June 2021 Challenge

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  • Welcome to this MID YEAR – JUNE 2021 CHALLENGE

    I’m delighted to be your host for a June Challenge as it is mine and OH birthday month and I need the support to stay on course with this WOL – I wish everyone good luck and a successful month in every way.

    It’s hard to believe that @coda started this series of monthly challenges way back in May 2016 and so many of us have had amazing support to start and continue on our 5:2 journey.

    So, here’s how this works (same as it has always been):

    1. Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are from, and if you’re on a fast day (FD); a non-fast day (NFD) or a controlled day (CD) (e.g. for 1st of June it would go something like “Day 1 – UK – FD”).

    2. Give a quick intro about yourself in the very first post – mostly for the benefit of the newbies. A brief blurb about your journey so far and what you aim get from this way of life (WOL). Also if you wish, your starting weight and any other measurements (waist, hip, bust etc) you aim to keep track of throughout the month. You can record this on the spread sheet or if you are unable to I’m happy to fill it in for you!

    3. You can add any comments/questions/moans/whinges/triumphs… or anything you feel like you want to share with the rest of the forum. We all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon and days when we hang in there for dear life………so if you want to share it – post it.

    Recipes, tips, tricks and questions can also be shared – most of us are logged on at one time or another and can clarify things, offer advise, support etc when needed – this is the great thing about this international forum, there’s always someone online!!!!

    Over the course of these monthly challenges, there have been small groups doing their own mini-challenges – called ‘pocket fasters’ or ‘pocketeers’ – they set a target and support each other through it. Anyone can join one of these groups or start a mini pocket list – it’s entirely optional and flexible.

    5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    Here is the link to the spreadsheet – let me know if I have given you proper access


    My personal motto for this WOL is:-
    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Here’s the list of common abbreviations used throughout this challenge and added to on an ongoing basis:

    16:8 – 16 hours fasting 8 hours eating window
    5:2 – 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc. etc. etc.…….)
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Food Day (below your goal weight TDEE, eg 1000 calories)
    DAFD – Day after fast day
    DH,DD, DS – Darling Husband Daughter, Son etc
    DTF – Dry ‘Til Fri (for those limiting alcohol to weekend only)
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (we’ve all had one of those days – or several!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    FD800 – Fast Day (800 calories) – see also MFD
    HUNGER DRAGON – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce has an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates ketones
    K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (eg spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of @penz)
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Women Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club

    Let’s make this month a good one for all of us!

    Day minus 1. OMAD London

    Hi. Thanks for hosting this month ,@At. Looking forward to a good month, possibly out of the country…..

    Day 0 – USA/GA

    I am a 46 y/o male in northeast Georgia in the US, and have lost 59 lbs since January 2020, the overwhelming amount of which has been thanks to 5:2. My weight loss has slowed considerably, but after a long plateau, it is bumping slowly downward. I hope to continue downwards this month. My goal is to lose an additional 66 lbs to get to a mid-range healthy weight (although truthfully, if I get to the high end of “healthy”, I’ll be thrilled). I am also hoping to no longer be categorized as “obese” by the end of summer. This month, my goal is to get into the 210s. Good luck to everyone!

    Count me in! 🙂

    USA. June

    Thank you, AT, for hosting! Count me in!

    Starting 5:2 on a recommendation from a friend. 1st of June will be my first FD. I’m very nervous but hoping to keep myself busy. My goal.is to lose between 5 and 10lbs at a rate of one lb per week.I’m from Northern Ireland and don’t typically have success with these things but it is the first time I have joined a forum and hope it will make me more accountable.

    Day O. U.K.

    First of all @at, thank you very much indeed for hosting this month, especially when it sounds like it will be a busy one with birthdays…

    @susam_dormi : WELCOME!!

    Just a quick intro!

    So I have done fasting and 5:2 since around 2014, I can’t quite remember exactly when I started. I have found it an incredibly successful way to lose and/or maintain weight.

    Last year due to Long Covid I ended up putting on around one stone, so I have been gradually losing that since January

    I am now 3 lb off my goal weight!

    Last month I was on a plateau for much of the month and then suddenly at the end I lost over 3Lbs pretty much in one day!

