July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 8, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 🥚

    I was all set up for the great egg fast starting today but last night I got a phone call from a dear elderly friend. She fell and broke her ankle in 3 places. Had foot operation, has to stay in hospital and is struggling to find care for her husband who has beginning dementia and cannot be left alone. So I told her I would help. Tomorrow I have husband duty, picking him up from the hospital after visiting his wife, feeding him supper, putting him to bed and staying overnight in their apartment. Wednesday morning breakfast, then I probably drive him back to the hospital to see his wife…This is the plan so far. Not easy as Mick 🐕 has not been left alone for more than an hour yet at our house. My DH has to take over more Mick duties while working full time. But we will manage somehow. What I might not be able to manage is the egg fast. It is too complicated when you are in a different household, preparing food for my friend’s husband, etc. In my kitchen I prepared everything for the fast…but life happens and my friends really need me.

    Good luck to all the fasters!🌷🌼🌻

    Welcome to the group challenges. In answer to your questions. For the egg challenge, some people, who are a bit stuck on a plateau, are trying it. Here’s a link all about it.


    Meanwhile a pocket list is a list of people fasting that particular day. It helps with motivation to know who is joining you. Originally the plan was to carry the list in your pocket, right?

    2nd post

    Hi Egg Fasters….I had a sneak peek on the scales when I got home from work and I was pleased at the result….but gotta wait until tomorrow morning to see if there was a shift….so EGGS-citing! Hoping you are all keeping well.

    Also hoping everyone on a normal FD today is hanging on in there. Monday is usually a day when we are enthusiastically resetting or else we feel blah…….hoping its enthusiasm today and not Blah-ness for you. We have GOT this.

    Thanks @ciren2 for explaining the challenges to @swimmer44………For me, I have been stuck on a darn plateau for AGES, so I need something to kick me off, and I feel positive that the EGGS-citement of the Great Egg Fast Challenge will do it.

    @flourbaby Eggs don’t present that particular challenge to me ha ha. Though I might be running the risk of getting sick of the sight of eggs as I did do 4 days a couple of weeks ago, and trying to think of new ways to eat them is a challenge in itself.

    Got to run, I have a garden that needs watering.

    Talk to you all tomorrow….

    Day 8 Massachusetts USA FD I chose to Fast today not only to re-set after a long holiday weekend but I had a Noontime teleconference so I wasn’t free at lunchtime anyway. I’m always pleased with a successful FD (had one last week) but the last two hours before I can eat again can be a tough slog. What I like the most about IF though is when I do sit down to dinner on a Fast day, I’m completely present and appreciative of every bite. What it’s a reset from is mindless eating! I would’ve gotten on a pocket list but, even after over a year in the group, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how!

    Day 8 UK FD
    Day 7 NFD
    Day 6 NFD

    Sorry to disappear – unexpectedly swamped with project work and pulling really long days ATM. Big project launches tomorrow, juggling two others and worried about overlooking something important while just about keeping up.

    Advantage is it makes it easier to fast… except that I’m really, really tired and falling back on quick food. Luckily no carbs or sugary food in the house but I somehow ate a whole jar of peanut butter in 3 days! Amazingly I was back to ATL of 140.5lbs this morning… but feeling puffy. Must remember that scale results are not instant and there may be weight to come. Time to Count Calories again!

    Off on holiday to Devon on Thursday for 6 days – will fast on my travel days. Should be easy to eat 16:8 and stay reasonably focused bc the friend I’m staying with is super-healthy and also eats 2 meals/day Last year I lost 3lbs on holiday but prob mostly the extra exercise. Can’t wait to go, but can’t believe I’ll be caught up and ready…

    Missing you all – I’ll come back and catch up with posts – on the train Thurs if not before! x

    Day 8 Belfast Eggy FD

    I put a new battery in my scales and even after a fairly non extravagant weekend, they now read ‘up’ a further 4lbs.. what the ..? So definitely sealing those lips.

    I usually only eat one meal a day on a FD, which I did today. I ate 3 eggs at tea time in an omelette with a little cheese and felt quite full. I’ve done my swimming class as usual and feel great.
    Question to our egg challengers. Does it have to be 6 eggs daily? And do you have to follow the rules about how many eggs you eat at various times?

