Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Hi SAMM,
    I have never really done crash diets, friends have always seemed to come unstuck with them so I didn’t bother. I have done ww many times and followed the same pattern. Even reached goal once but at that point, one year and three stones off, I simply could not face going back in that room ever again to listen to the same messages I had heard a thousand times. Depressing beyond words. I would love to see a survey done of all previous members, I bet less than 1% have kept the weight off and those are probably lecturers. But I can see that for some people it’s a lifeline and they enjoy it. Good luck to them, everyone to their own. What we all need to remember is that all these organisations are businesses out to make profits. Losing weight slowly is very profitable to them. I found it impossible to lose 2 lb weekly with their plan and I followed it to the letter. I guess it didn’t work for my metabolism. My sister in law is the only one I know who lost weight with ww and kept it off( last two years) but as she also divorced my brother at the same time and that was probably a more significant factor.

    Hi jojo and co
    It’s a smashing sunny day in South Wales and I am on duty (as we call it) in the bowls club this afternoon we take turns in taking the money if non members call in for game.
    Jojo what type of bowls do you play? Is it crown green or straight green like ours, we are on duty at 4pm until close which can be anything from 6pm to 7.30 depending on who turns up. Tomorrow is called Club Day when the Captain gets us together for anything goes bowls type game. So hoping for good weather wise tomorrow too.
    Hope you have a good day. I am fasting Back to back today and tomorrow, ready for WW Tuesday. JIPW

    Hi again, not sure if I put this information on this thread but here it is again.
    I got to goal July 2011,lost 42 lbs in 6 months,10 months to lose the last 10 lbs. (17 months in all) size 12’s is wonderful. 3 pts of water a day and walked my little feet off. stayed to goal third anniversary on 5th July 2014 at goal. Trying to keep to within 5 lb. I hope I have cracked this yo yo dieting. I would like to lose another 7 lb so not always be thinking about 5lb limit. Holidays keep getting in the way of WW. I am now doing 5 days WW and 2 days on the 5-2 started 4/4/14 doing well. I know that WW is a money making game but it worked for me, but it’s down to the individual and very hard work. I just knew it was time to stop messing around. It’s a life time commitment as we all know and going every Tuesday morning it’s like a coffee morning when I meet about half a dozen friends in all various stages of their journey to lose weight, my sister joined me when I only needed to lose the last 10 lbs and she has lost 2 stones and she is 9 years older than me. It’s not what the leader has to say but it’s our encouragement that keeps us all going. I do not pay anymore and that is why I thought I would give this 5-2 a go and I know that I am not losing as much I would like I will keep going. I am in it for the long run. I can do fasting easy it’s the other days I find hard. Happy fasting . JIP

    Hi JIPWGP,
    Well done you, very good weight loss and now a size 12, my dream only at this stage. I play crown green bowls, not sure I know the difference, I have only just started. We play in sets of four, scoring for in ends. I have not even established what size ball is right for me. I like heavy at least two but then it isn’t a comfy fit. I am thinking of trying slimline. I dropped one of my 2 heavy balls out of my locker last week and it broke in two. I had only had them a week, so frustrating. They were second hand, over 10 years old but they dost £50.00. You can’t get an odd one so the set are useless. I will watch ebay see if any come up in that size.
    Cooked red snapper today with veg, yummy. Added a honey, mustard, basil, white wine vinegar dressing in the last minute of cooking. Strongly recommend you try it.
    Such a lovely day I decided to leave the gym until this evening, doing some more planting, I love my garden.
    I have never been to South Wales but I have a cousin who lives in Deeside

    Hi sorry to hear about you smashing a bowl must have been a bang! I or we hubby have been playing 13 years, he is really good at it, me, I love it and play for the league teams but I have my days good and bad, I use a Hensrelite slim line size one I played with size 2 club bowls for the first season but I found them too heavy my arm below elbow and above wrist ached like hell so I went down a size. Straight bowls is as it says but the way I play sometimes makes my fellow bowlers think I should come and join you. Lol
    Deeside is North Wales it’s a long way from me. I will give your honey mustard a go. JIP

    Hi Jojo, I have been following the forum but rarely post. I do read everything and I must say I admire your determination! Sincerely wish you good luck! Well, I saw one of your posts on another thread about how you combine low carb with 5:2 ( that sounds too hard but it will definitely work) and just remembered to tell you that low carb causes some constipation after a while (happened to me every time) and I managed to deal with this by using lepicol. That’s all. Good luck!!! Nina

    Hi Nina6,
    Thanks for your input Nina. Actually I eat an average 4 veg with my evening meal plus porridge and prunes for breakfast so no issues yet. Mainly cut bread, potatoes, pasta and rice which used to be main stays. Not really missing them. Have bread and potatoes if I go out for a meal or do a dinner party so not too stringent. I simply can’t have bread in the house because I cannot resist it, many others have this issue with crisps or chocolate I think.
    It ‘s going really well and I am in control, I find the weekly target helps me focus. I have just made a bet with my husband that I will be 10 stone for my sixtieth next Sept. I f I make it I will be forced to have a Super Hero party with me dressed as Super Girl. This sounds a bit odd but my before picture on my fridge is me at age 30 wearing this costume to a party, I weighed 10 stone. I don’t have any other pictures which show my goal weight, I was much thinner earlier and much fatter post babies. He of course as part of the bargain must go as Superman, trust me he is going to need to diet too and lift some weights. The only exercise he currently does is mow our substantial lawn.
    Please contribute again always interested in other views of experienced low carb dieters.

    Good Morning Fast Trackers,
    Hope you read my post to Nina, another challenge taken up.
    Diet and fasting going well, feel light and in control. Fasting Day one B2B today, bank holiday Monday, but trying to keep to my usual routine.
    Good Luck to you all, long way to Saturday weigh in but I am sure it will fly past.
    2 more pounds off here I come!
    What was Supergirls catch phrase?
    Must check it out, I am sure I did this before but can’t remember, sorry can’t blame my diet, my memory has been hopeless for 10 years or more.


    “What was Supergirls catch phrase?”

    Just try and catch me, Superboy.

    Hi Rocky,
    Seems a Supergirl did not have a catch phrase so it’s now a challenge to think up a good one!
    Supergirl, give them hell

    Well it hasn’t been the perfect fast day today. It started well up until I went to the pub, no it wasn’t alcohol, it was the innocent orange juice a friend bought me. Would you believe it – 383 calories. Seriously!

