July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 10, VA, USA, Egg FD

    So honestly I’ve not been hungry today… So officially I’ve only drank water. (I know that doesn’t exactly count for egg fast “rules”) but I got to say its the EASIEST water fast I have EVER ended up at and while I almost want my broth tonight (as I normally would for a regular FD) I can tell, really I don’t need it.

    Much better Egg-sperience. I don’t even mind if I don’t eat any eggs later. If I feel like it tonight I will, but right now I’m good and that FEELS GOOD

    @hedwig6 – Yes the broth is a life saver, if you are having to cook food for others yet want to keep focus. I’ll have a cup while I cook then make another cup with veggies for myself for dinner (or a light veggie dinner)

    @at – I love those “easy” fasting days. I hope that means that more of them will happen naturally. Keep AT it! Had to use your handle it was just too good not to do it!

    @penz – mmmmmm ricotta omelette (remember what I was just saying *up there in the top paragraph* about not being hungry….) you may have just got me… haha I don’t have any ricotta so to substitute does not sound as appealing. Well at least its simple to let go of the idea. Ha

    @winsome waif – wow 6 lbs from goal! That sounds exciting to me! Soooooon I will be there. Well soon might be toward the end of this year, but dang it – thats soon for me 😉 considering I’ve NEVER been my goal weight in my adult life.

    @funshipfreddie & @daffodil2010 – BAhahahahahahaha I’m dying over here… yes when I did this the first time and ate 6 eggs a day, I was sooooo done on day 4. That day 5 I totally poured a bowl of plain arugula and said F-it I’m eating this Arugula today and NOT going to feel bad about Breaking my Egg-Fast! So my day 5 became transition day. I’ll say VEGGIES never tasted so good. I did NOT however have carbs b/c I knew I would NOT stop eating them if it did.

    @daffodil2010 – I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt constipated from the egg fast. NOT that I want anyone else to feel that way. I wonder if it is the eggs? Or the cheese? I’m having only 1oz of cheese a day and I (so far) and not feeling stopped up this go round.

    @johnnyr !
    ¤ (¯´☆✭.¸_)¤ . ¤(_¸.✭☆´¯) ¤
    ★彡 Happy Fasting Birthday 彡★
    ¤ (¯´☆✭.¸_)¤ . ¤(_¸.✭☆´¯) ¤

    @betsylee – LOVE the egg puns!

    @stardustdream – when I’m fasting but feeling “hangry” I have 2 different things I do. As @ciren2 suggested drinking water but not only that the First thing I try – I have a 1/8 tsp of pink salt under the tongue and then 8oz glass of water.
    2. If I’m home I will heat up a cup of broth to tide me over, so that I don’t BINGE b/c I know that is possibly what I will do b/c I just can’t wait. (Even tho I can, my brain can’t) I think my brain is like a kid pitching a fit for a toy in the store, when they have plenty AND better toys at home. Its the waiting… I want it now. AND oh my gosh a sleepwalker you poor thing. That is challenging. Hugs.

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD)
    @ktcaroline (mini EFD)
    @rabbette (EFD x3 OR WFD)

    Thank yourself you work hard!
    (Heard this from my sweetheart who said their co-worker said it to them)

    Day 10 – UK – NFD

    Busy day starting with a yoga class – brunch out with some of the girls then an afternoon of volunteering

    Back home to cook a healthy dinner before going out with the film group to see Midsommar by writer-director Ari Aster – it proved to be ambitious, impressively crafted, and above all unsettling! a dread-soaked cinematic fairytale where a world of darkness unfolds in broad daylight.

    Now back home and quick check in before heading to bed. Managed to stay around 1300cals today 😇 so a good first half of the week…………..

    @johnnyr – Do hope you have had a good day celebrating your birthday 🥂
    @shinything – some people have been trying this egg diet – it has nothing to do with 5:2 but is a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, but protein-heavy diet. It’s designed to help aid weight loss without sacrificing the protein needed to build muscles. Seems effective in kick starting weight loss – here is a link that has been published on the forum
    @rabbette – 😁

    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

    Day 11, Aus, EFD

    I’ve lost count. Is this EFD 4? I think so. I still like eggs but I would really really like to add some spinach, capsicum and mushrooms to my omelette. I am dreaming about the salad I’m going to have for lunch tomorrow. I don’t think I have it in me to do any sort of egg-based transition.

    Oh I remember that discussion about egg cups @flourbaby! When we moved to the States from Australia the removalists were perplexed by these funny little ceramic bowls we had. I think they must be an English-originated thing. And.. are you going on holidays? You should have mentioned it! (ha ha ha) Have a fantabulous time!