    My strategy is this:

    • FD 800 twice or even three times per week
    • ZBC (zero breakfast club) as often as possible
    • Eat whatever I want when I am not on a fast day
    • Be happy with a weight loss of 0.25 lb per week (i.e. do not be in a hurry to lose weight and then end up getting despondent and falling off the wagon)

    To anyone new to fasting, my own personal advice is to start slowly! It’s so easy to be in a mad rush to lose weight and then try to go cold turkey and then to end up falling off the wagon!

    1. Start with simply skipping breakfast for at least a week
    2. Move to an OMAD format (just eating one meal a day but not controlling calories) for at least a week
    3. Eventually move to a fast day of 800 cal per day
    4. If you really feel you want to eventually you can move to a fast day or 500 cal per day

    I personally find a 500 cal fast day just too miserable and I don’t get started in the morning because I just can’t bear the fact that when I’m going to have his 500 cal for dinner. So I personally find it easier to get started on a fast day when I know that I can have 800 cal in the evening.

    Everybody is different but that is just my personal ten pence worth!!!!

    Look forward to seeing everybody during June 🙂

    day -1

    Oh thank you @at I begrudgingly volunteered, literally at the same time you were typing,I’ll gladly join tomorrow

    Day 1 AUS FD800

    Thanks @at for hosting us this month!

    I’m F51, and started IF in Jan. Like @fivetwofan5252, I’ve been finding a slow but steady weight loss is now starting to add up in a sustainable way. I had put on 5 pandemic kilos on top of the extra 3k I had been carrying and unable to shift for a few years.

    I’ve now got 1.5 kilos to go, and all 8k will be gone.

    I’ve been doing FD800s 3/4 times a week, and CFDs 2 days a week, with a limited treat day 1/2 week.

    With any luck, June is when I will hit goal weight. My main focus this month, though, is eating healthily and nutritiously, and toning and strengthening muscles.

    Thanks to these threads for keeping me accountable!

    Day 1, NFD, Aus

    Thank you @at for hosting! And thank you @snowflake56 for looking after us last month.

    Another busy week for me but will try and get a FD in tomorrow. Really need to knuckle down and commit. I know I know. I said the same thing last month and the month before.. about the only thing I’m being consistent with!

    Day 1, NFD, New Zealand

    Thank you @at for hosting us this month. I’m not the best at posting, can usually catch up with others posts at work, but don’t get the chance to post myself. I have my daughters wedding in November and hope to feel and look good for the family photos by then. I work shift work which sometimes makes fasting difficult, but I know it works. Coming into winter here in New Zealand, which means I can have soups and there are plenty of varieties to enjoy.

    Thank You so much for stepping up to host this month @at ! Especially since it is a month that will be busy with birthday celebrations.

    Please count me in. I’m hoping to lose another 2-3 lbs this month.
    See you all tomorrow!

    Almost Day 1, USA/DC
    @at, thank you for hosting us this month. I was so absent last month among my goals this month is to be more present. So here I am, starting 1 1/2 hours before Day 1. Last month was crazy – getting ready to head out west for the summer to a new home that is partially, at best, furnished and renovating our kitchen here while we are away. Yup – I am out of my mind. But hey, why not.
    I am feeling less chaotic, so I am hoping to be more present both here and in my eating. Fingers crossed.
    So happy to have this challenge and all of you along with me.
    Here’s to a successful June.

    Day 1, U.K., NFD

    I forgot to say in my intro above that I am female!

    Yesterday was a very good fast day, I came in at 703 cal exactly, so I was very pleased about that

    I have bought the recipe book by Dr Mosley and his wife which is called “the fast 800 recipe book”
    It is really really good with loads of pictures and I like something out of it last night. Fun!

    I am planning another fast day for Wednesday and for this Friday

    Second post

    I always make mistakes and typos when I post from my phone so my apologies

    Above it should read: “And I COOKED something out of it last night”

    I also wanted to find out if anyone else is experiencing a strange phenomenon of counterintuitive plateau/counterintuitive weight loss???

    I am noticing a distinct pattern with my weight… The day after a fast day I am always heavier than I expect… However the day after a non-fasting day, I am lighter!! I find this counterintuitive!

    (Last month for me it was plateau after a NFD and weight gain after a FD!! Luckily my clothes were getting baggier and baggier so I knew there was something kooky going on with the scales!)