    So no calories left for dinner since I had breakfast of porridge. Well that wasn’t gonna happen. So I just had some prawns with chilli dip. Now having some grapes. Well and truly blown today. Guess I will be starting my B2B again tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else has had a good fasting day.

    Got woken up. Skimmed an email update saw something about grapes, and JoJo saying something about doing what works. IMO IF works for more than waistline, and HIIT is also something that is important target. It may not be typical now be a matching glove to TDEE. I’ve been working on menus and meal plans that tailored to my self.
    Basically it is a high energy day followed by a low energy day.
    Fruit day followed by a vegtable day.
    Carb restriction day followed by protein restriction day.

    Grapes are one of those genetic foods. Where if you eat them they turn on or activate or have that certain something that helps the heart survive a long fast. Something about resveritol not sure about of correct spelling. For the longest time want grades in my diet , but is so freakishly high in sugars to approach the levels required. Anyway I put grapes on my feed days. I mean red grapes. Is great in homemade chicken salad, and as snack food. But when fast day comes to avoid snacking on them I put them in the freezer.

    I hit 240 I knew I was close to second pound. I’m having to reinvent my fat loss approach due my job having so much walking. My pedometer indicates I have walked more than twenty miles everyday when at work. So my feed days and fast days need to go off the 5:2 rails. To more of mathematical approach to calories. But with rules to be observed.
    7 fruits or vegtables daily, 1 pineapple per week, grapes AD,
    2 fish dinners per week.
    No calories from drinks.
    Cut starchy carbs portion sizes.
    Only nutrition foods – no empty nutrition foods.

    Fell asleep ,back to when and where my dream was taking me hopefully, good night.

    Morning fast trackers,

    Well I woke up today feeling slimmer, even though yesterday’s fast day di not go well thanks to an orange hui e in the pub. Guess what one pound down. So much for the calories in that then, plus I had grapes so by the end of the day I was well over 1000 cals. I did walk for an hour and a half but otherwise very lazy day. Guess my body wanted a day off.

    So no need to add another fast day this week, just finish B2B today, happy days.
    Yes SAMM it was a whole carton of green grapes obviously travelled straight through, we will see what tomorrow brings.

    Keep drinking, keep walking, keep observing your programme.

    Yesterday’s food
    Porridge with 6 prunes( made with water)
    Orange juice( fresh 385 cals)
    Prawns in sweet chilli sauce and 3 egg omelette
    Carton of green grapes
    Zero cal water or tea drinks all day.

    Today’s food
    Porridge with 6 prunes
    Miso soup
    Fish with brocoli, green beans and zero noodles.

    And hopefully another pound off.

    This 2 lb per week target is going well, me thinks.
    How are the rest of you doing, must be very hard it you are near to goal.

    Hi Jojo and followers, Well done Jojo and I lost 1.1/2 lb doing a B2B Sunday and Monday and it was a Bank holiday with fresh cream teas over the Bowling club but I did not par-take. Can you see my halo shinning? Only 1 lb to get back to WW goal at this morning WW ‘s class. Playing bowls this evening again and then Thursday it is the start of the season out door. So I hope it will keep focused and have less time to think about eating. JIP

    Hi JIPWGP,
    Sorry it’s such a late reply, manic day, work then admin duty at bowling, then choir, then shopping. Crazy.
    At Forest School tomorrow with kids so busy day ahead and very early start to set up shelter.
    Well done you on 1.5 lbs. you succeeded in losing over Bank Holiday too. I think you deserve your halo. I resisted smarty covered children’s cake today, God there are three more cakes due in during the next week – be strong, be slim. Perhaps we should have a star of the week too? BFAB(best Fastrackers achiever bong) could also stand for (bloody fool arsed blobby) just joking!
    I treated myself to a bowling bag today and tomorrow I will order my new bowling balls, decided to go for slimline ones. Remind me what you are using now? I have just applied to be in a match at the end of the month. This will make me practise more, I hope. My husband also joined at the weekend which means I will have someone to practise with at the weekends.
    How is the skipping going?
    Have you tried kettlebell yet? I have a friend who is lifting a three litre bottle of water to tone up. She has this amazing exercise to tone her wobbly under arms, I may try it this weekend.
    Must get to bed now, about to tead a book on cellulite treatment – it’s all work this body beautiful goal.

    Getting to gold at ww will be great, free entrance from the end of your maintenance isn’t it. I may join weight watchers when I am 7 lbs from goal, that way I will have an incentive to keep it off with a free monthly weigh in.

    Night night to all the fast trackers around the world. Please post if you are achieving 2 lb per week average. There are lots of impatient women out there who could benefit from your tips. One small step for woman(and man) kind!

    Morning all,
    God awful night, tossing and turning and trips to the loo. I wondered if it might be hunger but before I hit the food cupboard discussed it with my stomach. No it wasn’t hunger, probably stress from yesterday’s manic day. This sort of control over decisions of whether to eat is new to me. I hope you are all getting to this point.
    2nd B2B coming up, shame I messed up Monday, really regret it now.
    But the goal remains so onwards and downwards. Lots of walking today.
    Planning some more low carb reading later. Anyone else read anything inspiring? Fiction or non fiction?

    Good morning Jojo and fellow fasters,
    Thanks for the pat on the back for the 1.1/2 lbs off, I can do this.
    With WW you have to need/want to lose 10 lb I think if you want to join. But it does keep me focused going every week. if you get to goal and you stay within 5 lb of your goal you do not have to pay, I have only paid 3 times in the last 3 years and then I have only been over the 5 lb by 1 or 2 pounds.
    My bowls are Henselite heavy size one, I bought them off an old lady who was aged 93 and had only given up playing indoor a few years and she said if I get the fun and achievement out of them that she had, I have had them thirteen years now and they will see my time out in bowls. I like your award system go for it.
    At the moment I only walk for exercise, I might get my small trampoline out soon, good fasting all JIP

    Hi jojo I tossed and turned until 1.30 I got up and read for an hour before going back to bed to have a welsh cwtch same as an English cuddle but better. LOL. It was not a fast day so I could not blame that but I did have cramp in my toes playing outdoor bowls until 8 pm very cold by then but we won by 5 points. Good start to the season. I did that back to back Sun/Monday it was OK. It paid off anyway.
    I think I told you about caraway seeds for stopping bloating I have just been reading now about Kiwi fruit is good too. not fasting until Friday which will be second this week and then I am going to do B2B Sun and ‘Monday next week. Happy fasting eveyone. JIP

    Hi, again, Jojo and friends! Well done on your success and your determination! I have been on this WOE for a bit more than 2 months now and have lost around 7 kilos. I mainly did 4:3 but lately have been feeling that can’t do the 3rd day, so I have come up with a plan that will probably work, but even if it doesn’t, it will make me feel more playful and less bored: Monday 20:4 (up to BMR), Tuesday water fast (the only way of fasting I can manage), Wednesday up to TDEE, Thursday water fast, Friday up to TDEE, Saturday 20:4 or 16:8 (up to BMR), Sunday up to TDEE. I know it will not add up to equal a third fast day, but given that I have started walking for about an hour almost every day it will probably be ok. half a kilo a week is ok for me at this point, since I want to lose about 9 kilos till Christmas (but 3 of those till July, when I am going to Greece for the summer).