    @swimmer44 if you are just starting out, I would just stick to the basics for a few weeks. A good fast, twice a week, is a powerful tool which really works.
    @mogaman – are you using a PC or a tablet? I’m sure someone, (or me!) could explain!
    @daffodil2010 – no plant watering needed here for the next day or two –

    Off to bed now. Tomorrow I’m off walking in the Mourne Mountains with a friend so a good nights sleep needed. Night night.

    Day 9, Aus, EFD!

    (That’s egg fast day.) I v much enjoyed my omelette with ricotta cheese for dinner on yesterday’s FD. Cooked in butter. Boy, did it feel decadent!

    I’m with Daffodil2010 in not eating breakfast. I had planned to get up a little earlier to have eggs first thing, but the thought of eating at that time of day – when I’m not hungry!!! – seemed to go against everything I believe about 5:2. So I just stuck to my usual coffee and will have eggs for lunch. And dinner.

    I’m still drilling down on the “why”. Why do we do this? Because it’s the only thing that works. Why do I want it to work? To lose weight. Duh. Why do I want to lose weight? (That’s the current hurdle – my OH loves me as a I am. I don’t – so perhaps that’s the fundamental why. I want to love my body again.)

    Oh Ciren2 – how awful to go from having a lovely week of holiday to then being asked to work on your next day off! How are you and your OH doing with stretches and easing those tight aching muscles?

    Welcome @silverpaperclips (great name, btw). You’ve already met the best tip – join this forum for support and daily accountability!

    Ha ha @flourbaby. My OH has already made several comments about possible um side effects of eating eggs but I hadn’t thought to position myself downwind! (Or is it upwind?)

    Nevermind @at – I also struggled over the weekend with alcohol free days (AFD!) so am now (re)committing to being dry Mon – Thurs.

    Happy birthday @yo-yo Fletch!!

    You are a wonderful generous friend @RedRockGirl.

    @debster251 – I might not be the best person to ask. The egg fast “rules” seem to be 6 eggs a day over 3 meals. I’m doing 4 eggs a day over two. I understand the eggs are to kickstart you into keto, but I don’t see how reducing the number of eggs is going to dramatically undo that. And to me, 6 eggs seems like a lot.

    Day 9 – Sydney – NFD

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes!

    I survived my first fast day yesterday… Felt tired but surprisingly clear headed. I think I’ll try breaking my fast later in the day tomorrow as I found as soon I started eating I wanted to eat more. Anyone else find this?

    I’m trying to track my calories on NFDs too as otherwise I think I may go overboard (cheese and bread are my weaknesses).

    I like the sound of the egg fast, maybe I’ll give it a go later on in the month.

    Have a lovely day everyone 🙂

    Day 8 Ohio,US — MFD

    The MFD has gone well. I spent most of the day packing, so am quite fatigued now.

    @silverpaperclips Welcome! And congrats on your first FD! It’s not unusual to eat a little more than usual on the first NFD after a fast. The important thing is that on the average the calories consumed get lessened. Everyone develops the strategies for best handling NFD’s. Given a little time and you’ll develop your own approach too.

    @penz Good question! Why do I want to lose weight? I find that the more I’m over my “optimum weight”, the more my knees and shins hurt. So it’s a case of “No gain, no pain!” 🙂

    Have a great July day, everyone, whether it’s hot or cold, depending on your hemisphere!

    Day 8 California, US. End of FD
    Thank you @ciren2 for those explanations. I’ll look up the egg fast…saw that @penz made an omelette with ricotta…sounds delicious! I love cheese.
    So glad today is over. Not having a good night sleep makes an FD very difficult. Switched from coffee to herbal ice tea (passion fruit non sweetened at Starbucks, it’s actually tasty) for “lunch” and sipped it throughout the afternoon.
    Going to bed early so I can get a good night’s rest. Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday.

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Just checking in very quickly as I’m in the middle of eating my breakfast and getting ready to go back to work today after a lovely week off.

    I’ll catch up later…..bye for now xx

    Day 7, UK, FD
    Day 8, NFD, 65.8kg

    Hello everyone. Been missing from the forum because OH has been ill (all recovered now) and that has taken all my energy this month so far. Slight weight gain as I haven’t fasted and have been indulging on high cal foods the last week. Could be worse though.

    Back on track now, hoping to reach a 2-3kg loss this month and see the magic 63 on the scales.
    Healthy foods today, FD tomorrow.
    Have a good day everyone!

