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  • Hi everyone,

    Only just joined the community, been reading Michael’s books and started on the fast diet.

    I have just bought myself some Ketone test strips and after fasting for 15 hours (last ate at approx 9:30pm last night and tested myself at approx 12:45pm). Havent done much exercise (fitbit shows approx 5600 steps so far today). My test showed 0 traces. Didn’t use a jar, only dipped the stick into the stream.

    Just curious – how long should it take to start showing traces of fat burning?

    I have to admit i did go out with a bang last night before getting serious about this fast diet and had a generous serve of cheesecake at 9:30pm last night. Given the sugar/carb rush, would that be affecting a later commencement of ketosis?

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