    Well, having said all that, I am now writing what I originally logged in to write: Jojo, I have been reading Eat to Live by Dr Furhman. Actually a friend I made on this forum recommended this book for me. Sadly, I haven’t been having a lot of nutrients in the past years, I am nowhere near eating my fruit and vegetables. This book has motivated me (although I haven’t read most of it yet) and I have now incorporated salads and fruit daily. Also it has made me very conscious on the food labels and the preservatives they include. Other than that, I sadly (again) do smoke, so I need to find a way to quit that nasty thing, cause otherwise there is no point in struggling to fix my diet. The writer is very much against high protein diets, but low carb has many faces and I really believe you, Jojo, are doing it the right/sensible way.

    I found this on the net: http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com/blog/intermittent-fasting-201/ I assume most of you have already read it, but if you haven’t it has many info on IF, it’s really encouraging for us fasters and has some quite convincing arguments in favour of fasting. Plus, it’s enjoyable!


    I could not cope with what you have planned, I can barely remember my name most days and that was before I started dieting let alone afterwards. Thanks for the recommendations I will check them out at the library. I do eat healthily with loads of fruit and veg. My protein does not exceed 25 % so don’t worry about me. 30 years of dieting leaves you quite well informed. I used to smoke but gave it up when pregnant, no regrets there, it permanently damaged my lungs, smoked for 15 years with a few breaks. Good luck packing it up, try the electronic cigarette.

    Fasting today is going well but I think I may be getting a sickness and diarrhoea bug from the children, my stomach feels hot and bubbly, not a good sign? Goes with the job of teaching sadly. Hopefully I will get through tomorrow morning then I have Friday off. There is no time off work when you are self employed.

    Everyone is noticing and complimenting me on my weight loss at the moment, it’s just a matter of time before they start saying ‘ don’t you think you should stop now, it’s very ageing you know ‘
    I do not plan to stop until I reach 10 stone(140 lbs) 65 kilos( guess)

    Hi jip,
    Yes I put the caraway seeds on my shopping list and I have kiwis weekly anyway, but thanks for your support and suggestions.
    Heard of your bowls, good to get them second hand, they are so pricey, I love the coloured ones though, I am such a woman.

    Quiet night in tonight, yes you heard right, even I have batteries to recharge, books to read, ironing to catch up on. It may take my mind off of the griping stomach pains. On the positive side, a bug won’t harm the weight loss. At least fasting should clear the bug through faster.

    One pound to go this week still but feeling confident.

    Thanks Nina6,
    Read the link about fasting. Lots of interesting variations.
    I am going to hit the sack now, shattered.
    Speak tomorrow, I hope!

    Checking in!

    I quit smoking in 1991.

    Separate the two issues that keep you smoking .
    1 the addiction to nicotine
    2 the habit of smoking at certain times or place.

    Cut back to 6 cigarettes.
    Dont smoke until noon.
    Do not smoke after meals for 1 hour
    Don’t smoke after 5 pm
    Throw out all ashtrays and lighters.

    After you break those habits. Try every Monday to go cold turkey.
    By the seventh monday you will most likely not be a smoker anymore…
    That’s not very complicated.
    However I suggest you to use any other method in addition to quitting every monday.
    Try quitting however you can every Monday!

    If I can quit smoking I know everyone else can too. However I really wanted to quit.

    For the veggies I put them into two camps, The one I like to eat raw, and the ones I cook.
    So that made it real easy to identify my snack foods.
    Carrots, celery, tomatoes ,olives, sourkraut, radish, turnips, green peppers and Serrano peppers, and cucumber and pickles. I am beside myself with eating raw Okra these days is supposed to be healthy for the liver.
    I try to eat 3 square meals , but if I snack. I feel better eating these.

    Hi Jojo – just realised I didn’t reply to your post on 28th April – sorry I don’t know where the time goes!

    Well I do swim but unfortunately don’t live near any particularly good pools. The local gyms have them but are SO expensive that I refuse to spend money on them. If I am ever near a good one I do take the opportunity though.

    I was signed off by the physio on 28th April – and she advised me about appropriate exercise (other than swimming) so I have finally taken the plunge and started using the local University-owned gym. As I mentioned on my thread earlier, I am delighted that it is near home (10 mins walk each way); extremely cheap – £20 for a full month off-peak (I am unemployed at the moment after being made redundant in January); and I have been “adopted” by the gym manager who seems pretty knowledgeable about hip rehab as she also runs all the classes including Pilates.

    Sadly the Uni has sold the entire local campus for a housing development so it will close completely on 27th June – but I still have 8 weeks and I am intending to make use of it every day I am at home!

    So I feel that I am now moving into a new phase of combining 5:2 with exercise – I managed the first 27.5 pounds without any for obvious reasons. It will also be great to tone up.

    I’ll keep you posted on progress and hope I can emulate your 2lb a week goal!

    Cath x

    Hello fasttrackers old & new,
    Been reading all your posts, but not writing this week. Busy last weekend planning and hosting a party, which was wonderful. After that my son went and had his heart broken, which in turn breaks mine! You know the saying, “A mother is only as happy as her least happy child.”
    Here’s an update on my progress. Had a bad week 2 weeks ago. Not only did I not lose, I actually gained. How horrifying considering my devotion to the IF plan. I am happy to report that the scale has moved in the other direction as of Monday morning, so I lost the gain and a bit more. That means I am still on a 2+ pound per week pace, and I plan to continue! Next week will be the 10-week mark, and I hope to get to 20 pounds lost. I would like to lose 35-40 overall.
    Start date 5:2- March 3, 2014
    Start weight: 166 lbs
    Current weight 147.5
    Pounds lost: 18.5
    Start 4:3: March 31, 2014
    Start 4:3 with B2B: April 21, 2014
    @jojo, didn’t realize you are a teacher. I am also! My job now is math coach, which means I work with teachers to improve math instruction, and also work with kids directly. Nothing like it! I took your advice on dressing, and yesterday wore a dress with a very defined waste and further accentuated it with a hot pink belt! I also got rid of a pair of pants which have gotten a little too loose and make me look downright dumpy! Also, Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of a Mexican military victory over the French.
    @purple Veggie Eater, if you had to buy a belt to hold your pants up, buy new jeans! If they are that loose, they are not doing a thing for your bum, and it is the job of jeans to make your bum look good!
    @samm and Nina, I admire your attention to detail!