    Does anyone else notice this strange counterintuitive cycle?

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Thanks @at for hosting this month. It’s also my and DH’s birthday month…mine next weekend when we will be away for three nights in Donegal and I am so looking forward to it.

    I am here this month, really trying, but as I have surgery 17th June, it’s going to be that I will concentrate on and recovery. Hopefully it will be grand. I am not at my healthy best right now, a tad sub par, but my positive attitude has come back so that’s good.

    I will still be posting daily as I find the support and camaraderie on this forum really helpful. I don’t know why FD’s don’t work for me right now, but I will keep on keeping on.

    So I am vaccinated, yay!!! Very impressed with the set up and how quickly it took. I had to drive for an hour to get to the vaccination centre, for some reason I was sent to another county, but it was a glorious day, and everyone there was in great form, almost a party atmosphere 😆

    Have a great Tuesday all.

    Dear @at, thank you for hosting this challenge 💐 and @brightonbelle for offering to host 🌹. Thanks for the nice comments and see you all later this year. 🤗 ❤️ Liesbeth

    Day 1, London, UK, FD,

    Well it’s great to be back!! The mojo is holding fast and I’m planning to spend more time on myself and try not to stress about the stuff I have NO control over!!!

    Looking forward to smoothie for ‘breakfast’ at 3pm then a lovely soup for dinner at 6:30! That should bag me a successful FD, I’ve got everything crossed!!

    @daffodil2010, I’ll have to go back to update myself on your surgery, but I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts🤗 as you prepare in the best way ……………… FASTING!!!!

    Thanks @at, I take it you were compelled to host since none of us want these special supportive challenges to disappear …………….. your favourite quote is apt in even this situation, so to paraphrase …………….”If these challenges cease, we’ll ALL be back where we started”😂

    “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” Maya Angelou

    Day 1 – UK – FD800

    Starting this Mid Year June 2021 Challenge on a positive note with a good under FD600 yesterday and planning a FD800 today

    Weight was 59.2kg this morning – not surprised after a very hit and miss May 🤭 but it is what it is and I’m determined that June is the month for getting back to maintenance range.

    OH is already out for what has become his daily 3hr run since the pandemic started – I have tidied up, baked a batch of fruit scones for when he returns home and now catching up on here with a cup of tea before heading out for a walk – it will be a hot one so suncream and a hat required!

    Did a 14.5km hike on Saturday with just under 400m height gained and a flatter wander on Sunday of 15.5km – yesterday was a day of rest, wandered into the village, way too busy!!! pottered in the garden and had a lazy day sitting in the shade reading….Bliss!!

    Lovely to have @emma Taylor @northgeorgia @songbirdme @ccco @fivetwofan5252 @brightonbelle @penz @wacm @northerndawn @nellen @daffodil2010 and @flourbaby back with us and a big welcome to newbie @susan_dormi

    @emma Taylor – are you still doing your OMAD WOL? and staying dry?
    @northgeorgia – so glad that you are continuing to share your journey with us
    @ccco – You had such a good May Challenge and met your 5lb goal
    @songbirdme – so good to have your company – you are an inspiration to us all – maintenance is your WOL
    @brightonbelle – sorry about that – so glad to have you on board – we were obviously typing at the same time – perhaps you could volunteer for July if no one else puts their hand up
    @penz – you can do this!
    @wacm – just post when you can and let us know how you are doing
    @northerndawn – you are doing so well – having a great controlled weight loss so I’m sure that that 150lb goal is well within your grasp
    @nellen – I too was fairly absent last month and hence the weight gain so hoping that hosting will motivate me 🤞
    @fivetwofan5252 – great FD to finish off your May challenge – I was aiming for FD500 but managed 569cals so consider that a win and aiming for FD800 today. I shall keep an eye on the phenomenon you experienced with the scales as I will be monitoring my food/drink and weight more closely this month to help shed the 3kg I have gained
    @daffodil2010 – June is obviously a good month – mine is on the 3rd and OH is on the 23rd! Not going away but have ordered a meal from Simon Rogan at Home for the weekend after my birthday and also for OH’s birthday 😋 Hopefully the weather keeps up with the sunshine for your weekend in Donegal, whatever I’m sure you will have a fab time!! Keep us company this month and I’m sure our positive vibes will help with your recovery after your planned surgery later this month – as you say the support and camaraderie on this forum is really helpful 🤗
    @snowflake56 – I know you are taking a break but we would love you to pop in and tell us about your travels – a tad envious here!
    @flourbaby – good to have you back – what a year 2021 has been for you so far!! I was so sorry to read all the trauma that’s been in your life these past months – You are an amazing daughter 🤗