    Day UK NFD
    Morning all Feeling positive this will be a good week not fasting today but will be mindful as @hedwig6 I’m in a similar place – I think I know what I need to do applying it on a regular basis is a different matter

    Welcome back @georgia83


    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    Day 2 of Great Egg Fast Challenge

    So, one day in, running loss so far is 2.8lbs. Amazing. I really enjoyed my cheddar cheese omelette last night. Made a huge one so half of it is now tucked in tin foil and will heat it up tonight for my meal.

    I decided to shake it up slightly and had a wee slice of it just now with my coffee. I rarely break my fast until lunchtime but interested to see how an egg in the morning works.

    @debster251 I am not following “The Rules” as it just won’t work for me. Thus having to eat an egg within 30 minutes of getting up? Nope, can’t do it. And sometimes I can manage 6 eggs but most times around 4 is enough. Let’s just experiment and see where it leads.

    What I have noticed is that although I have had a very indulging past couple of weeks leading up to, during and after DH’s 50th birthday (just like you @yo-yo Fletch 😄) although there has been a gain since my last egg fast the moving average total is coming down. Am I breaching plateau soon….sure hope so?

    Welcome @silverpaperclips and yes, a lot of us have found that breaking your fast earlier in the day brings on the hunger. The longer you wait the less hungry you seem. Strange but true 🤔

    @penz Why do I want to lose weight? Well, as a middle aged female I know that change is going to happen but I want to be as light on my feet as I can so that I don’t have the hip and knee problems that I see some of my friends having. I don’t want to have high blood pressure (runs in my family)……just a couple of reasons…..but I Often forget about this when I am having a boozy weekend 🍷😁

    @georgia83 welcome back and best wishes for your OH’s recuperation

    Oh my gosh @michelinme, I remember your trip to Devon last year like it was yesterday! It coincided with my big work blow out with a bullying boss when I walked from the job. Can it really be a year later? Wow, how things have changed for the better.

    Pocket list Day 9 – together we are stronger
    @daffodil2010 (egg fast day 2)
    @penz (egg fast day 2)

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD (🥚Fast Day 2)

    I was very unadventurous with my Day 1 egg fast yesterday. I wanted to space out my two meals, but time ran away from me, & before I knew it, it was 5pm. I basically slung 3 eggs + cheese + butter in the microwave & made scrambled eggs. 3 and a half hours later, rinse & repeat. No hunger whatsoever. I half-expected to wake up during the night with chest pains; y’know, as all that fat & cholesterol seeped into my bloodstream. But I slept well, & I’m still here! Scales this morning read 70.5kgs, so half a kilo down. So far so good 🍳

    @debster251 – I’m not following all the rules. The ‘rules’ seem to vary anyway, depending on which website you visit. I think six eggs is the goal, but to be honest I felt a bit queasy after eating six in 3 or 4 hours. Some sites say no diet soda, but then I read 3 or less diet drinks is okay. And I certainly can’t eat within minutes of waking up.

    @penz – sometimes when I need a little motivation, or if I’m asking myself ‘why?’ I read a few chapters of Dr Mosley’s books, or watch the ‘Eat, Fast & Live Longer’ documentary, just to remind myself how I got into this WOL in the first place.

    Pocket list Day 9 – together we are stronger
    @daffodil2010 (egg fast day 2)
    @penz (egg fast day 2)
    @funshipfreddie (egg fast day 2)

    Day 9 Belfast FD

    So the scales now show the +4lbs ‘acquired’ over the weekend has been despatched. I’m not sure if that is down to the eggs or just a good controlled FD.

    @penz – ‘Why’ is a wonderful question. When I retired I was stressed and overweight. I guess retirement is a wake up call and you realise you are starting a new time of life and you want it to last as long as possible! Health was the biggest motivation for me like @daffodil. In addition to the joint issues, I was taking mega doses of meds for heartburn/stomach inflammation which I have now virtually cut out all together. How I wish I’d found this way of life so much earlier. When I meet up with previous colleagues they all tell me how great I look and it’s true. I feel good and look so much better. You’re right. It works. No contest.👍

    Pocket list Day 9 – together we are stronger
    @daffodil2010 (egg fast day 2)
    @penz (egg fast day 2)
    @funshipfreddie (egg fast day 2)
    @debster251 (egg fast day 2)

    You only get one body in this life – love it and look after it.