    After my bad week, I did a little spreadsheet analysis of each week for the following info:
    (I threw out Week 1 due to water loss)
    Total calories—ranged from 6271 to 8768 for the week, Avg daily 896-1252) My BMR is 1353
    % of protein, fat, and carbs
    Averages of above
    Alcohol consumed (generally wine)
    # of meals eaten
    I am trying to figure out which details matter, and which do not. I know this is a small sample, and not completely scientific, but my results indicate as follows:
    • the ratio of Protein to fat over a week seems to matter more than the actual % of either. A ratio of about 2:3, protein:fat has resulted in the highest losses. My best weeks were protein low-to-mid 20s and fat mid-to-high 30s.
    • Eating lots of fiber helps. I have my Fiber One, 60 cal, 14g fiber almost every morning.
    • Eating 2-3 meals per day seems better than only 1, and skipping lunch is worst
    • Drinking wine seems to not matter, which is a surprise
    • B2B so far is not better than 4:3 non-consecutive
    • Lower total calories has not meant more weight lost, nor has higher calories resulted in less weight loss
    • Sweets, even when keeping within calorie limits, seem to inhibit weight loss
    • 4-5 days of exercise seems best (I do 36 minutes of intervals at 5:30 am, and a longer, slower run on weekend)
    So my plan going forward:
    • Continue 4:3, but may stop B2B
    • Keep drinking at least 5 pints water daily
    • Exercise at least 4 days
    • Have a glass of wine when it fits my calorie limits
    • Eat Fiber One
    • Avoid sweets
    • Pay more attention to protein:fat ratio to stay close to 2:3

    Excellent work Ply24mp!
    It must be excruciating to read my poor writing skills in combination with zealous autocrorrects.
    My apologies. Seems I do try to get my message across, but my decades of ADD has habits that are repeatedly incorrect yet seem correct to me. Always sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? ~sigh~

    I do like the TDEE that most of use for our non fasting days.
    Do you have a H.I.I.T or only H.I.T.?
    Also do you have a method for N.E.A.T.? I love using spread sheets, but I’m not very focussed on tracking minein a way that I may look at my N.E.A.T. from spread sheet instead journal. TO DO SO WOULD BE SUCH A BLESSING! Aaack! Capps lock sorry.

    What I notice in my recent weight loss is a big difference in my N.E.A.T. is making the difference between weeks with weight loss and weeks where I maintain. I’m not just trying to lose weight around my waist. I’m also trying to lose visceral fat , by having better lvls of fat in the blood. Not measuring by way of actual tests,however I am trying H.I.I.T. With skipping rope prior to large meals on non fasting days. So I’m going at my weight goal , but taking an approach that is metabolism focused instead of only calories counted. Basically trying to lose 1 1/4 lb by calorie restriction, and 3/4 lb by exercise based from my BMI.
    I know it may be goobldegook to try to improve my alkalinity score. However I do suspect i suffer from inflammation. I have an broken bone injury exactly where I have gout. Which happens to make me want to lay around when I’m not watching exactly what I’m eating. Let alone go for H.I.I.T.

    my opinion on a broken heart is just means that it is possible to love again if unafraid to open it again. I love my wife in way that i refuse to do anything that would break her heart. I don’t know how to put that into words of a saying.

    Made an appointment to my DR

    Since last Thursday I’ve dropped 15 lbs. So I’ll be submitting to her advice and suspending dieting.
    I’m on a new job and I have barley the strength to get through it all unless I’m on sugar koolaid. I definitely feel empty of energy by the third hour and I’m wondering if the foods I eat at lunch are getting metabolized in that short amount of time . I’m off sugar drinks for over a year now . But only on this job since April 2 2014 It cant be 5:2. Because my wieght barley moved on 5:2. It’s when basically started eating only dried fruits and water when parched, and a few pieces ham on breaks. I have such a poor sense of time and so fatigued by the time I get home I haven’t been journaling my foods. Ugggggh. Come to think of it I have been eating dried pinnapple with every meal and 1 dried apricot. Those are supposed to help with bloating. I tried on an old pair of jeans size 32 . I could get them over my belly , not for my bum , just trying to figure out if the weight loss is effecting my waist. . Considering I was wearing a size 40 Six weeks ago without a belt. I’m a bit concerned. I mean I want to lose weight , but I want to do it safely. Is why I’m on JoJo thread , because I’m not on the 1lb a week 5:2. I’m kind of. What’s the word discombobulated about work. It’s like walking a marathon while lifting weights and I’m not eating what I believe is commiserate with the work load. So I know I’m losing muscle, yet I’m feeling very strong. Stronger than I have in twenty years.
    I suppose until my DR says differently I won’t worry, except that I don’t feel I’m in my comfort zone when I lose weight more than 5 lbs a month.

    Is it weird to crave salmon meat?

    Here’s a craving link for anyone interested in the basics.


    Just self guessing. Im not getting enough salt.
    I have been on low sodium for years now. But the craving doesn’t explain the weight loss. I’ll drive myself and y’all crazy till I see the DR. So I’m going to just relax a go out to eat whatever I want. Will post again in about a week. Or I’ll over post. Good luck everyone!

    SAMM, I guess I would feel discombobulated if I’d lost 15 pounds in 6 days, too, that’s hard to do. Please describe this new job of yours, you must be exhausted!

    I work from 12am to 12pm walking at a hustled pace in a warehouse. Picking product that was mispicked and walking it to it’s correct placement in the conveyor system. I sweat from the time I start to the time i leave. I don’t get hungry, however I feel low energy. As i usually do after hunger pangs on 5:2 however , I don’t have the hunger pangs, and the low energy comes about 3 am,but I press on to compete with the 20 year olds. I’m 46and have been semi sedentary for about ten years. Last febuary I started jumping rope again to try to at least get the benefit of H.I.T. Now I’m up and endurance walking my pedometer has been over 20 miles a day.
    No white sweat stains though.On the weekends I feel normal, just a bit stronger.

