July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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July 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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    @basyjames I’m so sorry, this is just terrible. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you all, esp. for your children, coping with the loss of Ginger. Hugs xxx

    Me too! I’ve done the 5:2 before, but never posted! Getting married in a few months so really keen to stay accountable and try and shift some lbs!

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    Oh my gosh @basyjames so very sorry to hear about Ginger. Hugs

    Day 2 – Eastern WA USA – day 3 of Egg Fast

    I forgot that I started this Egg Fast on Sunday, 6/30, so today is Day 3. May transition tomorrow because I’ve been invited to a 4th of July BBQ and want to be ready. @daffodil2010 – interesting, I hadn’t realized you were following my lead on some of this journey. I’m glad to have found the Egg Fast as one more fasting tool.

    @and…exhale and @snowflake56 – and others, so glad the heat wave finally has broken in Europe. Nicer for outdoor activities like gardening…

    @johnnyr – there are important guidelines to follow and great recipes to keep things flexible, for success. You’re right the milk doesn’t fall into LC fast. You might try the BPC and surprise yourself on liking something different. If you’re going to “cheat”, cream has less carbs than milk if you feel the absolute need to have some white stuff.

    @metatauta – shucks, wish the family had stayed home instead of sharing the strep with you. Hope you recuperate quickly.

    @basyjames – so sorry about the loss of your puppy!

    Welcome @leith68!

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    2nd post

    Thanks for all the stats shout-outs. @daffodil2010 @brightonbelle @hedwig6 I just find it interesting to SEE the info and see that some months the weight flys off while others it just barely does.

    Its an FD today and I was CRAVING a tuna salad. So I made a low calorie one using 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt and some mustard and of course my cut up veggies & only ate 1/2 of it. I calculated and it was around 100 cal for my portion. I call that a win in my book. Went up stairs later after lunch (just for S & G got on the scale and I read a new ATL – sweeeeeeeet!)

    @penz – now don’t get me wrong on (I can eat white potatoes) and scales are fine. I can only eat them as boiled or baked. – Put it in a chip/crisp and I’ll pack on those pounds. I assume the carb + oil is what makes me gain OR the complete loss of control to eat FAR to many crisp.

    @penz & @matpi As for the cold, I get cold too, I make sure and have a sweater handy *and it helps that I like eating soup, so warm soup at night hits the spot when I’m cold ***in this BLAZING HEAT of the summer here in the US. Thanks for sharing the articles. @penz – happy to see another enthusiastic researcher!

    @daffodil2010 – woot woot my kind of party 30lb keg of Guiness, if I lived nearby I’d help you out. (Maybe its a good thing I don’t live nearby….. ponder how to drink Guiness on FDs ) I suppose that would mean I get 2 stouts and nothing else. Ha, would totally do it to help a friend.

    @abogage – Hi MD, USA – I’m VA, USA so we’re close by – welcome to the forum!

    @flourbaby – if I had been drinking water when I read this “@daffodil2010, a keg of the ‘black stuff’… nice!!! “ I would have spit it out all over my computer. Thanks for the chuckle.

    @michelinme – you are not alone, I LOVE snacking! I don’t even know why, obviously its not helpful to my metabolism. So yes live and learn. I love the RESET button!

    @hedwig6 – Love the re-cap! Good job.

    @metatauta – I hope you are feeling better.

    @basyjames – Oh you dear soul. Take your time, remember that Ginger’s spirit is always with you. Many Hugs, we are here for you.

    Sorry, England — but
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Day 3, Aus, NFD

    Thanks for joining me in DryJuly @funshipfreddie. Instead of a glass of wine last night I had three cookies instead! Probably same calorie count but better for me? Friday night will be a challenge as that’s traditionally home made pizza and red wine night in our household. If I can get through this Friday, the rest of the month will go ok. If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to give up alcohol for at least 6 months now?

    Gee, @flourbaby, you’re off on holiday? 😉 I hereby grant you my grog-credits for the month. Go forth and enjoy!!

    Mmm @yo-yo, did you manage to resist the polish sausage? If so, you have better will power than I!

    Your grandmother Rose sounds like she’s made of strong stuff @johnnyr. I don’t think my scales have an evil laugh when I step off them – it’s more a sigh of relief.

    Way to go @Hedwig!! 🙂

    Aqua Zumba sounds like fun @minben.

