Just starting out with a lot of weight to lose!

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Just starting out with a lot of weight to lose!

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  • Hey, I’m Grace – have only been doing this for 10 days (am doing 5:2 so 3 fast days completed at time of writing).

    Finding it fine so far but I’m sure I will have moments of struggle so want to make sure I have support and accountability in place in advance…

    Happy to support/buddy with anyone, and particularly interested to hear from anyone who (like me) currently has or started with a lot of weight to lose since I know for me this needs to be a long term change so would love to hear how others have got on.

    Good luck to everyone – hope to chat to some of you soon!

    Grace x

    Hi @graciemae and welcome. You should consider joining the monthly challenge. You’ll find a lot of support there and you just set your own goals. It is mainly about helping ourselves to be accountable. Normally if you just list the active topics it will be in the top five topics. It is always open for people to join at anytime.

    Current thread: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/february-2019-shortest-month-challenge/

    I wish you well on your journey.

    Hello, Grace, and welcome to Fasting. My husband and I have been Fasters for 5+ years and have found it to be sustainable over all that time. My husband lost 45 pounds, so you can see that it works.
    Yes, there are days when it is a challenge. Drinking water and herbal tea help with that, as is a stern resolve.
    What do you eat on Fast Days?
    Keep posting on this thread so we can all follow your progress.

    Thanks @dykask just had a look and that discussion looks great – will head over there too! How long have you been doing IF?

    Hi @fasting_me – thanks, that’s good to hear that it seems to be sustainable long term as that was the main reason I chose this programme. Have only done a few so far, currently a Ryvita and passionfruit for breakfast, a Ryvita and apple in the afternoon, then an enormous salad for dinner and some plain popcorn. Nothing too exciting but almost no prep and been easy to stuck to so far! Do you still do 5:2 or another variation to maintain?

    @graciemae – I’ve been doing IF for over 2.5 years. I’ve done about 250 water fasts that were over 24 hours. I used to do some multiple day fasts and I might do it again, but mainly I just do 36 hour water fasts now, ~2 a week. That is my 5:2.

    I used to be obese, now my BMI is still overweight at about 26, but I also try to maintain and build muscles. My body fat is running in the 15% to 18% range. Much better than the 40%+ it used to be. For cutting body fat, I find fasting very effective. I also try to restrict my consumption of refined sugars. I don’t really try to avoid carbs though. As a man I find that refined sugar tends to build my belly fat very quickly.

    Hello Graciema. You want to hear from people who have/had a lot of weight to lose. Well, count me in. I started Jan 17 at 106kgs (234 lbs), found 5:2 + mediterranean eating in Jul 17 and stand today at 72kgs (159 lbs). My journey is not over yet, as my BMI is still 25.3, but my ‘study-of-one’ joins thousands of others who have changed their lives for the better.

    Keep going!πŸ’ͺ I do nothing crazy, just 2x500cal fast days a week and no calorie counting on non fast days but i do try and eat healthy whole foods. It takes commitment and persistence and i have lots of challenges. I’m not mad keen on sport but did find yoga.πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

    I hated sharing my numbers to start. But its very helpful as there are people here who know how it feels and how hard it can be. Tell us more about what you would like to achieve.

    @dykask Thanks for sharing – I’d definitely like to try water fasts at some point but planning to adjust to 500cal days first. Sounds like you have made amazing progress! I’m sure that as I continue I will work out (as you have done) what specific food types affect my body and weight loss/gain the most. Thanks for the support and inspiration!

    @cornish-jane Thanks, I’ve always been overweight (approx 100kg at 5ft 10 so just into the obese category) but otherwise relatively healthy i.e. lots of exercise/activity, blood pressure and blood sugar rates fine, and a fairly good diet, if too much of it! However the last two years I have had unrelated health issues which have severely restricted my movement, and no surprise without my regular swimming, tennis and yoga the weight has piled on and I’m now 130kg. I don’t have particular goal weight in mind but realistically I know I need to drop almost half my weight to get into a good range and give IVF the best possible chance of working as one of my non-weight health issues has affected my likelihood of conceiving naturally. Congratulations on your successes so far, it sounds like you have done brilliantly!

    @graciemae – you have some strong motivators to keep going and best wishes for your journey. I was fortunate and lost quite a bit of weight to start with – eg 0.5-1kg per week on average, although some weeks I lost none or went up a bit! Overall its very motivating. I hit a wall mid-way when I had lost a lot of weight and not many people noticed that much except close family. But I knew I felt good for it. And then I cruised down to about BMI 26 and now sit on a plateau trying to get rid of the last 7kgs. I am making slower progress now, but still progress! Plus all the health benefits from fasting, etc.

    Sounds like you have lots of things working in your favour. I needed assistance with conception for my now teenage son, although not IVF, but clearing out of tubes, etc, so not in the same league as you. And was amazed when he came along. So best wishes for a conception. Come and join the monthly challenges as they really keep me going when I feel a bit flat or think this journey is just taking too long and I want to give up.

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