    SAMM, I am really impressed with your ability to do this job. When I walk even 4 miles, carrying not very much, it’s enough to make me tired. I admire your commitment to carrying it through. It must modify your energy needs considerably. Does it at least help you sleep well?

    @samm, did you mean 1.5 rather than 15? I hope so!!

    It is not the least bit excruciating to read your posts, SAMM! Looking back at the least few, you must be burning an extraordinary number of calories at work, and I suspect you would lose weight without changing your eating habits very much. I also anticipate that your doctor will tell you to eat more!!

    I wear a Fitbit wristband to help track NEAT, and to motivate me to move around a lot at work. My job is certainly not as active as yours. I try to get in at least 10,000 steps over and above the exercise I do.

    I am lucky that I do not have any health issues, and it is mostly vanity that motivates me to lose weight. Sure, I like the idea of longevity, increased energy, and long-term health benefits, but what can I say, I am shallow! I think we all suffer from inflammation to some extent, and the amount and content of what we eat is the major contributor. You are wise to investigate the best combinations for yourself.

    We’ve all been through our hearts being broken, just so hard to see one’s child suffer!

    Getting ready. Feeling good as new after intermittent sleep.
    I understand what you mean about feelings. I woke up hearing my daughter singing to her cat today the sweetest love song. Just makes me want to dig into the longevity diet so I can be here till she finds that special someone she may wish to sing to that way someday.
    Actual movement tracking. Very good!

    I don’t like weighing in so often., but when I see unexplained weight loss , it’s time to see my GP.
    leave it to her on Wednesday. For now I’m eating a lot of watermelon and drinking plenty of water.pizza till I was stuffed. Till then. Be well everyone!

    Good morning fast trackers,
    Feel much better after an early night, didn’t get the bug( yet) but stomach still not right, keeping to water and soup today see how it (pans)out.

    15 pounds is one extraordinary weight loss in a week, probably caused by extreme exercise of your new job, good luck at the doctors. I agree with others, you probably don’t need to diet just go for lots of energy giving foods and drinks. I don’t think many people could work twelve hour shifts on their feet all the time without sufficient nourishment, I know I wouldn’t like it, look after yourself, it’s no good being slim if you are too tired to enjoy it.

    Hi Ply,
    How is it going for you? Finished fasting this week?

    Glad the party went well. I am sorry to hear about your son. Yes parents feel all their children’s pain and then some. My son has been lucky with his choice of girlfriends and has a very caring one now. My daughter is a workaholic like her father and she shows no interest in having boyfriends. Sad really because I think she is missing out, albeit pleasure and pain in equal measures sometimes. I would like to see her in love with someone special. Actually one day I would hope to find a new partner too although I am really enjoying the single life at the moment. It’s the first time in my life I haven’t been responsible for caring for someone else. I think this is why I am able to focus on my diet this time round.

    Hi Fran
    Are you meeting the target each week? How you doing, very quiet!

    Are you ok? Missing you! Did you see Masterchef last night. It gave me the munchies but I love it. Just ate some almonds and drank tea.

    Any weekend plans folks? Mine are pretty boring, helping on a stall, fundraising for the bowls club on Sat and ‘admin duty’ Sunday for 4 hours at same place. Admin duty doesn’t really live up to its name as it is mostly cleaning and tidying.

    Drink lemon and water(warm) first thing.
    Give up white bread.
    Eat fish as your protein food(fresh not farmed fish), try some new ones, red snapper – yum
    Avoid most processed food, except zero noodles, good filler.
    Drink 3 – 4 pints of water daily if you can manage it
    Cut carbs to a minimum level every day.

    Set a weekly goal – whether it’s 1/2 lb or 2 lb, make it happen, you are in control.

    Eat low car fruits daily, berries and veg in large quantities – I usually eat organic, at least 4 different types per day. My veg box comes from a local farm and only costs £7.00 per week, feeds two easily.
    If you are on a budget go to your local fish mongers and ask for a bag of scraps for the dog. I got 3 pounds worth of good fish last weekend for £1.00. It would have made a great fish pie with a sweet potato mash top and still fed my two dogs for two days. Have you ever tried Goan fish curry – perfect for fish scraps. Worth a try!
    I may try the same trick at the butchers this week.

    Plan ahead – if you have an event to attend add a fast day before it and take it easy the day after, soups only for a day. This stops negative weigh ins which are not enjoyable and you enjoy the event, having what you want.

    Don’t bore people about your diet (unless they ask you directly what you are doing), save your discussion for the forums.

    My alarm is telling me it’s time to get up for work.

    Wear close fitting stylish clothes, get noticed. Enjoy compliments.

    Enjoy this dull but mild Thursday.

    Be positive and surround yourself with positive people, don ‘t spend much time with those people that drain your energy. Life is too damn short.

    Hi jojo, thanks for asking, I’m still averaging one pound per week weight loss, which I personally think is spectacular <grin>. This morning I saw the number 118 on the scale for the first time since the Reagan/Thatcher years (apologies to non-US-UK-folks — the 1980s). That’s 39 pounds that this little frame is not having to haul around all day long! I was afraid I’d have to put a huge load of books in a backpack and carry it around on my walks to still get weight loss benefits from walking at this point, but so far that’s not been the case. On days the ground is dry enough I hike through the woods and along the creek, the varied terrain varies my exercise. My balance isn’t good enough to do it when it’s wet and slippery, don’t want to tumble down the hill over rocks and tree roots and into the creek.

    So my regimen is: two fasting days with 500-600 calories at dinner; one “half-fasting day” with a 200-calorie snack in the mid-afternoon and 500-600 calories at dinner; and walking, probably averaging 10,000 steps/day at this point. Although I do allow myself treats (mainly a scoop of ice cream 3 or 4 times a week), I eat pretty conservatively on non-fasting days, asking myself if I’m really hungry before eating something, monitoring my portion sizes, etc. And it’s working! This is actually somewhat surprising as many people find it difficult to lose a pound a week with a BMI around 21 and a TDEE around 1600 calories. So, hopefully it can work for other people, too 🙂

    Congratulations, Franfit! Your regimen sounds very doable for most people, and your results certainly speak for themselves! I am so glad to hear of a petite person getting to a her goal! I am 5’2″ and looking to get to 126 lbs, which I have not seen in quite some time. I generally feel and look pretty good in the low 130s, but I really want to see those 120s on the scale! That would also put me in the mid level of healthy BMI, rather than near the top.