    Happy birthday for yesterday @johnnyr! (altho technically it might still be today in the UK…)

    Very sorry to hear of your loss @jisika. Take time to grieve and do what you need to do to get through this awful time. 5:2 will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)

    Day 10 UK CD

    Quick check in. SO full on but tending to under- rather than over-eat, generally 18:6 or 20:4. I’ve avoided most carbs bc not in the house tho yesterday I had tea & cake before an event and a glass of wine afterwards. Still 140.5lb this morning and had another tea & cake today.

    Overall making some good choices, drinking lots of water and staying mindful. off on holiday tomorrow to stay with lovely friend in Devon. I’ll end my vegan 4 month & switch back to vegetarian while I’m there. Here’s hoping for good choices on holiday – and lots of sleep!

    Sorry to have disappeared – can’t believe how full on project stuff has been. I should be turning a corner with this holiday….albeit with a couple of things to write while I’m away. Looking forward to catching up next week xx

    Day 10 – USA – NFD

    That egg cup theme was almost two years ago when I first came onto the forum…it was one of those perplexing subjects….I don’t think we ever got to the bottom of the origin of it. Does anyone remember the discussion about the tiny holes in shirts that had something to do with whether one wore a belt on their jeans, lol! @flourbaby have a great journey! @johnnyr, happy birthday! @jisika, so sorry to hear you had a loss in your family.

    Day 10 – USA – NFD

    That egg cup theme was almost two years ago when I first came onto the forum…it was one of those perplexing subjects….I don’t think we ever got to the bottom of the origin of it. Does anyone remember the discussion about the tiny holes in shirts that had something to do with whether one wore a belt on their jeans, lol! @flourbaby have a great journey! @johnnyr, happy birthday! @jisika, so sorry to hear you had a loss in your family.

    Day 10 Ohio, US — NFD (74 bites)

    Another long day of running chores and packing. I tried some new food ideas this supper and wound up with some sort of allergic reaction this evening. So this is just a quick checking in before crashing.

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)
    @matpi (MFD)

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) FD

    Managed a pretty good FD today. Still keeping at 6:1 for maintenance. Hope to get to read posts tomorrow.

    Onward and downward

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    It’s our Wedding Anniversary today…..32 years!
    Mind you, yesterday I delivered a Queen’s “telegram” to a couple on my round yesterday. Turns out they’ve been married 65 years!! As long as I’ve been alive….phew!

    Got to fly, I have to eat my breakfast and get to work.

    Have good day, see you later xx

    Day 11 – Melbourne Aus – FD
    Day 10 – NFD (a little too indulgent)
    Day 9 – NFD

    Been reading messages but things have all been a bit hectic so I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reply.

    Yesterday got a bit out of hand food wise, but back to it on todays FD. Feeling a bit of a headcold coming on which probably didn’t help in resisting temptation yesterday.

    FD going well so far, though got a massive wave of nausea (have had some salt and miso soup, and just having a small serve of oat bran porridge to help settle my stomach, which seems to have worked). I should make it though.

    @ciren2 happy anniversary!

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD
    Day 1 transition from egg fast

    Starting with TMI but that Senna tea hasn’t worked yet, so I feel bungled up, but with a running loss total so far of 5lbs in 3 days 😄 Once my body gets moving it might be the final skip over my plateau barrier and back over the downward slope 🤔🤔

    Going to try and transition today, more eggs but a fantastic chilli waiting for me for e ending meal. Back to normal 5:2 WOL from next week. I have learned a few things which I must ponder over and assimilate but I think my regular FD may have an egg in them somewhere 😊

    @jisika so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.

    @shinything, I missed you, great to have you stop by and look forward to having you on board again my friend. Sorry about those Eagles 😔

    @ciren2 Happy Anniversary 🍾

    @matpi Oh no, hope the allergic reaction was not too dramatic 😱

    @metatauta and @penz My sister had to bring egg cups over from Ireland when she moved to the States ha ha. Her full on American kids love dippy eggs and soldiers…..☺️

    @gretta hope you are ok and the nausea has passed. Do take care of yourself on this FD

    Got to go but will pop in later.

    To everyone fasting today – you have so got this. Hang in there, the group will pull you through. Together we ARE stronger.

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Transition day, yay! I’m going to have my last egg meal in a couple of hours, to get it out of the way, then I can finally have some carbs for dinner. After 3 days I’ve lost 1.5kgs (about 3.5lbs). So I’m finally at maintenance, with a new ATL of 69.5ks. I didn’t experience any hunger or fatigue during the 3 days.

    @betsylee – I was asking myself the same question; why am I doing this? I guess just for the experience; and I like a challenge. Also, until yesterday I had never quite reached my goal. Now I’ve just about exceeded it. But I’ve set a new target of 69kgs for July. It’s good to have a bit of wiggle room.