    I love an accidental FD, @Metatuta – hope yours didn’t come with the expense of getting sick. Cross fingers your immune system can withstand a day of being around sick people.

    Oh no!! Oh, @basyjames, my heart aches for you and your family. Such terrible news.

    Sorry to hear the medical advice was not what you wanted to hear @jisika – go carefully.

    @rabbette and @daffodil2010 – don’t they say that there’s a meal in every glass of Guiness and the only think extra you need for full nutrition is a glass of milk?!? (Not that I believe it, but it would go along with @rabbette’s idea to have two stouts on a FD!)

    Day 2 second post

    @basyjames so sorry about your beloved puppy Ginger 🙁 my heart goes out to you and your family xxx

    Day 2 Massachusetts USA FD @at I noticed I’m not on the July Spreadsheet. I’m usually carried over even if I’m late chiming in. I’m into this WOL forever!

    Day 2, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Arrived safely in Red Rock Country. Staying at the cabin until Saturday. A mini vacation over the 4th of July.
    Trying to stay within TDEE. Soon off for a long evening walk with DH and Mick! 🐕

    Have a good Tuesday/Wednesday! 🌻🌼🌻

    Second post:
    Just read about Ginger Nugget @basyjames. I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you, I am sending you a big virtual hug. Thinking of you and the sorrow and heart ache. 🐕❤💔😢😭

    Day 3 Australia NFD
    I find my weight drops on the second morning after an FD, not the morning after.

    Day 2 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    @penz Great job with the research! I’ve been ascribing the increased frequency of Raynaud’s type symptoms on FD’s to that reduction of core temperature. My guess is that such a reduction is a major contributor to the reduced need for calories once a person has lost weight. By the way, I’ve discovered fewer symptoms when I do a MFD than when I do the original FD. So that’s my second reason for having shifted over to MFD’s.

    This NFD went well and I hit all my targets.

    @redrockgirl302 That cabin sounds great! And that will be a good way to keep Mick away from fireworks over the 4th!

    Oh @basyjames ! I’m so sorry for the loss of your puppy! May peace and comfort little by little find its way back into your heart!

    @metatauta Hope you shake the sore throat very quickly! Strep in the summer is no fun!

    Day 3 – Goa, India – NFD

    @basyjames sorry about Ginger.

    @metatauta I hope you get well soon

    Quick check-in will be out and about the entire day today.
    Will try to make today a CD.

    FD was Monday, and what a great day…I just felt good, freed my brain from thinking about food and thought about other things. I thought I would be hangry, but actually I had a lighter mood. I was surprised that I was so cold though…but after Penz posted being cold on FD’s, I guess that is a real thing.
    A little background…I’m Italian, and I was raised on good food and eating a lot of good food. Thank goodness I was a competitive swimmer growing up, so was able to burn most of the calories. Unfortunately, coaches back in the day put a lot of pressure on us to not gain weight. Weight has always been a struggle for me. I love to eat. But I love to work out too.
    I’m really enjoying reading all of your posts…the struggles, challenges, and successes. We are all so similar, even though many of us live across the world.
    I’m in my 50’s now and dealing with peri-menapause. It’s so bizarre how every day I feel different, and I’m so over this. I’m hoping FD will help balance my hormones, so I’m not so tired. I never thought it would be hard for me to get out of bed, but it is now.
    Thursday is the 4th of July. Not sure if I am going to celebrate it or FD it! Might have to FD on Friday. Weekend is barbecue with the Italian side of the family, so of course food will be involved…that would be a challenge to say, “no thank you”. They are all “food pushers.” Do you know any in your family?

    Thank you daffodil2010 for your support and getting us all started on the road to success in July. Look forward to reading more about my new FD family. Keep it up everyone! You got this!

    Day 2 California NFD

    Today I had some cake as I’ve wanted some for a while.

    So sorry about your little doggy @basyjames

    Day 3 – Goa, India – NFD

    @basyjames sorry about Ginger.

    @metatauta I hope you get well soon

    Quick check-in for now. I will be out and about the entire day today.
    Will try to make today a CD.

    “We are only a moment”

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    @metatauta – I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Day 3 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all I am having a particularly busy week and have not had a chance to read posts or update the spreadsheet but will do so when I can…
    In the meantime, welcome to all of the new people! This is the best choice you’ve made this month 😁!
    Fasting today… I am I am I am 💪 with you!!!
    Pocket list for today :
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    @rabbette Happy 10 year anniversary, enjoy the day!