    Pocket List Day 1
    @at FD800

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 1 UK FD

    Ahh what a great start to the month ☀️After months of very poor weather it seems summer has arrived. My June goals are 2lbs down and more importantly an inch off my waist – quite how I achieve this, I’m not sure but this is the month for trying 💪I also need to work on my NFDs

    Pocket List Day 1
    @at FD800

    Day 1 – Canada – FD

    Good morning everybody. Please count me in. I still have those pesky 6 pounds to drop and this month I’m aiming to shed 3 of them. Thank you @at for hosting, it’s much appreciated.

    Looking forward to a successful June. My plan is to fast 3 days a week and stick to TDEE the other days. I’ll walk everyday and play tennis twice a week. Hope to fit in some weight training too.

    Good luck to all.

    Pocket List Day 1
    @at FD800

    Day 1 – USA/GA – NFD

    We had our first extended family gathering yesterday since the pandemic. It was nice, but the food and drink were flowing. I had an unsurprising 3 lb gain to 223. I would have done a 4:3 this week, but I have a health screening/blood work on Wednesday which requires a fast anyway, so it sort of forces 5:2 on me (which is still a win). But with a whole week of non-5:2 vacation next week, June is going to be an extremely challenging month. Still, I’m ready, and although I’ve set a goal of 217 lbs this month, I’ll just be happy to get into the 210s. I’m not surrendering, just being realistic — it’s more of a half month, so I may stay the same weight. However, I think dropping a couple pounds from yesterday’s low of 220 may be possible.

    The other thing in my favor is that my body and mind have been trained not to go into a binge-fest. Yesterday’s meal was proof. The cheeseburger and chips were fine, but as I went back (to be polite, more than anything) and started on a slaw dog, my stomach signaled to my brain, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO MORE!” I know, I know. But it gives me hope that I’ve already adapted to a lower TDEE and that should be my saving grace as I go into vacation mode. That, along with the fact that mentally, I’ll feel I’m doing something wrong by not fasting for a week, will make me mindful at mealtimes. I’m sure I’ll gain weight, but I may be surprised at the amount of snacking I don’t do this time around.

    Anyway, we shall see. Happy to be packing a smaller sized swimsuit, shirts, shorts, and undergarments for this trip! Good luck to our pocketlisters today, and I’ll join you tomorrow!

    Day 1, Melb Aust, NFD

    @at, I’m in for this month, after an abortive start that went nowhere in May. I’m hovering in the 84-85kg range, which is way above where I should be, BUT – despite the lack of 5:2 discipline, have managed not to gain for the past 2 months. Now ready to move on the downward journey again.

    @snowflake56, sorry I disappeared last month. It got difficult once I’d broken a bone in my left hand. Being left-handed, there wasn’t a lot I could do for myself for the first couple of weeks, and generous people gave me stacks of food. Delicious, but more than I could eat (some is still in the freezer) and somewhat more fatty and salty than I’m used to. Now the splint is off my hand I can do all my own cooking again, yay!

    Brief bio – 71-y-old female, single, retired ESL teacher, currently studying. Household ruled by ginger tabby Wilbur. After initial 5:2 success, the weight was regained, then lost again, and now I’m back near the top of the yo-yo again. That’s okay. It will come off again. Just have to work on strategies to prevent the upward swing.

    Looking forward to interacting with all you wonderful international folk again this month.

    Stay safe, stay well!

    USA. Day 1. FD

    A new month already! Adding myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket List Day 1
    @at FD800

    Have a great day!