    @ciren2 – Happy Anniversary!

    Have a great day everyone 🌈

    Day 11 – Reading, UK – FD

    Egg for lunch was scrummy yummy yesterday, but concerned about the amount of fibre on an egg diet. Interesting though. I’m sure those transitioning will be looking forward to some carbs. Small loss yesterday so motivated to be good today – there’s not point trying for FDs at the weekend – particularly as I’m headed north to Yorkshire. Onwards and downwards everyone. Any many congrats @ciren2 – have a lovely anniversary!

    Day 11, VA, USA, FD

    So EGG-cited to be transitioning to a reg FD. Yesterday fully ended up being a WFD. By far the easiest one I ever slipped into. I intende to get up this morning and make the (egg fasting version of crepes) then for lunch some glorious broth with veggies or just sautéed veggies. I’m not sure which one yet.

    @metatauta laughed so much at this comment “Does anyone remember the discussion about the tiny holes in shirts that had something to do with whether one wore a belt on their jeans” and also wondered about this comment “That egg cup theme…”

    @matpi – awe an allergic reaction that’s a bummer. Hope you are feeling better.

    @jisika – sorry for the loss in your family, take time to heal and recover.

    @ciren2 – wow 32 years! Happy Anniversary! 🎊🎉

    @penz – you are still doing it good for you with egg fasting.

    @funshipfreddie – yay you made it ⭐️🌈💥❗️

    @daffodil2010 – I am guessing “dippy eggs” eggs kinda like sunny side up? But done in a cup? “and soldiers” what are soldiers- is that a food reference. … and totally understand the stopped up feeling. First egg fast i wasn’t sure when the magic would happen, hope the Senna tea kicks in soon.

    @gretta hope you are feeling better.

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)

    Day 11 Belfast FD

    Well, I’ve decided the egg diet is not for me. I usually have eggs for my main meal on Mondays but the results for me after two days don’t seem to be any different to a good FD. So hats off to all of you who have soldiered on and yes @at the lack of fruit and vegetables was the problem. The four excess pounds which appeared after the weekend have disappeared, but probably would have anyway with a couple of normal FD, so I’m back to my usual routine.
    @flourbaby – the problem with soldiers is getting the consistency of the egg just right. My boys had really quirky egg cups when they were small. Oh and have a wonderful holiday on such a beautiful island.
    @johnnyr – I envy you your running. Sadly my running days are over due to worn out hips but here’s nothing like it to de stress. And hope you had a wonderful birthday
    @daffodil2010 – how are you waterproofing your shower? I’m sure you can’t wait. So many great sites to visit.
    Welcome back @shinything. It won’t take long to get back on that wagon.
    @stardustdream – don’t we take sleep for granted until we don’t sleep well? My Fitbit tracks my sleep too, but all it tells me is that I didn’t sleep well, which I already know!
    @jisika wishing you strength in sad times.
    My goodness @metatauta. You’ve a great memory!
    Happy anniversary @ciren2
    @Rabette – soft boiled eggs in an egg cup with toast cut into strips just wide enough to dip into the egg. A staple of mine and my children’s childhood. And what a great egg cup with this link.

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)

    Together we are stronger 💪💪💪

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Went to a different gym yesterday and they had some fancy scales Weight & body fat whilst depressing were what I was expecting Big shocker is I’m a good inch smaller than I thought So need to lose even more now !

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Keeping on my 6:1 for maintenance. Broke my fast with eggs and veggies in a sort of omelette. Tonight it will be supper out with a friend before our local theater company doing “Into the Woods.” I love that show.

    @brightonbelle – do you think your “shrinking” is like mine, compression of our spines? I was surprised in my 60’s to see my height go down 2″ myself!

    Onward and downward.

    Dat 11 UK FD

    Birthday was fab 🙂 Thanks for the best wishes. I managed to squeeze in a 3.5 mile run before breaking my fast with a tasty meal and beer. And I ran faster than I have all year 🙂 I also manged to eat in place where a 4 mile running race was organised. The youngster who won was running 5 and a half minute miles on hilly trails! I meant to note his name as that boy is a future Olympian! The older runners were clearly annoyed 🙂

    Today I am hungry, but trying to hold out eating until later…
    Might do a version of an egg fast next week. But just eating eggs + cheese + fat for three days seems hard!

    Day 11 – USA – NFD

    @ciren2, happy happy anniversary! @songbirdme, I admire your stability on maintenance and you are an example to me! @debster251, I will look at the link you sent about soldiers and egg cups…maybe will try it using a low carb version of toast! @daffodil2010, your project has finally come to completion and I’m excited for you and your OH to begin travelling! @michelinme, your consistent meetings, planning, tasks, etc, begs the question: what field exactly is your job in, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Day 11 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD
    Day 12 – CD
    Day 13 – NFD
    Day 14 – NFD

    Sorry folks but it has suddenly gotten very busy Chez Fletch and I am having difficulty checking in each day!

