July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Hi everyone!

    I’ve decided to step back from the challenges. Thanks for all the help you have given me on my journey. I wish you all the best and hope every one of you will achieve every goal in life you’re aiming for.

    Stay healthy and be happy!


    Day 6 – Boston, MA – CD + run

    Day 5 recap

    Did great with the FD…. until 8:30 pm, at which point I stress ate my way through 4 slices of Dave’s killer bread and peanut butter.

    It’s not even hunger! I think it’s just the association with winding down at the end of the day.

    Didn’t run
    Steps: 8,421


    Going for just a regular day of eating today and tomorrow.

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was fine at 415 calories. LOTS of water. Happy scale report this morning although I didn’t sleep much. Hopefully can get a nap this afternoon.

    @snowflake56 – my best to you. Come back to post whenever you wish!

    @redrockgirl302 – know you enjoyed your cabin and hiking. How did new puppy like it there? (Is Mick his name… memory is failing me)

    @kaywesterman – hope your GI tests give you some good information and they aren’t too difficult.

    @missybear – I also love good red wine. Aussie Shiraz 19 Crimes is a new fave, but also enjoy the red blends. Every time I think of Wales,I remember “The Century Trilogy” by Ken Follett that begins with “Fall of Giants” in the coal mines of Wales in early 1900’s. The books are well worth the long time they take to read – 3 huge volumes. Quite possibly my favorite books ever.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD…but being careful!

    Hey @snowflake56: Sorry to see you go…but PLEASE don’t go completely. Hope you’re ok. Pop in and say “hello” from time to time. We’ll miss you xx

    I had quite a good day yesterday (for a NFD) I didn’t eat after 1.15pm and the scales showed a drop of about a pound! WOW! Trying to do the same today…in other words an eating window of, maybe 8 hours.

    The weather is too warm for me….rather humid with it. At least there’s cloud today, which takes the temperature down slightly. Once again….so glad I’m not delivering mail this week….phew!

    Day 6 UK NFD

    Day 6 Melb Aust CD

    Not sure where I’m at with FDs and CDs etc, as was diagnosed with the flu this week and really haven’t been well. Not been interested in eating much, which has been helpful with keeping the eating under control, but have mainly been eating frozen meals, which aren’t as healthy as home-cooked meals, but just not well enough to cook. Improving, so next week will be better. Was 0.2 kg down today on the start of the July weight, not a complete disaster, but now on oral steroids for asthma, so will probably retain fluid for the next several days. It will come off once I stop the steroids, just need patience.

    Enjoy your break from the forum Snowflake56, but we’ll always be glad to see you back here!

    So – onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 6 – Goa, India – NFD

    Successfully finished a 40 hr fast this morning. Feeling awesome.

    Going for a movie tonight 🥰 will try to avoid all the yummy junk food at the theatre. Nachos with the salsa dip are my weakness. And caramel popcorn and … OMG.

    Brisk walk 3.25km.

    Day 6 UK CD
    Day 5 UK NFD

    Super busy, v unexpectedly and went off rails yesterday. Checking in for accountability and hope to catch up on posts later.

    Day 3 was easy FD bc so busy. Day 4 my weekly weigh day had me at 140.5lb, 3lb down on the month and almost back to my ATL /upper end of goal weight that I saw last week 🙂 Another super-busy day while still over-tired… didn’t drink enough or eat until mid-afternoon…. when I absentmindedly had half a pot of peanut butter with 4 apples while ploughing thru urgent project work. Then had a picky supper inc vegan keto chocolate mugcake… today weight bounced up to 144lb and back to super-puffy 🙁

    Learning points: avoid peanut butter. Check in. Drink lots of water. Eat lunch. Plan plan plan plan plan plan plan 🙂

    Day6 Belfast NFD
    Sitting here enjoying the warm sunshine. YS and my future DIL have gone home and I feel a bit flat.😗I stupidly bought a box of mini ice creams and ‘have’ to have one every day, hence my lack of ticks on the spreadsheet for sugar free. I hope my mojo comes back soon. If you see her running around footloose and fancy free, please parcel her up and send her home!