    Day 1 OMAD London

    Hi. Yes, @at, I’m still doing OMAD and it suits me. I’ve just read The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting by Kayla Cox, and I just love her attitude. And I’m still dry. I’m one of those people who thinks that if you find the right book, and get your head in the right place, you can do most things. ( not nuclear physics, obviously. That’s just slightly beyond me..).
    She talks about her fear of the scales, which is definitely something I’ve had, but she finally decided to treat the scales as a ( capricious..) way of finding out how your particular way of fasting is going. Scales go up and down in the most irrational way, but if the general trend is downward then that’s fine. And I now know that I weight 13 st, and I’d like to weigh 12 st. ( last time I weighed myself, I was slightly untruthful with my height…😳). I’ve decided to take it very slowly, and give myself a year to lose a stone. I love OMAD because I can eat as much as I like of whatever I like in a shortish window, which is nice and simple. So, we shall see. I’ve done OMAD for nearly a year, and my weight has slowly dropped, I just didn’t realise because I was afeared of the scales….

    Day 1 USA/DC CD (I hope)
    Good morning to all. Last month I left the realm of maintenace and ended up gaining 2 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me it is – the last 2-3 pounds have always been the hardest for me AND if I ignore that gain it will only keep increasing. SO – new month and I am hoping I can get my act together again.
    I don’t want to go back to no alcohol, particularly in the summer, such a lovely time for an evening glass of white wine or something, but clearly I need to pay attention. It’s not the alcohol so much as the effect that alcohol has on my ability to stop eating or say no to sweets, etc to begin with.
    So that’s my goal for the month – lose the added 2 lbs and be mindful on the nights I do indulge.
    So grateful for you all.
    And thank you again to @at for hosting.

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Not surprisingly, I was up an exact three pounds this morning! Not only that, but neither DH nor I slept well, because we ate too much and drank too much yesterday. But what a glorious day it was, sunny and warm, and filled with friends and laughter, and I regret nothing.

    Well, one thing.

    Both sons and DH were in charge of taking the ribs from the sous vide and putting them on the grill to finish up while I dished up everything else. As they headed out the door to get the first batch off the grill, we all heard DS24 say, “Uh-OH!!!!”

    Apparently there was a MASSIVE column of smoke coming off the grill and, as DS29 reached to lift the lid, DS24 said, “No, Pete, don’t–” but it was too late and DS29 now has singed hair on his forearm! The flames were shooting up, and those ribs were quite charred, LOL! Thankfully, that was only half of them, and the second half worked far better and everyone was quite philosophical about the charred ribs. 🤷‍♀️😂

    So, about me. I’m a 62yo female with only a few pounds to lose to be officially not overweight, but anywhere from 10 to 20-some pounds to lose to be at my preferred weight. I figure I’ll know that weight when I arrive at it. I did a decent job of controlling my weight most of my adult years, but starting in 2003, I started gaining what ended up being a total of 34 pounds. They haven’t all been on all this time, as I first discovered 5:2 in 2014 (or 2013??) and it was effective to lose much of what I’d gained. But it is not effective to keep it off when you quit following the plan, LOL, so it’s been a roller coaster of a weight-ride. I’m currently down 18 pounds (well, I was yesterday morning, at any rate! 🤣😂🤣😂), having faithfully resumed 5:2 in February 2020. I’m not losing weight fast, but I’m proud that I’m keeping off what I lose. My current focus is to recapture eating “reasonably” on NFDs, and losing whatever weight comes off as I do that, and continue to fast twice a week.

    Looking ahead to this month, it will be a bit of a challenge as DD and 20 month DGD are coming on the 9th for five days, and then DH and I travel to Kentucky on the 25th or so. So those will be great opportunities to practice my “eating reasonably” behavior. 😉

    Thanks to @brightonbelle for volunteering and to @at for actually hosting this month!!

    Day 1 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good afternoon everyone,

    @at … Sorry, very late on parade today, in fact nearly missed it altogether!
    Thanks to AT for leading the way this month, hope everyone has a good one.

    Late arrival due to the gardens and jobs, it’s amazing how things have moved on in the space of 10 days! My grass had been cut while I was away, but my other neighbour is away so I cut his today, it was like a hay meadow and nearly as big! As for the weeds! Plus the tray of seed that was sown needed potting up as well, they’ve really germinated quickly.

    However I’m here yet again, the next monthly challenge, ‘found’ this group in July 2019 and never looked back! I’m a 65 year old bloke who over the years had put on a lot of weight, but thanks to this WOL have now lost a load, feel and look (so I’m told) a lot better!