    Day 9 – Reading, UK – CD

    Checking in today and getting fascinated by all the posts about the egg diet. It sounds interesting, and with egg and cheese omelettes, quite yummy. Will ponder. In the meantime, I’m going for another CD today, with maybe one FD later in the week. Keep strong fasters! Onwards and downwards …

    Day 9, London, UK, FD

    @redrockgirl302, what a fantastic friend you are. I’m glad they have you to help, can you imagine if they didn’t??!!

    I’m super tired this morning, I think the sunshine through the curtains at 4:30am is taking its toll!!! I’ll keep this short & sweet before I nod off at my desk!!

    I hope everyone is flexing that fasting muscle, there’s nothing like the thought of swimsuits and shorts to motivate me to fast!!!!

    Stay strong folks!

    Day 9 – Boston, USA – CD + yoga

    Day 8 recap

    FD was more of a MFD, but better than nothing!

    Didn’t do my run – the day ended up being a lot more hectic than anticipated.

    Today is a regular CD. I got up at 4 am to get to a 5:15 am hot yoga class, and it feels great!

    Thanks for the advice and support. I think eating more things I really love on NFDs will be helpful.

    @rabbette I’ll definitely try the broth idea. Maybe right after I get home from work, like a hot drink when my kids are having snack and I need to make dinner!

    @mogaman, to add yourself to the pocket list you literally copy and paste it from the previous post into your own, and add yourself on the bottom. I hope that helps. Additionally, if you ever want to add yourself to the spreadsheet, it’s as easy as clicking on the link and putting yourself in, or adjust what you want to do inside! If you have specific issues with doing either of these, let us know exactly what you’re facing, and we can help with troubleshooting.

    @penz – here are my reasons for doing this. Fasting, when I manage to pull it off, helps me with mental clarity. Also, even though I am not technically overweight, my body fat % is high, and I’d like to see that number come down. Weight-wise, I like to feel light in my body and on my feet, so this helps me bring down my weight. I also like the metabolic advantages to fasting. Generally, I feel like it helps with my overall self-discipline, which flows into other areas of my life. Thanks for asking this question and making us all say it to ourselves!

    Day 9 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Flying visit for accountability – haven’t time to read through everyone’s post so will have to catch up later!

    B2B for me today.

    Pocket list Day 9 – together we are stronger
    @daffodil2010 (egg fast day 2)
    @penz (egg fast day 2)
    @funshipfreddie (egg fast day 2)
    @debster251 (egg fast day 2)

    Day 9, VA, USA, Egg FD

    My body is stubborn I suppose. -1 lb down (which is usual for a reg FD)

    I ate 2 egg omelet at lunch, 1 hard boiled egg snack (forgot to have the FAT that one is suppose to have with it) and then 1 egg (as egg drop soup) I love making homemade egg drop. Felt a bit peckish so then had 1 serving of Parmesan Crisp – they are literally made of basically just (Parmesan cheese) I figured that was my cheese for the day since I didn’t have any. One serving was about what 1 oz of cheese is… 130 cal.

    Total 4 eggs + 1oz cheese.

    @depster251 – I did an egg fast in May and followed the “rules” and had 6 eggs + the fat and maybe about 2-4oz of cheese per day. I only lost -2.8 lbs AND I’ll say that 6 eggs was a LOT for me. Oh my gosh I felt stuffed. (I know one thing I wasn’t hungry!)

    Have a long day of TEACHING I’ll try and catch up later with you guys lovely post!

    Pocket list Day 9 – together we are stronger
    @daffodil2010 (egg fast day 2)
    @penz (egg fast day 2)
    @funshipfreddie (egg fast day 2)
    @debster251 (egg fast day 2)
    @rabbette (Egg FD 2)

    Day 9 USA (NE TN)- NFD

    Back from my holiday trip. Well I was back Sunday but unloading the RV and then running teens around to Digital Media camp yesterday plus homeschooling the others…plus catching up on all the activity here…I’m lagging more than a bit behind.
    Yesterday was a successful FD.
    Looking forward to eating around noon. It’s very hard for me to do FDs after a holiday. I had a major headache last night. I had to take something for it. Bah.

    Strength training day today since it’s a NFD. It will be the first since last week when we went on a trip, so I hope I haven’t lost too much strength.
    The scale isn’t happy with me, but then again it’s like this every week until about Wednesday or Thursday.