    Thanks, ply24mp 🙂 That “normal” BMI range certainly is wide enough to accommodate people with both large and small frames and with varying degrees of muscularity (although not the most muscular, I know). The more petite among us can be carrying a lot of extra fat, including visceral fat, and technically fit into the normal range. I wish you the best in reaching your goal! I keep worrying that the last few pounds might be the hardest for me, that’s why I added my “half-fasting day” to my plan, and, so far at least, I’m still losing.

    Have you all seen that the new book, The Fast Beach Diet, has been released?
    Book Description
    Publication Date: May 8, 2014
    From the author of the bestselling 5:2 Fast Diet and Fast Diet Recipe Book – – Mimi Spencer presents the super-fast 6-week programme to kickstart your Fast Diet for summer. Based on the original, bestselling Fast Diet, this modified approach will take you off cruise control and give your 5:2 lifestyle a summer-time turbo boost. The Fast Beach Diet includes A clear six-week plan to encourage fat loss of up to 2lbs per week New tips and tricks to get you through your Fast Days Plateau-busting ideas to jumpstart the 5:2 A brilliant new HIT exercise programme to maximise your fitness and fat loss – in just five minutes a day 25 new calorie-counted summer recipes, and plenty of healthy speed cooking ideas for busy days With detailed meal plans and extra motivational support, this book will get you beach-fit for 2014. Think of it as a boot camp for the 5:2. For six weeks only.

    Jojo, if only you had started this forum a bit earlier, WE could have written the book! 🙂

    Hi ply,
    I don ‘t think we would have the street credibility without medical qualifications. Have you bought the beach diet book? I don ‘t think it is written for the likes of me, possibly next year! I haven’t looked into mimi’s book yet as swamped with other diet and recipe books. I also need to read and present a book for my book club Monday night, not started yet. I have a busy weekend planned. Luckily I need to stay home for workmen tomorrow so I will have a reading day.

    I have been eating big today, god knows why? 1700 calories which is unheard of for me, even ate some chocolate. Just feeling low after stomach upset yesterday. I will fast tomorrow as I have two events this weekend, my brother birthday and a bowls club bash.
    I think we just need to get a job with SAMM, can you believe his weight loss, madness. I am more than happy with my two pounds, I hope I haven’t undone the pound off lost earlier in the week. Fingers crossed.

    I am off to art class tonight, it may be my last class if it isn’t better than last week, I refuse to waste my time if the lecturer isn’t worth the money.
    Hi Franfit,
    You are doing very well, good for you! Very similar to my loss, it feels great doesn’t it.
    I still have a few tight clothes in my wardrobe which I bought when optimistic. How do you celebrate your success?
    I have treats on non fast days too, had a bacon sandwich today, first since last year, yum. But tomorrow is a new day and I need to work at it if I want to meet my goal this week.

    thank you, jojo, once I lost about 25-30 pounds I started getting lots of compliments, which is nice 🙂 I enjoy giving away my too-large clothes to friends and charity. Trying not to buy too many clothes until I reach goal, but I do have to buy smaller underwear and a couple of pair of jeans in each size, plus basic T-shirt type tops, since I live in jeans and have to do laundry in pay machines in the basement of my apartment building, can’t just toss in a pair of jeans every day or two. My budget is tight, so it is both fun and not fun. I had no skirts or dresses I could wear, so I did buy two skirts, a cardigan, and three tops that I could wear to anything from a date to a funeral. I really bought them when I did because I anticipated the funeral, then it turned out the person wanted no funeral or memorial of any kind, leaving me a bit stunned. Fortunately the clothes are quite stretchy and should still fit when I reach goal. I did exchange one of the tops and the shapewear for a size smaller, but that whole episode has kind of put me off clothes as a reward for a while. One really weird thing is that my feet have gotten skinnier. This is making buying shoes really hard as I already wore a 9.5AA (UK 7C, European 41N), now I’m having to order AAA or AAAA or even a size smaller and send some back and wait to be credited and order again, a real hassle. When I get to goal and have to look for exercise bras in something like a 32G I’ll have to go through that process all over again, ugh. Oh, my goodness, listen to me whine about my success 😉 So funny to be a petite person with big feet and boobs, lol! Really feeling better is by far the best reward, and that I do, for sure 🙂

    Whine all you like. What I want to wine about is feeling bones I have forgotten how they feel.
    I guess I’ve been worried. So I ate a whole large pizza over a whole day. Weird how such large portions simply didn’t make me feel any better or worse, but im so used to being in control of my ingredients of what I eat. Im not sure I want to back to eating just to indulge. I mean the pizza was great. A favorite, but my inner self talk wants to control every aspect of my diet. That I somehow to be honest would felt better making my own substitue pizza. Indicating I’m obsessed with my food which must be better than being unmanaged I suppose.
    I love mini peppers, so I stuff them with pizza toppings to avoid the high carb crust. Seems the only difference is my calorie total went wayyyyyy over TDEE. Just feels like the wind is out of my sail if you what I mean.
    About the job, when I look around , it’s noticeable how skinny everyone is. Many of them look like athletes that are thin and down right boney. Which I’m so used to being around obese people in my —– culture? That being in a room filled with physical workaholics seems out of sorts. No disrespect intended, but it’s like working with people that look like they are from war work camp. They look emaciated and they think it’s attractive. I probably won’t stay there much longer than getting to goal, or in that position. It’s funny how they say things similar to” because you’re obese that you shouldn’t be able to keep up. It’s a different mind set that’s for sure. A competitive matter of pride to out do each other no matter what our quotas are. At first I wanted to see if I could do it. Now that I know I can. To be honest I don’t love it, so me thinks I’ll use it as a way get my walking aspect of getting to 100lbs goal. Hmm I mean not to wait to target visceral until my belly fat is gone, but to target it 5 days a week with eating my main meal of day at lunch time and then walking for another 6 hours. When I get home instead of snacking i plan toeat a 250 calorie fast type meal of vegtables and beans. So I don’t sleep on 500 calorie meals.
    I feel like suddenly out of my diet routine , but I think I need to refocus on the macro nutrition of carbs,fat protein. I drank a soda cola. It was tasty , but it was like drinking sweetened salt water so I’ll stick to drinking green tea with whole lemon or orange. I can’t think of any reason not to keep up on antioxidant beverages which still gives me the control feeling.
    Oh for what ever reason last week I guess either attention seeking or just trying to impress my co worker. As they were tired and going for smoke break out side a distance away from the secondhand smoke. I took my jump rope ant attempted H.I.I.T.. I jumped for 4 minutes then got winded. The rest of the day I just dragged on so I won’t being doing that again. For now the walking will be enough. Still at 231 today even after eating a large pizza!