    Since joining the monthly challenges in July 2019 have lost 60 pounds / 28.6 kg BMI down from 38 in July 2019 to 29.4

    I have found the help and encouragement of the members of this group fantastic. The 5:2 WOL really does work, especially with help of my forum friends.

    Hobbies, walking, brewing craft beer, baking bread, rugby union (watching these days, my playing days are long over) and gardening.

    Aim for the moment is maintaining, this WOL has become a habit for me and just simply works! I also have one day a week ‘off’ eat anything I want, beer, pizza, cake, just not to excess, then straight back on the 5:2 wagon, it works for me.

    Take care all

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I am Gwynne, 73-year-old woman, live with my DH(74) in northwestern Illinois, rolling hills, farm and dairy area. I’m a retired school music teacher, still do private piano lessons and church music. Once we are able to meet again, I will sing with our local Choral Society and work at our children’s museum.

    I joined @coda in May 2016 for her first challenge. Been on every one since then. Started 5:2 March 2016 at nearly 200# (90kg) and lost 40# down to 72.5kg by January 2017. It’s been pretty much maintenance since then. At my age, a 25BMI keeps most of the wrinkles away. I’m a little more than I want to be right now but mainly happy with 6:1 these days. I do Silver Sneakers 3x a week pretty faithfully.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know our newbies and continuing to connect with us oldsters. Thank you @at for hosting this month!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 North Canton OH FD

    I love Day 1, it’s my favorite day of the month – so many possibilities.
    Thank you @at for hosting us again this month.
    I absolutely let go of everything this weekend, I was exhausted and just needed the break from everything including fasting. So, I did not fast at all and I ate everything under the sun and more. But I needed that mental and physical break and I am ready to move on.
    I have been fasting for over 6 years now and I have found my sweet spot. ADF with the Mediterranean diet on NFD. I have been able to meet my goal weight multiple times following this plan and the last time was last year while I was going through menopause. I am very thankful to Dr. Mosely and everyone on this forum for the support and accountability.
    Plan for this month, is to continue what has worked for me so often in the past. Also, I want to get in the habit of posting every morning. I have been inconsistent lately.

    Pocket List Day 1
    @at FD800

    Woo hoo!!! Just completed my first ever FD with 500kcal. Day one is usually an easy one I am guessing as you are full of focus and determination. None the less I am proud of my efforts and have already prepped tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch to take to work so I am not tempted to overindulge on my NFD.
    💃💃💃💃💃💃(the dancing lady is how I feel right now)!

    @susan_dormi — congratulations on your first FD! Believe me, there will be times they are easy and other times they cause a struggle. But remember that you are making your body get accustomed to sensations and ways that are completely unfamiliar. “Feast and famine” were the ways of our ancestors (I remember that from “The Fast Diet” book) and it is ever so doable.

    This forum (and the website) can give you support and information, so may I encourage you to check in here every day.

    Day 1 USA NFD

    Just a quick check in this evening (8:15 pm). I will intro myself tomorrow, but you can always click on my handle to the left hand side and bring up my profile. Same for anyone on this forum. You can see the threads we have created or been in charge of, and also if you click on “replies created”, you can see every post anyone has ever posted.

    @susan_dormi – Wonderful achievement! Some people really struggle that first time, or for the first month or so, with fasting. It probably does depend a bit on how much you ate the day before, or if you’ve ever kind of fasted before, and how motivated you are. Good for you to have succeeded…..that should be good motivation going forward.

    I have found that I am up almost two pounds since yesterday, but I think it is at least a pound of water with salt. Still hoping to hit 152 this month. That will be my goal: I’ve decided it will be doable with some birthdays coming up and anniversary. See you all tomorrow! Be strong!

    Day 2, FD, Aus

    I’m working from home today and I’m freezing!! I always get cold on fast days but today seems worse. Need to dig deep to find will power.

    Day 2, FD, Aus

    I’m working from home today and I’m freezing!! I always get cold on fast days but today seems worse. Need to dig deep to find will power.

    Second post

    Hey, @penz – I find that if I can get warm in the evening from a hot bath, socks, big furry robe, than I will stay warm through the night. You just have to get to that warm point. Maybe some hot tea, or even just water, also. It can be absolutely miserable, I know. Best of luck to you. Stay strong!
    (By the way….what time is it for you? so interesting….it is exactly 8:30 pm for me.