    I haven’t had a chance to catch up on posts but I look forward to having a good read once I have a spare hour (or two!)

    Summary for this week for me – for the 2nd week, I’ve successfully completed Mon-Thurs B2B2B2B fasts, sticking to 500-800 cals a day having OMD. This suits my lifestyle, I’m not bothered about food when I’m at work and look forward to a decent meal in the evening. I’m feeling good, although I am looking forward to a break from fasting over the weekend. Craving eggs! Must be all this talk about them!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll check in on Mon again.

    In the meantime – to anyone strong enough to tackle a weekend fast!
    – Happy Fasting

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @penz (day 4EFD)

    Day 11 Califormia FD

    I haven’t checked in or read the posts much due to 4/10 workweeks and the 5th day off work doing home maintenance chores. It’s nice but tiring so I’m glad it ends in two more weeks. Today (day off) is door repainting day. The first time I did this the door must have been damp so I had bubbling and have to try and fix that. It’s got 24 panels so it’s challenging!

    I’m within 3 lbs of my goal weight so I’m aiming to be there by the end of this month. Fast days have been going really well as liquid fasts but I will be glad to get to maintenance.

    Hope you all have a really great day!

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone….yes, 1987 was a good year! Still going strong, so far.
    @funshipfreddie: You DID it….yay, maintenance!!!
    @debster251: I’m with you on the egg-diet….I love my veggies too much!

    However, WELL DONE all of you who have completed the great egg challenge…..you’re more disciplined than I could ever be. The big question now is: the weight-loss…is it permanent?
    Keep us posted.

    Day 11- USA (NE TN)- NFD

    Survived the day. I made an effort to make sure I had a super salty cup of broth and a homemade Gatorade drink yesterday and despite a sweaty workout did not get a headache. For some reason I do cardio better when fasting and strength better on NFD. Who knows.
    Today is NFD but I’m trying to hold the bulk of my cals over for tonight. I finally get a ladies’ night with my friends. We’re doing Mexican food with an adult beverage, so I only had a 180 cal lunch (soup) so I can not do too badly overall. I need to do strength today, but I don’t want to be all sweaty for ladies night and I usually do my workout during the time I’ll be out. I’ll push it tomorrow and make sure I get a good workout in Sat to make up for the lack of calorie burn.

    Good luck to all the Pocket Listers today.

    @debster251 I haven’t slept well in about 5 years now. I sure do miss those days where I’d fall asleep and not wake until the sun was up. I had a brief period after my youngest started sleeping through the night and stopped torturing me. Now I’m regularly up about 3 times a night, sometimes with a period of wakefulness. But I have to keep half-awake on top of that to intercept my clumsy sleepwalker. I usually get him safely back. This time he even failed to launch. He tried to get out of bed, half stood and just fell. Never a dull moment here.

    @rabbette As you see I took your advice yesterday. I generally tend to sip diet soda, flavored water, or chewing gum while fasting. I figure the calorie count on the gum is little enough and better than me shoving food in my mouth like a ravenous, half-starved, polar bear…

    @funshipfreddie Congrats on reaching maintenance!!!

    Counting down the time to when I can extricate myself from the family and go out. I long for and dread Ladies’ night both. It’s a pain getting ready, rushing around, and having to drive into town. But I need it so I don’t forget how to “people.”

    2nd post

    Met my two horticulture college girlfriends for lunch today. One of them went on and has just got her degree, so as we are all ladies of a certain age whose background was corporate but love was horticulture….well, we had a lot to catch up on. Plus a wonderful stroll through the Botanical Gardens talking plants. Bliss.

    Plus, one friend told me that whenever I want to, there is work in the garden centre she works in. Only part time and basic wage…but hey, if my contract is not renewed in this job, I always have something to do. Great day indeed.

    For lunch in the restaurant I tried to keep the egg transition theme and had a vegetarian frittata…..more veg than frittata but it was yum. Just had a boiled egg snack. Will have my veg chilli soon.

    Going to take more Senna tea at bedtime. Hopefully it works and the loss continues.

    @funshipfreddie woo hoo for getting to your ATL. So glad the egg fast helped and delighted you are there. Maintenance baby!!

    @stardustdream Get out there and have a fun ladies night. You deserve it. I have just had a fun ladies lunch (see above) with old buddies who I haven’t seen in a year and it’s done me the power of good to talk and do something different.