    Morning Fast Trackers,
    Well I am not at my best this week, woke up with a bad pain in my lower back and a streaming cold. So in the tradition of all obese people I will be cheering myself up with food today and lots of it. It will all be healthy but necessary. I am at home waiting for some men to insulate my loft, could be sitting around all day so I invited a friend to lunch. Fast day cancelled, happy to take a hit this week. Lost one pound already so I will settle for that.

    How is everyone else doing, what do we think, is two pound per week sustainable?
    I still think so and plan to stick to it. Social life is definitely hampering my efforts but progress is good. As I am not fasting today I may need to be very careful at party on Sunday, always difficult, I love nibbles.

    My exercise regime has really gone by the board this week, what with bank holiday and illness. Still I don’t rely on it for weight loss, if anything I think it hampers my efforts. Necessary evil for toning though.

    Hey Franfit, know where you are coming from with the shoes but my underwear has yet to be changed, that’s the beauty of my unsexy high waist, under trousers, version. Bra size still exactly the same yet 3 stone lost, frustrating or what? Are there bust reducing exercises? Ply might know!

    What has happened to LUVTCOOK? I may read some other threads today, see if she is doing ok?

    Reading ‘shock of the fall’ by Nathan Filer today, anyone else read it?

    Good Luck fasters, thinking of you all.

    P.s. SAMM, great that you are competing with your skinny colleagues. I bet under that flabby tummy there is a six pack waiting to escape. My hero, 20 miles walking per day, unreal. I may try it at half term, see how it feels, not sure my old dogs are up to that distance though, they usually manage 5 then drag me home by the shortest route.

    Have a great weekend all, keep drinking!

    Good morning all! It’s official, made it past the 20 lb mark in just under 10 weeks! Scale today reads 144.6, loss of 2.9 this week and 21.4 overall. I am now past the halfway point of my goal as well. I will have an extra spring in my step today for sure!
    Sorry you are feeling under the weather, Jojo. Hope a ralatively lazy day at home will be the cure. I am dreaming of bacon sandwiches since your post yesterday!
    Don’t know about bust-reducing exercises! I am not very busty, and I always get a bit smaller when I lose weight. In fact, one of the things that pushed me to commit to this effort was that my bras were all getting to be too small!
    It is supposed to be warm and sunny here today, but so far a gloomy start. I am looking forward to date night with my hubby tonight, then off to minister to the lovelorn tomorrow, I.e. spending the day with our boys!

    jojo, I hope you feel better soon. I haven’t seen LUVTOCOOK on any threads, I’ve been scanning them all the past couple of days. No such thing as bust reducing exercises, unfortunately. They can be a real handicap when it comes to running, jumping, etc., but I don’t want surgery, I’ve had enough.

    SAMM, your being able and willing to do your job is awesome. I think the fasting protocol might have to be modified considerably when doing that much physical exertion. Like maybe doing 16:8 or 20:4 on non-work days or something, with less specific calorie restriction. But you are good at figuring out the details.

    Good evening fast trackers,

    Well Ply the prize goes to you, 20 lbs in 10 weeks, fantastic. Take the cyber crown, queen of the fast trackers. Although I don’t know what Samm’s average was before he gave up 5:2. Thanks to my duff March I have not averaged 2 lb per week except in the last three weeks. I will let you know how tomorrow goes but I am not hopeful.
    My daughter is very poorly with an ulcerated throat so I am staying over her place tonight, administering medicine and food.

    I will be back on target next week, promise.

    Hi Franfit,

    I didn’t get any reading done today, ended up cooking lunch for a friend then food and plant shopping, then nursing. A friend and mothers job is never done even when she is not actually feeling too great herself. But lunch, fresh king prawns in sweet chilli sauce with zero noodles, onions, peppers, shredded carrot and brocolli with asparagus was scrumptious. Dinner this evening was a pack of mini cheddars, 130 cals – not bad.

    Thanks for trying to track LUVTCOOK, I hope she comes back. Miss her input.

    I have been doing lots of research which all needs testing, I will drip feed it in over the next few weeks. I can say that I have now been taking kelp tablets and garlic capsules with no ill effects. Midges have avoided me for the last two weeks whilst doing forest school so that’s good news, garlic must be working. I am planning a full set of blood tests at the end of June. In terms of exercise I am most impressed by skipping and kettlebell swinging. My next exercise plan is 10 minutes per day on a large trampoline, a friend told me this is effective for bust reduction.

    That’s all for now, my best to you all – Ply has proved herself- I am hoping my average will increase, no, I know my average will increase.

    Morning all,
    Feeling more human today but will have to delay my weigh in until tomorrow. My daughters scales are wildly wrong, according to them I am seven pounds lower, which I definitely am not.
    I will be on my feet all day today running a to bola stall so hopefully that might help me lose the other pound, you never know miracles happen. Off to get my porridge, late this morning, had a lovely lie in.
    Have a great weekend everybody even if it is wet and miserable outside.
    Be good and keep drinking

    After I post this I’m going to switch my style of posting to be more social, than focussed on me me me.
    So I thank you in advance for bearing with me as I to make more changes than just diet.

    How is everyone else doing, what do we think, is two pound per week sustainable?

    I believe it is. 

    Thing is this 5:2  is like the first step . A very important one that is in a range a of a sustainable diet over a longer period.  Not just 6-8 weeks , but 8 out of 12 months per year. Every year.