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Back on the wagon yesterday with a good FD, but I still haven’t hit the elusive 70kgs.

    @penz – I didn’t really plan on a dry several months. Everyone was going on about dry January earlier this year, and a dry February made more sense to me – so much shorter than January! 😉 I wasn’t a drinker until I stopped smoking in ’06; then somehow I switched one bad habit for another. I wasn’t exactly a falling-down drunk, but before February I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t have a drink, even on FDs. Definitely not a good sign. I stuck to red wine most of the time, telling myself it was somehow good for me; all those antioxidants etc. But I loved vodka and dark rum too. The first week or so was tough, but after that it got easier. A lot easier than quitting smoking anyway. After Feb I decided to try for 3 months; & I guess I just haven’t gotten around to having another drink yet. It really is a slippery slope though. I’m not saying I’ll never drink again, but I’m not going to fall back into the trap. I feel so much better, mentally and physically; I get so much more done, & I feel like I could accomplish anything. My blood pressure has plummeted to ‘optimal’ too. It doesn’t hurt your wallet either!

    Good luck to anyone else doing ‘dry July’, and to today’s fasters 🍏

    Day 3, London, UK, FD,

    @johnnyr, Grandma Rose sounds like my kind of gal!!

    @basyjames, so sorry to hear about Ginger-Nugget. I know you didn’t have her very long, but I’m sure this last month was the best of her short life as she spent it with you!

    Wow, @funshipfreddie, I’ve managed a few dry months here and there tied to these monthly challenges, but the only thing that got me through it was knowing I could (& would) have a drink NEXT month!!!

    Keep the faith people!!!

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Very quick check in, as we have to go to Motor Tax office to tax the camper van (woo hoo), it’s fully converted now according to Revenue so less tax and insurance to pay!!!

    Then we drop off the keg….there were only two pints left in it last night so guess the party was a success at the weekend!

    Then my stepdaughters graduation followed by a lovely meal. Looking forward to it.

    Plus I lost some weight despite the pint of Guinness, perhaps due to egg fast?

    Will check in later. Have fun today

    Day 3 UK CD

    Yesterday was towards the upper end of FD, in that hinterland where CD begins. But felt the benefit of advance planning & good choices – and cooked enough for tonight’s supper too. Hopefully that thought will keep me going when I’m out and about in town and tempted…

    My weekend bump up has gone down by 1.5lb to 142, and hopefully a sensible solid week of 5:2 plus mindful eating can get me back in good shape. Nothing tastes as good as slim feels 🙂

    @funshipfreddie well done on cutting alcohol.. all those empty calories plus more energy and focus – what’s not to love?! I stopped drinking a few years ago for health reasons and now have the occasional social pint of bitter or glass of wine. I don’t feel as tho I’m missing out at all – and have more energy & a much clearer head!

    Sounds as tho lots of us have had a pretty good start to the month. All it takes is some mindful choices today – or hitting that reset button!

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Going to the cinema to see Toy Story tomorrow evening and will have dinner out so bringing tomorrow’s FD forward to today.

    Beautiful sunny day here in Pembrokeshire, going for a beach walk 😎

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 3 UK FD

    Went a bit over yesterday. I had to meet a friend over from New Zealand so had a few beers with him. It was more an 18:6 FD than the normal 800 kcals I stick to. But back on it today.

    I will plan a proper 3 day egg fast next week or the week after. What does BPC mean?

    Keep yourself accountable. Join today’s Pocket List:


    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    Quick hello before going off for acupuncture….for my usual aches and pains.
    @basyjames: I am so sorry to hear your sad, sad news of poor little Ginger. As @rabbette says, they are always in our hearts if not here physically. ((Hugs)) to you xx
    @missybear: You’re in Pembrokeshire? It’s lovely on the coast there…we went once for the day…poured with rain though! Beautiful day here too.

    Day 3 – Switzerland – FD

    Sipping my midday miso and feeling a little bit spinny-headed. I think I did too much in the cool of the early morning, as I needed to teak-oil our garden furniture while the sun wasn’t beating down. Then a big supermarket shop : food shopping on FDs, gah!

    Good luck to everyone, fasting or not!