    @debster251 To make the cedar water repellent we found this natural oil brand, Osmo, which is amazing stuff. It’s used on work tops in kitchens for example, totally safe, non toxic, does not pick up stains, so that’s what I have brushed onto the toilet/shower room. It looks like a sauna in there with all the cedar ☺️

    @rabette soft-boiled eggs are dippy eggs as you dip your toast into them yummmmmmm

    Right, have to water my tomatoes and chilli plants, then it’s time for that gorgeous chilli that I have been dreaming of since Monday. No egg!!!!!

    Day 12, Aus, NFD

    I am sooo looking forward to salad for lunch today. But the awesome news is, after eating nothing but eggs and cheese for the last four days, the scales are showing a loss of 2.3kg since Monday. I know that’s not a true reflection of lost fat, but it’s still a lovely morale boost. We’ll see where that figure evens out. It does help with my inner “why” statement – not only do I want to like the way I look, I think even more I want to love the way I feel. I want to feel light, trim and sexy.

    Rather than adding an egg to my normal FDs, I might just have a EGD in addition to my normal 5:2. Kind of a variation on 4:3 I suppose. Funny, I’m not looking forward to carbs so much as leafy and colourful vegetables.

    @daffodil2010 – before I was a real grownup and bought my own eggcups, I used to use shot glasses (I was at uni at the time – can you tell). They worked perfectly well.

    Looks like great success for many on the egg fast. @funshipfreddie – is that the first time you’ve seen a ‘6’ leading your weight in a while? It looks lovely on the page!

    Congrats @ciren2! 32 years is a very good innings. I knew the Queen sent telegrams* for birthday, but didn’t know she did also for wedding anniversaries. Is 65 years of marriage the minimum time? *Do people really still use telegrams?

    Oh @rabbette! We need to introduce you to the wonderful world of dippy eggs and soldiers!! The egg is a soft boiled egg. Don’t peel it. You put it in an egg cup (or shot glass!) or some other type of holder so that the egg can sit up right. You cut off the top of the egg, so that the slice is just above, or just on the top of where the yolk sits. Then you use slices of buttery toast (cut into fingers – these are the “soldiers”) to dip into the runny egg yolk. For the egg fast diet, you could use fingers of cheddar instead of toast (though I didn’t give it a go).

    What an energetic birthday you had @johnnyr and so glad to see another notch on the birthday measure did not slow you down – literally.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 11 Ohio,US — MFD

    The MFD has gone well. Just with packing and sorting stuff out I’ve managed to clock more than 13,300 steps, most of them this evening. So it’s been another long day.

    @daffodil2010 and @rabbette Fortunately I didn’t have too much of the allergen. I think that it was either a new vitamin C tablet I tried or a new herb mixture they had at subway. In any case, the upshot was that I had a light sugar craving (culinary equivalent of epinephrine!)that I was able to keep somewhat under control by taking the food with lots of protein.

    Sorry to run off now, but the packing has wiped me out again.

    Have a great day, all!

    Day 12, Aus, NFD

    Oh drat, my post didn’t save. I thought it did.

    In brief 2.3 kg down since Monday due to egg fast. I’ll see if it sticks.

    Glad people explained dippy eggs and soldiers, @rabbette. They’re fun.

    Can’t remember what else I posted this morning. Much longer than this!

    have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Transition day 2 but I am still bunged up despite another Senna tea so if this is one of the issues with the egg fast then I neither want nor need it thank you very much!

    Sleeping very well however which surprised me, and I had to struggle to get up this morning which is never like me. Is it the eggs?

    Anyway, I think that little eggs-periment might have run its course with me, I wanted to get off my plateau, and I am teetering on the edge, but it’s too darn hard to incorporate into daily life. I can’t have another boiled egg for lunch!

    Looking forward to this evening and our first sleepover in our converted camper van. It’s taken over a year but soon we will be motoring all over Ireland and then next year on into Europe. Woo hoo!

    @penz I HATE when you lose a post like that. It’s one of the annoying things about this site, the randomness of post loss 😡

    @stardustdream By the way, some of the group swear by the benefits of Magnesium Oil to aid sleep. It doesn’t really work for me, but maybe it would for you? I know you have to be watchful for your sleepwalker but it might help?

    So it’s Friday, and nearly half way through July. We have got this . And remember….Today is a great day to gave a great day.

    In a world where you can be anything, be kind. ☺️

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Thank you @stardustdream @daffodil2010 @ciren2 & @rabbette Maintenance, yay! I still plan on doing at least 5:2 for a while, if that’s what it takes to not regain the weight.

    Congrats too, @penz @rabbette & @daffodil2010 for surviving the egg fast; it works! I wouldn’t like to repeat it, but eggs really are a great option for a FD, especially for doing OMAD.

    A bit of useless info re ‘soldiers’:- “It seems likely that it was either popularized or invented in 1965 in a series of TV commercials for eggs starring Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes.”