    @snowflake56 – I’ll miss you after all this time. I sincerely wish you well and hope you ‘call in’ from time to time. Good luck my friend.xo

    My son’s girl could give me a lesson or two about drinking water. She just has a small glass and keeps filling it. My mistake is perhaps that I fill a pint glass and try to glug. So… I’m sitting here with a small glass and doing much better. Cheers.

    Happy weekend everyone xo

    Day 6 – USA – NFD

    @snowflake56, so sorry to see you go, but please come back soon! You are a valuable pillar of support on this forum!

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @snowflake56 wishing you health and happiness. Bye xxx 🤗 hope you pop in occasionally to say hello.

    Veggie burger and salad for dinner…..then off to the pub with the intention of keeping within TDEE 🤞😉.

    Second post

    I just couldn’t stay away from the nachos and popcorn. The good thing is I am still within my TDEE.

    Day 6 Massachusetts USA CD I’m calling this a CD even though I’m not eating at all between breakfast and dinner. There’s a holiday picnic tonight and, when I total things up later, it’s bound to be over 500. I’m getting used to Fasting mid-day after travel and socializing threw me off course. @snowflake56 Hope you’re okay. It’ll be strange not to see you here. Stay well!

    Day 6, VA, USA, NFD

    Well, my FD went FU yesterday. HA But I’m not gonna stress over it. I’m thinking Sunday will be a good day to reset.

    @snowflake56 – Hugs we’ll all miss you, pop in and say hi even if ur not doing the challenges. Would love to hear from ya.

    @betsylee – awe flu, boooooooo. I usually just try and keep fluids in me, what ever sounds good as far as drinks. Rest and hope you feel better soon.

    @jisika – good job on the 40hr fast! And my trick for movies, is to actually bring my own stove popped salt and pepper popcorn. I just wait for it to cool a minute or two and pour it into a gallon zip lock bag. AND if they ever ask at the theater *which they never have….* I had always planned to say, I’m sensitive to the artificial butter thats used in the theater. Which I am b/c I just don’t want to eat it.

    @michelinme – I think we both did something similar. I got down to my new ATL and then had Anniversary dinner, next day holiday dinner then Weekend dinners!!!! And even my CONTROL that I kept (a little in my back pocket) Did OMAD *however, cocktails still waved on through well after my One MEAL! So yes scales let me know with 4+ lbs! Its ok we can re-set and BOTH of us DRINK lots of water! And PB is the BEST/worst. I’m so glad I dislike the smell of it (ironically love the taste) but it prevents me from just eating it out of the jar b/c the smell is too strong.

    @debster251 – YES small glass of water is much easer to deal with… I use an 8oz glass or fancy 8oz jar. Sometimes the FANCY glass with spring of peppermint feels super special and makes me drink it a bit faster.


    Day 6 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    @snowflake56 – wishing you all the best my friend!

    I think I also will be stepping back at this time, not from my health journey, just from posting here regularly!

    Wishing you all the best!


    Day 6 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    So far a good NFD with hitting all my meal targets. Lots of packing done and now I’m highly fatigued.

    @annemarilyn and @snowflake You’ll be missed, just because you’re so great! Hope our journeys bring us back into contact again!

    @jisika Congrats on the 40 hour fast! That’s awesome!

    Day 6, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Back home. Quite tired. Ate dinner, walked the dog around the neighborhood, read posts and now a quick check in.

    @songbirdme: Yes, Mick is his name and he enjoyed the cabin and the hikes high up on Boulder Mountain in cool air.

    @snowflake56, @annemarilyn: Wishing you all the best! We will miss you! 🌻🌻🌻

    See you tomorrow! 🌷🌷🌷

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    It was a bit lonely on the pocketlist yesterday😥. Was I really the only one fasting?! Anyway, it had to be either yesterday or today, so I’m glad I got it out of the way, before I start the Egg🥚Fast Challenge tomorrow. After 3 FDs this week, I’m less than half a kilo down. The 3 day egg fast will hopefully change things up.

    @flourbaby – you’re hilarious! ‘Chocolate fudge cake washed down with Shiraz’?! Er, I think that’s just you 😉. I would most likely wash it down with a banana milkshake.

    Happy S🌞nday to everyone!

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So sorry to see you go @snowflake56 and @annemarilyn, you two have been stalwarts on this forum and have provided tons of inspiration over the years. I hope all ok with you guys…you will both be missed. Take care.

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD.