    Anyway, hopefully I can keep up with everyone now. I’m hoping to finally make some progress weight-wise this month.
    Have a fab day!

    Day 9, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Thanks @penz, @flourbaby: My friends appreciate my help and I love helping them. I decided to cook a healthy meal at home for my friend’s husband. Chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic bread. Some fruit and cookies for dessert. Spending time with Mick 🐕 might also help with the stress as will the meal together at our home with also my DH present. Then I drive him home and stay with him overnight.

    All the best to all of you! Chapeau to the egg fasters! 🎩🥚😊

    2nd post

    Ooh I am getting fed up already with the eggs. I never thought I would say that as I love eggs. I am hankering after salad, tomatoes, vegetables……and it’s only Day 2!
    Still, just one more day to go then we will see. I just want to see the back of the plateau…come on Daff, you can do it!!

    @redrockgirl302 Your healthy meal at home has me drooling, you are such a kind friend ☺️

    I better go look up some egg recipes sharpish as hard boiled eggs and omelettes ….getting boring. A nice fried egg, soft boiled eggs….argh, I’ve gone EGG-actually mad ha ha!!

    Day 9 – UK – FD800

    After a successful 300cal FD yesterday today ended us as FD800 – not planned but I’ll take it 😇 I’m now in bed, teeth brushed and away from any further temptations……..

    Lovely walk this morning on the nearby fells with my walking group and broke yesterday’s fast with a coffee and a lovely blueberry scone (no butter, jam or cream!) Did my usual High Impact Pilates class late afternoon with OH followed by a healthy salad for dinner – a good day I think!

    @yo-yo-fletch – we all have weekends like you experienced and 🤞you had a successful FD yesterday
    @hedwig6 – biggest lesson I learnt when I started this WOL is that I was eating way too much which is obviously why I had put on so much weight – I decided to eat to the TDEE for the weight I wanted to be and it was very hard adjusting to eating so much less but it did get easier and when I reached my target weight I had adjusted to smaller portions – I still fast because I do enjoy my food and glasses of wine and if I did not continue to fast I would have to give up my treats or the weight would just start piling back on……….Drinking a big glass of water whenever I feel like snacking between meals helps a lot as more often than not the feeling that I want to eat something goes away……hope my sharing helps you out 🤗
    @ciren2 – thank for the welcome back after my week of absence – I need this forum to keep me motivated and focused. Hope your first day back at work after your holidays was not too busy xx
    @betsylee – good to hear that things are improving – hopefully you can come off the steroids soon
    @jisika – I would consider eating around 700cals as a FD800 – so don’t be hard on yourself!
    @redrockgirl302 – I agree with others you sound like a wonderful friend to have and I’m sure your elderly friend who fell and broke her ankle in 3 places really appreciates your support 🤗
    @michelinme – very busy at work but good to hear that you have a lovely holiday to look forward at the end of the week – Devon is a beautiful area and encompasses sandy beaches, fossil cliffs, medieval towns and moorland national parks so much to see and do
    @debster251 – my sympathies regarding Cruella aka the scales for those new to these challenges!
    @penz – thanks for the understanding re 🍷
    @silverpaperclips – As someone who never eats early in the day I totally agree with you and always break my fast either late morning with a brunch or at lunchtime – I tend to eat only 2 meals a day normally
    @georgia83 – Sorry to hear about your OH’s health issues this past week but great to hear that all is well now

    Question for those on the EGG Journey – it seems an awful lot of fat to consume with the eggs (30-45gms of butter to make an omelette!) – I would be OK with the cheese but could not use that much butter as my omelette would be swimming in it….AND how do you cope without any vegetables and fruit for the 3-5days???

    Well here we all are at the start of the second week of this challenge
    Great job if you are on target with your weight loss or staying happily in maintenance. For anyone out there struggling – stay strong and positive – you will get there!!!
    We all have different paths to the end goal – “You Cannot Change Yesterday BUT You Can Change Today and Tomorrow!”

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) CD

    Trying to have just about 900 calories today.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10, Aus, Egg fast day (EFD) 3

    I can’t believe it’s day 10 already. I’ve started talking to family and friends re Christmas plans and when one of them expressed surprise at my topic, I mentioned that half the year had gone already.

