Loss of appetite

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  • Hi all,
    I’m quite new to this. I’m trying 4:3 but have noticed a lack of appetite on my feed days. Eating around 1300 on those. Is that enough? Should I be “encouraging” myself to eat more on these days? I’ve just gone off food! I’m 5ft 1 and 137lbs.

    Hey @flowerpot88 – I am curious to know if this ever got better for you. I am also struggling with a general loss of appetite on my NFDs. I now feel just one pang of hunger every day (FDs and NFDs) and find that after eating one meal on my NFDs… I’m not really hungry anymore :/ While this may seem like a good thing, I feel like it has resulted in me not losing any weight the last few weeks as on my NFDs I sort of make myself eat meals (for nutrition + calories) when it’s in front of me and since I’ve lost that feeling of hunger, I’ve also lost that feeling of being “just-enough full” so that my portion sizes are likely too big because now I can only feel being “too full”. I’ve also noticed that, whereas previously on my FDs I needed all 500 calories to not go mad, I can now go the whole day on just liquids and eat a 300 cal dinner and be fine. Please do let me know if the appetite eventually returned for you / if you did anything to help it come back?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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