    Motto: Must do better……
    Need I say more?

    @annemarilyn: You’re leaving us too? It seems you’ve been with us a long time. Sorry to say goodbye….don’t let it be for too long xx

    Another sunny start to the day. My whole holiday week has been good, weatherwise….I hope that doesn’t mean RAIN from Tuesday onwards when I go back!!
    Still suffering a lot of pain in (mainly) my upper hamstring area, and buttock when sitting. The stretching exercises haven’t helped me yet….sigh. Feels like inflamation to me.

    Have a good day everyone xx

    Day7, London, UK, NFD,

    @snowflake56 & @annemarilyn enjoy your ‘break’ away from the forum, I hope we see you both again in a later challenge, we’ll miss you!!! Good Luck & pop back in even just to say hello!!

    @jisika, How was the film? I love popcorn too, I wish I could love the plain or salted kind…………………. But caramel, toffee or sweet & salted are more my style!!!

    @funshipfreddie, although you were on your own, we were all behind you cheering you on!! No chance of a Saturday FD for me, there was pizza & a lovely Malbec …………………. But NO chocolate fudge cake! The banana milkshake sounds good, but when my mojo deserts me, only a full bodied red can drown my sorrows!!!

    Stay strong everyone, we’ve got this!!!

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Enjoyed the 🍷🍷🍷 a little too much last night, feeling like a slug this morning! Time for a RESET, planning to reduce alcohol consumption for the rest of the month.

    @annemarilyn I too will miss you. I’ve enjoyed learning from your experience. Take care xxx

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, I will be back tomorrow for Monday FD company.

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s DAFD did have some indulgences, but doing okay. Saw another long time teacher friend who was ever so complimentary on my weight loss. My white skinny jeans and Cubs t-shirt is an outfit I enjoy wearing now.

    @redrockgirl302 – glad your cabin and hiking were fun! Our Utah daughter always loves getting up into the mountain air as well. Hiking, mountain biking, all those great uses of energy….

    @annemarilyn – we will miss you and reports from the Great State of Washington! Do pop in and let us know how you’re doing every so often.

    USA vs. Netherlands will begin while I am still in church, but I’ll be home for the ending. Hope it is a good, clean, game, but also praying for a USA victory!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7 Belfast CD
    just checking in for accountability

    @annemarilyn – good luck with all you do. You’ll be missed by us all

    Will be thinking of you @ Songbirdme when I watch the football. I never thought I’d watch football voluntarily, but there you go!

    I am starting a Pocket List for………drum roll……

    The Great Egg Fast Challenge

    Start Date Monday July 8th 2019


    All on the list so far have declared they will give it a go. Does anybody else want to join?

    It will be interesting to see how our daily statistics go.

    Have a great rest of Sunday everyone and see you all tomorrow

    Day 7, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Yes, I am in for the great egg fast as well.
     Great Egg Fast Challenge

    Start Date Monday July 8th 2019


    Have a good Sunday everyone! 🌻🌻🌻

    Day 7 – USA – NFD

    @annemarilyn, NOOOOOOOOO!!! I will sorely miss you, my fellow 5:2er and LCHF afficianado! Take care and please take a look once in a while at what’s going on here.

    Day 8, Aus, FD

    I’ll do a proper FD today (need a reset after the weekend!) and then a 3-day egg fast. Good thing I like eggs! I totally abandoned my Dry July goal with far too much red wine. Think it will be more manageable for me if I attempt dry til Fri. 5:2 for food and 5:2 for vino.

    Seems a lot of us are having motivation challenges at the moment. We must all grab hold of each other to keep us from falling off the wagon. And thanks to those of you who reminded me that part of the Why is that nothing else works. I have successfully lost weight on 5:2 before (I’ve lost 2 kg in the last 5 weeks; slow but moving in the right direction). I like the idea of a SWOT analysis @jisika.

    @snowflake56!! Stay with us! And you too @annemarilyn!! Hope to see you both back very soon.

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    Day 8 Egg FD:


    Day 7 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    Just a regular NFD. I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards as a preparation for packing and discovered that around 2015 there were major changes in my diet and I don’t think that they were based on focused decisions. For example, that year I stopped drinking herbal teas which before then I liked very much. I’m not sure what caused that change.