    Still enjoying eggs… Had a 3-egg ricotta omelette last night and have a mushed up boiled eggs, mayo and mozzarella concoction for lunch today. To be honest, 3 eggs was a bit much. Like many of you, I’m not strictly following the “rules”, as hey, this WOL / egg fast needs to be flexible, right? Am thinking boiled eggs with cheddar soldiers for dinner tonight.

    Time with Mick will defn be a stress reliever, @RedRockGirl – there is so much research showing that even petting a dog can lower heart rate.

    Interesting the discussion re “why” – it seems very similar at the core for most people.

    Pocket list for day 10
    @ Penz (day 3 EFD)

    Day 9 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    Phew! Another long day of running chores and packing. Even with all the busyness I was able to hit all my meal targets.

    I started to read the posts of the day and found myself just doing zombie reading. I’m just that tired.

    So have a great day and do something fun for someone today!

    Day 10 – Adelaide, AUS – NFD
    Well I survived B2B, kind of. I ate under 500 calories each day and boy, do I love my whole wheat tortilla “pizzas”. But on my 2nd FD (day 9) I had some white wine after a very busy stressful day with work and shifting furniture. I’m now 6 pounds off my goal weight but next week’s holiday in Bali may put me back up again before the end of the month.
    @mogman I totally agree with the new mindfulness of eating evening meals on FDs. I find that the mindfulness carries over to NFDs as well.
    @penz Christmas is NOT far away at all. I need to book my flights soon to be back home (USA) with family and friends for Christmas.
    I love this WOL because I’m losing weight and no one even knows I’m dieting!

    Day 10 – Sydney, AUS – FD

    It’s my second FD for the week and I’m feeling like a space cadet at work. I have stuff I should be doing but think it can wait until tomorrow when I’ve got more brain power. Not sure if black coffee on an empty stomach is the best way to go? Perhaps I should stick to green tea.

    This afternoon my floor at work is having drinks/nibbles for a girl who is leaving. I can avoid the nibbles, but maybe I’ll have one glass of wine to avoid people asking why I’m not eating or drinking. I’ve already consumed 250/500 calories for the day, so I could afford a glass of wine. Any advice?

    Pocket list for Day 10
    @penz (day 3 EFD)

    Day 10< Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Ah….hard getting up early again after a week off! At least the rain has continued to stay away! However very warm and muggy.

    second post

    Hi @silverpaperclips. Is there anything wrong with just having a glass of water or a soft drink at your after-work nibbles? If you feel you need to justify to your colleagues not having a glass of wine, perhaps you can tell them you’re driving home? (Or, if you take public transport, that you need to then drive somehere after you get home?)

    Day 10, FD, UK

    Hello everyone, just a quick check in as off to work. Fasting today, got my large black coffee and 2L water bottle ready for the day ahead. Large bowl of pea and mint soup for dinner and a 5km walk to finish it off.

    Thank you everyone for your concerns about my OH! Always a bit stressful to see someone you love going downhill but all is well now thankfully! I have been keeping him loaded on fruit and will bake him a cake tonight to make him happy 🙂

    Lets do this!

    Day 10 – Ireland – NFD

    Morning everybody!
    Still very busy and not feeling 100 % here so posting to keep me on track but not getting to read posts… weight is fluctuating but that’s also probably because I had a very active weekend on the bike 🚲 so lots of exercise but also lots of cake…
    Doctor visit first thing, then work, dinner and concert.
    I will try to read posts at lunchtime and catch up on all the news and fill in my info on the spreadsheet ✅
    Wishing you all the very best today!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD (🥚Fast Day 3)

    I spaced out my egg meals yesterday, & it was much better. Had a cheese omelette around 11am at a coffee shop. The menu said 2 eggs, but it was enormous; I hope they weren’t ostrich eggs?! 😱 When I declined the toast, the waitress looked at me like I had two heads. I had my second egg meal at 7pm.

    But, like @daffodil2010, I am heartily sick of eggs; in fact I could kill for a carb right now. Just something chewy, even a nice crisp apple or a slice of toast. Anyway, day 3! And I had a new ATL this morning. 69.9kgs. So far I’m down 1.1kgs on the egg fast. Not a huge loss, but I’m pretty much at my target weight already.

    @at – re the butter, I don’t think I’m using nearly that amount of butter; just using what I normally would to cook the eggs. And the veg & fruit?! My fridge looks so pathetic without so much as a carrot in there. It’s a sacrifice, but for three days, it will hopefully be worth it.