    Day 3 – Boston, USA – FD + yoga

    Day 2 recap
    FD – Wellllll it was an MFD. I tried for back to back FDs, and around 3 pm yesterday I thought maybe I could eat the whole world up in a single gulp. I ate one big huge meal instead. On the bright side, I now understand how people do 23:1 OMAD, since I was not hungry at all for the rest of the day.

    Short run – ran 1 mile
    Steps: 18,899

    Notes: I probably should have made day 2 a bonus fast instead of a committed fast, since I fasted on day 1.

    @basyjames, I am so very sorry about your pup. Virtual hugs to you.

    I did 10 mins of yoga this morning. Again, not much – just for habit-building. I am not very flexible at 5 am, it turns out. I might do another round this evening before bed.

    Back to a regularly scheduled FD for me. Tomorrow will not be a FD, I just wanted to jump-re-start a little.

    I tried to combine all the FD people based on the posts above in the pocket list below. I didn’t check the spreadsheet though. Hope I didn’t miss anyone!

    Pocket List Day 3

    Day 3 – Adelaide Aus – CD/NFD
    Day 2 – Accidental FD…!!!!!

    So flew into Adelaide yesterday around lunchtime, trying to be sensible in my food choices knowing that this week was going to be a tricky one, well I worked out my calories this morning and who would have though….it ended up being an accidental FD at 709cal…!! Not to mention a B2B (my first ever). I was always dubious of those who could ‘accidentally’ have a FD…well there you go. And given that I was unsure if I would get a second FD in this week, I’m feeling pretty chuffed.

    Was aiming for another CD today, but I think it was closer to TDEE. On the plus side my grandma managed a good amout of food and sustenance (she has lost a lot of weight, and her appetite to boot), so I’m glad for that.

    Will continue to try and make reasonable choices for the end of the week. Not easy being house bound, and doing lots of cooking, but will try. Luckily I have lots of time to check into the forum, which I plan to do 😊

    @ciren2 put a smile on my face being considered for ‘almost maintenance’ – sometimes I forget how close I am

    @penz I am also freezing on FD’s, and for ages would just freeze. Recently I wear an extra thermal top on FD which is helping (even if it seems like overkill working in an office…!)

    @daffodil2010 omg a kitchen keg! I will definitely NOT mention that to DH, otherwise I might get home on Sunday to find one in our kitchen also hahaha.

    @funshipfreddie that sounds like a very firm reset! Back to it!!

    @basyjames that’s so sad, sorry to hear that terrible news. Big hugs.

    @rabbette wooooo ATL!!!

    Very impressed with everyones egg fasting results!

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Fairly good CD yesterday. Busy day today. Hope to read posts later on.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    So many posts to catch up on! Taking an indulgent 10 mins at work to spend reading posts and to post today’s update.

    @penz Polish Sausage Day – I did indulge! However, I didn’t go mad and as it was homemade it was better than shop bought, no added nasties. IT WAS GOOD!
    Je regrette rien…..

    I couldn’t strictly count the calories in the sausage but I didn’t let it blow my FD. I ended up not having anything else until 11.30pm (don’t ask!) when I had 2 small slices of wholemeal toast topped with 2 scrambled egg. So still think I could have come in under 800cals.

    Today – B2B2B and feeling fine. Planning on OMD, busy, so it’ll probably not be till 8pm (ish)

    Good Luck to todays fasters! I’m with ya!
    Pocket List Day 3

    Day 3 Canton OH. Thank you all for the love, support, hugs and kind words. It feels so surreal, she was only in our lives for 11 days and the world feels just a little less bright and more gray without her.

    I have been in a bit of a fog, I am trying to be mindful about what I eat but I honestly can’t tell you if I have had FD or NFD. I am just trying to take one day at a time.

    @JohnnrR BPC is bullet proof coffee.

    Remain blessed everyone

    Day 3 – Goa, India – NFD

    Although I wanted today to be CD, I ended up eating out and my total calories for today was 1368cals 🤨. To compensate I completed a 6km walk in the evening.

    My eating window for today was 5hrs.

    2nd post…

    I’m sorry if I’m asking for information that has already been provided but…..
    would someone please explain the Egg Fast I keep on seeing being mentioned?
    Curious and Curiouser…..open to new ideas here!!!!! oh! and just happen to really love eggs 🙂

    @basyjames so sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby. It is so hard to let them go no matter how long they have been in our lives :'(

    @hedwig6: Nearly 19,000 steps! Sounds like a postal delivery to me….what do you reckon that is in miles?
    Acupuncture done…between him, the phsyio and the sports massage lady we’re beginning to settle on the upper hamstrings being the seat (!) of the ongoing problem, with everything else radiating out from there. So, hamstring stretches continue…..