    @daffodil2010 While I would like to do an Egg Fast, right now things are so hectic, that I need just a plain stable diet (at least as much as possible) for the next couple of weeks. So: Best Wishes to everyone starting the Egg Fast!

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:
    @matpi (MFD)

    Have a great start of the work week!

    Day 8 – Adelaide AU – FD
    No egg fast for me thanks. I’m going to try to do a B2B FD today and tomorrow because I’m travelling for work on Thursday, my usual second FD. I’ll see how I go. Any advice, tips?

    Day 8 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Back in Melbourne and feeling completely drained. TOM arrived, so feeling sore, puffy, and generally not great. Going for a FD but will be kind to myself.

    Busy day, and trying to leave early to snuggle up in bed so quick check in for me.

    Hope everyone is having a great Monday

    2nd post

    I am renaming the FD acronym from fast day to Freezing Day!! I am so cold!!! I’m going to start the egg fast tonight just so I can have something hot to eat.


    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    Day 1 Egg Fast Challenge

    Morning all. So another indulgent weekend (do I ever have anything else 😉) and pounds up as usual. But, I am taking it as a good sign that the Monday start weight has been down by around a pound for three consecutive Monday morning…so that’s a loss of 1lb a week.

    As I was stuck on a plateau for so long I am happy with that, although it’s sloooooooow progress.

    So, on to the Great Egg Fast Challenge and this time transition after the three days of pure Egg Fast and try not to muck it up next weekend with the 🍷and the 🍺 and the 🍿🍟

    Great to see we have a good crew doing the Egg challenge, but Monday is also FD for so many of us, so let’s hold on tight to each other and provide the support that a lot of us need right now.

    So I have three hard boiled eggs and some cubes of cheddar to bring to work. I don’t normally break my fast until 1.30 during the week so plan to keep to that schedule. Main meal tonight will be a 3 egg omelette with cheese. At least 4 litres of water, plus my green tea and herbal tea. Black coffee. It’s only 3 days, sure how difficult could it be?

    @WinsomeWaif I have done quite a few B2B, my tip would be to keep yourself very hydrated and if the dragon roars tell yourself you can have (whatever it is that the dragon is roaring for) on Wednesday. Best of luck.

    @penz Sorry you are cold. FD’s are a nuisance for that.

    @matpi thanks for the good wishes, and you are right to remain at stability when everything else is hectic.

    @songbirdme Congratulations on the World Cup win for USA ⚽️

    Have a great Monday everyone

    Day 8 FD

    Want to do same as last week – no drinking during week and 2 FDs but need to look closely at my NFDs as the scales aren’t budging

    Sorry to see @annemarilyn and @snowflake56 go Wish you both well xx

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD (🥚Fast Day 1)

    Day 1 of the Great Egg Fast Challenge; and not a moment too soon. Yesterday was a disaster. I overindulged in my usual 3 deadly sins, ie chocolate, cheese and nuts. I rarely buy cheese, because I just can’t leave it alone. But I had to get some for the egg fast. The scales are telling me I’m up half a kilo for the month, but I think they’re just trying to wind me up. So, I’m starting the egg fast at exactly 71kgs.

    As a couple of people have already stated – when we start asking ‘why? Why do we put ourselves through this?’ Because it’s the only thing that works. The closest you can get to having your cake and eating it. Sort of.

    Wishing everyone a good week 2!

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    Day 8 Egg FD:

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD (🥚Fast Day 1)

    Day 1 of the Great Egg Fast Challenge; and not a moment too soon. Yesterday was a disaster. I overindulged in my usual 3 deadly sins, ie chocolate, cheese and nuts. I rarely buy cheese, because I just can’t leave it alone. But I had to get some for the egg fast. The scales are telling me I’m up half a kilo for the month, but I think they’re just trying to wind me up. So, I’m starting the egg fast at exactly 71kgs.

    As a couple of people have already stated – when we start asking ‘why? Why do we put ourselves through this?’ Because it’s the only thing that works. The closest you can get to having your cake and eating it. Sort of.

    Wishing everyone a good week 2!

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Enjoying the last day of my holidays today, then back to delivering the mail. I’ve also been asked to work my day off next week! So, in at the deep end from tomorrow, no doubt.
    “Eggies”….good luck to you all. Do I detect some overindulgence at the weekend for some of you? In readiness!

