Losing it…. My mind not weight

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Losing it…. My mind not weight

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  • I think I’m going slightly potty!

    Was wondering which days would be best for my fast days this week. Decided on tomorrow and Thursday (popular choice by the looks of it). Fine you say. What’s wrong with that?

    Well i only started the 5:2 regime on Friday and decided on consecutive days this week so I’ve already done my fast days and don’t need to do them again until Friday!


    No doubt you’ll lose weight too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha – yes, hopefully

    Oh my god, I just started the diet this week and did 2 days on the trot, and I really thought yesterday I was losing my mind, yesterday I broke my fast so it was not due to that, I was exhausted , I lost my phone, but could not think how to logically work out where it would be, it was a weird sort of delirium, oh yes and I was very, very bad tempered, does anyone else experience this?

    The diet doesn’t recommend doing 2 consecutive days. I usually try to have 3 days in between fast days it’s much easier.

    Not entirely true travelgirl… lots of people have success doing consecutive days, its whatever suits really. And Calif, the delirium and/or irritability seem to be fairly normal the first few times one fasts but it usually gets better!

    I understand u so much

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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