    Day 2 AUS FD800

    Yesterday’s FD800 was slightly derailed by the late arrival home of homemade biscuits, of different kinds, even. Ate 2. Oops.

    My weight has stayed the same the past few weeks, but I noticed today my measurements are down. My focus this month is really health and strength.

    It’s really nice to like how my clothes look on again; between pandemic and weight gain, it’s been a while! I’m 6k down and 1.5k from goal, so it’s finally a noticeable change.

    This is the slowest I’ve lost weight, but it’s consistent and manageable, and I’m keeping it off nd continuing to go down for the first time in years. Yay.

    @penz – I am almost always cold on FD’s. I’ve made rice bags (usually 2# in a cotton bag with baffles or pouches) that I heat up in the microwave. They are great to warm hands or feet. You can even use a tube sock for a no-sew option. Here’re some ideas:

    @northerndawn – Alexa tells me that Perth is 13 hours ahead of us in CDT. (10:45 p.m. here, 11:45 a.m. there)

    Day 2-Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    @songbirdme, and my iPad tells me that it was 4.45am on these islands when you posted at 10.45pm CDT and 11.45am Perth! Love all that nerdy stuff 😀

    Wasn’t really an FD, more over 800 cals and a handful of peanuts 😱 But I am down a pound. My measures are staying the same, but keep on keeping on.

    When I go away this weekend I will not be thinking of fasting, there are no pubs or restaurants open here yet, but we are in our camper van and it will be laden with nice food and drink. We are staying three nights in a riverside campsite (one we had to leave early last year as local lockdown took place), and relax. The plan was to head off on the motorcycle when we get there, but I am not taking the chance just yet.

    @flourbaby you would have to go back to late March and early April so I will summarise…..mysterious abdominal pains, went to doctor, she didn’t know but took bloods, they came back as sky high inflammation, off to ED, ruptured appendix, hospital for 3 nights. So the surgery on 17th is to take the remains of that appendix out. Lovely 💪

    @at yes June is a good month 🍾 Mine is 6th and DH 29th ☺️
    Have a great Wednesday hump day 🐪

    Day 2 – Canada – NFD

    Just a quick check in to stay accountable. Decent FD yesterday but I had a couple of bowls of stewed rhubarb that no doubt took me over the calorie limit but it was delicious!

    Take care all.

    Day 2 – USA/GA – FD

    Yikes, 224 lbs this morning. Doesn’t surprise me. I forget that part of vacation mode is emptying the refrigerators. Thankfully, not a lot there to “polish off.” Eggs, milk, cheese, fruit, and vegetables are about it. Hoping to get a soft reset on today’s FD and flush the sodium out by the time Saturday’s road trip begins.

    Blood pressure was excellent this morning at 114/74. I’m hoping it behaves at my biometric screening this afternoon (I have white coat syndrome bad, and not sure why).

    Pocket list – day 2
    @litprof (FD800)
    @northgeorgia (FD500 + ZBC)

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    Today is Memorial Day leftovers, so there’s no chance I can come in below 1200 calories. But my ongoing challenge is always, always to limit the quantity of food I eat and so I’m going to accept the calories as something I can deal with on FDs. As long as my portions today are reasonable, I’ll call this a successful day. Yesterday’s FD was higher than it should have been–again, those leftovers–but I’m down this morning, so that’s lovely.

    @at I’m still in awe that your DH is running 3 hours every day. My DH used to run very seriously, but three hour runs were only when he was training for a marathon or for a 30K race he did every year. Now his knees are behaving like old-man knees, so he’s switched to biking. How far is your DH running? Wow.

    @brightonbelle I signed up for a dance thing called Figure 8 from Body FX. I’ve never done it, keep meaning to, but it supposedly is going to reduce my waistline. You should check it out and see if it appeals to you.

    @susan_dormi Well done on completing your first FD! Some are easy as this one was, some are not, but ALL make me feel glorious the next day; I hope you’re experiencing that joy as well!

    @northgeorgia Prayers that you’re relaxed and your testing is great today AND that today’s FD takes you back to 220.

    I have a long list of piddly things to accomplish, but first up today is to go outside and do some planting and weeding and watering…in other words, to bimble! 😁 I slept hard last night–always a lovely thing!–and I’m waking up slowly, but I need to get out there before it starts heating up; we’re supposed to have a high of 80/27.