    Happy Hump Day to all! 🐫

    Pocket list for Day 10
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    Day 3 of Great Egg Fast Challenge

    So, despite a blip last night where I had a pain in my tum so took a glass of my homemade kefir (I felt my guts needed soothing after the Party Central weeks I have just had)., oh, and a tiny handful of cashews to help me sleep (not Egg Fast at all)….still down 1.4lbs.

    Running total after 2 days is 4.4lbs!

    One more day, so I have a mushed up boiled egg and mayo salad with cheddar cubes for lunch, then tonight, not sure, maybe soft boiled eggs with cheese soldiers a la @penz 😀

    Tomorrow I take a half day from work and am meeting my horticulture college girlfriends for lunch in the National Botanical Gardens. If there is egg salad on the cafe menu I will go for that, plan to start transition tomorrow.

    Oh, and am a tad constipated from the eggs and cheese so will take a Lax tea this evening.

    All in all, eggs going well, it does work, but cannot see it being a long term thing with me.

    @at I always admire how active you are, and your advice to everyone is always appreciated. As for the fat with eggs, I use olive oil. I simply cannot use that amount of butter, I like a wee bit of butter on toast but on anything else, bleurgh 😒
    I guess we are all adapting this to suit our 5:2 and IF mentalities.

    Pocket list Day 10
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD)

    Have a great Wednesday and be strong

    Pocket list for Day 10
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD

    Day 10 – Reading, UK – FD

    Morning all! I’m so interested in all this egg talk – so will try out a mini version today. Omelette with cheese, and no toast. Sounds do-able for a couple of meals. Not sure I could do 10 days though …. Still adjusting to being back at work after my holiday. Funny, it didn’t take me this long to adjust to being on holiday …. Onwareds and downwards!

    Adding myself to the pocket list for Day 10:

    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD)
    @ktcaroline (mini EFD)

    Day 10, London, UK, FD

    3rd of my B2B2B FDs, I may add another one tomorrow since all bets are off from 12th – 26th …………………… I’m off to Madeira on holiday, just in case I haven’t mentioned it already!!!!

    Loving the egg fast info, @daffodil2010, you’re smashing it!!!! I was waiting for ‘soft boiled & soldiers’ to come up, just so I could restart the debate we had in a long ago challenge regarding egg cups and soft boiled eggs & soldiers …………………………. By all accounts these things are as rare as hens’ teeth in the USA. I never got to the bottom of it, but is it purely a British thing?? Looking for international feedback here! I used to love a dippy egg & soldiers dripping in butter…………………… Hello, weight issues!!!!

    I might seek out some super farm fresh organic eggs to try a challenge at the end of the month to cancel out the holiday indulgences, I think my aversion comes from a bad eggsperience(!) with what was probably a battery farmed egg where the chickens were fed something made in a lab!!!

    Last day at work today, so I better clear my desk. Onward & downwards folks!!!

    Day 10 UK FD

    Ha ha @flourbaby Yes I think you might have mentioned it 😜☀️

    Day 10 UK FD

    Day 9 FD
    Day 8 FD
    Day 7 NFD
    Day 6 NFD
    Day 5 FD

    Sorry not posted for a while after my mini-meltdown. Stress is a wonderful thing isn’t it? (Irony alert). Thanks for all the helpful messages 🙂

    Busy with lots of work (ugh!) I seem to know a lot more than I ever wanted to about how road sweepings and gully waste are collected, transported and treated. But it’s work. I’ll happily bore anyone as they fast if it helps 🙂

    Now then. I’ve not done the egg fast thing. Too busy. I’ve switched to 18:6 eating for this month and taken the pressure off myself a bit. This combo with running around 16 miles a week seems to be helpful. Trying to focus on being healthy rather than the ‘scales of doom’ approach i was clearly slipping into.

    Hope everyone is OK. It’s my birthday today – so I’m sending my extra special good vibes over the internet to you all. I’ll eat a slice of cake for all you fasters when my eating window opens at 5pm (Mmm…cake).

    Happy Birthday @johnnyr!! 🎂🎊🎈🎉

    Wow?! A fast day on your birthday?! You’re an inspiration! 🏋

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD)
    @ktcaroline (mini EFD)

    Day 10 Melb Aust CD

    Lots of CDs the past few days, but finally starting to feel better, just the post-flu weariness now, and that will pass. Not losing any weight, which isn’t surprising, gained a little due to a couple of salty meals, but that will adjust quickly. Not fussed about how this month is going, as it could be so much worse.