    My experience was to go on to 4:3 after 2 successful months  of 5:2.   I was on fasting Mon, Wed, Fri for 4 months.  Then I hit a plateau.  I was still not out of bed from injury.   Frustrated with plateau, but mostly a scheduling change and financial issues of not being able to walk more 100 feet with out hobbling. I turned to core exercises , and foot therapy.  I ditched 5:2  for four months , and turned to strength training.  After awhile I abandoned everything.  Food and exercise plans were abandoned.    Honestly I expected the weight to return. Like a yoyo .  As my 1 year anniversary for starting 5:2  approached  i had not been on a scale  for 4 months.  I was very pleased that I only gained 5lbs back after plateau.  For the year that was 27 lbs lost mostly do to from IF. 
    The start of my second year started with exercise as my main priority.  Though I tend to over obsess over what is healthiest possible foods. The main difference between between 2013 and 2014 is my dedicated goal is to accomplish H.I.I.T into my life everyday.  I’m still struggling , but I’m getting there.  My first week I could only skip rope as intensely as possible for about 45 seconds.  I can now go for four minutes.  I intend to up the challenge until I skip for ten minutes straight. With intense jumping for seven of those minutes.   These are frivolous numbers with no scientific reasoning only that I believe I can do it.   Also that because of my lingering foot pain.  Running is like hmmmm.  Funny i usually whince when people go on and on about aches and pains.   My foot pain is like when a gorilla of a man shakes your hand so hard a grip and your hand folds you go to your knees.   Thats what it’s like to run for me.  Walking is helping as it feels like a constant cramp in my foot, similar to plantar fasitis  but in exactly where gout occurs not in the heel but just behind the big toe.  Withing ten minutes of walking it stops hurting, but returns as soon as I relax.
    Jumping rope doesn’t have this issue and burns calories at faster rate.
     So to summarize 2013 I learned how to use IF to lose 30 lbs without exercise before plateau.  
    2014 I’m working on exercise and lifestyle that uses both calorie restriction -IF/TDEE I hope to lose atonal of 60 lbs by march of 2015.
    2015 I will using weight lifting and strength training to try and target all fat , cut like body builders do when go for competion. Must be with my doctors approval , but I will find a doctor to help guide me.
    2016 my goal will be to sort out the best longevity foods with best longevity exercises.  God willing I live as long as my grandmother and the other centenarians in my lineageHow is everyone else doing, what do we think, is two pound per week sustainable?
    September 2018  I’ll be 50  that’s half way to becoming a centenarian.  I have a bucket list I want to see occur.  Like seeing man kind live on mars. And other such interests.    

    Is 2lbs a week doable?    I believe it varies from person to person.  
    I believe it also make getting to plateau  quicker.  However I personally think it going to be  two plateau a year.  That my metabolism will only burn so much fat pet day noe matter what I eat,drink how exert myself .  I keep thinking there’s a fat burning condition that I can get my body  into. Then that’s when the most exercise needs to occur .  Like doing strength training just after meals, that doesn’t burn fat.  But the on a 600 calorie day at some point in time when all carbs and all proteins are no longer in the blood stream from meals. There may be the best time to coax the body into releasing fat stores. And that is when I may put on a high demand on the muscles I’ve been strengthening .  The seven compound lifts.  The Big 7
    Chest Press (Bench Press)
    Military/Standing Pres
    These use multiple muscle groups. . I don’t think it’s best to only focus on cardio. Nor focus only on lifting.   What I believe is missed by the vast majority the role of fasting then walking long distances.  Where the body gets beyond the point of getting enegy from food.   This is where I’m making wild guess and  just assuming.  
    Without oxygen we die in 5 minutes
    Without water we die in 14 days
    Without food we die in 44 days
    Without some micro vitamins and minerals we die in 6-12 months.
    Without anti oxidants we die younger
    Without exercise we die younger 
    Too much sugar we age sooner
    To much exposer to sunlight and pollution we die younger.
    Even humidity can age our skin quicker – smoker wrinkles are a result of homes that are very dry.

    At the point where I’m at 11% body fat I will most likely retire from the body building aspect, but keep the MWFF   Can I clam that .  Monday, Wednesdat,Friday Fasting.   A defined style of 4:3 or MWFF
    IMO  MWFF  can sustain a 2lbs weight loss per week if complimented with 4 hours of intense exercise.  However it’s most likely to being myself to point of plateau .  that’s where the magic occurs.  Though hitting a plateau is frustrating. I also believe it’s not as frustrating to go back a simple 5:2 or daily TDEE. Focus on healthier foods to enjoy and even relish as much as Sunday at moms. I mean to say hitting plateau may be an opportunity to focus on the flavors  on the fork.

    All these thing could be easily taught to children and they would never have to try and reprogram their eating habits . Like I’m try to do. Global obesity is a reality.  I’m can’t compare it to global famine? It’s too large an issue that I don’t have the courage to put my time I to. Basically 1 acre of beef protein vs 1 acre of soy protein is disproportionate to worlds need for protein farming arable land.

    So I digress ,  focus on mine own struggle with obesity. At my age of 46 there is no guarantee that cutting my body fat to 11% or that of a super athlete. Will return me to the same statistics of a life long super athlete. I’m believe the mice studies indicate that it does. Especially in the brains age related issues.

    So hopefully after posting this rough draft outline. That my obsession with my diet isn’t just a focus  just about my waistline.  It’s getting to the longevity targets ad my goals.   
    By age 50 I want to be sailing , relaxing and enjoying foods with friends and family for long, long time to come.  The slim waist IMO will be the side effect.

    jojo, glad you are feeling somewhat better, hope you feel all better soon. I lost 1/2 pound this week, so still 37 pounds at 38 weeks, but at my current, lower weight I am happy as long as the trend continues downward. I posted a thread “a tale of two metabolisms” about the difference between what my son and myself, who are both about the same weight, eat, because I thought it showed some interesting things about TDEEs for different people.

    Trampoline jumping sounds like wonderful fun, but I would have to hold them up manually. When I get to goal I will pursue a real exercise bra in my cup size. Apparently they are made now, but are quite expensive. Add to this that my right breast is a cup size smaller than the left, due to two lumpectomies; to get a bra that *really* fits, I would have to buy two, one a cup size larger than the other, cut in half at center of chest and sew the two different sizes together. So instead of $65US I’d be spending $130US unless I could find someone who had lumpectomies on the left and would want the other two halves. LOL! I have seriously considered doing this.

    SAMM, it sounds like you have good plans. Did you see your doc? Was the 15-pound weight loss in 6 days a fluke? Are you doing well?

    For me the goal is more to keep the years I have coming to me as good ones. My maternal grandmother, from whom I inherited my apple shape, got type 2 diabetes and had multiple strokes in her last decade that really wrecked her quality of life. My paternal grandmother and one paternal aunt died young of the thing that tried to kill me when I was 42. Since that’s at least somewhat treatable now, I have to be concerned about what got to my other two paternal aunts, namely Alzheimer’s disease. At least I have not got it as young as one of them did, so far. Diabetes really increases the risk for Alzheimer’s as well as multi-infarct dementia from strokes. Since I work with people with dementia I see what it does to families as well as to the person who has it. Seems like the best gift I can give my son as well as myself is a healthy me. Since my exercise capacity is limited the best thing I can do is to reduce my weight and visceral fat to health levels, so that is what I’m doing.

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