    @kaywesterman: Hope all goes well today with you. ((Hugs)).

    Day 1 – Sydney – FD

    I’m a 5:2 newbie. I’ve almost completed my first FD (it’s 6.22pm here so provided there are no last minute mishaps).

    I’ve been on many diets, only one of which was successful, Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb Diet but I’ve managed to regain most of the weight I lost with that and now that I’m vegetarian it wouldn’t work for me anymore.

    So, I thought I’d try 5:2. My partner has decided to do it with me, which makes things easier. I’m hoping this will be a lifestyle change, rather than just another diet.

    If anyone has any tips, please send them my way!

    Day 8, London, UK, FD

    Yesterday was an unexpected FD, so I’m banking it as a pre-holiday (I might have hinted ………??) bonus and continuing with my usual B2B2B. I suppose it’ll just balance out with Saturdays’ pizza & wine feast!

    Good luck to the egg-fasters ………………………… do you have to make sure you’re always up-wind of your nearest & dearest???!!!

    @Winsome Waif – I do B2B2Bs because they suit my 3day working week when it’s a doddle to fast. I think by the 2nd day there’s very little hunger and by day 3 I feel like I could do another week!! Just stay hydrated, you’ll be grand!!

    Welcome @silverpaperclips, you’re already winning because you’ve committed to this months’ challenge and you’ve the support at home of a fasting buddy!!! Have a look at the OP from this months’ host @daffodil2010 for some guidance of how this works, today will be Day 8 for everyone, just so we’re all on the same page even if not the same time-zone. The key to slaying any tummy rumbling dragons is staying hydrated ……………….. just drown him!!! You’ll soon get to the point where the FDs are the easy part ……………………… no, really, they are!!! …………………… so just keep an eye on the NFDs, don’t reverse all your good FD work!!! Good luck & stick with us, we’ve got you!!!!

    “May you never forget how far you have come and the miles it took just to get to this place” – Morgan Harper Nichols

    Back to work for me …………………… it’s what I get paid for after-all!!!!

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Too much 🍷 drinking over the weekend which led to too much nuts nibbling….our elderly cat is sick and we’re stressed about how much longer we will have her…..just loving and spoiling her and keeping her as comfortable as possible. Need to reset today but not in the headspace to cope with an egg fast so sticking with a routine normal Monday FD.

    Have a good week 2 everyone.

    Day 8 – Reading, UK – CD

    First day back from a two week holiday, and not feeling quite ready to tackle a FD. There’s lots of good stuff going on with egg fasts and the like, and people taking a break. Will try and catch up during the week, but in the meantime I’m sending good vibes to all the fasters today, and will try and join you tomorrow.

    Day 8 – UK – FD

    Happy Fourth of July to all from the USA 🇺🇸 Sorry I’m late……And Congratulations on the World Cup win for USA ⚽️

    Goodness where has the past 7 days gone……..I last posted on Day 1 when I completed a good FD 😇 Since then I have only managed some TDEE NFD and several feast days – @penz sorry to admit that definitely not managing the alcohol free days at home that I promised for this July Challenge 😒

    Definitely pressing my RESET button today with another FD and will see where the rest of July takes me…………

    I have skimmed through the posts since my last one on Day 1 to catch up with everyone

    Welcome back @and…exhale – was it really back in 2017 that you were with us for the June Challenge???
    It’s lovely to see some new names joining us @minben @bigmarie – nice to see you back @abogage @leith68 @jisika @silverpaperclips and anyone else I have missed out on
    @redrockgirl302 – great to hear that your new dog Mick is settling down well with his new family 🐶
    @basyjames – so sorry to hear about your puppy 🤗
    @mogaman – sorry for missing you out on the spreadsheet – I see you are back on x
    @rabbette – Happy 10 year anniversary!
    @songbirdme – 50 years is a great achievement and many more to come x
    @daffodil2010 – lovely to hear that the graduation went well and a good time was had by all and hope your brother has a speedy recovery
    @funshipfreddie – my OH gave up alcohol some 10 years or so ago but I have not although I try hard to ensure that I keep my wine drinking to the recommended levels….and mostly succeed
    @flourbaby – enjoy your holiday – where are you off to??
    @yo-yo-fletch – congratulations on your B2B2B2B FDs
    @emma-taylor – hold on tight to us and we will help you find your MOJO – it seems a few need the support to find their mojo too such as @penz @daffodil2010 @ciren2 and to some extent myself – TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS
    @brightonbelle – great job in doing your first FD in weeks 💪
    @kaywesterman – Hope all your tests results come out positively – will be thinking of you🤞