    For those of you fasting, may your resolve last the entire day; for those of us not fasting, may “reasonable” be our results!

    Day 2 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good afternoon everyone

    My usual routine has gone totally to pot!
    I’m normally on the forum first thing with coffee in hand, but since being away can’t get into a routine? Trying to catch up with too many things and juggling other at the same time, thank goodness I’m retired and can take life easy …. not!

    So running just over 7 hours late today and still a neighbouring garden to do, but finally got round to a coffee and a stop!

    Planning my usual Thursday FD tomorrow, see what the scales say on Friday and if I’ve lost the couple of pounds holiday weight yet, just in time for my next set of adventures starting Saturday.

    Take care all.

    Day 2, UK, FD800

    Likewise @i-hate-lettuce ! I am normally posting first thing in the morning, but I haven’t had a chance today!

    Today I am on a FD800.

    I just have one more call to do for work and then I will be sitting down to 700 calories’ worth of a delicious dinner from my Michael Mosely Fasting recipe book.

    (The other 50 cals got used up on Miso Soup!)

    Catch you all tomorrow….

    Day 2 North Canton OH FD

    I am posting late but still here which totally counts 😁

    @susan_dormi congratulations on your first fast! That is awesome and the first of many, this lifestyle is great and we are so glad to have you with us.

    @northerndawn it has to be water and salt for sure.

    @penz holding your hand, you can do this. @songbirdme great idea for battling the cold. I get cold as well and it can be very challenging

    @litprof slow and steady wins the race, and you are winning

    Re: memorial day leftovers. OH and DD made too much food for four people for Memorial Day cookout, as a result our fridge is crammed with leftovers. I am hopeful that we can get to it all before it goes bad, but I am not sure how this is going to work – OH eats only OMAD, I eat every other day, and my 2 teen daughters are very finicky. I am used to scaling down my cooking to compensate, but OH is not there yet, and DD loves to cook-but not eat. I saw the mountains of food they were prepping and badly wanted to point out that it was too much, but did not want to micro-manage especially since I was not doing any of the cooking. Eek! its great having OH home all the time now, and I would rather enjoy it than point out everything that he is doing differently than I would.

    Prior to him getting laid off, I was hounding him to spend more time with me, Oy! be careful what you wish for 😅😁 . It’s all good though- we just have to adjust to being in each spaces more frequently than we are used to, and I am thankful that 22 years later I still enjoy him and oddly enough he seems to enjoy me.

    have a great day everyone, @stitchincarol summed it up beautifully – may your fasting resolve last the entire day; and may “reasonable” be the watch word for the non-fasters 💙👼.

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD,

    I may officially be the most ‘later than usual’ poster today!! I’m usually up there with @daffodil2010 (appendix …………..yeesh!!) & @-hate-lettuce pre 9am😇!!

    Not such a great FD yesterday, derailed by a babybel which started the avalanche …………….. DOH!!!! 😟😢😳

    I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things, busy with mum, busy getting back to the office, busy selling my flat and busy looking for a house at a reasonable price …………….. London prices have gone crazy (Crystal Palace @emma-taylor) I’m not looking for a mansion but the number of people who think their 3-bed semi is worth £850k ‘cause of a bit of parquet flooring and a rooflight or loft conversion are driving me insane😲!!! no, No, NO!!! 😤

    I felt the eye roll from here @basyjames ……. ‘Oy! be careful what you wish for 😅😁’

    I’ve loved reading today’s posts, It really makes me yearn for getting back in the groove & commenting on EVERYTHING!!!

    Tomorrow, for sure!! In the meantime ………….

    Stay strong, keep the faith, we’ve got this ………………. Yada, yada, yada!!! 😜😂

    “Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” Joan Collins

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Ha ha seems like we are all running late today

    I’ve been busy getting ready for the delivery of a new fridge-freezer The outgoing one has lasted 18 years , but I remember it was very tricky getting it in , at least we are a bit more prepared this time we’ve taken doors etc off so hoping it will go smoothly

    Yes @stitchincarol I’m going to try some different exercise this month , I already do quite a bit and have quite a strong core , it’s just the belly fat and I’m resigned to the fact it’s going to be hanging on for dear life but I’ll try

    Back tomorrow for a fast day

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