Lost a great deal of weight in 11 days.

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Lost a great deal of weight in 11 days.

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  • I have already lost 4 stones and I intended to go at a steady pace on the 5:2 diet. 11 days in I have lost 8lbs in weight. With 5 days on my TDEE allowance 1650 cals or thereabouts and 500 cals on fast days. I am delighted but I thought it would be a slower rate. As I am about to stop after the next few weeks – my BMI is 26. Also I am 49 years old and I am not into too much exercise.

    Anyone else lost a great deal on this diet? Particularly those who are nearing the end of their diet.

    I’m no doctor, but I would think it’s impossible to lose that much fat in such a short space of time. My understanding is that when you fast you deplete your glycogen stores, which is the body’s carbohydrate “fuel tank”. Once these are gone you switch to fat.

    Glycogen involves alot of water to store the carbohydrate, so when you use it up you lose alot of water weight. As you replenish the stores post-fast some of the weight will return, but hopefully not all !

    2nd week in only .25lb lost….Overall weight loss in 19 days…8.75 lbs lost….aim to lose another 8.75lbs

    Losing nothing for over 3 weeks – then wow today I’m over 3lbs lighter!! Fast day was yesterday. I am within target now. Total lost 13.5 lbs in 43 days. Only 3.75lbs to go!

    I lost a lot of weight quickly in the first month (May) 11lbs. Then it has really slowed down. I switched to 4-3 but thinking of going back to 5-2 a week. I need to lose another 12lbs and really want to lose 7 this month.

    Can you give me details of what you do a week? How many calories and what you eat?

    There is so much conflicting info on here that I’m getting confused now.

    Thank you. I lost 9lbs in first 11 days of 5:2. I thought hey this is too easy. Am i doing sonething wrong. But heyho! Weight loss slowed down .25 lbs one week. Hovering for several weeks nothing happening. I began to despair and i looked at what was i doing wrong. Yes i did my 500 cal days well/post night shift – it works. But on the day after my fast – i am so hungry all day. I eat crisps/chocolate – but kept within range of my TDEE cal range 1700:cals. Then i decided to shake it up a but. Eat 1700 cals some days but eat 1200 cals other days…and voila I lost weight again! My BMI is 24.78 and i have lost 16lbs in weight in 8 weeks. Only 1.25lbs to go!
    I have lost nearly 5st 7lbs in under 11 months by varying my eating. Low carb diet for 4 months and a calorie controlled diet for 4 months. 5:2 diet for 2 months and now I am on the last hurdle to the finish line. 1.25lbs to go. I feel better and nearly 50 as well. Good luck!

    Well done. My results are similar, I might lose nothing one week then 2 kg (4.4 pounds) in one day.

    Michael Mosley recommends one day of fasting per week for maintenance. I’d say that’s worth a try. I’m about 17 kg (37 pounds) away from that point still.

    Mine was similar. Week one I lost 6kg and it then took another 12 weeks to lose 3kg more. I assumed week one was largely water weight as I had been bingeing before starting the diet and had been showing signs of fluid retention.

    I’m in maintenance now but still doing 5:2 as I have quite a low TDEE and that second FD gives me a bit more leeway on the NFDs.

    Good luck on your maintenance plan. That will be a trial and error thing to do when I get there!
    Just weighed in after another fast day and I lost 0.5 lbs -another 0.75lbs to target. I intend to eat up to 1900 cals today. Reduce my intake in the next few days to around 1500 cals daily – my key words is ‘to shake it up a bit’. Not been easy – but I like the concept that each day is different and so I can eat a bit more when I want to and less if I feel up to it. Weight loss is slowing down. Much like any weight loss plan. But for me, the variety in what I eat and the amount – works for me.

    On 30th July I had reached my goal weight of 10 st 9lbs. I celebrated that day by eating and drinking over 2300 cals! Ok, slight weight gain…. I decided to reduce my intake to 1400 cals for a few days. I then returned to my goal weight. I just did my only fast day this week – which was on August 3rd. I looked on the scales and have gone down to 10 stones 7.75 lbs! Therefore, it is trial and error at the moment. So my plan is to eat 1600 cals for 6 days – if I lose I will add 50 cals extra. Or visa versa – if I gain I will reduce my intake. I will continue walking up to 3 hours/week with little sprints (HIIT) in between and still do a 500 cal fast day per week. Or as Michael Mosley calls it the 6:1 MAINTENANCE PLAN
    Good luck to you all.

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