    Dear @snowflake56 (Liesbeth) – so sad to hear that you are leaving us – I shall miss your posts! I do hope that you are alright – please pop in once in a while to let us know that your OK 🤗
    @betsylee – speedy recovery from the flu
    @annemarilyn – and sad to hear that you too “will be stepping back at this time, not from my health journey, just from posting here regularly!” Do post once in a while to let us know that you doing OK 🤗
    @ktcaroline – lovely to hear that you are back with us after your holidays

    Good luck to all those on the The Great Egg Fast Challenge this week – looking forward to hear how you all feel and get on during this mini challenge

    I’m with @mogaman – I never ask myself why I’m doing the 5:2 because it’s the first WOL plan in my adult life that’s allowed me to maintain a healthy weight without giving up everything I love! I also feel so much better in myself when I fast. It’s also lowered my cholesterol, improved my asthma and I too love how clothes fit me!

    I have attempted to update the spreadsheet and have added all those new to the challenge in case they want to use it for motivation!

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    This month I am definitely having to remind myself that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 8 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Struggling today with tiredness following a very busy (but enjoyable!) carb fest and alcohol fuelled weekend – oh dear! I could try to justify it – it was my BIG 50th birthday celebration after all BUT my birthday was 3 weeks ago now so it may be time to put that little celebration to bed!

    My head was turned by the hot food counter this morning as I queued for supplies for work but I somehow managed to walk on by – no steak bake or sausage roll for me today…..

    @headwig I felt so disappointed with myself this morning when I woke up, like you, I felt very much that perhaps over the weekend I may have undone the progress I made last week. I’m making a conscious effort to be kinder to myself and not berate myself with self criticism so I tried to push those negative thoughts to the back of my mind (where they belong those nasty pieces of work!!!) And even though I wasn’t really feeling it, I jumped right back up on the FD horse this morning and now as the day progresses my willpower is starting to stir and flex and I’m beginning to feel ‘I’ve got this’ once more.

    Your words resonate with me @debster251
    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow (or today in my case!) is ours to win or lose.
    And – today I plan to win.

    @penz – thank you, I plan another epic week this week. Got to roll with it when I’m feeling it!

    Good luck to today’s fasters!

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    Day 8 – Boston, USA – FD, run

    Day 7 recap

    It was a NFD. I followed my rules of eating, including skipping breakfast, eating with the family, and not eating after dinner. Check!

    I also did a hour of hot yoga, which was really nice and looooong overdue.


    @yo-yo-fletch, nice job getting yourself back on track! I’ll take some secondhand inspiration, thank you very much.

    Welcome, @silverpaperclips! When I started 5:2 the first time, it was amazing how well it worked, and how it didn’t feel like a major effort at all. That’s what really sold me on it – the feeling that I could do it forever.

    Speaking of which, I have been wondering why I can’t get my fasting mojo back, and was reading in _Better than Before_ how it’s often really hard to restart a lapsed habit – much harder than doing it to begin with. In my case, I think that’s true specifically because since then I have been doing half-hearted attempts and not following through, which has become its own habit, and has also left me feeling frustrated with myself, and without the excitement of starting something fresh to see me through the initial hump.

    I’ve also gained 15 lbs since November despite feeling like I’ve been depriving myself, and (a) that can’t actually be true in real terms and (b) it is true, in a way, since I’ve been attempting to and failing at fasting for that entire time. I eat a lot more and worse on days that I say I’ll fast but don’t, than on days that I plan to as NFDs, but they are also way less satisfying.

    I’m trying to figure out what will help me make this a little easier, or make it feel a little more exciting, and not just like – well, I guess I need to undo all the damage I’ve done just to get back to where I was. That is NOT motivating. So, I’m thinking through some ways to get myself excited, and in the meantime, to work through a few hard fast days.

    Random thoughts for the day, thanks if you made it through them!