    Wishing everyone a great Friday, fasting or not 🎯🏋️‍♂️

    Day 12, London, UK, FD

    It’s a quick check-in from me this morning as I’m off on my hols this afternoon. It’ll be a FD because of the travelling, but depending on the time we land & get settled …………………. There could be wine!!!

    I hope everyone has a successful 2nd ½ of June, stay strong and faithful to the process ……………….. it works!!!!

    I haven’t caught up on post, but just caught @funshipfreddie mentioning soldiers ……… so does the boiled egg + soldiers debate rolls on????

    I must catch up either on my phone whilst away or when I get back!!

    Day 12 – Reading, UK – CD

    Didn’t do so well yesterday, but weight is recovering from hols so not too bad. Interested that egg diet isn’t a silver bullet – although perhaps can be used in moderation. Will carry on investigating.

    Have a wonderful holiday @flourbaby and strength to all fasters today. Onwards and downwards!

    Day 12. London. UK. FD finally

    Just got back from Spain. There’s a lot to repair… I stopped drinking alcohol for about two years, when I first started this WOL, and although, surprisingly, I don’t think it had much effect on my weight, ( although fasting definitely did) now I have started drinking small amounts of beer, it has definitely caused me to put on weight. Wine is a no no for me, but I fondly hoped I’d found a way to drink alcohol socially with no comeback. More fool me. I’ll just have to work out a way to fast properly to drop the weight I’ve put on, and cut out beer most of the time. My clothes are tight! Thanks for the supportive comments by the way. They are so helpful.

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Day 12, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    The last days were all NFD and it will continue like this for at least another week.
    Thank you for all your nice words regarding helping my elderly friends. I like helping out.
    I will go back to fasting later this month.
    No time reading the posts. Will catch up later. Hope you are all well.

    Happy fasting! 🌻🌼🌺

    Day 12 – USA – NFD

    @EmmaTaylor, welcome back! Wine is also a no-no for me. I started drinking alcohol with my OH for the first time in my life 15 years ago and never learned how to drink socially without guzzling — drastic results! I drink super light beer now with a very low alcohol content due to losing almost 60 lbs. Losing a lot of weight causes inebriation much quicker, so I must be mindful of making sure I eat beforehand. Just a friendly warning!

    Day 13 Melb Aust CD (planned, only 12:40 a.m. here at the moment)

    Going okay, in that I seem to be recovering well from the flu, and my asthma has settled well. Only 3 more days on the tapered-down cortisone, thankfully, then I can take this WOL seriously again. Also, Wimbledon will be over by then, so my sleep patterns will improve. Watching Djocovic play Bautista Agut at the moment, but really looking forward to the Federer/ Nadal match, if I can only stay awake that long! With the time difference, that match, if a 5-setter, is likely to finish after 4 a.m. here.

    Good to read of the EGG-sploits, good and bad, from the egg “diet”. Probably not for me either, @daffodil2010, but good if it works.

    More later. Onward and downwards!

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD:
    Another sunny, hot, and muggy day for us. Delivering mail is not ideal. I got through THREE 500ml bottles of water while on the round just to keep thirst at bay!
    @flourbaby: Have a great holiday….by the way…it’s JULY right now….ha…ha!!
    @betsylee: The trouble with asthma is you always get a flare-up after any kind of throat infection. Do you not get free flu jabs out there because of your asthma? We do in the UK.
    Anyway, glad you’re feeling much better.
    @emma-taylor, @metatauta: Fortunately I don’t like alcohol, so one less thing to worry over. Sugar is my main bug-bear…..oh, and eating in general!
    @funshipfreddie: Good luck with your maintenance……think of the health benefits of fasting now, rather than the motivation given by seeing the scale drop. You KNOW it’s doing you good.
    Hark who’s talking!!!!!!!!

    Day 12- USA (NE TN)-FD

    FD today. I need to make sure I make up that workout soon. It’s a rough day for fasting as it’s my oldest son’s 15th b-day today and I made him a cake. It smells great. But we’ll be having takeout tonight and I may end up with a CD instead of a FD because takeout is a guaranteed calorie bomb, so no cake for me today, but there should be room for a piece tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I have to drive an hour to take my oldest daughter to take her ACT. Yuck. I will take her out to eat after though as she’ll be testing for 5 hours. That’s just ridiculous. But she’ll be ravenous and I have a gift card to a restaurant about 10 min away from the place. So we’ll get to have some Mom-daughter time.

    I do wish they’d finally get to inventing the Transporter from Star Trek though. I’m so sick of driving.

