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  • Hello. My name is Amanda and I have decided to share my progress. A little about me, I am from Florida and I am 35 years old. I have tried almost every diet and diet pill out there and my weight has ballooned for most of my life. I have never been one of those eat what you want and gain no weight kind of girls. I did Atkins for about 2 years straight and it worked amazing I actually got to a size 4 but I just couldn’t make it a permanent way of life. Currently, I am the heaviest I have ever been. I weighed myself this morning and I am 218 pounds. I would love to say I was so shocked when I seen that number but lets face it, almost every single piece of clothing I own is tight including my “fat jeans” LOL, so I really shouldn’t be too surprised. Believe it or not, I have never heard of the FastDiet or 5:2 diet. I have low carb etched in my brain so this whole concept and way of thinking is completely new for me. What attracted me to this and probably to most every one doing it is the fact that I didn’t have anything I couldn’t have ever again!!! This is the first diet book I have read and actually thought WOW! I can do this.

    Starting Weight: 218lbs
    Height: 5’4″
    BMI: 36.7
    BMR: 1651 Calories
    TDEE: 2270 (1/4 is 567.5 but I am still sticking to 500)

    I skipped breakfast but I did have coffee (0) with Splenda (0) and fat free milk (20C)
    Lunch salad with 3 cups of lettuce, about 10 cucumber slices, 4 carrot slices, 3 pieces of Oscar Meyer chicken lunchmeat, 4 celery stalks, and 2tbsp of light zesty Italian dressing.
    Dinner is planned out and will be a grilled chicken tender, fresh green beans, and 1 cup of Uncle Bens Quinoa & Brown rice
    My day will equal 469 Calories.
    I have heard eating nothing on fast days works a lot better but I am just not sure if I can do that or not. Would love to hear what works best for you

    So my first FD went better than I expected. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up to use the restroom and I felt kind of nauseous and had trouble going back to sleep. It is 8:29 a.m. here and I have yet to eat anything. I am going to try and wait as long as possible to give my body more fasting time. I ate dinner at 7:00 last night.

    I forgot to weigh myself this morning so if I remember, I will weigh tomorrow.

    Hi Amanda

    Welcome to 5:2 and to the forums. I hope you find them a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable resource for you.

    The great thing about 5:2 is its flexibility – stick with the basics (which you are already doing by the sound of it) but feel free to play around to see what works best for YOU. On fast days (FD), some people like to save all their calories for one evening meal. Others spread it out during the day. Some, like me, prefer not to eat at all – these are “liquid fast days”. To me – eating anything triggers a desire to eat more and I risk eating over the 500 calories limit. So I find it easier to stick with coffee to get through the day. I feel more in control this way.

    People also vary in how often the weigh themselves. Daily weighing can be informative to track how your body responds to different foods, or fasts. But body weight as shown by the scales, can fluctuate wildly (mine once showed a 2kg increase in just two hours!) and if you see an increase that can be de-motivating.Thus, some people don’t weigh at all, or just do it at the same time each week. I would suggest you also take you body’s measurements as this is often a different way to guage progress.

    Whichever way you go, good luck and enjoy the ride!

    Thank you so much! Yes for the first week I wanted to weigh every day just to see how my body was taking the change but I was running late this morning and forgot lol. I was trying to skip breakfast today but I started to really get hungry so I ate a banana about 10:30. I wanted to give my body as much fast time as possible. Hopefully the fast days will get easier.

    I thought about doing zero food but I just don’t see that possible for me right now. Maybe eventually I can 😀 It’s weird that I was nauseous because I ate my largest meal for dinner and I was full. I actually didn’t eat it all.

    Hi lealamanda06. How are you going? I saw this link on another forum which you might be interested in: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/articles/scale_lies.htm

    FDs do get easier! I am one of those people who don’t eat breakfast. For years, I succombed to the ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ mantra, and forced myself to eat it, even though I was not hungry. So now I just have my first meal of the day when I’m hungry, which is usually around 11.30. Good luck with working up to a liquid FD only – sounds like you’re already changing your eating patterns and listening to your body. Keep it up!

    Thanks so much! I decided to only weigh myself on Friday’s. I didn’t make good choices this weekend but today is FD and I am doing good. I have never been a breakfast eater either 😃 Thanks for the link I’m going to check it out today

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