    @yo-yofletch – try this link:-

    I don’t know much about it myself; you’re supposed to do it for 3 – 5 days as a way to kick-start weight-loss, or as a transition to a keto diet. Several people on this forum had great results with it last month. I may try it myself later this month. Good luck!

    Day 3, at Cabin in Red Rock Country, NFD

    Crystal clear party day! Morning temperature at 7am 52F (11C) at 6880 feet (2097 meters) is just lovely.
    Enjoying coffee right now, then off hiking, first a shorter hike to Sulphur Creek, then a second longer one higher up Boulder Mountain to Blind Lake, Pear Lake, Fish Creek Lake, Honeymoon Lake, Clark Lake and Beaver Dam. Trailhead starts at almost 9794 feet (3000 meters!)

    @johnnyr: I am thinking of joining you in an egg fast next week. Who else wants to try it?

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! 🌻🌻🌻

    Day 3 – Eastern WA USA – transition day

    Just finished up a 3 day Egg Fast. Transitioning today to get ready for 4th of July celebrations.
    @johnnyr – I never tried the BPC (Bullet Proof Coffee) until my 1st Egg Fast a couple of weeks ago. After trying to fix it a couple of ways, I bought a small hand held frother that works well for me. The directions were part of the Egg Fast plan on ibreatheimhungry.com.

    @Yo-yoFletch – I don’t know how long you’ve been doing 5:2, but I agree with @at that it is good to do the basic 5:2 for a couple of months before tweaking things. The Egg Fast is a type of Fat Fast in the Ketogenic way of eating. @funshipfreddie gave one link. A couple that have good Egg Fast plans are: ibreatheimhungry.com and ketogenicwoman.com. They’ve been created mostly to break a plateau.

    @redrockgirl302 – It’s amazing all the wonderful Egg recipes that are in the plans. For my egg meal today, I’m having Cream cheese pancakes; so yummy. Next week is too far away yet. Don’t know what my plan is for next week. I think @daffodil2010 mentioned doing one soon.

    Got my Fitness number from the insurance people yesterday @songbirdme, so planning on signing up the gym my son recommended. It’s only 1.5 miles from my home.

    All the best my forum friends!

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    Wound up with 762 cals. yesterday, as I had no appetite…went to the dr., negative for strep, but I have some kind of virus that I will ride out with just pain relievers for the headaches. Went to work anyway since nothing is “catchy”, but spending these next 2 days resting up.

    Day 3 – second post..

    @basyjames I am so sorry to hear the very sad news about ginger nugget… I’m sure you are devastated… sending you hugs from Ireland.. 💕

    Day 4, Aus, FD

    Happy Independence Day to our USA friends!

    What a great way to put it, @swimmer44: “freed my brain from thinking about food”. That’s exactly what I love about FDs.

    My OH’s family is Italian. I remember the first time I met them (all of them it seemed, in one big hit!) And I was constantly told “Mangia! Mangia!”

    Thanks for sharing @funshipfreddie. When I got home last night I realised how much reaching for that glass of wine was a habit. An action habit, not a physiological dependency habit if that makes sense. If I swapped a glass of water for a glass of wine, it didn’t really make that much difference to me. I think I’m more in the @flourbaby camp tho – I will do DryJuly but then I am very much looking forward to my red wine and pizza Friday evening!

    Daffodidl2010: eggs and Guiness. The perfect weight loss diet!

    Oooh do give us a movie review of Toy Story @missybear – that’s on my list to see.

    Lovely of you to spend time with your grandma @gretta.

    I’m glad you’re not regretting the polish sausage @yoyo – sounds delish and you still managed the FD!

    @RedRockGirl and @johnnyr – I’m up for an egg fast next week but sceptical about giving up my morning coffees (with milk). As I understand the BPC (and please correct me if I’m wrong), isn’t it made with butter? And isn’t that the forbidden dairy? Or is it more about the oil / fat content?

    Pocket list for Day 4:

    Day 4 – Adelaide Aus – NFD

    Had a terrible sleep last night, so it’s barely past 9am and I can already feel the carb dragon.