    @daffodil2010 I did have a fab time.
    I rub mag oil into my feet nightly to help with Restless Leg. If I don’t, I get foot cramps in my sleep. I also take some mag pills before bed. No help with sleep that I can tell. I take melatonin throughout the night which helps me fall back asleep faster, unless I get to deal with the sleepwalker and get a massive adrenaline spike. Sigh…

    Off to make lunch for the b-day boy and his siblings.
    Then go to daughter’s exhibition from her Digital Media camp.

    Good luck fellow FDers!

    Day 12 Pocket List:

    Hope I did that right.

    Day 12 USA (NE TN)-FD

    I posted, it showed it, and then it ate it.
    I even did the Pocket List for Day 12…bother.

    Let’s try again…

    FD today. I need to make sure I make up that workout soon. It’s a rough one as it’s my oldest son’s 15th b-day today and I made him a cake. It smells great. But we’ll be having takeout tonight and I may end up with a CD instead of a FD because takeout is a guaranteed calorie bomb, so no cake for me today, but there should be room for piece tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I have to drive an hour to take my oldest daughter to take her ACT. Yuck. I will take her out to eat after though as she’ll be testing for 5 hours. That’s just ridiculous. But she’ll be ravenous and I have a gift card to a restaurant about 10 min away from the place. So we’ll get to have some Mom-daughter time.

    I do wish they’d finally get to inventing the Transporter from Star Trek though. I’m so sick of driving crazy distances.

    @daffodil2010 I did have a fab time.
    I rub mag oil into my feet nightly to help with Restless Leg. If I don’t, I get foot cramps in my sleep. I also take some mag pills before bed. No help with sleep that I can tell. I take melatonin throughout the night which helps me fall back asleep faster, unless I get to deal with the sleepwalker and get a massive adrenaline spike. Sigh…

    Off to make lunch for the b-day boy and his siblings.
    Then go to daughter’s exhibition from her Digital Media camp.

    Good luck fellow FDers!

    Day 12_ Atlanta, GA_ USA CD.

    Hello all! I’ve been on vacation so that explains me being M.I.A. the past couple weeks. I tried my best to have CD’s during my vacay. Some days were better than other though. It was mainly the alcohol. Yesterday was a FD, and it went well. Stuck to my guns the whole day. I’ll be on my regular routine in a few weeks, as I will be returning to work. Gym in the morning, light bkfast, sensible lunch and dinner. I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool this summer (climate change). Bye for now!

    Day 12 Belfast NFD
    Just checking in for accountability

    @ stardustdream – I used to sleepwalk as a child and even now, when I’m under severe pressure I’m inclined to go for a wander. Not fun for those around though. I also have silly dreams when I’m stressed. Maybe my sleeplessness is linked to that.
    @daffodil2010 your van is going to be so amazing!
    @betsylee it’s odd that you’re watching the same programme across the other side of the world! Great tennis isn’t it?

    Having a mindful day
    Onwards and downwards 💪💪💪

    Day 11, UK, NFD
    Day 12, FD

    Hello everyone, a bit of a binging day for me yesterday, was tired when I got home and skipped my 5km walk – thought i had my appetite under control but it hit me at dinner time. Badly.

    FD today, going well so far, downed a 2L bottle of water by 3pm, and was offered a krispy kreme donut which I am saving for tomorrow (yum!).

    I have learned from my mistakes so, despite being tired (munchies trigger for me), i will go for a gentle stroll tonight to relax and distance myself from the fridge.

    I hope the fasters are having a good day today. Almost half of the month gone already!

    Day 12 Massachusetts USA NFD @betsylee I have the same problem when the Australian Open is on! I’m s Nadal fan so tense at this very moment. Back on topic, 5th day with no refined sugar. When I see candy now it already looks distinctly unappealing. There’s no ice cream in the house, fortunately! I know my calorie count for the week will be way down! Happy day to all!

    Day 12, VA, USA, FD?

    Yesterday was a bit more of a control day instead of fasting. As I think my Dinner went over the calories, I never officially counted there was a small serving of breaded shrimp baked in the oven as part of the dinner with a nice serving of veggies. I think the breaded shrimp would have put me over just a little.

    Today opened a “Tuna on the Run” thing to eat to see how it was and if that will be good to take on our trip next month. So far I liked it, it was easy and tasty. I cut up some fresh purple carrots to eat with it. (The thing came with CRACKERS) BUT guess what? I discovered I liked eating the carrots I cut up better than the crackers. So I had part of the crackers leftover. HA! Take that you arch nemesis.

    I discovered 1 reason Lost Post thing that happens:
    @penz & @daffodil2010 or for any one who has lost a post that they typed up (especially after you hit ENTER and your like WTF? Where did it go?)

    It seems that the forum likes to log us out after every couple of days. So then when you go to post BAM you are not logged in and then it doesn’t post the post.

