recipe. I do find that it is nearly always necessary to simmer for much longer than specified to get the desired result.

    Yeah half the amount would work out to be around 247 I guess, so that solves the errata, it should be 6 chicken thighs not 12, i.e. 1 per serving rather than 2.

    However, even if I’d served less it still would have been quite oily – anchovies are hard to drain if the oil they come packed in and chicken thigh meat is a fatty cut. Perhaps I’d look for anchovies in brine and use breast meat instead.

    Anyhow the recipe – although delicious – seems ‘out’ to me! I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow instead.

    And I’ll report back too that the cauliflower crust pizza was horrible! Save the real thing for non-fast days and enjoy it properly!

    All in all a disastrous culinary fast day but nearly over!

    Anchovies are easily drained by using kitchen paper. They are going to dissolve in the pan so it doesn’t matter if they break up. Chicken fat is not marbled through the flesh and can easily be removed prior to cooking.
    I would use tinned tomatoes and omit the oil if I were to make this dish, and use 600g of chicken thigh meat cut into large chunks.

    Ooh ouch well thanks for the kindly advice, I was only trying to warn others…!

    Still think the recipe is out, not my methods of cooking!

    Nevermind – I have lost 8lb in 2 weeks and am feeling good. The fast days, though tough, are worth it and I really appreciate being able to eat normally yhe rest of the week. I imagine other ‘diets’ make you feel as despairing/hungry as fast days do but every single day. No wonder they rarely work long term!

    Littlewing have you tried using a flour tortilla as a pizza base? reduces the calories and tastes lovely!

    Hi Applepie, thanks and yes, good tip, I have before and it is yummy! There is a few recipes in the Fast Diet Recipe book for tortilla pizzetta (although re calorie count… sorry to go on, hace struggled yo find a tortilla lo cal enough to come within the recipe’s count!)

    I was bewitched by how much the cauliflower looked like an actual pizza crust though! It definitely doesn’t taste like it! Cauliflower is great as a veg but should not be mistaken for pizza haha!

    I don’t think I would fancy cauliflower as a pizza base, so I will be giving that one a miss.
    We have the tortilla base pizza on non fast days, with a nice glass of red, hmmm lovely!

    Little Wing, I was trying to help you find a way to make the dish so you can have it on a FD, and I agreed that the recipe is inaccurate.

    I don’t understand how cauliflower can be used instead of bread as a base for pizza. I don’t think I’ll be trying that one either, just continuing to perfect my thin 200 calorie traditional base.

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