    Will try and drink plenty of water and pepermint tea to keep the dragon at bay.

    Good luck to all those fasting today!

    Day 3 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    A good NFD, hit all my targets. When I got my allergy shots this afternoon, the BP was 106/62, which is fairly normal for me. I have a sneaking suspicion that on FD’s the upper number drops a little below 100.

    @metatauta Glad to hear that it isn’t strep, and I hope that you shake off that virus in a flash!

    @basyjames Once you make a connection with a pet, it seems that loss requires a full grief cycle. Here is a poem that might help a little. It’s from Wendy Van de Poll’s book “Pet Loss Poems.”

    Always in My Heart

    Although I will miss you
    And some days will be hard,
    I know I can’t keep you
    For your soul must embark.
    You’ve done so much good
    With the time you were given
    And I consider myself lucky
    To have been your special human.
    Even though you’re no longer here,
    We will never be far apart,
    For I will hold you forever
    Always, in my heart.

    Pocket list for Day 4:

    Day 4 – Adelaide, Australia – FD
    This will be a challenging fast day. Normally I would be at work but I have a sick child today so staying at home.
    Happy Fourth of July to us Americans. It’s a bright blue sky kind of day in Adelaide but chilly (for me).
    I had my usual 30 g of oats/porridge with stewed rhubarb for breakfast. And coffee, can’t do without coffee. I’ve been trying chai with a tiny bit of milk to get me through lunchtime on FDs.
    I’m planning a delicious tofu veggie stir fry for dinner, adapting a recipe from the Fast Beach diet book.
    Onward and downward!

    Day 3 Massachusetts USA CD @daffodil2010 Thanks for hosting July. I’m missing from the Spreadsheet
    I’ve been in this from the start and want to continue. I had a great FD yesterday but ate too much ice cream today- it doesn’t even feel good!

    Day 3, VA, USA, NFD

    started today with Water so I can save some calories for tonight… We are going out for sushi mmmmm but that is not the kicker. My Sweetheart would like to also have Shyndigz cake and before this place I was not really a cake fan. I just thought cake was ok, but could easily pass a piece of cake very easily. This place got me to LOVE their cake tho and my favorite is their Tiramisu (but they only have it like 2 times a year!!! Thank the goddesses – however I do have another favorite Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake- “rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream icing, house caramel sauce and fleur de sel”

    So as you can see/taste the words. Today is a REAL NFD. Besides I had the rest of my low calorie tuna salad for lunch, I should be good to go!

    @penz – Ha didn’t realize a stout would be considered a meal, but I can totally see that.

    @hedwig6 – you are killing those steps rock on!

    @redrockgirl302 – I’m curious to try the Egg Fast again, this time only eating probably 4 eggs (as I was WAY too stuffed on 6 eggs when I did it back in May! AND I only lost -2.8lbs in 4 days.) obviously 6 eggs was too many for me.

    2nd post

    Discussion on Anemia, and anyone else if they balance this particular condition
    Disclaimer: I’m not a Dr. nor do I even get to play one on TV – I have acted like one at home with my SO, but I’m pretty sure that does not count.

    @jisika – I struggle with Anemia (which is a condition which the blood is deficient in red blood cells or the hemoglobin (iron-containing) portion of the red blood cells. From what I can tell is that when I am fasting, it is important that I drink lots of water and do pink salt or good sea salt under the tongue (usually I might do it once a day)

    I also have some interesting info that I came across just this week from a book titled the encyclopedia of natural medicine by Michael T. Murray & Joseph Pizzorno

    Here are some snippets and from what I could tell it more that (for me at least) that My Body has a hard time absorbing iron. So it does not matter that I don’t eat that much or fast… what matters is that my body is NOT absorbing the iron even when I do eat it.

    Anemia due to deficient red blood cell or hemoglobin production
    Insufficient production of RBCs or hemoglobin is the most common category of anemia, and by far the most common cause is nutritional deficiency. Although a deficiency of any of several vitamins and minerals can produce anemia, only the most common—iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid—will be discussed here. Iron deficiency anemia is characterized as microcytic anemia because the RBCs become very small, while folic acid and B12 deficiency anemias are classified as macrocytic anemias because the RBCs become quite large.