    Very interested in all the EGG-citing EGG-sploits. Not for me, but if it shifts folk off their frustrating plateaus, great! @funshipfreddie, not even sure why you’re doing it, as from your account, you’ve reached maintenance weight.

    Tapering down the cortisone now, and will have the final dose on Monday, hurrah! Then back to the serious 5:2 WOL.

    Onwards and downwards everyone!

    @johnnyr: Whaat!? Tell us about your job! And, Happy Birthday!
    @stardustdream: Not drinking enough (water) on a fast day can give you headaches. Or maybe you were just stressed?
    @daffodil2010: You can do it. Just one day to go.
    @silverpaperclips: Why not just “nurse” a glass of wine, the odd sip, maybe, if someone’s looking your way….no-one will notice if you put a part-filled glass down at the end, will they? Good luck xx

    Day 9 – Goa – NFD
    Day10 – Goa – NFD

    I have not been able to fast this week. There has been a death in the family and I have done a lot of emotional eating. I am not proud of myself.

    I plan to fast tomorrow. Less than 500 cals.

    2nd post

    Final day and I am tired of eggs. Looking longingly at a veg chilli in the fridge…tomorrow. And I should be thrilled, 2kg down already…..but although my first egg fast a few weeks ago was a doddle, now, I am looking forward to stopping.

    But I might well incorporate the proteins of eggs more into my future WOL. I do live eggs, but familiarity breeding contempt etc.

    @flourbaby, nearly time for your holiday (which you have hardly ever mentioned 😄), enjoy. As for dippy eggs and toast, that’s a favourite in Ireland too. Loved it as a child. My 3 year old step-Grandaughter loves them too.

    Thanks @funshipfreddie for scooping everyone onto the pocket list today, much appreciated 👍

    Happy birthday @johnnyr….and an FD as well 😳 Super kudos to you

    Got to go sand a few cedar walls in the bathroom of our camper van now. Toilet and shower tray are in and plumbed, but the walls need to be waterproofed so I am assigned sanding and waterproofing duties. We are nearly there with it it’s officially a camper van according to Revenue and we plan to have out first sleepover in it on Friday!!!

    So I better get cracking on that bathroom!
    When I finish its scrambled eggs for tea…….😳😳😳😳

    Just stopping by to say hello to all my friends, old and new, here 👋
    I am sorry I disappeared suddenly, I’ve just been swamped with things going on around me on all fronts and just didn’t have energy to participate in anything.
    I did have few FD days yay! 💃 , but I’ve had more EFS days, not yay! 😳
    I tried to catch up on the posts here, but there is so many pages ….. it still might take a while.
    Glad to see that most of the familiar faces are here, and quite a few new ones 👍
    I will try and get back into the routine of fasting again, I just have to, I am not happy with my weight at all ☹
    Off topic … @snowflake56 I am absolutely gutted about what happened with Decorah eagles! Specially sad for the new dad, who was the first time dad and really did his best to raise his babies and look after them. Just for them to end up being rescued and in human care now 😭 . Nature can be so cruel …. hopefully the next breading season is a better one! 🙏
    @daffodil2010 thank you so much for hosting this month, and thank you @penz for hosting June 💐
    I will try and join you guys on more regular bases, feel the need to be here 🙂
    Hope everyone has a good evening 🌷

    Edit: Can someone tell me what is egg fast?

    Day 10- USA (NE TN)-FD

    Been running kids everywhere and then trying to get others to get school done without success today. Sigh…
    I was ok fasting today until 3pm. Now I’m just hangry. But I only have to wait 1hr and 45 until supper.

    Last night sleep was terrible. I don’t ever sleep well. I have a family member who sleepwalks and isn’t very good at it at that. He fell last night but didn’t get hurt, but also didn’t wake up so that was a bit of heart-attack and stressful fun. I couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hr after that.

    I’m off. Much to do. And stress over. -_-

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @penz (day 3 EFD)
    @funshipfreddie (day 3 EFD)
    @daffodil2010 (day 3 EFD)
    @ktcaroline (mini EFD)

    second post

    @Ciren2- sorry missed that. Stress doesn’t help. I had plenty to drink with electrolytes, though I’ll double check today. I think I’m having allergy issues, and it’s probably partly a sinus headache as well.

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