    Some ways to deal with this issue.
    1. Type up your post in some other word program. (I know thats not super easy on a phone, but it is very helpful. Then just copy and paste.
    2. After typing your post (select it all) and hit copy.
    Now I’m a shortcuts person so I just use the shortcut keys on my Mac
    Enter – – – If my post is “gone” then make sure to login. Navigate to your box to put the txt in and press

    You will have already saved the txt to paste it in again. Yay.
    (I’m sorry I can not remember the PC select all keys to press, Its been too long since I worked on one.)
    3. Swear and Curse at the computer and then take an ax and split the computer in half.

    #3 is not recommended if you do not have a large disposable income.

    @debster251 – The Egg fast was tough for me the first time, this go round I modified it. I am like you I only lose about as much as I would from a regular fast. However, this time I did it. I only had a very small amount of cheese. I had only 4 eggs the first two day and I was soooo good to go that on the 3 day, I just water fasted. So I guess part of what I learned is that if I feel SUPER hungry I should just eat and egg. – – ahhhh soft boiled eggs with toast strips. Ok. I get it.

    @stardustdream – Something I discovered (and I totally didn’t want it to be true) is that Flavored water, or flavored seltzer, or diet soda and even GUM, made me MORE hungry than when I actually just started my day with water and drank water till supper. Sometimes the cup of broth at lunch (b/c the salt helps) Soon I discovered I could Water Fast Pretty easily as long as I didn’t have anything with flavor in it at the beginning of my day. I now save my flavored seltzer to have with supper.

    @daffodil2010 – I like the name dippy eggs.

    @emma Taylor – Oh my gosh you and me BOTH! I also love beer, especially my beloved stout. What I have noticed is that I had to do 4:3 fasting (so that socially on the weekends I can have some beer and not have to fret as much) I also have switched to seltzer and vodka for one evening and beer for the other evening.

    @ciren2 – Great advice about maintenance, b/c I am totally feeling that – oh crap what is going to make me still want to do this after I reach goal! And YES its for my HEALTH!

    I didn’t see the pocket list yet.

    Pocket List for Day 12
    @emma Taylor

    Day 12 Ohio, US — NFD (64 bites)

    Another day filled with packing, although things went more slowly today. The NFD has gone well. Still very tired.

    @rabbette Your alternative #3 reminds me of a story: A calculus teacher of my acquaintance once was giving a closed book exam with no calculators permitted. One student surreptitiously tried to sneak and was working their calculator under their desk. The teacher caught them at it, took the calculator, dashed it to the floor, and then jumped up and down on it, smashing it to little pieces. I don’t know if the teacher had a lot of disposable income, but the dean made them not only write a letter of apology to the student, but also buy them a new calculator.

    Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t more than one person who’d like to do the same to Cruella.

    Have a great weekend!

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Eating breakfast right now, got to wash up and get to work.
    @rabbette: @stardustdream: My rules to guard against losing posts are

    1: Double check that you’re still logged in and
    2: Double check your post for errors before pressing “submit”, as sometimes editing
    afterwards is risky.

    See you later………

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 13

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    weoght maintaining well after egg fast though still having constipation issues. Might have to take a Sennacot. Feel good though and looking forward to the weekend.

    @rabbette Ha, love your post on how to save your posts 😄😄😄

    BTW, it’s the CTRL key for PC users for the shortcuts. I have a Mac too, but a PC in work.

    I also, after every post, make sure I select all, then copy, before I hit submit. It has saved me on numerous occasions.

    @matpi great story re the calculator. And yes, how wonderful to do that to Cruella 😆

    To everyone today, have a good day, make good choices, but ENJOY your day. This is a way of life, not a life sentence, a blip or an all out throwing oneself of the wagon does not mean end of days. RESET is just one decision away.

    Together we are stronger.

    @daffodil2010. SUCH good advice at the end of your post. I finally did a proper FD yesterday and I feel about 100% better for it. It’s not the weight loss so much as feeling that you are in control of yourself, and not controlled by food or how your body is. I remember reading once how the happiest workers are those who have the most autonomy, and I can really believe that. If you feel in charge ( and free) you are bound to feel happier. Phew. I’m going to try to put off eating until we go for a Turkish meal in Dalton tonight. I’m about 40 years too old to be allowed into that part of London, but they haven’t set up passport control yet…

    ay 13 – Ireland – NFD

    Morning everybody!
    Still very busy and on antibiotics since doctor visit earlier in week… think they are making me very hungry.
    Lots on with cycling this weekend and aiming for 300km over the next three/four days with some decent hill climbing – training for later in the year.. I’ll see how I go and mind myself if I need to. 👍

    Wishing you all the very best today and for the weekend!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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