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    @silverpaperclips: Welcome, and good luck with your first FD. The luckiest thing for you is that your partner is joining you; makes everything SO much easier, motivation-wise.
    @at: welcome back.
    @ktcaroline: Good to see you. Hope you enjoyed your holidays.
    @Yo-Yofletch: Oh to be 50 again!

    Day 8 Melb Aust CD

    Just checking in, haven’t been doing much. Mainly keeping to TRE, but on cortisone for post-flu asthma, so my weight is stable, same now as a week ago at the start of July. Hope that means there’ll be a big drop in the middle of next week, when I stop the pregnisolone (yeah, can always hope! 🙂 ). The problem is that when taking the med, you really need to take it early in the day, as otherwise it causes insomnia, with plenty of food to avoid gastritis, and I usually like my main meal around 6 p.m. So, I’m having 2 reasonable sized meals in the day, not just one small, one reasonable – brings me up to CDs, not FD800s. Oh well, at least the flu is lifting!

    Oh @betsylee: Poor you…how miserable. Get well soon xx

    Day 8 – Goa, India – CD

    Although I wanted today to be an FD… I ended eating and consumed around 702cals. I guess the I am still in the Sunday mood. Did a bit of walking around 3.20km. It is pouring here so walks are getting difficult.

    @flourbaby: We saw Spider-Man: Far From Home, loved the movie 🥰. If we liked plain popcorn where would the challenge be in that? If we eat the caramel/ toffee popcorn and nachos with cheesy dip, we have to fast and exercise and this makes life more interesting 🤪🤪🤪.

    @penz anything that works. When I write it down it registers better and I feel more accountable to myself 😊

    Day 8,VA, USA, FD – eggs!

    oh my gosh do I NEED a FD!

    Basically since our Anniversary Wednesday I’ve not been able to really get a good fasting. I did manage to do OMAD for 2 days which is why I think I didn’t GAIN too much. I mean I did have the richest CAKE ever and champagne AND lovely dinner (((and we met up with friends on Sunday morning for breakfast!)))

    So starting this Eggggg-Citing journey with you guys. I’m finally a bit hungry so going in to make eggs and see how this goes! NOW that I don’t feel obligated to EAT 6 eggs a day.

    @funshipfreddie – After the breakfast (which was prob a bit more like 600-700 cal I started fasting.) although a bit high in calories for me, it was water the rest of the day.

    @annemarilyn – Hugs for your journey and a break from posting.

    @daffodil2010 – ha the GREAT EGG FAST CHALLENGE!

    @hedwig6 – After the week I had (or at least since my indulging WEDNESDAY till Sunday) I have to express, after the Sunday breakfast it was HARD to make the choice to drink water and know that I had enough from breakfast. AND then today getting up and NOT having breakfast yet (even tho I’m doing the egg fast) I wanted to wait until I was HUNGRY and not, oh I’m making breakfast for my SO let me eat too. My go-to pep talk is with a glass of water. AND if I’m just feel like that is NOT doing it, I heat up broth and drink it. For what ever reason *could be the salt/electrolytes/vitamins* broth can help me re-set during those HARD moments. ALSO make sure you do give yourself a proper break… and return to fasting. If you are always feeling deprived, then take a look at your game plan. Make a tasty dinner that hits the spot. My really tasty dinner is Salmon with either roasted or sautéed onions, squash, carrots.

    @betsylee – ugh, meds are challenging to have and especially when you need to take them with food. Soon this will pass and you’ll be back to your proper self!

    Egg Fasting LIST! 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

    Day 8 pocket list for normal FD:

    Day 8 CA USA
    I made it through the week, and the family get together. Although, I had a set back on the NFD with food. Exercised (over 23,000 steps which includes a run and HIIT workout), but I tend to get very hungry, especially late in the day from not eating enough.
    I know why I need to do this, and the research shows that it can help reset a lot of things. I need to try something because as I get older, the hormones are not there, cells start breaking down, etc.
    I keep reminding myself to keep at it, and not feel bad if I have a NFD where I eat more than I should. I just need to figure out how to control the after hours eating.
    So as the newbie on the block, question for the rest of you. What does “pocket list” mean, and what is the egg fast?
    Thanks everyone for advice and encouragement. Here’s to a great second week. I don’t have a holiday this week, but I do have two business trips in the middle.

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