    Decreased absorption of iron is often caused by a lack of hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach

    Other causes of decreased absorption include chronic diarrhea or malabsorption, the surgical removal of the stomach, and use of antacids or acid-blocking drugs. Blood loss is the most common cause of iron deficiency in women of childbearing age. This blood loss is most often due to excessive menstrual bleeding.

    Support for Iron Deficiency Anemia
    Again, treatment of any type of anemia should focus on underlying causes. For iron deficiency anemia, this typically involves finding a reason for chronic blood loss or for why an individual is not absorbing sufficient amounts of dietary iron. Lack of hydrochloric acid is a common reason for impaired iron absorption, especially among the elderly.

    Increasing iron intake through food may partially or completely overcome poor iron absorption. There are two forms of dietary iron: heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron, found only in animal foods such as meat, poultry, and fish, is bound to the oxygen-binding proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin. It is the most efficiently absorbed form of iron. The absorption rate of non-heme iron, which is the kind found in plant food and in supplements such as ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate, is 2.9% on an empty stomach and 0.9% with food, much less than the absorption rate of heme iron, which is as high as 35%. In addition, heme iron is without the side effects associated with non-heme sources of iron, such as nausea, flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea.4

    Despite the superiority of heme iron, nonheme iron salts are the most popular iron supplements. One reason is that even though heme iron is better absorbed, it is easy to take higher quantities of non-heme iron salts, so the net amount of iron absorbed is about equal. In other words, if you take 3 mg heme iron and 50 mg non-heme iron, the net absorption for each will be about the same.

    Ferrous sulfate is the most popular iron supplement, but it is certainly less than ideal, as it often causes constipation or other gastrointestinal disturbances. The best forms of non-heme iron are ferrous succinate, glycinate, fumarate, and pyrophosphate. Of these, we prefer ferrous pyrophosphate that is micronized (made into a very small particle size) and then microencapsulated. The advantages of this form include that it is extremely stable, has no taste or flavor, is free from gastrointestinal side effects, and provides a sustained-release form of iron (up to 12 hours) with a high relative bioavailability, especially if it is taken on an empty stomach.5

    For iron deficiency, the usual recommendation for any non-heme source is generally up to 60 mg per day in divided doses. High intakes of other minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium, and zinc, can interfere with iron absorption, so in treating iron deficiency it is recommended to take iron away from other mineral supplements. In contrast, vitamin C enhances iron absorption.

    The best dietary sources of iron are red meat, especially liver. Good nonmeat sources of iron include fish, beans, molasses, dried fruits, whole grain and enriched breads, and green leafy vegetables.

    Several foods and beverages contain substances that inhibit iron absorption, including tea, coffee, wheat bran, and
    egg yolk
    ((((I would not recommend an Egg Fast))) I’m super cautious when I do the Egg fast b/c of the egg yolks (and its the part I love the most!) and I will stop any Fasting (water fast or egg fast) if I don’t feel good/right.

    Antacids and overuse of calcium supplements also decrease iron absorption. These items should be restricted by individuals who have iron deficiency.1

    • Identifying the cause of anemia through a complete diagnostic workup by a qualified health care professional is essential.
    • Anemia caused by deficient red blood cell (RBC) production is almost always due to nutrient deficiency. The three most common forms are due to deficiencies of either iron, vitamin B12, or folic acid.
    • Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia.
    • Perhaps the best food for an individual with any kind of anemia is calf liver.
    • Although it is popular to inject vitamin B12 in the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency, injection is not necessary, as oral administration of an appropriate dosage has been shown to produce excellent results.

    @jisika – I feel like your Doctor has not really tried hard enough to figure out the root cause of what is happening. I would research more on the topic if I were you. Take one day at a time and if you feel dizzy or weak make sure to have broth, lentils and veggies *lentils are a good source of iron (and if you eat meat, maybe cook up a small steak)

    I didn’t eat red meat for about 20 years – I just really didn’t care if I ate it or not, so I choose not to eat it… and then ONE DAY I did want to eat it, like a pregnant woman who wants pickles and ice-cream. So I ate it and felt better, but didn’t know why. Now I realize I was probably craving it for a reason.

    Day 3 Califormia NFD

    Supposed to be a FD but DH wanted to go out to eat tonight so OMAD

    @mogaman I added you to the July sheet

    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

    Pocket list day 4, if you want to join us on this FD, please copy and paste your name and add it to the list:


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